GH Update Friday 9/9/16

General Hospital Update Friday 9/9/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the house, Carly finds Morgan asleep on the couch. He is unaware and when he awakens, he exhibits that he's extremely “depressed and hopeless” and believing himself a loser not to be able to get up and do his job Perks. Carly wants her son to get over it yet can tell that Morgan is “not himself” and inquires to her son what is going on with him. He replies nothing as his head hangs and he remains quiet and sullen. She reminds him he's been sluggish and moody all day and she'd like to know if “something” is going on, asking if he might have “accidentally” missed one of his doses. He knows he's taken all his required meds yet he concludes this might just be “one of those days”, as he can also tell that something is “not right” yet he has no clue exactly what that would be. The doorbell rings. It's Nelle. Morgan invites her in to talk to his mom. He goes off. Nelle reminds Carly she told her she had a job lead for her, to which Carly happily replies she does, and that would be working for her at The Metro Court, to which tells Nelle about all the arrangements she has for introducing her to her business partner, Olivia Falconeri and having Nelle working directly with Carly. Nelle, however, sounds hesitant. Yet Carly does not see any “obstacles” and assumes that everything will work and Nelle would have no reason not to want this job. Yet Nelle informs her although she appreciates the offer, she cannot accept this job. She protests that although Josslyn benefited from her kidney, she does not want Carly to believe she “owes” her anything. Yet Carly tells her she needs to have the position filled by someone. She wants her to look through the job description and pay and, Carly informs her, when she gets back, they will talk. She leaves. Morgan comes out and hears Nelle got the job. At first he's depressed and dejected that his mom offered her a job and he appears to be failing at his. When she talks about how she is in school pursuing a teaching degree, however, Morgan wants to know about how she figured out she wanted to teacher, to which she talks out how she always loved being in a classroom and learning new things about the world. She then concludes if she could use this job to be a teacher, maybe it will be the best of both worlds. Hearing that, Morgan is inspired. Carly then returns and Nelle agrees to take the job. She leaves them alone, Carly is surprised to “suddenly” find out her son wants to register full time in school after he just spoke to Nelle. She finds it odd that his “career goals” moods in general, are so inconsistent.

Meanwhile, Griffin meets with Sonny at the Floating Rib informing him that with Anna out of town, Sonny is the only person he believes he can rely upon to give him an honest answer about the progress and likelihood of his father's killer being brought to justice. Sonny then assures Griffin that the DA has an airtight case against Julian from a taped confession where he admitted to Alexis that he ordered the hit on Duke and killed Carlos to prevent him from exposing that. He also tried to kill Alexis as soon as he found out she was wired, Sonny informs Griffin, and so Alexis is now committed to testifying against him. Hearing that, Griffin asks Sonny if he believes that will be enough to convict Julian, even with a key witness, informing him he's seen the public “exposure” of Alexis Davis losing it with her daughter, and that it went viral. Hearing that, Sonny admits to Griffin that although he has confidence that his daughter's mom will do the right thing regarding Julian, he does have concerns about Alexis' well being, recently, from what he's seen. He admits to Duke's son he believes he owes him the candidness of sharing with him what he's observed, in that Alexis is in a bad state of mind given that she loved Julian, allowed herself to be betrayed and has serious issues with admitting she's wrong and it's even worse now that she's been suspended from practicing law. Sonny assesses to Griffin that he wants to go after Julian but Griffin needs to know what an honorable and forgiving man his father was. Duke would want them to give Alexis the benefit of the doubt and, Sonny concludes, as long as Julian is brought to justice, he will be ok.

At Perk's, after Lulu informs Dante and Robert of her theory that Helena must “have had” access to her frozen embryos, they remind her even if that would be true, Helena is now dead. Yet she knows there is a huge lab complex stored underground on Cassadine Island. The embryos could be there right now, and so, she concludes, they have to go back. Yet she hears both men reminding her that it could endanger her to go to Cassadine Island. Even if nothing happened on previous visits there and both Helena and Valentin are dead, Robert reminds her that still does not remotely guarantee her safety. Dante then brings to Robert's attention, what causes more suspicion that Helena is setting Lulu up to go back to Cassadine Island, when he reveals what Helena left Lulu in her Will. Lulu explains to Robert that Helena left her an envelope with an address to a house on Cassadine Island which was identified by a woman named Daphne, whom they met on the island, who lives there. She admits she finds it a little more than coincidental that the exact address Helena gave her in the envelope is where Daphne now lives. Both Dante and Robert agree that it sounds like a trap Helena has set for her, and, for that reason, Dante informs his wife, they cannot risk going back there. Yet she protests there are no other way for them to get answers, although Robert tells her actually maybe there is. He goes off and promptly returns but only has more confusing information including the fact that he found out there was “no trace” of anyone on the island, involved in the situation, named Daphne. Robert leaves and Lulu expresses to her husband that she has to get to the bottom of this address that Helena gave her, which Daphne confirmed that does not even exist now that they've found out Daphne does not exist and she believes there must be some significance and relevance to the embryos and Helena's need for an heir. Yet Dante tells her she needs to give it up and realizes Helena is playing her, hoping to send her on another wild goose chase and have Lulu drive herself insane over this futility. Yet she does not want to leave any stone unturned and urges him to understand that she needs to make just one phone call knowing there's a possibility that if the WSB digs just a little deeper, they might find something.

