GH Update Friday 9/2/16

General Hospital Update Friday 9/2/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In Elizabeth's hospital room, while she sleeps, Franco talks to her about how special she is to him. He holds her hand and tells her he hopes that whoever did this to her is going to pay, even if it is her “sister”. Elizabeth awakens, notices him and asks if he was saying something. He informs her that he's made arrangements for her boys to stay with her grandma as well as pulling strings with the staff so that he could stay with her. He encourages her to get some rest while he goes off and assures her he will be back before she wakes up. She makes it very clear she's glad he's there.

When Hayden is in the police interrogation room, sleeping and waiting, she dreams of the previous day when she was happily with Finn, heard him say he does not want her to leave town and they kissed. And then, unexpectedly the cops find her and arrest her for the attempted murder of Elizabeth Weber. She wakens and realizes that all of what she has just dreamt of was really true.

Not far away Paul notices an incoming call from Ava which he disregards. While she walks in the park with her phone, she leaves him a message telling him she hopes he is not ignoring her and remembers that she can expose his “extracurricular” activity if he is not wiling to talk to her and discuss today's game plan.

Nina walks in the park with Curtis after he's informed her he found a girl who is ready to give her baby up for adoption after she's asked him to find a baby for her. She is ready to convince this pregnant girl that she's the perfect mother for her baby yet Curtis does not sound like he approves of what she's paying him to do. Nina smiles and thanks him for believing in her and arranging for her to meet the pregnant girl. She appears and introduces herself as Bridgid. Nina smiles and seems honored to meet her, as she happily informs her that she can give her baby a great life, making sure Bridgid realizes that Nina is rich and can give them both all the money they want and need, in the “arrangement”. Nina asks to feel Bridgid's belly, to which Bridgid graciously says yes. Ava comes by and furiously demands that Nina “gets her hands off that girl”. Nina turns to see her and demands to know what is her problem. Ava tells Nina she knows she's losing it again, informing her Kiki told her all about Nina's falling back into her “baby obsessing” state of mind. She angrily tells Bridgid she can tell her why she should not let “this woman” anywhere near her baby. In response to that, Nina urges Ava to please not do this because “this” does not concern her. Yet Ava protests it does because of what she had to experience, herself, as she informs Bridgid she knows that Nina appears kind and successful but she is unstable and dangerous, as she informs Bridgid that when she (Ava) got pregnant, Nina injected her with a drug that could have killed her and then kidnapped her baby. She furiously urges Bridgid not to let Nina anywhere near her baby. Hearing that, Nina frantically protests to Bridgid she needs to realize that Nina had gotten counseling and gotten her life together and Bridgid may speak to Nina's therapist. Yet Bridgid runs off and does not want to hear any more. Nina then asks Ava if she knows what she just did. Ava tells her she protected this girl from a dangerous sick person who should be locked up. Nina responds to that by reminding Ava of how she is a danger and threat to society with all she's done in her life. They get into physical combat when Nathan comes to physically pull them apart and asks his sister what on earth is going on. Ava informs him that his deluded sister was about to kidnap and endanger another baby. Nina then “calmly” tells Ava that she has changed although Ava never will change. She knows that Ava is going to wind up paying for her actions. Ava then walks off. Nathan tries to calm his sister down and assures her she need not let Ava upset her.

Michael and Sabrina get off the hospital elevator to meet with Monica who acknowledges to them she realizes that today's is Jason and Sam's wedding. She tells them that regretfully, she will have to miss the big day. He asks if she could not just slip out for a short time. She admits that things around the hospital are just too chaotic today and she could not leave in good conscience, given everything that's been happening recently. Monica then informs them that “somebody” pushed Elizabeth down the stairs the previous day, that it's being investigated, and she asks her grandson to please not say anything about it to Jason. Hearing that Elizabeth has been injured, Sabrina declares she wants to go and see her former nursing colleague in her room. She goes to see Elizabeth and asks why Hayden Barnes would want to push her down a flight of stairs, to which Elizabeth replies it's a long story but she’s glad that Hayden is now locked up.

