GH Update Monday 9/19/16

General Hospital Update Monday 9/19/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Alexis is called to the witness stand to testify against Julian, she finds herself “incapable” of saying what is needed, appears to be losing it and has difficulty walking when she steps down from the witness stand. Julian rushes to catch her before she falls. Yet Sam demands he gets his hands off her mom as she leads Alexis out of the courtroom. The judge asks Alexis if she is “alright”, to which she does not reply. The judge instructs everyone to take a short recess. Scott approaches Julian, optimistically assuring him that “this concerned husband great”, informing him he bets the jury is going to eat it up. Yet Julian makes it clear that he may be genuinely concerned about his estranged wife's well being. All the people who want Julian put away are concerned that it may not go as easily as they'd previously hoped and assumed. Outside the courtroom, Sam asks her mom if she's feeling better, to which Alexis admits to her daughter she does not know what is happening to her. It's very weird and there's no explanation, she states. At that point, Sam offers to take her home but Alexis protests she has to go back in there and cannot be afraid of Julian. Inside, Scott continues to urge his client to know that this “melt down” from Alexis is a “gift” to them as he urges Julian not to “screw it up”. Not far away, Paul tells Sonny he cannot put him on the witness stand although Sonny reminds him he's the only witness who saw Julian try to kill Alexis. Yet Paul reminds Sonny he's a known criminal and Scott Baldwin will use that to discredit him, although Sonny encourages Paul to “let him try”. Court is reconvened and the judge asks Paul if the people want to call another witness, to which Paul answers affirmatively and calls Sonny to the witness stand and asks if he was present for the events that are relevant to what they are attempting to bring Julian to justice for. Sonny replies he is aware of some of it, which he specifically states involved his noticing the defendant taking Alexis Davis to the docks, attempting to slit her throat with a knife and admitting to her he intended to kill her. Scott raises objection that Sonny has no proof that he saw that yet Sonny informs the court that as soon as Julian saw him, he threatened to kill him if he got involved. Sonny wrestled with him and Julian attempted to kill him until Sonny pulled a gun on him and saved Alexis' life. Scott then asks the judge if he could just have a minute with his client before he begins with his next statement for the court. He then asks Julian if Sonny did or did not put him in the hospital, to which Julian looks at Alexis asking why Scott asks. Scott replies he can use it to discredit Sonny. Scott then asks Sonny why he carries his gun, asking if he was not convicted of illegal use of fire arms in order to kill AJ Quartermaine not long ago. Paul raises objection but the judge overrules it and Sonny states that he was pardoned for that crime so it's irrelevant. Yet Scott states for the record, that regardless of that, Sonny was charged with the murder of AJ and has “questionable” reason to carry a gun and be able to conveniently use it against Julian or anyone else. He further asks Sonny if Julian “hurt” him in any way, to which sonny “smugly” replies Julian kind of messed up his jacket but he fixed it. Scott asks if Ms. Davis was injured or in need of hospital care because of the defendant, to which Sonny replies not that he knew of yet if he had not stopped Julian, he would have slit Alexis' throat. Scott asks if the only person in need of medical care on that night was the defendant. The judge declares she's heard enough from the defense and again calls a short recess. Inside the room, Alexis talks to Paul with Sam by her side as he asks if she intends for Julian to go free by failing to testify against him. The judge reconvenes and Paul realizes the prosecution has no more witnesses. The defense also declares they have no more witnesses. Paul however addresses the jury stating the undisputed facts about on the night of July 4 Ms. Davis was able to obtain a taped confession that Mr. Jerome committed two murders. There is also evidence that Mr. Jerome used a dagger which has his prints on and which there are witnesses that he used it to attempt to murder her. They have the testimony of many people. And so, he concludes, that should be all that is needed to prove that the defendant is guilty as charged. Scott then stands up and admits that they have not heard much from him in the trial. He did not think they would have to. He states that the prosecution really has nothing, reminding them that Ms. Davis contradicted herself over and over again in her testimony. All they have is his client's fingerprints on a bag and asks if they are really going to send a man to jail for touching a plastic bag. He reminds them this is America and one is innocent until proven guilty. Given that they have nothing, he asks the jury to find his client, Julian Jerome, not guilty. At that point, nobody says a word. Sam and Alexis both look coldly at him, as does Paul and everyone else in the courtroom. At that point, the judge instructs the jury to render a just and unbiased verdict. Everybody stands up. Julian attempts to find Sam but she furiously slaps him and informs her father he disgusts her and if he walks, she will not accept that and hopes he rots in prison for all he has done. The bailiff takes Julian away. He stares at Alexis. She stares back at him. Everyone still awaits the verdict.

When Michael returns to The Metro Court and Carly assures him that she is on board with his commitment to Sabrina and from now on will stay out of his business, he distraughtly announces to his mom that it's “no longer an issue” because Sabrina is dead. Hearing that, Carly is shocked and demands to know how that could be. Michael informs his mom that she was strangled by whomever is killing people at the hospital. She reaches out to comfort her son but he angrily pulls away from his mom. Not far away, Nelle observes them and urges Michael not to do this and to realize his mom is trying to reach out to him. Yet he tells her this is a private family affair, She needs to stay out of it and he states to his mom the only thing she can do to “help” is to stay away from him. He walks out. Alone with Carly, Nelle admits she’s concerned with Michael's behavior. Yet Carly assures her she need not worry, admitting that she realizes her son is hurting yet she cannot go after him because he will just push her away. So she needs to wait for her him to come to her of his own free will when he is ready to do so, Hearing that, Nelle reflects how it is not ok to watch as something so horrible happens to someone whom one loves and not be able to do anything about it.

