GH Update Tuesday 9/13/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/13/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the PCPD, Jordan asks André to help her and Nathan with finding the hospital killer. She specifies she'd like to find the answer before the bad publicity shuts the hospital down. They go through pictures of all of the patients who have been targeted by the hospital killer with the syringe. She lists the patients who died as well as Lucas Jones whom the killer attempted to kill. She also presents her theory that since the syringe was found in the staff locker room trash, the killer could be a hospital staff member. She further suggests that the discarded syringe could mean the suspect was “prevented” from doing what he or she intended to do. André reminds them that that was the night of the power outage and also when Elizabeth was pushed although not injected. And so, he suggests, maybe those factors are all connected. He attempts to brainstorms with them, as to what motives the killer may have had about who exactly he wanted dead. He suggests that maybe this individual is not really a serial killer. Maybe this is simply someone with a particular ax to grind against a particular group of people. He asks Jordan exactly what has caused each of the victims to be hospitalized in the first place, to which she lists each person and situation. He then concludes it was “no accident” that each of these patients were brought to GH, to which Jordan asks if he's saying they were brought there to die. Nathan asks why the hospital killer would be making murder attempts right at the hospital where they can be easily caught. André then concludes that perhaps General Hospital itself is the victim or target of the killer. He presents his theory that perhaps the killer believes he has to make the hospital pay for something they have done to him. And what he's doing is now the “payback”.

Paul is at The Metro Court, secretly talking on the phone telling someone he calls “sweetheart” that he wants to be with them soon but can't leave until he does what he needs to do. He watches carefully to see Monica arrive and meet with Tracy, who informs her that she just came from a board meeting where she heard the hospital might close very soon. He goes and sits with them, sounding “surprised” when Tracy talks about how it will affect many people including patients and staff and many others if the hospital is shut down. And yet, she informs him, along with Monica, there is a safety liability given that a killer is loose and nobody knows who they are or how to stop them from doing more.

At Perks, Morgan has ordered the caps and items with the logo for the coffee shop employees. She suggests that they spend the afternoon together. She notices he has textbooks in his possession and is very surprised to find out that he's enrolled full time in school. He explains to her that he did not expect to get into the fall semester but managed to get signed up for marketing classes. In response to that, Kiki seems less than enthused and asks if he can commit to the work load with both school and working at Perks. Yet, hearing that, he remarks that he wonders why she'd be concerned about his schedule and what he does or does not have time for. Hearing that, she admits she is not ok with his sounding as though she has not been there for him. Yet he tells her he's tired of just sitting there doing nothing except handing out espressos and would like to do more with his life. She asks if pursuing a degree at PCU is what he really wants to do or if it will work for him. She admits she finds it very odd that he's suddenly done this without any thought about it. He “counters” what she says by suggesting that maybe she's “jealous” that he has ambitions for having a future. Clearly, she is not ok with that comment he makes and at that point, Morgan apologizes, protests he did not mean that and suggests that they just take the afternoon off and relax. Yet she gets up to leave. As soon as Morgan is alone, Darby enters again and makes it clear she “resents” Kiki, as she reminds him that he still needs to use caution with the threat of catching or spreading an STI. Yet Darby seems interested in hearing what classes Morgan intends to take, to which he lists them and she admits that sounds difficult and stressful to her. At that point, she informs him how he can write a paper without having to actually read or write it. She informs him when one is behind, it's very easy to just “buy a paper” for $20. He sounds like he does not want to cheat although she suggests one could think of it as help. He then asks what the point of going to school is if one cannot learn anything. She then gets up to leave and reminds him if he needs her help with this resource, he knows where to find her.

Sabrina is at the hospital starting her old job again, nursing at GH. She notices Tracy and assumes she will definitely support her plan. However, Tracy suggests Sabrina keep her resume active, informing her that the hospital may be closing tomorrow.

Finn has invited Hayden to his hospital room after she's agreed to donate blood for Elizabeth. She falls asleep and then awakens, informing him that she wants to help him with his disease. When he, again, reiterates the he does not want her getting involved in his problems, she asks him if he does not want her to do something about all of the other people, besides him who are in danger or possibly dying. When he does not want to talk about her “theories” regarding that, she asks if perhaps he'd rather explore their “feelings for each other”. He then assesses that when the kiss happened between them, she was drinking, he was in a stressed state of mind. Neither of them were thinking clearly. He reminds her that nothing has changed. He's still dying and still in love with his wife, he declares. He admits that every day he awakens, the soul purpose why he lives another day is to find a cure for the disease that killed her. Hayden then assesses that maybe some things were not meant to be and admits that maybe she is having enough difficulty with her own feelings, after the loss of Nikolas. She realizes that having a relationship on the rebound is never good for anyone. So, what she intends to do is make good on her word and do the right thing.

