GH Update Wednesday 9/14/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/14/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis and Diane enter the empty courtroom before the trial starts. Diane reminds her that the law is obviously on her side and she need not worry yet. Alexis admits that her stomach is tied up in knots. She realizes she will be the one to put that bastard away. Diane then has her walk over to the witness stand, encourages her to take a deep breath and not be intimidated. Alexis continues to reflect that seeing that man makes her skin crawl and to think that she married and was once in love with him is more than she can fathom at this point. Yet Diane assures her she will only have to face him one more time. Diane asks what she will do if Julian takes the stand and declares his undying love for her, to which Alexis replies she will vomit. Diane then firmly tells her she will no do that. She will look him firmly in the eye and realize this is the man who betrayed her love, lied and proved to her that he is a criminal who needs to be put away. She also warns Alexis that Paul Hornsby will grill her and ask if Julian is the man who had Duke murdered, killed Carlos in order to shut him up about it, set Alexis up to get framed for the crime and tried to kill her and he will remind her it's her soon-to-be ex-husband. Alexis furiously speaks and reminds Diane of how the man betrayed her and even after he tried to slit her throat and went to prison, he had the gall to ask her to help him escape. Diane then notices that Alexis no longer seems afraid or uncertain and declares “that” is the woman whom she knows will successfully put Julian away.

Julian is in his jail cell shaving, getting ready for his trial, confident that he will soon be released. He jokingly asks the guard if he'll miss him.

Outside the courtroom, Carly assures Sonny that everybody knows that Julian belongs in prison and the judge will make sure that happens. Yet he reminds her that everybody thought there’s no way Ava would get away with murdering Connie with the taped confession. Yet that went wrong in court and she got acquitted. And so, he informs his wife, they need to realize anything could happen with Julian in this trial. Yet she assures him he need not worry although she has to go to the hotel because Olivia has to take care of her sick son, Leo.

Sonny goes to see Julian in his jail cell, reminding him that not long ago, he offered Julian a “deal”. He told him if he pleads guilty, Sonny will make sure he “lives” while in prison. If he does not, then Sonny will not make those efforts for him. And so, Sonny reminds him, he needs to know if Julian plans to plead guilty or not, very confident that no matter what he says does on the witness stand, Julian will get put in prison, guaranteed. Yet Julian seems uncharacteristically calm and confident as he informs Sonny nothing has changed, stating that he has “friends”. Hearing that, Sonny smirks, believing (with no reason not to) that nobody has seen any “friends” there to help or vouch for Julian. Julian reiterates, again, to Sonny that he loves Alexis. Sonny tells him if that is true, then he needs to spare Alexis the agony of having to testify against him and simply plead guilty, as he believes Julian would not have any better option. He reminds Julian that he murdered Duke, covered it up, lied to Alexis and everyone else by saying he is no longer living a life of crime. Then he killed Carlos in order so that Julian could get away with murder of Duke. He was ready to frame Alexis for the crime. Then he tried to kill her. Sonny urges Julian to “do the right thing” for the first time in his life and then leaves. Scott comes by and, for the first time, Julian informs his lawyer that he intends to plead guilty. Hearing that, Scott demands to know why his client would say anything like that right before the trial. Julian informs his lawyer that the odds are clearly against him. Yet Scott protests that although they have a difficult case ahead of them, there are ways he can discredit Alexis to a jury. Yet Julian demands that Scott not attack and instead go to the jury and make a deal.

Sonny returns upstairs and talks to Alexis in the courtroom before the trial. He admits he's a bit worried about her mental state but promises he is there for her and they have to work together to make sure that Julian goes to prison for what he did.

Scott enters and notices that someone sent him an envelope. He takes the letter out, reads it and is very “amazed”. Julian is right behind him and he has some “interesting” information for him.

Michael goes to The Metro Court. Tracy sees him and remarks to her nephew she can see that he is spending time with Sabrina and would like to know if he is planning a future with her and Teddy. Carly arrives, overhears their conversation and admits to her son and his aunt she is not entirely in support of Michael being with Sabrina. Tracy adamantly tells her she and her son should be grateful to have Sabrina in their family. Yet Carly firmly reminds them that Sabrina had a baby with another man, who is a criminal, ran off with him and betrayed Michael, and so she does not believe her son owes Sabrina a commitment.