When Hayden is stuck in the interrogation room waiting and nobody is able to tell her what will happen next or if she is going to be “accommodated” in a jail cell or not, Franco comes by and informs them he's a family member of Hayden's and would like to talk to her. Yet the officer at the desk firmly tells Franco he knows who he is, Franco is lying to cops and reminds him it's a federal offense. Franco notices that Finn is nearby “guarding” Hayden. Franco asks if he could give Hayden a message about very important information he's learned about her family. Yet Finn tells him he doubts Hayden is interested in anything he'd like to say. Finn then goes into the room to talk to her and has some water as well as the drugs the hospital gave her after she was shot the previous year. He is there to make sure she is ok and tells her he realizes if it were not for him, she would not be stuck there. He tells her he is working to make sure that she gets exonerated one way or another. Yet he gets a call. He has to g off and urges her to just sit tight and trust him.

Outside in the station, Franco runs into Naomi and tells her he knows that he is certain that Elizabeth is her daughter and Hayden's half sister although she denies it. He tells her he knows. His mother, Heather informed him. Although Naomi reminds him that Heather is a lunatic and has no credibility, he tells her he knows that she is paying Heather off to keep her mouth shut and knows Naomi is lying and covering it up. Naomi then admits it's true but tells him nobody will know, although he makes it clear he can prove and reveal it all. Naomi is then very worried about what will happen if Hayden finds out the truth. He asks what about Elizabeth who has been endangered. Doesn't she matter?

Nathan comes to question Elizabeth in her hospital room with Paul Hornsby behind him, wanting to get all the information she has about what happened when she was pushed. Sabrina stands beside Elizabeth's bed and silently listens to everything. Elizabeth informs Nathan she wonders why the DA is there and has to overhear everything she tells a detective, as she informs Paul she remembers seeing him around the hospital the night in question and wonders why he needs her to tell him information when she remembers seeing him snooping all around Monica's office the night in question. Hearing that, Paul appears “horrified” and urges her to realize she may have “imagined” seeing that when taking pain killers yet she assures Paul she is very well aware of what she saw him doing the night the lights went out, when she got pushed and when he attempted to inject Monica. Nathan wonders why “this detail” is so important as it's “off the subject”. Sabrina attentively listens to this conversation.

Carly and Sonny have the wedding all planned out and decorated and she tells him she wants Jason and Sam to be as happy as they are. Michael enters with Josslyn and Jake and Sonny and Carly confirm to all the kids that Jason and Sam are like family.. Right behind them, Alexis, Kristina, Molly and Danny all arrive. Jake and Danny go off together. Shortly thereafter, Jason and Sam both arrive wearing formal clothes. They all wonder what everyone should wear. Carly assesses this is about the two of them and their day. Jason goes off to get “changed”. Sam goes to another room in the house with her younger sisters. When Alexis is alone, Sonny finds her and asks what has happened between her and Kristina with their most recent issue. She does not want to talk to him about that or about Julian's trial although he reminds her the jury selection will start this afternoon.

A photographer takes pictures of Sam and her two younger sisters. Molly reminds the others that Julian's murder trial is about to start yet Kristina asks her not to even say his name and not wreck this day for their mom or for Sam. Alexis poses with Sam and wants to focus on being the mother of the bride. They then take pictures of Sonny and Michael with Jason. Carly gets in the picture reminding them that Sonny may be the best man but she is the best friend. Jason reflects he wishes Monica could be there but realizes whatever is going on in the hospital must be very important. Sonny asks Jason if he is not nervous, to which Jason replies he's grateful and knows the value in his bond with Sonny. Then there's a picture of Sam and Jason with Danny and Jake. Sam wants to get right to the wedding and speed the pictures along. They then realizes they do not have a justice of the peace. Yet Jason reveals that he had a “surprise” for Sam. He is going to surprise them all with who will be performing the wedding ceremony. Spinelli rushes in. Sam rushes to hug and welcome him. He explains that he took an online crash course to be a justice of the peace. Everybody smiles.

When Elizabeth is in her room and Monica goes over her chart, she confirms things are pretty good and Elizabeth learns, for the first time, that Sam and Jason are getting married today.

The wedding is ready to start. Everybody gathers around, smiles and is ready to welcome the happy couple.

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