GH Update Friday 9/23/16

General Hospital Update Friday 9/23/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Franco goes home with Elizabeth has serves her Chamomile tea while she rests. They hear the doorbell ring. He opens the door and sees Jason wearing a suit at the door. She invites him in and asks if the reason for wearing a suit is a wedding or something, to which Jason informs her he's going to Sabrina Santiago's funeral. She also wants to attend although both men remind her that she has just gotten out of the hospital and almost died because of the same thing and probably the same person who killed Sabrina. Also, Jason reminds her, he bets Sabrina would want her to stay home and rest. He tells her he's sorry but he has to go. Alone with Franco, Elizabeth reflects how the people she loves have to stop dying. Her best friend, Jason's little sister Emily died years ago and she could not save her. So did Nikolas. She knows she has her boys and grandma but is so alone and empty without the people who are gone. She then persuade Franco to take her to Elizabeth's funeral.

Finn is in his hotel room when he gets an unexpected visit from Hayden. She has some coffee for him from Perks and informs him after she was unexpectedly granted he freedom she wanted to celebrate with him even if she can see that he is not happy after losing his job. She enters the hotel room and sees the entire room has been trashed and asks him what happened there. He does not want to answer and changes the subject by asking her about her release. She replies that her mom surprised her by confessing to the cops for the theft of the diamonds. She admits he does not know the half of it. She has now found out that Raymond Berlin who has swindled and committed many crimes is not her biological father. Jeff Webber is. Her mother had an affair with Jeff. She is the result of that. And that means that Elizabeth Webber, the insufferable little twit is her half sister. She admits that she's been alone without family, siblings or friends growing up. Yet she would never consider developing a relationship with Elizabeth, knowing that Elizabeth tried to have her thrown in prison, clearly hates her and it's pointless to see Elizabeth as her sister. She wants to know how and why Finn trashed the room, realizes Carly will not be happy and wants to know what is going on with him. She then assesses to him that they have to change what they always do whenever they speak. Whenever she wants to know anything about him, he always turns everything around to get into her life. She knows that he is suffering a fatal illness and she wishes he would tell her and realizes she will not fall apart if he reveals the truth. He then admits that what caused his most recent tantrum had nothing to do with his illness or need for drugs. It was the remembrance of his wife and knowing that today is their anniversary.

Curtis awakens with Valerie when he notices she has set her alarm but not for work. She makes it clear that she wants to have enough time for them to have more intimacy together. Yet when they are done, she realizes she cannot refuse to go to work when the hospital has had to be shut down since the killer has still not been caught after the murder of Sabrina and attempted murder of Monica. She realizes that she was incapable of finding the killer and almost got herself killed trying and failing to do so at the hospital lab. She wonders why, after all of the shifts she's had at the hospital, she has not found the killer although he reminds her that the veterans have not found him either and maybe she does not have to solve every murder. Valerie replies not every murder but she does want to solve the murder of Sabrina.

Jordan is in her office at the PCPD having cold pizza when Andre comes to visit her and sees that she's still obsessed about trying to find out who has been killing people at the hospital and responsible for it having to be shut down. They both know the urgency of medical needs that are not being met with it remaining closed indefinitely, the only way to get the hospital re-opened is prove that it's safe and the only way to do that is to find the killer. In response to that, he concludes it's time to get to work. He realizes that although she may believe he was “helpful” with the last meeting they had where he shared his insights, it was clearly not enough. And so, he concludes they need to find out how and why this happened to Sabrina and how to take action. He assesses that the one thing all the people who died have in common is they were all connected to the hospital, some being patients and other were staff. They also have evidence of the cuff links and the men's shoes, indicating that the killer is a man who wears expensive and professional clothes. Curtis and Valerie enter and want to join them in the investigation. When Curtis hears that they are considering the cuff links and men's formal wear, he hopes they are not considering a doctor. Yet Jordan tells him it's very possible, given that many doctors have a God complex and ability and willingness to kill. Yet he assesses that it could be a man in a position of power who is not a doctor. She then asks if he is suggesting the killer could be a cop. He suggests it could be anyone with access to the hospital who would not be easily suspected. Valerie then suggests maybe they do a thorough check of all visitors to the hospital who have been their frequently throughout that time.

