GH Update Thursday 9/8/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/8/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu sits at The Floating Rib waiting for Maxie who arrives late and explains it's because Nathan has been “very attentive to her needs”. Lulu asks if this means that all of their problems are now in the rear view mirror, to which Maxie replies not entirely. She is still concerned about Claudette who clearly has an agenda, she tells Lulu, as she makes it clear that she cannot just leave it alone. She has to find out what is going on with Nathan's ex and get to the bottom of it. Right then, Maxie reveals that she still “assumes” that Lulu is about to have another baby and has not heard the devastating news that she cannot. At that point, Lulu rushes away from the table very upset and Maxie wonders what she said to cause that. Lulu does not want to reveal to Maxie what is going on with her and immediately changes the subject, talking about Maxie's wedding date. Maxie still assumes Lulu's only issue is being a pregnant matron of honor. Yet at that point, Lulu reveals to her that she is not getting pregnant because the one remaining embryo she had is no longer viable. Lulu cries and Maxie tells her how sorry she is. She tells her she knows this may sound so cliché but time and love are going to heal her and she needs to know that Maxie will always be there for her. Lulu then assures Maxie that she and Dante are going to be fine. They are beyond blessed to have Rocco. So what that they will not have another baby? She realizes not all dreams were meant to come true.

Dante meets with Robert Scorpio at Perks coffee shop, who has information and evidence about what happened during the explosion at the Creighton Clark Lab a few years ago when it appeared all of Lulu's remaining embryos were destroyed. Dante assesses the information Robert has and seems encouraged that this could be just what he and Lulu are looking for so that they can find a way to obtain what they need after all.

While Lulu is with Maxie making efforts to “accept” her unfortunate reality, she gets a call from Dante informing her that he needs to talk to her about something that may be of optimum value to her. She then goes to meet with Dante and Robert who show her pictures of the files he has. She looks through it and asks if there might be something there connected to the embryo, to which Dante informs her it's possible. Right then, she looks at “something” which Dante shows her. At that point, both men explain to her that it appears that perhaps the freezer in the building was not blown up. That's where the embryos were stored. She then asks if they are concluding that it could mean that the embryo is still there (or somewhere) and not destroyed? Robert warns her not to jump to any conclusions, as he explains that the construction crew had to go through rubble and all. At that point, Lulu informs him she bets that after Helena noticed Stavros “failing” on what he wanted with her, the night they were all held hostage before the clinic blew up a few years ago, she bets Helena took the one remaining embryos with her at that point. She explains her theory that she's certain Helena kept the embryo and would not destroy it because it's the potential of a “future Cassadine” being born. Yet Dante reminds his wife even if that is correct, there's no way to find out or find the embryo since Helena is dead. Yet Lulu has another theory about how they could find out what they need to know if they go back to Cassadine Island and so they all need to go back, she tells them.

Hayden is in the police interrogation room when Valerie comes in informing her they are about to take her to her holding cell and have her tried for the attempted murder of Elizabeth. Hayden protests however, that she did not do it. Hearing that, Valerie firmly tells her that will be up to a jury to decide and with that, she walks away and does not want to hear more from Hayden. Hayden, however, protests that she bets that Elizabeth and other who hate her framed her. Valerie does not buy for a minute that Elizabeth arranged to injure herself and be in the hospital where she is now critical just to get Hayden in trouble. With that, she walks away.

Not far away, Curtis is secretly on the phone talking to Finn who intends to give him a “hospital ID” so that he can enter and find out what really happened so that they can prove that Hayden did not push Elizabeth. Right then, Valerie finds him and reveals she knows that he wants to get Hayden acquitted of the crime and she cannot understand why. He reminds her that all people have the right to a defense, the benefit of the doubt and a reasonable doubt. Valerie tells him even if that is the case, why should he be going to bat for Hayden?. She tells him she admires his loyalty but believes it should not be wasted on Hayden. Curtis, however, clearly sees it very differently.

Jason goes to meet and talk to Jake in the park, noticing his son has no clue what happened to his mom and suspects nothing. Jason realizes he has to tell him his mom is in the hospital and reveals to his son he wants to sound positive and have him believing his mom is very tough. Jason talks about his mom having her spleen ruptured and how she feel. Jake assumes perhaps his mom had an “accident” and makes it clear to his dad that he's spoken many times to Franco about anatomy while going through a coloring book

At the hospital, Griffin comes out of surgery and informs Franco there is now a serious problem regarding Elizabeth's injury. She now needs an urgent blood transfusion. Yet it's easier said than done to obtain the blood needed and so he may be very difficult to find a match. When Franco asks just how they would obtain the blood needed or from whom, Griffin replies it would have to be from a family member. Hearing that, Franco is obviously very “intrigued” after what he's just found out about Elizabeth’s “family”. When he informs Franco as far as he knows, she has no family except her kids who are too young for him to be comfortable having them donate blood. Hearing that, Franco asks what if there were “other family members”, to which Griffin replies if that be the case, then one needs to “get them in there”.

