GH Update Thursday 9/22/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/22/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan is on a park bench when Sonny comes to find his son. He informs Morgan that his mom is upset and they have to talk, to which Morgan demands to know what the problem is. Sonny replies it's because of the fight he (Morgan) got into. He knows that Morgan assaulted Carlos' brother, Joe, and it could get him in trouble. Morgan protests that this guy looks just like Carlos, to which Sonny reminds his son that regardless, he needs to stay cool and not do these behaviors. He admits to Morgan that he knows all too well what it's like to be bi polar and realize one has a way of flying off the handle. Yet, one needs to control one's impulses. Hearing that, Morgan angrily asks his dad if he intends to control his impulses if he runs into Julian on the street. Sonny admits to his son that when he was in the courtroom and found out that Julian went free, thoughts obviously came to his mind to take matters into his own hands. He further informs Morgan that when one is bi polar, their ability and willingness to think before acting does not kick in as quickly and effectively as for others. Yet he wants to “quiz” Morgan on what he knows his dad would be capable of, yet what might happened if he did, in fact retaliate against Julian. Morgan admits that it could come back to haunt him and lead to worse consequences. And so, he assesses to his dad, that picking a fight with Carlos' brother could get him thrown in jail and prevented from seeing Teddy as well as consequences he does not want. Plus it will upset and worry his mom if he loses it. Hearing that, Sonny praises his son for understanding good logic.

When Kiki is working at The Metro Court, Carly tells her she is free to leave her shift early and will be paid the full amount. Kiki finds that odd and asks her boss why, to which Carly informs her she is now assured that Kiki is committed to Morgan so she encourages the two of them to go off together and enjoy their evening. Kiki realizes that Carly wants to know if she’s been talking to her mom who wants to break them up and assures her that she is not listening to Ava. Carly praises Kiki for that.

Julian is with Ava outside of Kelly's and she encourages her brother to go inside and celebrate his freedom. Yet Julian is clearly not comfortable being seen in a public place when he notices Paul Hornsby inside. Paul sits alone at a table when the waitress remarks that it's terrible that Julian got away with murder and even more concerning that a killer walking the hospitals can get away with what they are doing and force the hospital to shut down, yet she's certain they will find and catch this guy and put him away. Hearing that, Paul looks spooked. Ava leads her brother inside and Paul angrily confronts him, warning him that he is in serious trouble even if he got away with murder. Ava rushes outside with Paul and demands to know what his problem is, to which he furiously demands that she keeps her brother out of public places or else she will pay. He leaves, revealing he's very worried about something more than simply losing his case against Julian..

When Sonny is talking to Morgan, Kiki comes by. Sonny warmly greets her and tells them he will leave and let them spend the evening together, very pleased and proud that his son has a girlfriend who is there for him.

Nathan goes to find Maxie and tells her there is something she needs to know, to which she demands to know what is so important and urgent. He then informs her that Claudette just informed him she has a daughter that is his. He shows her the picture Claudette gave him yet Maxie asks if he believes Claudette's story with nothing more than a picture and assesses to Nathan that he has to get a DNA test in order to prove Claudette wrong because there is no way that child is his. He then assures Maxie that of course he knows Claudette cannot be trusted and he did question what she said yet what she told him sounded like it may be true. She asks why he has not considered that it was Griffin who got Claudette pregnant, to which Nathan assures his fiance he assumed the same thing yet Claudette informed him that she and Griffin use protection yet he realized he and Claudette did not. Maxie and Nathan do both realize they have no clue nor confirmation other than Claudette's word.

Meanwhile, Claudette calls Griffin and wants to talk but he wants no part of whatever she is up to. She then makes another call to Dr. Obrecht and asks her to come inside the room. Obrecht demands to know what she wants and reminds Claudette that she toyed with and used Obrecht's son., So why should she care about Claudette? Claudette replies because she will not be able to see her granddaughter if she does not. She shows Obrecht a picture of the daughter she has with Nathan. Yet Obrecht reminds Claudette that since she has done nothing but lie, she has good reason not to take her word for it. However, she assesses to Claudette, she would like to find out. Claudette shows her ex mother-in-law the picture of the girl and Obrecht seems to somehow believe that this is her granddaughter. Right then, Maxie and Nathan enter and he demands to know why Claudette would waste no time finding his mother and informing her of that, to which Maxie tells him it's obvious the reason why is in order to use his mom as leverage in order to manipulate and play both of them. Obrecht, however, apparently, believes, from looking at the picture, that Charlotte has her family's eyes. Yet Maxie does not believe it for a minute and assesses that the DNA test will prove there's no way Nathan is the father of this girl. She asks Claudette why she would hesitate to do that and if she cannot, then why should they take her word for it? Claudette then pulls out a locket where, she informs them, she keeps a lock of Charlotte's hair. Maxie notices it, assesses that it's brown hair and the girl in the picture is blond, to which Claudette informs her Charlotte's hair is brown but it gets blond in the sunlight. Maxie however asks her why she should assume Claudette did not simply use Nathan's hair to put in the locket and falsify the DNA.

