GH Update Monday 9/12/16

General Hospital Update Monday 9/12/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis is alone in her house rehearsing how she's going to testify against Julian in court while Molly coaches her. When Molly gives her mom some “pointers”, Alexis then apologizes to her daughter for bringing Julian into all of their lives, to which Molly assures her mom that all is good, her mom's error in judgment forgotten and very soon she will be able to put the Julian page out of her life. Molly continues to play “cross-examination” asking her if she knew that Julian got Duke Lavery killed and committed many other crimes before she married him, yet married him anyway. She further asks about her mom's choosing to represent Carlos Rivera, who was going to admit that Julian put him up to murdering Duke, yet selling her “client” down the river in order to aid and abet Julian. Alexis continues to want to “evade” her daughter's questions and remind her that she knows more about court cases than Molly does. Molly assures her mom that she knows the trial is scary but she needs to know that none of her daughters are going anywhere.

Before his arraignment hearing, Julian is lying flat on his bed in his jail cell, not speaking and looking depressed and un-enthused when Scott comes to visit him and attempts to “encourage” his client to know that his lawyer can help him get what he wants. He “briefs” Julian on the fact that maybe DA Hornsby is not carefully selecting jury members. Julian reminds his attorney that maybe Hornsby could care less and it does not matter anyway because he has a “slam dunk” case against him, as Julian reminds Scott they have to face the fact that he is doomed. Yet Scott does not want him to become hopeless. One of his strategies, he admits, is to “destroy the character” of Julian's estranged wife. Ava comes to see her brother and Scott encourages her to “talk some sense” into Julian. He leaves and Ava tells her brother that despite his dismal attitude, she has every faith that everything will work out for him. Hearing that, he smirks and admits to his sister that sounds very “strange” and asks her if she knows something he does not. She then clarifies that maybe he should not pack his bags for Pentonville quite yet, as she reveals to him she has a “hunch” that he might be walking out a free man.

Sam is alone with Jason still in her wedding dress and they are ready to return home. Yet she reminds him he needs to find out the status of Elizabeth since she is his son's mom. He reminds her he was not planning on spending his wedding night in the hospital. Yet she reminds him they have the rest of their lives to spend together so she can “spare” him for a night. He then gets up to walk her home yet she tells him she has to stop first and check on “someone”

Michael goes to the hospital and sees Sabrina who is overjoyed to show him her new hospital badge and announce she's gotten her old nursing job back. Yet he is less enthused and asks her if she's sure it's a good idea to be working in this hospital. Tracy finds him and tells him he needs to honor his family who founded the hospital by not discouraging his girlfriend from working there. Sabrina protests that she sees this as a dream come true. Yet Michael expresses concerns about hers and Teddy's safety. Yet she reminds him she wants to have a career and independence and wishes he could understand that. Michael protests he does not want to prevent Sabrina from pursuing her goals but wants her to be safe. Tracy assures him she will be safe and he need not worry. He takes Tracy aside to talk privately and demands to know why she’s doing this, to which Tracy informs him she believes the hospital needs Sabrina and she needs her old job back and maybe there are “other reasons” why Michael does not want her working at the hospital. Tracy reminds Michael that she knows he is not entirely “over” the fact that Sabrina chose to run off with Carlos not long ago. Yet he needs to be assured that Sabrina and Teddy will be safe. She asks if he really believes Monica would ask her to come back if she were not safe. Sabrina returns and informs them that Elizabeth ruptured her spleen and there is uncertainty as to what will happen to her.

Paul is still “ever near” at the hospital, not far away. Ava comes by, finds him and reminds him that she has “incentive” for him to drop the charges against her brother although he's clearly not happy to see her and does not want to cooperate with her offer. She reminds him that he needs to make sure that jury members are not biased against her brother, to which he argues as to why he had to do what he had to do in order to look less suspicious. Yet she reminds him that he may need to be less worried about that than he should about what he has that could send him to Pentonville if he does not do what she wants. He also reminds her if he gets “found out” before the end of Julian's trial, they will have to appoint another prosecutor. And that person may not have “incentive” to acquit her brother the way he does. And so, he reminds Ava, she needs to “let him do his job here.”