At the hospital, Finn is able to realize, and bring to Curtis' attention that finding a picture of what really happened when Elizabeth got pushed down the stairs could give them what they need in order to clear Hayden of charges. They are able to detect, from Elizabeth's phone, which she turned on when it went dark, while walking down the hospital stairs, right before she fell, that there's a GPS tracker that can give them needed information about when and where it happened. Finn concludes the person who did it was definitely a man. Yet, they both realize, they have yet to find out who or why they would do it.

At the PCPD, Paul Hornsby is growing very impatient and agitated at Jordan's possible “complications” for not only hurrying up Julian Jerome's trial. He also needs the attempted murderer of Elizabeth Weber put behind bars and the case closed. In response to that, she informs him the Elizabeth Weber case is “not that cut and dried”, to which Paul irritated tells her, in that case she needs to “cut and dry it”. He continues to stress to her that if she cannot get an actual confession from Hayden, she needs to at least hear Hayden talk about all the ways she hates Elizabeth and put it on tape, as he “clarifies” to Jordan, that means the police commissioner needs to “do her job”. With that, Paul walks off. Jordan gets a sudden call from Curtis after he's found out, with Finn, the evidence that it appears a man with a suit pushed Elizabeth. He does not tell her much except to inform her that “we” will be down at the station, with crucial evidence the cops need about what happened to Elizabeth. Hayden is puzzled as to whom he's been talking to, what he may have found out and what he intends to bring to her attention when he hangs up.

When Franco goes to see Hayden in the police interrogation room, he confuses her by informing her that Elizabeth may or may not make it out of surgery yet, he also indicates that Elizabeth “can” make it, clarifying that will get what she needs with Hayden's “help”. Hearing that, Hayden asks him how, to which he informs her there is “something about” herself and Elizabeth that Hayden does not know. He informs her that Elizabeth needs a blood transfusion that is very difficult to find, given her very rare blood type. Hayden still does not understand what that has to do with her. Yet he informs her he knows that the two of them are a match, although Hayden hasn't a clue how or why Franco would know that. She informs him that throughout her life, she's known that the odds of anyone on the planet sharing her blood type is astronomical. And, with that, she needs to know what Franco is not telling her. He then reminds her that she is facing murder charges although Hayden protests she did not push Elizabeth, which Franco does not believe. He concludes to her that it does not matter if she's being wrongfully or rightfully accused. If she saves Elizabeth's life by donating their mutual and extremely rare blood type, it could go a long way in her defense. Yet, Hayden reminds him, she cannot exactly do that when she's presently locked up in police custody. At that point, Franco tells her he can find a way to bust her out of there without anyone knowing, just as he's been able to find a way to get inside this room to talk to her privately without anyone knowing.

Curtis and Finn go to find Jordan at the PCPD and bring her Elizabeth's phone. Noticing that, she is less than “positive” from their visit, asking how they would have gotten a hold or Elizabeth's personal property and admitting she does not want to know. Curtis, however, tells her they can explain that later. Right now, he tells her, she needs to look at what is on the camera. Jordan then notices and is shocked to see men's shoes on the floor of the hospital stairwell.

Franco attempts to bust Hayden out of lock-up while nobody even knows he's in the police interrogation room talking to her. Jordan immediately rushes in the room, shocked to see the two of them together talking, and demands to know what is going on there. He informs Jordan as well as Curtis and Finn that he's found out that Elizabeth could die without an urgent blood transfusion that may not be possible because of her extremely rare blood type, although he happens to know that Hayden has the same blood type and could save her life. And that's why he came to talk to Hayden. Paul appears and demands to know why the “suspect” is not in custody. Jordan then informs him that “new evidence” has come up, as she shows him the pictures of the “familiar” men's shoes. Curtis informs the DA that he and Finn found a picture that the GPS locator confirms came from Elizabeth’s phone right at the time she was pushed, which Jordan agrees looks like credible evidence to confirm that maybe Hayden did not do it. Paul angrily demands that they stop wasting this time and put the “prisoner” in her cell right now. Jordan then has cops release Hayden so that she can donate blood in order to save Elizabeth. Paul is clearly horrified at what has suddenly happened and protests that the picture of “men's shoes” is not much to go on although Jordan confirms it's enough to prove that an innocent woman is being wrongfully accused. Curtis further concludes there are way to blow up the picture to accurately identify who it was that really did push and try to kill Elizabeth. Jordan insists they release Jordan and realize whoever was wearing those men's shoes pushed Elizabeth and they need to find out who that was. Paul is clearly not ok with what is happening here.

While Franco goes with Hayden to the hospital lab to draw her blood, she tells him she needs to know how it is that he would know that she and Elizabeth would have the same blood type. Finn enters and announces the charges against Hayden have been dropped. She is overjoyed although Franco is not ok knowing Elizabeth still hangs between life and death and the real attempted murderer has not been caught, and urges Hayden to do the “noble thing” to save her. Hayden, however, then concludes there's no reason to give a drop of her blood to save that no good bitch, Elizabeth now that she has no “incentive” to do so. She concludes to Franco if he needs her blood for Elizabeth, there is something she needs from him first.

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