Griffin goes to the Quatermaine house and talks to Michael and Tracy. Michael assesses that they intend to have a memorial service for Sabrina and bury her next to her deceased and premature baby, Gabriel. Hearing that, Griffin is very surprised to hear about Sabrina's baby who died not long ago. Tracy then informs them she will go and check on Monica. Alone with Griffin, Michael tells him he wishes there was something he could do in order to have completion in all of this but is worried he will never be complete with this loss. He then realizes there's a baby monitor in the room that is no longer needed. Griffin admits to Michael that it seems a bit sudden that Teddy's father would be taking him back to Puerto Rico so soon after Sabrina's death. Yet Micheal informs Griffin that something not unlike that happened to him when he was a child and he would not wish it on anyone. And for that reason, he agreed to Joe's terms and realizes it's probably what Sabrina would want.

Julian sits at a table with Ava at Kelly's and asks his sister what is up with Paul, clearly knowing she must have something on him if she managed to “persuade” him not to pursue charges against her brother. She replies that he should not worry about that as much as what is at stake for him, reminding him that he killed two people and almost slit Alexis' throat on the docks and must know that people including Anna Devane, Sonny and many others wants him dead. Right then, Kiki and Morgan enter and view the two of them coldly. Ava greets them and asks her daughter to congratulate her uncle for his victory, to which Kiki coldly reminds her mom that he's a murderer. Morgan further tells Julian how despicable he is, to which Julian mentions that those are big words for him to be using while his brain is fried on his meds. Ava reminds them that a jury of Julian's peers acquitted him, yet Morgan furiously lashes out at him. Julian continues to taunt Morgan about being sick just like his loser father and many other things. At that point, Morgan grabs a hold of Julian and is ready to assault him without regard to the consequences. Kiki ,Ava and the waitress pull them apart and Kiki urges Morgan to know it's not worth it. Yet right then, the waitress announces she is going to call the police.

Right then, Paul sneaks inside the Quartermaine house, walks up the stairs unseen, with the needle in his hand but is “startled” when he hears Tracy's voice telling Monica she “knows what she is doing and it stops now”. She comes down the stairs and informs him he does not have the right to be on their property unannounced and she does not have time for him now. He hides his needle and asks if the district attorney does not have any rights. She replies she lost a dear friend and is not about to take any chances with her sister-in-law's life. She goes down to the living room with him but does not let him out of her sight.

At the Quartermaine house, While Michael is in the room talking to Griffin and Tracy is with Paul, Sonny and Carly come to visit their son. Sonny informs Michael he heard that he gave up Sabrina's son, he knows it cannot be easy and he gives Michael an envelope with a donation to the clinic. Michael takes out a large check and remarks to his dad that's a lot of money. Sonny tells Michael he hopes it can fund a prenatal ward and informs him that it's both his and Carly's contribution. Yet Michael is not ok accepting this money, reminding his mom that she was against his relationship with Sabrina from the start. Yet she protests that this is a check to do good, no matter where it came from. They go off and Tracy realizes that maybe she should at least invite Paul to stay so that she can talk to him. She discusses with him how there are grave concerns involving having to shut down the hospital after Sabrina and many others have been murdered and Monica almost was, urging him to “catch this maniac” before it's too late. Hearing that, Paul is spooked and stunned. She sees he does not appear to be alright and demands to know what is going on with him. He does not respond when she asks why there is this “difficulty” that he reveals about going after the hospital killer.

Julian and Ava go to The Metro Court and he assesses that Morgan is violent and crazy just like his father. Not far away, Sonny and Carly come by and Julian boldly tells them they better keep Morgan “on a leash” before he gets into more trouble. Sonny asks him if he is threatening his son. Julian talks about how sick both Morgan and Sonny are, gloating, provoking and rattling Sonny. Ava leaves with her brother. Carly asks her husband what he intends to do and continues to urge him not to let Julian upset him and get out of control. Yet he assesses to her that Morgan is right that Julian has to be stopped.

Alone with Morgan, Kiki is very emotional and upset, protesting to Morgan that he has gotten out of control with getting ready to assault Julian in public. Morgan protests that Julian murdered Duke Lavery. He murdered the father of Sabrina's baby and he tried to slash Alexis' throat. He protests that something has to be done about Julian and Kiki is very worried and concerned to hear what he is saying.

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