GH Update Wednesday 9/7/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/7/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Sonny and Carly’s house, Spinelli proposes a toast to Sam and Jason's wedding and the baby Morgan. Carly congratulates them and Sonny acknowledges how he knows that the two of them understand family and will be great parents.

When Franco is talking to Elizabeth in her hospital bed, ready to “drop the bombshell” upon her, (about Hayden being her sister and Naomi her mom), suddenly her machine beeps and she goes into cardiac arrest. Griffin rushes in and calls a code blue. Franco asks what happened, to which Griffin replies her spleen just ruptured. The medical team rush to take her to the OR. Franco asks if there is something he can do, to which Griffin suggests maybe he “pray”. When Franco argues, Griffin tells him he cannot explain anything to him but he has to do what he has to do.

At the wedding, Sam assesses to Spinelli, to Sonny and to Carly that she's really happy that this is all happening like this with all of them in hers' and Jason's lives.. She sees it as a miracle when they can celebrate with their best friends and this little boy or girl will not know of anything except all the love. Carly then reminds Spinelli he's been there for 4 hours and she has not seen a picture of his baby girl. Yet he has a power point app to show her. Jason gets a call from Franco who asks him where is Jake. Jason flippantly replies that is none of Franco's business and asks why he's asking about Jake. Franco angrily tells Jason that his son has the right to know that his mother could be dying. Observing that, Carly and Sonny ask what just happened, to which Jason replies that was Franco who called to inform him Elizabeth's spleen just burst. Hearing that, Carly demands to know why Franco would be calling him, to which Jason replies Franco and Elizabeth are “seeing each other”. Hearing that, Sonny angrily demands to know why Elizabeth would be anywhere near that freak. They both warn Jason that Franco might be lying to trick him and take him away from his wedding. Yet he tells them he needs to go off by himself to make sure Elizabeth is ok. Spinelli goes off with Sam and when Carly is alone with Sonny, she asks how Sam must be feeling to see that Franco of all people is dating Elizabeth after Jason found out who he really is and ended his relationship with her. They are very worried how this could affect both Sam and Jason. Sonny assures her that Jason will not let Franco get to him. They go to clean up from the wedding. He tells her he has to get to the Perks Coffee shop to visit with Morgan. They both reflect how Morgan is doing really well with his work and with how he handles situations like what happened with the obnoxious guy he encountered at Perks when they cops were called. They are both very hopeful about Morgan's situation.

Sam and Spinelli go to The Floating Rib together after Jason has gone to the hospital and they are waiting for him. He reflects to her he can see how it may appear “unfair” for Sam's wedding to be suddenly interrupted by the woman who threatened to scam and take her husband from her. Yet Sam informs Spinelli she has made peace with the situation involving Elizabeth and Jason. She also reveals to Spinelli that when she first found out she was pregnant, not long ago, she was worried there could be something wrong with the baby after they all got back from Greece and she thought she could possibly have Malaria. She went to the hospital and Elizabeth treated her and protected her confidentiality. Now, she has found out she has a clean bill of health and the baby does also. And so all is well. Spinelli reflects to Sam how grateful he is for “all she has done” for him. She asks why he'd say that. It's he who's always been there for her whenever she's needed cyber support, Sam tells him. Spinelli talks about how Sam has always been there for him with emotional support in his life and there could not be a better friend than the one he has in her.

When Jason goes to the hospital to check on Elizabeth and seems not to want to speak to Franco, Franco angrily reminds him that he has the right to be with Elizabeth when he's the only person she has there. He angrily tells Jason he has no right to judge him. Elizabeth's spleen just ruptured. Jason clearly does not know what happened and has “more important things” but she fell down the stairs after being pushed. And so, he affirms to Jason, he needs to stop acting like he is better than Franco and have some respect and some regard for his son's mother. Griffin returns and explains to Jason that Elizabeth's spleen has ruptured but it could cause her worse consequences if they remove it. Franco listens from afar to hear the neurosurgeon's assessment about the critical situation that could threaten Elizabeth's life. He goes off and Jason asks what Franco has heard about what happened to Elizabeth and from where. Franco replies that Hayden pushed Elizabeth down a flight of stairs. It's obvious that she's always had it in for her and right before it happened, Elizabeth threatened to expose Hayden and have her put in prison so that is why it happened. Franco wants to talk to Jake although Jason angrily tells him he cannot go near Jason's son. Jason gets on the phone to make arrangements for Jake to stay with Elizabeth's grandma. Franco overhears yet Jason does not want him involved in that. Jason walks off and asks Michael if he could arrange to have him privately meet with Jake because, he tells him, as he gets on the elevator, there is something he “needs to tell Jake”. While Franco is alone at the hospital, he remembers his most recent conversation with Elizabeth where she affirmed that she trusts him and wants to confide in only him about certain things and that he is special to her, regardless of what anybody else says or thinks. He waits alone at the hospital until Griffin gets out of surgery. He informs Franco that Elizabeth is not out of surgery and there is a “very serious problem”.

