GH Update Thursday 9/15/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/15/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Scott Baldwin goes to find Julian in his jail cell before his trial and “smirks” in a confident manner when he shows him an envelope just given to him. In response to that, Julian asks him what is that. Could it be compromising photos of the judge? Scott replies no and he'd rather not talk about it in there. However, he clarifies to his client that this could be his ticket to freedom.

Before the hearing, while Alexis is talking to Sonny, Paul arrives and apologizes for “being late”, as he walks to his seat. Sam joins her mom and can tell Alexis is still ill-at-ease about testifying against Julian. Yet Alexis assures her daughter she is more than ready to put him away and the good news in all of this is once it's done, they will be rid of the entire Jerome family once and for all, as they see Ava walk toward Paul. Jordan walks in and Sonny remarks to her that for once, they are on the same side. When Paul sees Ava approach him, he avoids her informing her he's busy yet she knows how to “cause a scene” by yelling to him in front of all the others that he's a bastard to be railroading her brother. In response to that, he “privately” remarks to her that's “quite a show she's putting on”, to which she “privately” reminds him if her brother does not go free, he will go to prison. He acknowledges that he remembers what she revealed to him yet she remarks she can't wait to see how he pulls it off. Sonny calls to Ava and demands to know what she is doing. She informs him she's looking out for her family although Paul tells her she's wasting her breath and needs to realize what is going to happen. Jordan asks Alexis how she's holding up, to which Alexis replies she’s alright and there need not be any worry that she will lose it. The judge enters, instructs everybody to be seated, announces the court is in session and calls the case of the people of N.Y. vs. Julian Jerome. She asks the DA to give his opening statement. Paul then stands up and announces to the court that the people are about to prove that Mr. Julian Jerome is guilty of several capital crimes including murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder. He points at Julian and announces this is a man who puts money and power over the life of his rival, Duke Lavery, his employee, Carlos Rivera, and even his own wife, Alexis Davis. He further announces the people have a taped confession of Mr. Jerome admitting to all of those crimes. The judge asks Scott if he's ready to make his statement, to which Scott replies he'd first like to ask for a private meeting in chambers to reveal new “evidence” regarding this case. Although Paul objects, the judge agrees to discuss it between the three of them, calling a recess while the defendant goes back into custody, asking that nobody “go too far”. The judge then asks what Scott has, to which he replies that the warrant and wire tape that the cops used to get Alexis to obtain Julian's confession was issued illegally without a warrant. And so, he informs the judge, he needs for it to be thrown out as evidence. She then agrees to review it but declares the court is still in recess. Outside the courtroom, Sonny asks Jordan if she's sure the cops used the right procedure to get the taped confession, to which she tells him of course and assures him that Scott must be merely “blowing smoke”. Inside the door, Paul warns Scott he will not get away with this, yet Scott is confident that the case against his client will be dismissed.

Ava accompanies her brother to his cell and asks why he does not look hopeful as she promises to tell him the “whole story” the next time he treats her to a martini and remarks he will some day realize what a great sister she is to him.

Monica is still unconscious with a tube over her mouth in a hospital room, when Tracy takes a picture of her sister in law and jokes that this photo of a “flowered Mumu” gown she wears is going viral tonight of she does not regain consciousness. She further remarks that she's right there able to argue and have the last word and Monica cannot even come back at her with her favorite come-back she's always given to Tracy which Tracy quotes as: “Put a sock in it”. Yet Monica remains unconscious and non-responsive.

At The Metro Court, Lulu informs Dante that although Robert did more digging to find the address Daphne gave her which matches what Helena gave her in the envelope, it's true that there is no record of Daphne ever living at that address. He assesses that sounds like a dead end. Although they saw Daphne, they have no proof that she'd know anything about the embryo or that it would be cost-effective to pursue it. She asks her husband if he wants to give up. He reminds her that even if she found the remaining embryo, they both need to know that that would be Stavros' child, conceived from his violating her. She reminds him the child is innocent regardless but he asks her if she really wants a child with Stavros' DNA. She affirms she can love this child and asks if he is saying that he could not. He reminds her there is no child at present and they do not even know if there is an embryo. Kevin finds them and they invite him to sit at the table with them. He asks Lulu if they can talk, for a minute, about her mother. Not having heard about their recent falling out, remembering Kevin took a bullet for her mom and remembering her mom making it clear she had feelings for Kevin the last time she checked, Lulu is surprised that Kevin would have doubts that his mom will be in contact with him soon. He then admits that the last time they were together, he regretfully did something stupid and hurt her mom. He’d like more than anything to make it up to her. But with her thousands of miles away, with Spencer, it's a little hard to do that. Yet Lulu assures Kevin that she's certain that he and her mom will be able to work things out. Dante then gets a call and informs them he has to leave because of “something” going on at the hospital. Alone with Kevin, Lulu encourages him to visit with her and catch up although he warns her he is a shrink and could not help but detect some “tension” between her and Dante when he walked in. She then informs him all about what she and Dante were talking about and he agrees with all the concerns she's heard from her husband. He asks Lulu, if it's the “best case scenario” and she finds her embryo, gets pregnant and has a baby, how will it affect her marriage given that it was not conceived in love nor with her husband? She replies that the child is innocent and will be loved. Yet he reminds her that she was assaulted and the child could be a constant reminder that could haunt both herself and Dante. She assures him that she and Dante have already discussed the matter, to which Kevin understands. However, he warns her, the “idea” of having a baby this way is a little different than the reality of what will happen if it actually comes to fruition. He asks her if she's really prepared for that. Hearing that, she admits he's right that she and Dante have no idea how they are going to handle all that could be involved in raising Stavros' biological child, given how it was conceived. However, she reminds him, Nikolas is Stavros' son and she loved her brother more than anything. Another consideration she informs him is Rocco and how she's always wanted to give him a baby brother or sister. She assesses that a “part” of her is still out there and she needs to find it.

