GH Update Tuesday 9/6/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/6/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam and Jason's wedding is underway at Sonny and Carly's home. We see both of their respective family and friends waiting while she walks down the aisle, carrying her bouquet of flowers. Sonny, Michael and Spinelli stand beside Jason. Sam's mom and sisters accompany her. Spinelli gathers everyone to announce they are there to join Jason Morgan and Sam McCall in holy matrimony. He asks if both Sam and Jason are ready to married, to which they both reply they are. Spinelli remarks that if one looks around, they will see that this is a small gathering which shows how important each person is in the lives of both Jason and Sam. He reflects that they are clearly made for each other, as their love has endured so many challenges. And so, he concludes, it is very obvious they are soul mates. And so, he announces that it is his great honor to re-unite the two of them as husband and wife. He then announces that the couple has prepared their own vows. Sam then asks to go first and admits that she spent most of her life having to fend for herself, go it alone and was not used to trusting someone or counting on them to be there for her. Yet, she assesses to Jason, tearfully, that that is what he has done for her. Yet he does not make her less than who she is living independently. He makes her more by challenging her to take the risk of letting him into her heart. She informs him she promised to love him unconditionally and commit and be a family until death do them part. He tells her he's waited too long to say this. He promised himself if he found her again, he would never let her go. He loves her, as fearless as she is. He loves her heart and her loyalty and for what a great mother she is. He loves her with every part of his heart and soul and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He promises he will always put her first. And, he assesses, although he may not be known for tradition or vows, he is ready to commit. Spinelli then asks if there will be rings. Jason replies yes. Sam gives him her ring as a symbol of her commitment and he gives her his with the same commitment. Spinelli then happily announces that with the power vested in himself from the great state of New York, he pronounces them husband and wife. People dance. Sam notices Danny and Jake and they cut the cake for the kids and adults. Everybody claps and cheers Sam and Jason on. Alexis sits alone and her three daughters ask if she is ok, to which she assures them yes. She's just a bit emotional being mother of the bride. Jason talks alone to Spinelli about how this is all about celebrating with family and friends and also about how much they all mean to him and to Sam. Spinelli assesses that Jake and Danny are growing like weeds and asks Jason if they might, at some point, try for another child. At that point, Jason does not admit to Spinelli that he and Sam are, in fact, expecting another baby. Jason goes to acknowledge Sonny and Michael and assesses how proud he is of the man Michael has grown into. Michael then expresses his gratitude to Jason and to Sam. Jason returns to his bride, asks how she is feeling and if she's getting tired. Carly then distributes champagne and proposes a toast to Jason, her one true friend who deserves happiness more than anyone else. She also acknowledges Sam, whom she admits, as everybody laughs and acknowledges, that it took her a long time to accept and appreciate, as she tells Sam she is a great friend to all and the perfect person for Jason and she welcomes her to the family. Right then, however, everyone realizes it's odd that Sam is not drinking any champagne. Sam then announces she's pregnant. She and Jason are going to have another baby. Spinelli then toast to the beautiful baby Morgan announcing may he or she have the best life.

At the hospital, Ava finds Paul and asks why he has not been returning her calls and if he might be avoiding her. Clearly he does not want to talk to her yet she tells him they need to talk about strategies of her brother's trial right there and right then. Or else, she informs him, she will reveal his little syringe that could have him charged with murder. Hearing that, Paul firmly reminds Ava that letting Julian go free is easier said that done given the situation. He reminds her that he's let her get away with the murder of Connie Falconeri. She reminds him that he already had her do his dirty work with the arms trade. They grudgingly agree to the terms of what she wants for Julian but she hastily walks away.

At The Floating Rib, Finn meets with Curtis to find a way to help Hayden after she's been sent to jail for the attempted murder of Elizabeth Webber.

At the PCPD station, Franco finds Naomi and tells her he knows that Elizabeth is her daughter and that she's trying to hide it. Yet Naomi reminds him, Elizabeth is in a hospital bed after being pushed down a flight of stairs and so maybe it's not the right time for her to find that out for the first time.

