GH Update Tuesday 9/20/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/20/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan goes to Claudette's hotel room although he clarifies he's not there for a walk down memory lane and asks what she wants. She does not answer specifically and merely tells him it's “complicated”. Hearing that, he gets up to leave stating he does not have time for “complicated” but she urges him to wait informing him she's in trouble and needs his help. Hearing she is in trouble, Nathan asks her why that would be any different than any other day in her life. She then tells him she wants to say, for the record, that none of this was her fault, to which Nathan admits she never believed anything was her fault. She explains to Nathan that because she got mixed up with the “wrong man”, she has made special efforts to avoid running into him ever again. In response to that, Nathan tells her it's pretty typical of her when he's found out that she has made herself completely untraceable online. She explains that she did everything she could including having no credit cards or identity and keeping herself off the grid. She explains to him that she showed up in Port Charles and found him realizing that he might be the only person who could help her. Yet he wonders how or why she's seeking him out by falsifying who she is and getting a job with his fiance. He wonders if she's there in order to come on to him. She protests when she looked at their wedding photo and noticed how good he looks, she realized that he is a good man and he means something to her. He then tells her he needs her to stop spinning the same lie to him and he knows about her pursuit of Griffin. She protests to Nathan she had no idea that Griffin lived or worked in Port Charles. She came there to find Nathan and nobody else. Yet she admits to her ex that when she ran into Griffin again, the “feelings” came back. She tells him that the bottom line, regardless of the circumstances or what he may think or feel, is that she is in trouble and needs help. Hearing that, Nathan declares shew will not get it from him. He informs her if she's afraid of something or someone, she could get a restraining order or do many things. Yet, he continues to reminds her there is no more “us”. She then protests she is not asking him to protect her. She is asking for protection of her daughter.

Griffin is in the park when he overhears Scott Baldwin on his phone informing a contact that he's confident that Julian Jerome will be acquitted and he'll be able to win since the case against Julian apparently fell apart. Griffin approaches him and asks if he heard him correctly that Julian may be acquitted, to which Scott asks Griffin what this is to him. Griffin replies he’s Duke Lavery's son. Hearing that, Scott remarks he never knew Duke had a son. Griffin demands to know how or why the case could have fallen apart. He asks why Scott is confident that his father's killer will go free when everyone believed there was a very strong case against Julian. Scott then admits to Griffin he realizes he is not ok with this happening when he's Duke's son but he(Scott) has a job to do. He further informs Griffin if he wants more information about how the case suddenly and unexpectedly unraveled, he needs to contact the DA, Sonny Corinthos or Alexis Davis because they will “know everything”.

Olivia notices Alexis at The Metro Court and angrily demands to know how she could let the case against Julian fall apart. Alexis attempts to defend herself and asks Olivia why she’s blaming her. Olivia angrily replies she knows Alexis was practically drunk while on the witness stand. Alexis asks Olivia, if she's going to berate her, could she just sit down?. She protests to Olivia that she had only one glass of wine. Yet Olivia tells her it seemed like a lot more than that since she clearly slurred her speech and could barely walk and when she was asked simple questions about Julian on the witness stand, she could not even answer. Alexis continues to protest that she hasn't a clue what happened and asks Olivia if she is aware that there was already evidence that tossed the case out of court. Yet Olivia needs to know how or why Alexis would get on the stand and ruin her own testimony. Alexis explains to Olivia that she felt herself in slow motion unable to get her words out and not knowing what was happening to her. Olivia reminds her that she needs to realize what is at stake if Julian gets away with this crime. He can roam the streets, drive around free, go and see Leo whenever he wants, as well as showing up on her doorstep and haunt her whenever he wants. He cannot be tried for the same crime because it will be double jeopardy. She emotionally protests to a silent and sullen Alexis that she needs to know the type of person Julian is and the threat to society he will always be.

Ava goes to see Julian in his holding cell and is confident things will turn around for her brother although he may not be as optimistic. She reminds him that Scott invalidated the evidence Alexis and the cops have on him. His estranged wife could not even testify or have any credibility when she cleary had a melt down, Ava reminds him, and so the stars may have aligned for him. When she indicates if “things work out in his favor”, he will owe her big, Julian asks his sister just what she did. She replies it may just be a little “quid pro quo”. He then asks Ava if she might have anything to do with Sabrina not showing up to testify, to which Ava protests to her brother she had no clue that Sabrina was murdered, had nothing to do with it and is not happy that she's gone. Yet, She reminds Julian, her untimely death might be the factor that could help him get acquitted. He needs to know that Sabrina not testifying against what she knows about Carlos and his association with Julian and the fact that Julian killed her baby's father, and all involved in that, could have damaged him. Yet he admits that maybe all of these things would matter to him if he had not fallen inlove and gotten married. Maybe there would not be a trial in the first place if he had never told Alexis his secrets.