At the hospital, Naomi goes to find Finn and informs him she's Hayden's mom. She further informs him she just came from her daughter's arraignment and found out she's being charged with attempted murder. Naomi sounds very emotional when she protests to Finn that she knows her daughter would not attempt to murder Elizabeth and cannot be falsely accused. She is then very surprised when she hears that Finn wholeheartedly agrees, believes in Hayden and also believes she's being falsely accused. Hearing that, Naomi informs him that she's really happy to know there is someone else in her daughter's corner, realizing her daughter is alone without friends, protesting and hearing Finn agreeing, that Hayden has made some serious mistakes but she wants her daughter to have another chance in her life. She remarks to Finn she is very encouraged to see that he is there for her daughter.

Not far away, Franco observes Naomi remembering their conversation when she revealed, and did not deny, that Elizabeth is, indeed her daughter. Right then, Jake enters with Jason, rushes to Franco and wants to interact with him. Jason has his son go and get something from the vending machine. Alone with Jason, Franco informs him that the surgery is taking longer than expected, Elizabeth is critical and in need of blood in order to save her life. And so, he suggests to Jason, he might want to, at some point, make Jake aware of that. As soon as Franco finds Naomi, he corners her and tells her they need to have a little chat regarding what happened to her daughter, because of her “other daughter”. She informs him that it appears her “one daughter” is going to be charged with attempted murder. Yet, he informs her, there is only one way her “one daughter” can save the other one. Hearing that, Naomi, asks what that would be, to which Franco replies that Hayden would have to have the same blood type as Elizabeth. Hearing that, she tells Frank what he is “asking” could have long term consequences for people he believes he cares about. He tells her that maybe she can convince Hayden to “create some good karma”, to which she asks if they are not getting a bit ahead of themselves since nobody even knows whether Hayden and Elizabeth even have the same blood type. Yet Franco is determined to find a way to save Elizabeth.

When Hayden is alone in the interrogation room, unexpectedly Curtis comes to see her. She is very happy to see him realizing he's on her side and willing to go to bat for her. Yet she informs him even if he believes in her, she doubts there's any hope for any defense since the cops are convinced she's guilty. He then asks her to tell him everything she knows about what happened to Elizabeth and how it “pointed” to her, to which she tells him about all that happened on the day in question, until she just happened to walk down the hospital stairs and saw Elizabeth at the bottom of the stairs. And obviously, she informs him, the rest is history. He makes it clear he believes in her innocence and informs her that he just talked to her friend, Dr. Hamilton Finn, who makes it very clear he believes her. Right then, Valerie returns and coldly observes the two of them together. At that point, Hayden informs her that Curtis talks all about how he admires and respects her. Valerie needs to know how lucky she is to have a good man like him. And, Hayden adds to Valerie, if Curtis is correct for believing in Valerie's integrity, maybe she can listen to what he has to say.

While Maxie is alone in the park going through ideas for her wedding, Griffin finds her and wants to talk and informs her there's something she should know. Elizabeth Weber is in the hospital OR and in critical need of a blood transfusion. Hearing that, Maxie is shocked and asks what happened, to which Griffin informs Maxie that “somebody” pushed her down a flight of stairs at the hospital. Hearing that, Maxie is shocked and gets up to go to the hospital and see Elizabeth although he tells her he wishes she would not go because he “owes her a conversation”. Yet she assesses to him that he was dishonest with her for months. He did not admit to her what he knew about Nathan. And so, she asks him, just what she would get out of this “conversation” he wants to have with her. He replies that, due to his situation with Claudette, he realizes it caused a lot of pain and hardship for many and so he wants to make it up to her and to Nathan. Maxie assesses to him she can clearly see Claudette has a hidden agenda with Nathan that she thinks very possibly he could find out, easily by “seducing” it out of her, remarking she saw how Claudette is very smitten with him and he could use that to find out what Maxie needs to find out. Hearing that, Griffin tells her that is against his medical ethics. Yet she informs him that with or without his help, she will get this information for herself. She adds to him that she now knows that he is not this noble and honorable person he wants everyone to belie, given the lies, the infidelity and serious violation of his vows and how he's only protected himself throughout all of this.

Finn finds a way to get Curtis inside the hospital and give him access to medical materials that they hope can give them needed evidence of just who would want Elizabeth dead and hopefully can clear Hayden of the charges.

At the station, Valerie calls Curtis. He picks up his phone while at the hospital with Finn. She informs him she's getting off work and wondered if he could spend the evening with her at The Floating Rib. He, at first, informs her me may have to “work late” although he intends to “work fast”. Right then, Finn informs him that the evidence they need is a photo of the person who pushed Elizabeth.

Franco goes to visit Hayden. He informs her that the doctors are not certain if Elizabeth is going to make it. However, he tells her, he knows she can make it right by saving Elizabeth’s life. Hearing that, Hayden makes it clear that she hasn't a clue what he is talking about.

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