Griffin gives his sermon at Sabrina's memorial service. Michael, along with Felix, Sonny, Carly, Tracy, Paul, Dante, Lulu, Epiphany, Lucy Coe and others attend. They see a picture of her and Griffin asks if anyone would like to speak. Lucy stands up and announces she'd like to pay tribute to Sabrina and thank her for everything she has given to all of them. She talks about how a few years ago, for the first time in many years, they revived the nurse's ball. Lucy was discouraged and did not want to host the ball again and thought it would be a waste of time. But Sabrina, Felix and others inspired her. She admits Sabrina was the reason she came back to Port Charles and she is eternally grateful for that. She cries and then asks Felix to come up next. He admits he still cannot believe that Sabrina is gone. Yet, he realizes, just as Griffin said, they are not there to give into anger or bitterness. They are there to celebrate what a wonderful friend and person Sabrina was. Jason then arrives and sits beside Michael as Felix asks how he pays tribute to his best friend although he realizes he may not know where to start. He then assesses he knows hewer to start, yet does not want to because if he starts, then that means there has to be an end. He admits he does not remember exactly when he and Sabrina became friends. He just remembers how special she was to him and how, whatever was going on in her own life, she always made time for him. He admits that in a hospital, you always see a lot of sadness and grief but Sabrina could always brighten up the darkest day. He admits he does not know how to get through this day without her. Elizabeth and Franco enter and she announces she'd like to say something about Sabrina. Jason comes up and asks Franco if this is a good idea, to which Franco assesses that Elizabeth needs to be there and needs to grieve. Elizabeth tells everyone that she had been on staff for a long time and Sabrina started working there as a student and they clicked right away and became great friends. Sabrina was such a kind and diligent nurse.. She made mistakes but only cared about others and inspired Elizabeth and so Elizabeth now believes the best way to honor her friend's memory is to be more like her. Michael asks to get up and speak and asks how he could sum up Sabrina and how he felt about her. He knows, as everyone else does how kind and what a big heart and how fun to be around she was. He remembers when he had brief custody of his baby sister, Avery, Sabrina was so good to her. He remembers, looking back on all the kindness, tenderness and love she showed Avery, that was when he realized he loved her. Michael breaks down crying. Carly then comes up and asks her son of she could say a few words about Sabrina. She announces that Michael was estranged from his family for a good reason until Sabrina came into his life. She encouraged him to forgive and re-unite and Carly is eternally grateful for Sabrina being there for her son. Griffin then thanks everyone for sharing their thoughts, feelings and memories of Sabrina and can see how she was loved. Epiphany then comes up, addresses the picture of Sabrina and reflects what a wonderful gift she was to everyone. She sings “You Are Not Alone Anymore”.

Finn assesses to Hayden that his wife was the best doctor he's ever known. She had an incredible bedside manner, unlike himself. Everybody loved Reiko. She made everybody happy and inspired them to have fun. She'd sometimes notice that his working to find a cure for this illness overseas would get obsessive for him. And so she would buy him ties of eye-catching things that he'd never think of or want. He remembers once he was off somewhere and did not want to leave until he found a cure and she agreed to stay with him. One day, they found something and may not have been as careful as they should have been. She was exposed, got really sick and it was because of him. She wanted to go home but he thought it was important to stay and find a cure. She got sick because of him but she never got upset nor blamed him. She gave him the tied for their final anniversary. Yet she asked him to only wear it on their anniversary.

While Epiphany sings You're Not Alone, we see all the people at the memorial service. Valerie is at the PCPD room observing the picture of Sabrina determined to take action. Hayden and Finn are becoming closer and grateful to be together. Back at the memorial service, everybody says good bye to Sabrina. Paul attends with the others and nobody suspects him as the killer.

Everybody returns home. Tracy thanks Griffin for his sermon and he hopes everyone who loved Sabrina can find some peace. Inside the chapel, Paul stares at the picture of Sabrina and looks lost in thought and worried.

At the PCPD, Curtis asks Jordan if she does not remember that, years ago, when they were out looking to find out who was running the cartel, they later found out he was somebody there were in contact with and who was under their noses the whole time.

When Paul remembers murdering Sabrina, he tells her picture he's “so sorry”. Tracy walks in, overhears that and asks who and what he is sorry for. He replies he killed Sabrina.

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