When Hayden finds out that Elizabeth has made arrangements to make sure that Hayden does not have access to the diamonds, and still intends to turn them over to the Feds, Hayden comes to confront her in her hospital room. She angrily tells Elizabeth that she is not willing to help her ever again and could care less if she dies. Franco enters, overhears their conversation and urges Hayden to “be nice”, informing her, for the first time that Elizabeth is her sister. Hearing that, Hayden demands to know why he'd say that and indignantly remarks Elizabeth is no more her sister than he is. Elizabeth also asks why he’s saying that, reminding him it's not “funny” that he'd imply that she and Hayden are sisters. Yet Franco informs both women they have the same father. Hearing that, Elizabeth tells him that is not true. Her father is Jeff Webber. Franco informs them both that Jeff Webber was not perfect had an affair with Naomi and is the father of both of them. Hayden affirms that her father was Raymond Berlin. He was not perfect but he was her father and she loved him. Yet Franco informs her that Naomi cheated on Raymond with Jeff and falsified that she was Raymond's daughter when she was not. Elizabeth protests that her father would never cheat on her mother. She asks where he would have heard this, to which Franco replies from his mother, Heather, who used to be married to Elizabeth's father. Both of them realize Heather does not have much credibility, given she's a lunatic, incarcerated in an asylum for the criminally insane. Yet Franco informs them that, be that as it may, Hayden's mom, Naomi, confirmed that both Hayden and Elizabeth are her daughters. Hayden then realizes it seemed very strange that her rich and “snotty” mom seemed very friendly and protective to Elizabeth which is “not like her” to do with a stranger. Also, Franco reminds her, they both have the same extremely rare blood type. Hayden then furiously reminds them both that she got falsely accused of trying to kill Elizabeth and she had a deal with Franco that she'd donate blood to save Elizabeth only in order to save her from charges. And then, as soon as Elizabeth awoken and found out she is not in prison for a crime she did not commit, she made effort to turn the diamonds over to the feds to put Hayden away. He then assures her that although Elizabeth is not out to get her in trouble the way she alleges. Elizabeth then protests that Hayden has gotten away with pushing her down the stairs, yet Franco assures Elizabeth that it's now been proven that Hayden did not do that and was falsely accused. There is evidence that the person who pushed her was a man. Before they can further examine “that”, Elizabeth gets an incoming call from Nathan informing her that Sabrina turned the diamonds over to him and explained exactly what they mean so that they cops can easily put Hayden away. At that point, Elizabeth seems to feel guilty, finding out that she is responsible for this and now Hayden now has reason not to donate the blood that could save her life. Hayden rushes out the door, panicked and horrified.

Hayden then goes out to the hospital lobby, runs into Finn and expresses she is horrified that she will now go to prison. Ye he promises to be there for her and fight it every step of the way. He encourages her to go with him to his hotel room and know that she is welcomed by him and Roxy. However, they are just a bit “too late” when men in suits appear, identify Hayden and declare she is under arrest.

After Franco informs Elizabeth, for the first time that a man pushed her down the stairs, they both realize they haven't a clue who it would be or what motive this unidentified man would have to want to kill her?

When Monica is alone in her office, after hours having a phone conversation with Epiphany and thinking she is alone, Paul comes up behind her without her noticing him. He has a large needle in his hand, grabs her and injects her with the needle. Monica then falls to the floor. Not far away, Sabrina sees her although Paul makes certain he is not seen or known, and hides while she rushes to revive Monica and call for help. She turns to see Paul and asks why he's there and boldly demands he goes and gets help for Monica right away. Yet as soon as he's alone, unseen and out of her earshot, he gets on the phone to “make plans”. She returns to see him and, right away, can tell that he has made no effort get help for Monica. Instantly, she takes “note” of that. When it looks very obvious she is “onto” him and his plan will not succeed, as soon as Sabrina's back is turned to Paul, he covers her mouth, grabs her and drags her into an exam room while she screams and struggles.

Carly assesses to Michael and to Tracy that she will back off and not “demand” he break up with Sabrina. She just wants her son to see if Sabrina. He affirms to his mom that he is there to protect Sabrina and her baby. Tracy gets a call informing her that Monica has been attacked by the hospital killer. They still do not know who hurt her but she's now in the OR. Tracy rushes off to be there for her sister-in-law. While there, the staff rush to save Monica and inform Tracy that were it not for the diligent intervention of Sabrina Santiago, Monica would be dead. Tracy is very mindful of the fact that Sabrina saved Monica's life. Yet they do not know where Sabrina is right now.

While Michael and Carly are talking about his future with Sabrina, she is alone in a darkened room, passed out on the floor after Paul has injected her with a needle.

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