Outside the courtroom, Sonny and Carly talk about Michael's loss, both wondering who on earth would murder Sabrina. They both know it will be heartbreaking not only for Michael and everyone who knew and loved Sabrina. There's a little boy that will not have a mom. Noticing that Sonny may want to take the law into his own hands since the cops have completely failed to find the hospital killer throughout all this time, Carly urges her husband to, instead stop the killing before it's too late. She admits to him she's also worried about the fact that Julian's trial may not go the way they hope. She asks her husband to promise her if he goes free that he will not take the law into his own hands. She protests to him that she cannot just drop this whole thing. He needs to know how much at stake they have with their family and their kids. She cannot live in fear and worry when or how Julian or Ava or someone else could comeback and retaliate. For that reason, she tells Sonny she wants him to promise him that if Julian is set free, that he will let this go.

Meanwhile, Paul is sitting alone in the empty courtroom while it's in recess. Dillon walks in to see his dad and asks what is up, to which Paul admits he has “done a really bad thing”. He admits to his son that he failed to convict Julian Jerome. Dillon admits he's not there because of that. He's there to inform him that Sabrina Santiago has been murdered by the hospital killer. They still have not caught this killer and so the board has decided to shut down the hospital in order to keep the staff and patients safe. Paul asks his son what he needs from his dad, to which Dillon replies that he knows his mom would like assurance from him that he will do everything in his power to catch this person who has killed many people, gotten away with it and whom has never been identified much less caught. Hearing that, Paul assures his son he “has his word”. He admits to Dillon he realizes he's driven a wedge in his relationship with his son. In response to that, and obviously having to no suspicion of his dad, Dillon admits that maybe he himself has also alienated his dad and been too hard on him as he praises him for all the great work he's done as DA. Right then, Paul gets notified that court will soon be back in session. Dillon stays and sits beside his father while they wait.

When Alexis is in The Metro Court talking to Olivia, she gets notification on her phone that shocks her. Scott gets the same while on the park bench talking to Griffin. Ava notices the same while talking to Julian in his cell. Sonny also gets the message, to which Carly asks him what just happened. He replies that the jury has reached a verdict.

Right then, the two lawyers enter the courtroom and have their “words”. Ava follows her brother and sounds very smug and confident around both Alexis and Olivia, realizing her brother may very well go free although they both coldly lash out at her. Julian accompanies his sister. Alexis and Olivia stare coldly and him and sit down. Griffin also attends The judge asks the jury foreman if the jury has made a unanimous decision, to which he replies they have. He walks over to hand the written verdict to the judge. We see the expressions of all the interested parties in the courtroom, as they await the verdict. She then asks the foreman, before she reads the decision, if all members of the jury agree to each charge. He replies yes. She then reads that on the count of theft of evidence, they also find Julian not guilty. Obstruction of justice; not guilty. Right then, they get to the “big charges”, to which she reads that on the count of murder of first human being, Duke Lavery, Julian is not guilty. Murder of second human being, Carlos Rivera, Julian is not guilty. And murder of the third human being, Alexis Davis, Julian is not guilty. All the people listen in horror and do not hold back outbursts in the courtroom, protesting that he's a murderer and cannot go free, although the judge warns them all they will be removed if they do not silence their objections. Alexis then cries hysterically and uncontrollably. Sam, Olivia and others try to comfort her. Julian looks directly at her and appears to want to do the same. She rushes for the door and can barely breathe. Olivia takes her aside and encourages her to sit and get some water. She offers to stay with her and offer support. But Alexis rushes off. Alone with Julian, Scott smugly assures him that things will be ok for him. Ava is also happy. Scott wants to rub Paul's nose in his loss. Ava hugs her brother. Dillon follows his dad out of the room and offers condolences as he acknowledges how hard he's worked on his case. Ava graciously thanks Scott for saving her brother. He assesses there will be some formalities although very soon, Julian will be free as a bird. Julian stands up and faces Griffin, sonny and Carly who are still seated. Griffin goes out the door. Scott informs Julian he will go back to his hotel room and process his paperwork, assuring him it will not take long. And then, he informs his client, he will come back and collect his “well-earned” fee. Julian does not smile as he notices the people facing him, knowing what they are thinking and feeling

Alexis goes to The Metro Court and goes through all the things that happened and how she was supposed to testify all that Julian said and did including committing murder and all that happened to her. She admits that she could not tell the jury what “really mattered”, as she continues to drink more.

Ava goes to find Paul outside the building and informs him she wanted to thank him for a job well done, adding also that she she is sticking to her end of the bargain and will not turn him over to the authorities for what sh knows about him. Yet she expresses she cannot understand how he can do what he did. How could he murder complete strangers? He does not answer that but expresses to her hat he knows her need to take are of her brother and the importance of family. In response to that, Ava remarks that she'd never think of him as a family man. She'd think of him as more of a lone wolf. In response to that, he grimly remarks that she “may be surprised”. She then urges him to “stop” and get out of town right away before someone else finds out what he has done.

Griffin goes to the chapel and holds his cross in his hands and prays to God about how he and others need their strength and need to reunite and have the glory worthy of his name. He admits he knows that He has always wanted everyone to love their enemies and forgive although he admits that he cannot forgive the people who have hurt his father.

Scott returns to Julian in the courtroom and urges him to keep a low profile, given the danger he's obviously facing. However, Julian declares he's a now a “free man” and can go wherever he wants. In response to that, Scott remarks to him, in that case, it will be “his funeral” as he goes out the door. Julian then goes out the door and passes by Sonny as he asks if he's “ok with what happened”, to which Sonny replies he will be ok when he sees Julian in hell.

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