GH Update Friday 9/16/16

General Hospital Update Friday 9/16/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the courtroom, after the “devastating revelation” has occurred where, “somehow” the police warrant authorizing Alexis to be wired and successfully obtain Julian's confession, has been in validated, the judge asks the DA to call his next witness. Paul then calls Alexis to the stand and asks just what the defendant told her the night in question, word for word. She replies that Julian informed her and made it very obvious that he used the dagger to kill Carlos. Scott objects and reminds the judge there is no evidence of this confession, much less that her testimony is true. However, Paul asks and Alexis answers that the dagger that was used to stab her mother was the very one he used to kill Carlos and which he put her finger prints on in order to set her up to be charged with the murder. She then remembers her conversation with Julian, while wired, when he sounded “sincere” that he would never set her up to take the fall for killing Carlos in order to hurt her. It was only so that she could not “roll over” on him and turn him in for the crimes she knew he committed. Paul later confirms that Carlos was offered a deal to get a lighter sentence if he confessed to his crimes and testified against Mr. Jerome, and he further asks her just exactly what she knows, first hand, that Carlos was about to reveal about Julian. She mindfully notices Julian sitting in the courtroom watching her, when Paul asks her exactly what “crime” her husband confessed to the night in question, to which she admits she's very uncomfortable with Julian staring at her. Yet Paul wants to make sure that Alexis confirms that Julian admitted to her that he murdered Carlos in cold blood for the soul purpose of preventing Carlos from bringing Julian to justice for the murder everybody knew he committed. Alexis continues to have “difficulty” answering the DA's questions and staying focused when she continues to hear Julian “object” and declare that they are “leading her” and that she'd never say what they want her to say on her own. Paul attempts, again, to find out what Alexis knows that Carlos Rivera had on her husband that would put Julian in prison. She replies that it was regarding Duke Lavery, although she cannot directly state that Julian had Duke killed. Paul asks Alexis what was involved when Julian tried to kill her. Hearing that, she is “frozen” and unable to answer when she relives Julian attacking her after finding out she “betrayed” him by wearing the wire. Scott remarks to Julian that since his wife is a basket case, this looks “great” for them. At that point, the judge asks Alexis to go and take a break. Sam then walks with her mom out of the courtroom.

Jordan asks Sonny what could be up with this, to which he has no answer and agrees he's worried. Paul is also concerned and demands to know what is going on. Jordan asks if perhaps Alexis is doing this “on purpose” in order to prevent the trial against Julian. Alexis admits she has had some alcoholic beverages today, to which Jordan furiously demands to know how or why she would do that on an occasion like this. Sam urges Jordan not to yell at her mom. Yet it appears as thought Alexis has had a lot more than just one drink, which she alleges was only “one”. Nobody knows what is wrong with her and Sam asks her mom if she will be ok to go back in that room and finish her testimony. Inside, Paul asks Sonny what on earth could be up with Alexis. Sam then leads her mom back inside the courtroom although Alexis does not appear to be ok. Paul then reminds her she has alleged that Mr. Jerome attempted to kill her, to which she affirms that is true. Scott then “counters” her and asks if her husband did not forewarn her that he had implicated, at least erroneously to Duke Lavery's murder, yet married him anyway. He asks if she did not state to the police that she witnessed her husband burn evidence that could prove he killed Carlos. She admits that is true and he asks why she did not simply turn it over to the cops to get him arrested. Right then, it appears that Scott wants to cast “reasonable suspicion” that she, herself might have killed Carlos in order to protect Julian. Although the opposing side wants to establish it's obvious she would not do that, and she confirms she is “non-violent”, Scott goes into Alexis' “history of violence”. He reminds her that she ran over and killed a boy who abused her daughter. She killed Luis Alcazar after he killed her sister and has done other such things in order to “protect” people she loves. She has admitted and made it clear, throughout the hearing that she has had difficulty bringing Julian to justice and chose to overlook his crimes because she loved him. And so, that would give her motive to kill Carlos, in order to prevent him from putting Julian away. She affirms that Julian ordered the hit on Duke which she in no way “enabled” him, although Scott asks if she has any evidence of that, to which she admits no. He continues to remind her that Julian is, still, nonetheless, her husband, and she's admitted she loves him. Right then, Jordan informs Paul she has to get to the hospital because of more “unexpected” crimes. He is very “mindful” of that. Scott then asks Alexis if it might not even be true that Julian tried to kill her yet she does not want to admit that. Although she does not respond, Sam stands up and boldly yells that it's true. That man, whom she points at and identifies as her father, did try to murder her mother. Scott then asks Alexis if she really expects this court to believe anything that comes out of her mouth, to which she replies yes, because she is telling the truth. Right then, the judge announces the witness may step down. Alexis steps off the witness stand but is completely dizzy and disoriented. At that point, she falls over and collapses. At that point, Julian rushes to catch her and prevent her from falling.