While Elizabeth is still unconscious, Franco tells her he will give her some incentive to wake up as he informs her she has a “secret sister”. She turns her head and appears to be waking up. Shortly thereafter, Sabrina enters and asks Franco why he's still there and suggests that he lets Elizabeth rest and awaken and possibly go home to get some rest himself, informing him she will call him one Elizabeth awakens. Yet he does not want to leave. Shortly thereafter, Elizabeth awakens and is groggy when Sabrina sits by her bedside to inform her she needed a blood transfusion for her very rare blood type and also informs her that Franco has been by her bedside all night. Also, Sabrina informs Elizabeth, she might want to carefully “screen” her visitors. Hearing that, Elizabeth asks why, remembering that it's already been found out that Hayden pushed her, as was the case, the last time she heard. When Sabrina informs Elizabeth, for the first time, that Hayden is more than likely not guilty and has been acquitted and set free, Elizabeth is stressed and horrified, protesting that she knows Hayden pushed her. Sabrina urges her to talk and admit to why she is so upset and what is on her mind. Elizabeth then informs Sabrina that she has a pouch of diamonds that she needs to turn over to the feds in order to bring Hayden to justice. When Hayden is free, she's very worried that something can happen and Hayden can take away the only thing that bring her to justice. Hearing that, Sabrina asks where the diamonds are, to which Elizabeth replies they are in her house on her coffee table. Sabrina then promises to go and find the diamonds and makes sure that nobody can take them from Elizabeth.

Franco goes to The Metro Court and talks to Kiki about his “would-be” relationship with Elizabeth and the fact that she's just gotten out of surgery. She warns him that maybe he is “taking things too fast” with Elizabeth, and remarks to Franco that he is reminding her of Morgan. Franco then remarks he does not want to behave like Sonny's manic son and asks what she suggests he do, to which Kiki tells him maybe he should just be there for Elizabeth and take things slowly. She asks if he blames himself for not sensing Elizabeth was in danger before it was too late. She informs him that it's common for one to feel guilty for failing to save someone but sometimes all one can do is show up and be there for them. He then concludes he thinks it's best that he not tell her his secret. Yet he confides in Kiki that there is a specific thing he needs to do in order to “help” Elizabeth and he's worried about the consequences and how she could react if he tells her and so she wonders if it might be better that Elizabeth never knows.

When Elizabeth is alone in her hospital bed after Sabrina has gone off to her house to access the diamonds for her, she hears the door open and assumes Sabrina has returned. Yet it's Hayden who stands over her and views her coldly.

At the Metro Court, Monica informs Tracy and Paul that they cannot close down the hospital because of the consequences. Hearing that, Tracy later concludes the board has not made any decisions to do anything yet and turns to Paul to urge him to make sure the police department steps up their efforts to find the killer before the hospital shuts down for good. Tracy then gets up from the table and runs into Finn and tells him she needs his “medical expertise” in order to solve this problem they are now facing. She informs him that if the hospital staff are out of a job, they could go elsewhere and never return. And so the patients will never get the care they need. Little does she know.

Kiki informs Franco that maybe the best thing for him is to do what is right for him, which she does not clarify includes revealing the information to Elizabeth or not doing so. Franco gets an incoming call from Sabrina informing him the Elizabeth has awoken and wants to see him.

When Hayden “visits” Elizabeth, Elizabeth panics and is very afraid as she threatens to call the police. Yet Hayden informs her, for the first time, that she and Franco have a deal where she donates her rare blood type to Elizabeth and Elizabeth gives her diamonds. Not having a clue what she is talking about because she's never heard this before, Elizabeth is worried and tells Hayden the only place she is going is back to jail.

Morgan calls Kiki and apologizes, assuring her that he knows she can get her life back on track after all she's been through and he's there for her. She also apologizes to him, thanks him for his support, and encourages him to get back to work and “crack those books”.

Nathan comes out of his discussion with Jordan and André when Sabrina comes by to bring the diamonds to turn them over to the police, informing Nathan of why Elizabeth needs to prevent Hayden from having them.

Hayden finds out that Elizabeth intends to prevent her from having the diamonds and turn her in to the feds. She furiously lashes out at her telling her that she's not going to get a drop of blood from her and she can die for all Hayden cares. Franco then returns, overhears and demands Hayden “play nice” as he informs her that Elizabeth is her sister.

Alone in the room, Jordan asks what the connection is to all of the victims, to which he tells her he's sure they can find out if they just dig deeper. She's worried it might be too late by the time they find out that answer.

When Monica is alone in her office, after hours, on the phone, distracted and assuming nobody is nearby, Paul comes through the door with a syringe needle in his hands and he grabs and injects her.

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