While Sabrina is talking to Michael and Tracy, Paul finds her and informs her he'd like to go over her testimony. Tracy asks if he could do this another time because they are having a discussion. Yet Paul reminds Sabrina that she may want to make it a priority to go after the man who murdered her son's father. He wants to make sure she “helps” with what he wants yet Sabrina admits it's been “kind of a rough day” after finding out that Elizabeth got pushed down the stairs and is in critical condition. Hearing that, Paul is clearly spooked.

After Hayden finds out that the charges against her have been dropped, she informs Franco she no longer has an “incentive” to donate blood to save Elizabeth's life. And so, she informs him, she will do it in exchange for the diamonds Elizabeth has in her possession that could send Hayden to prison. She needs them returned to her in order for her to donate the blood needed to save Elizabeth’s life. She informs him that “here is the deal”. When Elizabeth wakes up, he's going to persuade her to hand over the diamonds and in return, she will donate her blood. Finn walks in the room. Franco leaves the room. Hayden tells him she's concerned about his health and needing to take his drugs although he encourages her to “worry about her and let him worry about him”. Right when Franco goes out into the hallway realizing he has to find a way to do what Hayden wants in order to save Elizabeth's life, he runs into Jason who is not happy to see him but asks how Elizabeth is. Franco tells him she will be ok if she gets a blood transfusion for her very rare blood type and maybe Jason should have a little more regard for his son's mother. Jason argues when Franco reminds him he does not have to like or respect Franco but he does have to respect Elizabeth's choice which is to be with him. Hearing that, Jason finds that hard to believe, and has no “confirmation” that Elizabeth has decided to have a relationship with Franco, reminding him that he is concerned about Franco's influence over his (Jason's) kid.

In the hospital exam room, Hayden acknowledges to Finn that he and Curtis have been there for her although she admits she realizes she may hot “deserve” all of the generosity. Yet he reminds her that she is ready to donate blood in order to save the life of the woman who falsely accused her of murdering her. Naomi enters and wants to talk alone to her daughter. She remarks to Hayden she's “quite a trooper” to donate blood to Elizabeth. Yet Hayden informs her mom she “did not have much of a choice” now that Franco told her “everything”. Hearing that, Naomi clearly wants to “evade” what Hayden is telling her and encourages her daughter to know how proud she is of her and know that her father would also be proud of her. Amy the nosy nurse preps Hayden and has to remind her of the terrible things she's done.

Finn goes into the hallway and attempts to get something out of the vending machine. He is shaking and becoming “traumatized” without his drug and has a tantrum. Curtis comes by, notices him and asks if he is “ok”as he helps him get the item out of the vending machine and they both affirm that they need to be there for Hayden. Yet Finn returns to Hayden and Naomi leaves them alone to talk.

Sam returns to her mom's house and, along with Molly, encourages Alexis not run herself ragged and get stressed. Molly agrees and finds out her older sister is pregnant and wants to know all about Sam's plans. Sam admits she wanted to hold off on telling anyone until the trial is over, one reason being Julian, as she does not want that bastard anywhere near her child or wanting to be a grandfather again. Nearby, Alexis overhears their conversation and appears “stressed” as Sam makes it clear to her mom and younger sister that she wants her father locked up in prison and admits she knows that it will be “hard” for her mom having to testify against him. Yet Alexis admits to her daughters that she “sees” Julian everywhere and allows him to haunt her and she realizes it may appear she's “losing it” although they both assure her that after what Julian did to her, it's very normal. Nobody is going to judge or discredit her testimony and she will be able to successfully have Julian put away. Sam decides to stay with her mom and sister. Alexis goes upstairs and Molly asks Sam if she can be assured that Julian will be put away and out of their lives.

Yet, unknown to them, it may not happen the way they want.

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