GH Update Wednesday 9/21/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/21/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Reporters go the hospital, announcing that Port Charles General Hospital may never re-open. They hound Epiphany and demand she tells them all bout the terrible things that have happened, to which she angrily replies she is there to save lives. That's what the hospital is all about. And she demands they get out or she will call security. She goes into the hallway and apologizes to the picture of Dr. Hardy. Nearby, Finn

When Hayden is in jail, Naomi goes to see her and is surprised to see that her daughter is not happy to see her. Hayden reveals that she knows her mom lied to her and demands to know when or if she intended to tell her daughter that Jack Webber is her father. Naomi protests that she wanted Hayden to have all the wealth and privilege of being Raymond Berlin's daughter. Yet Hayden informs her mom she knows she did not keep the secret in order to protect her daughter. She did it solely for herself. She knows that if her rich father found out that his wife cheated on him, she would not longer have all the luxuries her provided for her. She asks if the threat of that is what motivated her mom to turn him over to the feds although Naomi denies it, informs her daughter she will find out when she can post bail and she walks away. Suddenly the guards enter and inform Hayden she is free to go. They no longer have reason to detain her because her mother has told them everything. Naomi then comes inside and informs her daughter that she now confessed to them that it was herself that stole the diamonds and so she could not let them do this to her daughter. She realizes that that means she will be in locked up in jail and she urges Hayden to live a better life than her parents did.

Elizabeth is in a hospital room, recovering yet unaware that she will soon have to go home and will not have a job. Not far away, Franco talks to Epiphany about Elizabeth's recovery and suggests it may be best that she never finds out about Sabrina's death. She gets on her phone and attempts to call Sabrina, realizing after they last spoke and Sabrina helped her accomplish what she wanted with Hayden. Franco comes inside her room and “hopes” that she might be attempting to call her dad and does not want to reveal to her what happened to Sabrina. She admits to him that she is not ready to call her dad since she does not want to let go of her perfect fair tail father and daughter relationship. Epiphany walks in and informs Elizabeth they will be transferring her to Mercy. She asks why. Is it because of what happened to her, to which Epiphany replies it's due to all of the things that have recently happened. Elizabeth protests she'd rather stay there with her and Franco and Sabrina and all the people she knows and loves. Epiphany then takes Franco into the hallway and informs him they will need to tell Elizabeth about Sabrina before she finds out from someone else. He protests that Elizabeth needs to heal and does not need any set backs. He protests that he does not want to do anything to jeopardize her recovery and if she's angry that he kept what happened to Sabrina a secret, he will accept her yelling at him when she gets better.

Elizabeth removes the tubes from her arms and gets out of her hospital bed.

Michael is alone at the Quartermaine house and very depressed when Lulu and Dante come by to see him and offer their condolences for the loss of Sabrina. They offer to be there and help him with the funeral arrangements and with Teddy yet he is distraught, admitting he cannot wrap his head around a funeral although he realizes he needs to think about what will happen next, especially for Teddy. Lulu hugs him, and lets her husband and Michael have some brother time. Morgan enters and remarks to his brother that Sabrina has just been murdered yet the cops have not done a damn thing. The others want to calm him down but Morgan asks both of his brothers how much longer they are going to accept this murderer roaming the streets, murdering people, forcing the hospital to be shut down and getting away with it and. Yet he realizes Michael is grieving and does not need to be lectured so he hugs his brother. Michael goes upstairs when he hears the baby monitor. Alone with Dante, Morgan tells his older brother that if the cops don't do something about the murderer, that guy better hope their dad does not have a chance to get his hands on him. Dante urges Morgan not to be reacting like this although Morgan assures him he is taking his meds and nobody needs to worry about that. When Michael brings the baby downstairs, he hears a knock on the door. It's Carlos brother, Joe, who asks if he can come inside. Michael asks what he wants, to which he replies he's there for his nephew. Michael does not want to lose Teddy but Joe reminds him that Sabrina did not appoint Michael or his family his legal guardian. Morgan then gets in Joe's face, demanding he leave and protesting that Michael has the right to raise Teddy. When Joe refuses to leave until they hand Teddy over to him, Morgan punches him right in front of all the others. Tracy enters and confronts Joe, informing him that she will have lawyers draw up papers so that her family can raise Teddy and he will lose. He tells her he is Teddy's family. She tells him she is not afraid of a fight. However, Michael announces that there will not be a fight. He faces Tracy and tells her that it would not benefit the baby to be a prize in a war where nobody will win and they both know that Sabrina would not want that, to which Tracy admits he's right. With that, Michael concludes that he will allow Teddy's uncle to have custody of his nephew. Morgan asks if he's sure about that, to which Michael replies he is. Morgan says good bye to baby Teddy. Dante also says good bye. They both leave. Joe thanks Michael for being so reasonable about that. Yet Michael informs him he is not doing it for him. He's doing it for Sabrina and for Teddy.