Michael takes baby Teddy to the park alone and talks about how he knows his mom “would have been proud of him”. He is unable to control crying as he admits to the little guy that his mom is gone.

Griffin calls Claudette to meet him at the Metro Court. She seems very smug and satisfied, asking him what he wanted to talk to her about. He reminds her that the night of the power outrage at the hospital, she had something important to tell him. Yet she does not directly answer what he wants to know and talks, smugly abut his always wanting and needing to “save people”. At that point, he wants to get up, walk out and discontinue the conversation yet she urges him to stay, clarifying that she “thinks it's lovely” that he wants to attempt to solve this whole rift between Maxie and Nathan. That way, she assesses, he can just wash his hands and go back to his life. However, he asks that she puts Maxie and Nathan aside as he knows there is “something” going on with her. He asks her what it is and if she needs help, urging her to be honest and reveal what is going on. She then admits to him she knows that he's always had a God complex, first as a priest and now as a doctor. He clearly wants to save her. She admits the only way she will “let him do it” is if he tells her there is a chance for the two of them. He then reminds her they cannot be together because of all the pain it has caused so many people. He assesses that they had feelings for each other for a short time long ago and so he tells her, if she cares for him at all, she needs to put this, as well as her “concerns” about Maxie and Nathan aside. He gets a call and has to leave. He assesses to Claudette he does not believe she's a “bad person” although he advises her to come clean to Maxie and Nathan. Hearing that, she smugly replies she will take that under advisement.

Maxie looks all over for her wedding binder but cannot find it while at Crimson. Nathan enters unexpectedly and she asks what brought him there, to which Nina states that he's there on “official business”. Maxie talks to Nina with Nathan by her side about her wedding plans. Nina assures her that although she, herself is in charge of the magazine, Maxie is in charge of her wedding. She has plans for the new couple. Spinelli enters and informs them he hopes he is not intruding. Maxie goes outside the room to talk to him and Nina talks to Nathan asking what his preferences are and what decisions he wants to make, reminding her brother he is the bride groom and has some say in the matter. Hearing that, Nathan can detect that his sister has something going on, as he remembers, not long ago, noticing her in the park meeting with a strange pregnant girl and he knows she’s been hiring Curtis to help her obtain a baby. Nina then declares to her brother he need not worry although she reveals that she does want one last chance to be a mom. Yet she declares she has given up on “actively” trying to have a baby. Yet she admits to her brother if one just ended up on her doorstep, she would not just give it back. Yet he urges her to contact the proper authorities if she did in fact find a baby on her doorstep, to which she assures him she does not intend to kidnap any more babies.

In the other room, Spinelli admits to Maxie that he came into town to perform Jason and Sam's wedding ceremony. Yet he has also been digging into Claudette's past regarding when she was married to Nathan. Maxie informs Spinelli, for the first time, that she found out that her fiancÚ's ex wife cheated on him with a priest. Hearing that, Spinelli finds it very surprising that a man who has taken a vow of chastity would have sex with a married woman. He then admits to Maxie that he has some information she might be interested in. He informs her that he was more concerned about what Claudette might have done recently. Maxie then asks what he might have been able to find out, to which Spinelli admits nothing. He expresses to her that there is something “not normal” about the fact that absolutely nothing has come up on the internet about Claudette. It can only mean that someone or something has permanently erased Claudette from the internet. Hearing that, she asks if perhaps Nathan could help him yet he reminds her that very possibly Nathan would not approve of his investigating Nathan’s former spouse. Nathan walks into the room and Maxie instantly informs him that Spinelli has been investigating Claudette yet has come up with absolutely nothing and that is not “normal”. So he needs to know about that. He informs her they can talk about this later and he has to get back to work. He gets a call from Claudette urging him not to hang up and informing him there's something they need to talk about.

Nelle goes to find Michael with baby Teddy, sees he's distraught as he informers her that Sabrina used to love to come to this place with the baby. She'd dress him up and have him interact with Paddington the bear. She'd come home and talk all about her son's interactions in the sandbox and he noticed how her face would light up whenever she'd talk about her baby. Nell informs him she went to find him because she wants him to know how terrible his mom felt about disregarding his need to commit to Sabrina. She urges him to know that all his mom wants to do is take his pain away just like he wants to do for this little guy. He asks if she minds if he's alone with Teddy, to which she tells him not at all. Alone with the little guy, Michael talks about his mom, her smile, her voice, her arms around him and all the memories that will fade with time. He admits that he will stop looking for her although, he assures Teddy, in his dreams, she will come back to him and the feelings of being loved and being safe will always be with him. His mom will always be there, Michael assures him. Because love does not die, he tells him, as he assures him that his mother loved him more than anything.

Nelle returns to Carly and informs her she tried but failed to “reach” Michael. Carly tells her she appreciates her help and is not giving up.

Alone with baby Teddy, Michael holds him and cries. Sonny comes by to be with his son who affirms that Sabrina is gone and this guy has no mom.

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