When Elizabeth is in her hospital room, Sabrina and Monica are with her and she finds out, for the first time, that Sam and Jason are getting married today. Monica informs her that it's a small wedding that she was invited to attend but could not, due to the crises at the hospital. Right then, Monica gets a call she has to take and leaves the room. Sabrina informs Elizabeth that she planned to attend the wedding with Michael but decided to visit Elizabeth instead, after hearing what happened to her. Elizabeth assesses it's a lot to process that Jason and Sam are getting married. Sabrina can see that Elizabeth may not be entirely ok, to which she admits she realizes Jason is moving on yet she now knows that so is she. Hearing that, Sabrina is fascinated to find out and wants to know if Elizabeth is, in fact moving on and with whom. In response to that, Elizabeth replies that she has been seeing Franco. Assuming that Sabrina may question her judgment with that, Elizabeth explains that she was not about to have anything to do with that man. Yet she sees something in him. Sabrina hears that and assesses she understands, knowing all too well how it was that she chose Carlos against everyone else's wishes and does not judge. Yet she expresses she hopes Elizabeth is making the right decision. She assesses to Elizabeth that a major part of what makes her (Elizabeth) such a good friend and nurse, is how she is perceptive and loyal and so, she informs Elizabeth, if she sees the good in Franco, that may mean something. Sabrina then notices she may need to check on Elizabeth's vitals and goes out the door. Elizabeth then assesses to her she misses her former nursing colleague and wants Sabrina to return to her old job a GH. She informs Sabrina they are a bit short staffed right now and although she cannot promise her anything, she intends to present Sabrina's case to the board. Monica asks Sabrina if she is, in fact, interested in rejoining the nursing team, to which Sabrina tells Monica absolutely.

Sabrina goes into the hallway and has a “cold and awkward” interaction with Paul Hornsby, who is clearly suspicious of her, after she's noticed he was just speaking to Ava Jerome. She knows something is going on that is not good and probably illegal. She later finds Monica and tells her maybe she should check on Elizabeth’s vitals. Monica acknowledges Sabrina and tells her she'd like to talk about reinstating her at her old job on staff at the hospital.

When Hayden is alone in the police interrogation room, her mother comes to see her and assures her daughter everything will be alright as her mom will make sure of it. Naomi indicates that she may believe her daughter did, in fact, push Elizabeth, to which Hayden protests she is innocent, did not do it and is being falsely charged. She demands to know why her own mother would question that, to which Naomi assures her daughter she “does believe her”. Hayden admits she's very worried about how Elizabeth can easily turn the diamonds over to the feds and send Hayden to jail as well as get her charged with murder and she admits she cannot accept letting Elizabeth win. Little does Hayden know who Elizabeth is to her and to her mom. Yet Hayden can sense that her mom is offering her support, loyalty and honesty with this and admits to her how much it means to her.

Finn informs Curtis that when Elizabeth fell down the stairs, Franco found her and he noticed Hayden standing over her, walking down the stairs and right after they ad a confrontation. As soon as Curtis hears that Franco was involved in it, he immediately suspects him. He then declares that he is damn well not going to sit still and let Hayden get charged with a crime when he knows she has been railroaded. Valerie appears, overhearing the conversation and coldly asks Curtis if this is “so”. He then asks Finn if he could privately talk to Valerie and informs her he realizes she represents the PCPD and knows how to do her job but he knows a serous mistake was made in accusing Hayden of this crime. Yet Valerie confidently tells him there was no mistake and he needs to realize that his friend, Hayden, is guilty of pushing Elizabeth down the stairs and may have intended to kill her. In response to that, he tells her no offense but he happens to know Hayden better that she does and knows she would not do that. Although Valerie argues there is evidence, he tells her that what she has is not exactly air tight. She reminds him she is not a cadet nor trainee. She is a full fledged police officer and is capable of weighing all evidence and being objective. She angrily asks him if he does not respect or trust her for that. He assures her he has no doubts about her ability to do her job yet she tells him she realizes that as a woman, she has to fight hard to be taken seriously and respected in the field. He assures her he has complete confidence in her and they agree to meet later. With that, Valerie leaves and

Curtis returns to Finn who asks if he is now backing out of the investigation, which defies the cops, by clearing Hayden's name. Curtis assures Finn he is not backing out and is completely in. Curtis assesses to Finn (who is completely attentive and on board) that if they know that Hayden is innocent, it's up to both of them to prove it.

In the hallway, Valerie finds Monica and Sabrina and informs them that the police forensics have examined the syringe which Dr. Munro found in the trash, the night in question, and it looks like the “suspect” has known how to wipe and destroy the evidence. She further assesses it's very obvious the killer is “no amateur” and knows how not to get caught. Sabrina then remembers her very suspicious observation of Paul not long ago.

Paul is alone in the hospital remembering the night he followed Elizabeth down the stairs and pushed her while she screamed.

Franco returns to Elizabeth and informs her that he went to the PCPD and did find something out. She asks about what, to which he warns her he does not think she will “like” what he just found out. He is clearly hesitating telling her what he's found out and protests that after all she's been through, he is not certain how to tell her. Yet Elizabeth urges him to tell her. While Franco is with Elizabeth, ready to “drop the bombshell”, suddenly she passes out and her monitor “beeps” to indicate she may be going into cardiac arrest.

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