Dillon is taking pictures in the park when Tracy finds her son. She informs him she just got back from a board meeting and wanted to check in on him. He reflects to his mom about his thoughts regarding photography. Observing him, Tracy reflects to her son she believes he has the makings of an artist. Hearing that, Dillon tells his mom he doubts he has any great gift as an artist nor is he very encouraged. Hearing that, Tracy asks him why the negativity, and asks if it might have to do with his job or something else in his life. In response to that, Dillon informs his mom he thought they already settled this discussion during the unsuccessful meeting with his father the last time they spoke. Tracy however, tells her son she knows there is something going on with him. It could be due to his getting exposed to an STI. Hearing that, Dillon protests to his mom he already took the antibiotics and it's no longer cause for worry. Yet she informs him she wonders if he might be suffering from a broken heart and is missing Kiki. Dillon then assesses to his mom that yes, he has been interested in Kiki and she was temporarily single, apart from Morgan and was interested in him. However, she's back with Morgan and he accepts that. Tracy, however, admits to her son, she wonders if perhaps he is still hoping they will break up so that he can be with Kiki.

Kiki is happily with Morgan at a table at the coffee shop. Ava observes them discreetly and is not happy to see that they are still happy to be together. He gets a large box sent to him and it appears the shipment was all wrong. Ava closely observes when it appears Morgan is becoming “frustrated” noticing he got the wrong shipment and has “screwed up again”. He is afraid that maybe it's due to his inability to focus and keep his mind on one thing. Yet she notices that he placed the correct order and the company who shipped them made the mistake. She offers to take the hats he ordered back to where they came from, assuring him all will be well. Yet he realizes he promised his boss the hats would be there and they are not. Yet she assures him that it was due to circumstances beyond his control. Yet he is clearly not in good spirits and she asks what is up. He replies he woke up this morning feeling kind of “off”. However, he assesses to her, she is already making him feel better. Little do either of them know that he is not taking the meds that he believes he is taking, due to Ava going into the house and replacing his prescription with something else. Not far away, Ava observes and remembers what she did. When they go off together, Ava comes and talks to Morgan's co-worker, remarking out “that guy” (meaning Morgan) seems like a “real downer”. The guy responds that yes. Moran has been “down in the dumps all day”.

While with Dillon, Tracy assesses to her son that it appears he is hung up on a girl whom he believes is unattainable. So he needs to do one of two things. One, he could fill his life with other things and get Kiki out of his mind. When it appears he clearly does not want to do that, Tracy then tells her son he has to take action to dazzle Kiki and make her realize that he is worth so much more than Morgan Corinthos, reminding him that the one thing he cannot do is sit and do nothing. She then goes off but long after, Morgan is reliving and talking, not realizing he is no longer talking to his mother when, suddenly, Kiki comes by and notices he is talking to himself. He admits he heard and saw his mom “lecturing” him about “something”. Hearing that, Kiki wants to know all about what the “vision” of his mom told him. She knows that it must be about his “unfinished” situation with her. Yet Dillon assures Kiki all is well on that front, realizing that she is now with someone else and he has to accept that. He notices she is carrying a large box and asks what is in it. She replies that she has baseball caps that Morgan ordered for the workers at Perks'. Noticing that, Dillon assesses that she is, once again, “taking care of Morgan's business” when she does not even work at Perks'. In response to that, Kiki tells him she is not doing that and his “theory” about her and Morgan is not something she wants to hear. Yet Dillon determines that he needs her to hear what he has to say, regarding that very subject. He admits to her that yes. She does have a tendency to help Morgan with many things. Yet he realizes that does not make her an enabler. He realizes that she and Morgan have a real connection and love. And, he admits to Kiki, he wishes all good things for her. Hearing that, she thanks him, kisses him and walks away.

Morgan returns to his parents' home and notices he missed the wedding. He's further disappointed that his dad has already left before they were going to meet. Carly sits with her son and notices he seems quiet and in “low spirits” and asks what is up. He talks about how he failed to order the caps he wanted for Perks. Yet she informs him his dad informed her he's very confident and positive that Morgan's meds are working. He says nothing and appears depressed. Carly then remarks to her son that he usually comes in through the door full of energy and enthusiasm. And what is going on with him is not “like him”. She then asks her son if “everything is ok”. She assures her son she does not want to appears to be “one of those helicopter moms'. But has her concerns. He hears the beep on his phone and knows he needs to take his meds. He then attempts to sound “calm and rational' as he assesses to his mom he realizes not every day is going to be perfect. Carly then tells her son she is “sorry” to which he assures her she need not be sorry. He knows she will always have his back.

Ava sits alone at the coffee shop with her obvious “plan” on her mind. Sonny comes by to see her and tells her he knows she is there spying upon his son and trying to set him up. He can see she is clearly “very pleased with herself”. She makes it clear she is gloating and Sonny asks just what she is so “proud” about. She gets off the subject of Morgan but does “warn” Sonny that while he may be very confident that her brother is going to be put away, he needs to know that Alexis may not come through for him. Sonny can see that Ava seems very “smug” about her brother going free. Yet he knows the “reasons” which she has “confidence” about that are reasons she is certainly not revealing to him. He tells her he knows she is lying about what she is telling him. He warns her if she lays one finger on anyone he loves or does anything to ruin Morgan's life, he will have to retaliate. Kiki appears, notices them together and asks her mom and Sonny if there is a “problem there and asks her mom what she is doing at Sonny and Morgan's place of work.. They both turn to see her and Sonny remarks he was “wondering the same thing” admitting to Kiki he hopes she can get the truth out of Ava better than he could. He leaves and Kiki asks the question, to which her mom tells her that Sonny “accused” her of trying to make trouble for Morgan. Kiki asks her mom if she does not intend to do that as it's obvious she wants to break them up. Yet Ava assures her daughter it's true that she is not happy with the two of them being together. Yet she realizes Kiki is an adult. She does not intend to continue to interfere in her life and if Kiki and Morgan were meant to be together, Ava declares to her daughter, maybe they should “all let nature take its course”.

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