At the hospital, Griffin gets ready to clean out his desk and patient files when Maxie comes to see him and asks what happened between him and Claudette. He does not want to make that a priority and informs her that the man who killed his father got acquitted. Hearing that, Maxie does not believe it, reminding hi that the cops have all the evidence needed that Julian killed two people and tried to kill his wife. He also informs her that the hospital is shutting down after Sabrina Santiago was murdered. They all now realize it's no longer safe for anyone to be there. Maxie is shocked to hear that.

As Nathan talks to Claudette and attempts to get through to her that the relationship they once had is over, she reveals to him that she has a daughter whom he needs to help. Hearing that, he is very surprised as he reminds her she always said she did not want to have kids. Claudette replies that is correct but she accidentally got pregnant right when she and Nathan were breaking up. She realized she was not meant to be a mom. She got mixed up with a dangerous man who has threatened her and threatened her daughter and so she's had to keep the daughter in hiding. Nathan assesses that it sounds a little too convenient that she'd suddenly tell him all this asks why he should take her word for that. She explains after she and Nathan split up, she wanted to turn her life around and reform her ways. But this guy continued to harass her, followed her and told her if he could not have her, he would hurt her daughter. He asks why she is just now seeking him out because of that, to which she affirms she knows Nathan is honorable and protective and would rather die than let anything happen to her little girl. Hearing that, Nathan concludes that that can only mean that her daughter is his. She then admits that she did have his child. She kept it from him because she did not want him to accuse her of “purposely” getting pregnant. She further reminds him that it was right after he shot a man. Hearing that, Nathan asks her if the baby could not have been Griffin's. She replies that Griffin is not her child's father. He asks how she can be sure of that, to which she replies she and Griffin were careful. She and Nathan were not. She then shows him the picture of their mutual daughter, Charlotte. He then tells her he has to go and find Maxie and inform her. Yet she tells him she does not want him to do that. Yet he leaves and goes to find his fiancÚ.

Finn returns to his hotel room and informs Roxy that her old man is unemployed and she will be seeing a lot more of him. He makes plans about what he will do when he has to sell off all of his stuff and possibly put her up for adoption. He digs into a box and sees a letter written to him from his deceased wife. He then remembers how he tried and failed to save her. He screams and throws things as he reflects that he failed her and has failed everyone else.

In the hospital, when Elizabeth goes into the hospital hallway, unseen, she overhears Epiphany breaking down crying and talking about how Sabrina was murdered and her infant son is all alone. Elizabeth asks her boss what she just said and Epiphany is startled to find out she's been overheard and admits to Elizabeth she is so sorry that she failed to save Sabrina and this had to happen. Elizabeth is distraught and Franco holds her and comforts her. He walks with her back to her hospital room and she cries, talking about missing her friend and fellow nurse. She tells Franco she has to get home to her boys and he is willing to be there with her and be there for her. Yet she does not want to leave GH right away and asks if she could have a moment alone while she goes and looks at the pictures of the people who founded the hospital.

Epiphany goes into the chapel with Griffin and tells him that Sabrina was raised Catholic. She asks if he can say a prayer, and he recites the Lord's prayer.

Maxie finds Nathan who says they have to talk.

Claudette looks at the picture of her daughter Charlotte and promises her everything will be all right, because Nathan will keep her safe.

Finn is passed out on the floor of his hotel room after his tantrum. The room is in shambles after he's thrown furniture. He gets an incoming call from Hayden who leaves a message stating she's a free woman, needs a friend and would like him to call her.

Michael holds Teddy, cries and reflects how the baby may not even remember Michael yet promises him if he ever needs him, he will be there for him. Joe then announces his car is out front. Michael hands Teddy over to him. Joe calmly remarks he can see how this is upsetting him and assures Michael he's doing the right thing.

Franco and Elizabeth leave the hospital together. The lights go out and it's empty and dark.

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