Carly is at The Metro Court talking to Nelle, Nina notices her, assumes she's “someone else” and reveals she's there to meet a young woman who's going to give her baby up for adoption and thought that Nelle was her. When Carly and Nelle clarify that this is Nelle Hayes, Josslyn's kidney donor, Nina appears to be in awe of her and engages in their conversation although she's concluded it appears the strange girl has stood her up. They inform her that Nelle is going to be Carly's personal assistant at the restaurant and bar. Hearing that, Nina wants to take her upstairs to see if she would be interested in being part of Crimson. Nelle later returns to Carlos.

Michael is devastated and crying, beside Sabrina in her hospital bed after she's been pronounced dead from being attacked and injected by the hospital killer (whom nobody still knows the identity of) He has an engagement ring which he intended to give her and remarks to her, noticing she's lying cold, still and pale, that he wanted to have a life with her and baby Teddy and give her everything. Tracy stands beside her nephew and affirms she was so happy to have Sabrina in their home and for her to be a member of their family. She knows Sabrina loved Michael and would have said yes to his marriage proposal.

Outside the room, Dante talks to Felix and wants to brainstorm who might be the murderer, reminding him it would be someone who has access to the hospital, who would likely be in plain view and whom nobody would suspect.

While Jason is in Monica's hospital room, after she's been unconscious, from being injected, she finally awakens. She admits she does not know why she's there or what happened. Jason wants to find out what his mom might know about what happened before this happened to her, to which she realizes she was on the phone, only heard an indistinct voice and is not certain how or why she was attacked. She finds out he and Sam are having a baby, to which she smiles and remarks to her son that it certainly gave her incentive to wake up.

Jason then comes up and asks Dante if he's seen Tracy, to which Dante replies yes and while Jason is pretty “hopeful” knowing Monica is going to be ok, Dante regretfully informs him that Tracy is in another hospital room with Sabrina who has been strangled to death. Hearing that, Jason realizes that Michael was just now ready to propose to her only to find out this devastating news. Inside Sabrina's room, Tracy informs Michael for the first time that Monica has also been attacked but will fortunately be ok and they have Sabrina to thank for that because she saved Monica's life.

Tracy later goes to talk to Monica and expresses how happy she is that her sister-in-law is ok. They continue to argue yet there is very little answer as to how this happened to her except that Tracy reveals to Monica that Sabrina saved her life by performing CPR. In response to that, Monica is in awe, and asks Tracy if she could bring Sabrina in there so she can praise her for that. Yet Tracy delivers the tragic news to Monica that Sabrina got killed after saving Monica's life. Tracy then concludes they have to close the doors to the hospital, no matter how negatively it affects people who need medical care. After all of these things have happened, they have no choice. Monica then concludes that is correct.

Outside Sabrina's room, Dante assures a devastated Michael he promises they will get this guy. Both he and Jason stand by him while he cries and admits he's not certain what to do at this point. He goes back inside and continues to talk to deceased Sabrina about how he wishes she was there now. He wants her to be wherever she is filled with peace and love and joy. He confesses this is “not right”. He kisses her good bye and cries. Jason comes in to see him and comforts him.

Jordan arrives at the hospital and Dante informs her that the hospital killer has murdered Sabrina and attempted to kill Monica. Monica then calls them in and announces that they all have no choice except to close down General Hospital before more people get hurt or killed.

Felix cries and talks to Sabrina telling her all she has done for him, what a positive light in his life she has been., she's been his rock and his go-to person and his very best friend. He confesses he's going to miss her for the rest of his life. He sobs uncontrollably while he covers her in a blanket and the coroners take her to the morgue.

We then see the history of when Sabrina was first on the show as a nursing student at the hospital , got to be friends with Felix. They relive the nurse's ball, when she had a “crush” on Dr. Drake and started dating him. They remember when they both graduated and became nurses and started working on staff. He helped her get a makeover, lose her glasses reveal her beauty and turn from a “dweebish appearance” to a beautiful and sexy young woman whom Patrick noticed and started dating. She was ready to marry Patrick until that got derailed when his “assumed deceased” wife came back and Felix was there for her through it all. She left and then came back and was always very close to Felix, throughout the time she started seeing Michael and all that has happened in both of their lives.

Michael returns to The Metro Court and Carly hugs her son, apologizing for getting into his business, while “happily” encouraging him to commit to Sabrina if he wants and know that his mom supports whatever he does. Yet Michael sullenly declares to his mom that it does not matter because Sabrina is dead.

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