Michael opens up a case with an engagement ring which he's bought for Sabrina after declaring to Carly and to Tracy he's going to ask her to marry him. He gets off the hospital elevator hoping to find her, runs into Jason, asks how Elizabeth is and hears she's doing much better. He announces he has a surprise for Sabrina. Little does he (or anyone) know, however, that Paul has attacked and injected her with the needle while she lies unconscious on the floor of an empty room. Jason is encouraged and assures Michael he supports his choice although Carly expressed her concerns, and assures him he's certain everything will work out. Michael finds Felix and informs him of his intent with Sabrina, to which Felix reminds him he's the bride's BFF and asks Michael “why now”. When Michael declares they love each other, Felix encourages him although he admits he has to get back to work because Epiphany is watching over all the nurses. Felix goes into a room and finds Sabrina, for the first time, lying unconscious on the floor. He freaks and calls to her but she does not move or awaken and he rushes to save her and yells for help. The staff rush to put her on a hospital table and attempt to revive her. Michael yells and tries to force his way inside when they physically restrain him from going inside her hospital room. The staff declare she has no respiration and it's pointless to save her and are ready to call the time of death. Michael demands they try again, informing her she has an infant son named Teddy who needs her. Yet it's too late.

While on his way to find Elizabeth, Jason is informed, for the first time that his mother has been attacked by the unidentified hospital killer and is unconscious in the ICU. While Tracy continues to talk to Monica and becomes worried when she still does not awaken, Jason goes into the room and asks if his mom is going to be alright. Tracy replies nobody knows as the doctors say it could go either way and all they can do now is wait although she assesses that she now knows she should have taken action from the moment she found out there was a murderer roaming the halls. Hearing that, Jason asks Tracy what she thinks she could have done, to which Tracy replies she could have shut down the hospital and then maybe it could have saved lives and this would not have happened to Monica. She then leaves Jason alone with his mom. He faces an unconscious Monica, telling her about how he lost time with her. He did not understand parenthood before he had kids of his own. Yet now that he has Jake and Danny, he finally gets it. He then realizes that his mom has yet to know that he has another child on the way. He realizes he never had a chance to thank her for all she's done for him but he is thanking her now. He tells her that having her back in his life means so much to him and to his kids. And with this new kid on the way, he knows she will want to once again show what a wonderful grandmother she is.

In another room, Dante asks Michael and Felix how, when and where they found Sabrina and asks them to report all that happened and all they know. They don't have any evidence and are distraught. Dante then informs them the cops now believe that the hospital killer who killed many people including Sabrina, and who put Monica in a coma is the same person who pushed Elizabeth down the stairs. He shows him the picture from Elizabeth's phone of the “men’s shoes”. Yet nobody has a clue. Dante asks Michael if Sabrina might have mentioned anybody at the hospital with whom she might have had conflicts or suspicion. Michael admits he knows nothing except it was her first day back at work and she was excited to return after all this time. Yet he warned her it was not safe. And look what has happened. Dante assures his brother they will do everything in their power to find whoever did this to her although there are still no clues. He goes back to the uniform officers to ask them to do an autopsy although Michael tells his brother not yet. He wants to see her. He goes inside the room and is sullen and distraught as he observes Sabrina pail, cold and still in her hospital bed. He cries when he talks about how he will always treasure the time they had together although he thought they would have forever to be together. Tracy is startled to see both Dante and Felix outside a hospital room, knowing there's been another killing. They hesitate, knowing how distraught she will be to find out that Sabrina has been murdered. Inside the room, Michael gives her the engagement ring he bought for her as he declares he loves her and always will and that is a promise.

At the court hearing, the judge reads that the warrant to wire tap Alexis Davis's home contained a critical “typo” having her address written incorrectly. And so the court concludes that the recording and any other evidence from this improper warrant was obtained illegally. Therefore, she states, she has no choice except to disregard this evidence. Hearing that, Alexis, Sam, and everyone else is horrified. Jordan protests that she knows, for a fact the correct address was recorded because she issued the warrant herself but the judge instructs her not to make any “outbursts” in the courtroom. At that point, Scott asks the judge to call a motion to dismiss this case against his client although she has asked DA Hornsby to give his “testimony” regardless of the new “finding”. Paul stands up and protests to the judge that everyone has to realize that Mr. Jerome is guilty of extensive crimes. Scott objects although Paul calls his first witness who is Alexis.

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