GH Update Thursday 9/1/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/1/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam and Jason go the Metro Court and check into a room. Molly has arranged it and is watching Danny so they can spend time together. He turns on the remote but Sam wants to eat and order the movie later. He looks at a menu and sees the foods that Carly comped him to have when he previously lived there. She admits she's not picky as to what to eat since the baby is also craving something. They also assess that although “tradition” says it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. Yet she affirms to him she does not believe that and knows it's good luck for them to be together the night before their wedding. He goes and gets them the food and assesses how many years they were married and what number anniversary they should be celebrating..

At the house, Carly is planning Jason and Sam’s wedding when Nelle comes out while watching Avery. Bobbie enters, greets her daughter, notices Nelle and asks Carly who is this. Carly replies to her mom this is Nelle who has been very helpful to Avery. She also informs her that Nelle is Josslyn's kidney donor, to which Bobbie is in awe. Nelle goes off to read to baby Avery and when Bobbie is alone with Carly, she reflects how she may suspect Nelle. Carly protests that this young woman is a teacher's aid and she believes she's the perfect person to be with Avery yet Bobbie tells her she knows of someone else who is better suited to take care of Avery. Carly asks if she knows of another “hire”, to which Bobbie tells her she knows of someone who would not require a paycheck, to which Carly knows her mom is talking about herself. Bobbie protests to her daughter she knows how much her mom regrets not being there for her daughter although Carly urges her mom not to believe she owes her anything. Yet Bobbie tells Carly she wants to show the love she has by helping her raise a little girl whom Carly loves as her own.

Sonny privately meets with a guy at The Floating Rib, revealing to him that he cannot count on the law or anything else to put Julian away and indicates he may need this guy's help.

Not far away, Michael and Sabrina enters with baby Teddy in the stroller. They want him to be able to sleep while they spend the evening together and are surprised to see Sonny talking to the strange guy alone at the table. Sonny continues to obsessively talk about how Julian needs to be put into the ground and how he needs to take drastic action. The guy leaves and Michael goes to see his father and asks if everything is okay. Sonny informs him his mom wants him to be there on time for Sam and Jason's wedding and the reception. Before they can continue walking, Carlos' brother Joe, (who looks exactly like Carlos and is a new doctor at GH) comes to see them and the baby. Sonny looks suspiciously at him and Sabrina introduces them. Joe assesses that Sonny is the man who brought his brother back to the states. He assures Sonny he realizes his brother deserved to pay for his crimes and is sorry for any pain Carlos caused to Sonny's family. He then takes Sabrina aside to privately ask her if he could spend more time with his nephew. She replies of course and asks him to call and arrange a time. He is surprised that she would not say no although she assures him Teddy is his family and he has the right to see him. He also wants to continue the conversation they had before, to which she assures him that she would like to have him in her life, (as a “friend”?). He seems very discontented and downhearted when he confirms that she is committed to Michael. When Michael is alone with his dad, he admits he's “not ok” with seeing Sabrina with Joe. Sonny asks if he's concerned about Joe or concerned because of Carlos. He tells his son he knows that he has issues regarding the fact that Sabrina cheated on him and had a baby with Carlos. So, he suggests to Michael, that maybe he talk to a professional about that and not hide it. Michael returns to Sabrina and they go off together. Sonny then goes up to Joe and admits he “does not know” what he's doing in Port Charles but realizes he may be in a lot of trouble, even if he is not his brother, given how much he looks like him. He gives Joe a “piece of advice” to not to what his brother did. They both know that Sabrina has had a long history with Joe even though she regrets what she had with Carlos. She assures Michael she wants a future with him but if he can't forgive her for the serious mistake she made, with Carlos, not long ago, Michael needs to tell her that.

At the hospital, Finn talks to Hayden in the locker room and reveals that he cares about her and she is in awe, especially after suspicion has surrounded her for pushing Elizabeth down the stairs. They go into the hallway and she reminds him if she does not run now, she will be a fugitive. Yet he asks her to reconsider leaving and goes into the locker room to ask a nurse the status of Elizabeth, while Hayden remains unseen. She later comes out and tells him she knows he wants to find out if she's going to get charged with attempted murder. He asks her where she plans to go, to which she tells him she can stay with her mother and knows she has to leave town.

Elizabeth is conscious and remembering everything in her hospital room with Franco. Jordan comes by to ask if she has anything she'd like to inform her about. Elizabeth replies she knows exactly what happened and who pushed her. She tells the whole story of how she was walking down the hospital stairs, the lights suddenly went out. She went to get her phone out of her purse and then somebody suddenly pushed her and she admits to the police commissioner that she knows Hayden Barnes pushed her. Franco wants to make sure the cops implicate and take action against Hayden, asking her if it's not obvious that she has motive to kill Elizabeth and there's not all the evidence they need when she was seen standing over Elizabeth right after it happened. Yet Jordan tells them both she realizes they are upset and Hayden was there at the scene. Yet nobody witnessed the actual assault. The nurse whom Finn spoke to in the locker room enters and informs Jordan she did see what happened when Elizabeth was pushed. She affirms that Franco and Elizabeth are both correct, to which Jordan assesses it may not be “iron clad” but she will bring Hayden in for questioning. She leaves and Griffin enters and informs them he has Elizabeth's test results. Hearing that, they are both worried. He assures them there's no cause for alarm yet she does have a mild concussion so it's recommended that she stay there overnight. Hearing that, Franco asks if she's “safe” in this place with a murderer running loose. He leaves and Franco tells her there is a good side of this because they will arrest Hayden. She then calls her grandma to inform her she needs her to keep the boys because she (Elizabeth) has to spend the night in the hospital.

Franco goes to find Griffin and tells him he needs to know the real story about whether Elizabeth will be ok. Griffin tells him he needs to speak to Dr. Fields who is the doctor assigned to her and assesses that with injuries like this, one has to wait and see.

When Jason is with Sam at the hotel, he gets a call from Franco who leaves a message for him asking for a callback about Elizabeth. When Jason hears the message he wonders what it is about yet he decides, and Sam agrees that they do not want to spend their evening talking about Franco and whatever it is that he wanted. They have Chinese food and read their fortunes, which says they will both live happily ever after

Hayden goes to the coffee shop with Finn and he asks what her plans are. They drink coffee with alcohol and talk comfortably. She knows he has her back yet tells him she does not want him to get himself in trouble covering for her if the cops question him. That is why she has to leave. Yet he reminds her of all the times she covered for him when she saw him shooting up. She tells him that regretfully, she will not be able to be there for him so he needs to take care of himself. She assesses she knows that Tracy Quartermaine is his friend and will be there for him. They talk about how they both had trust issues and he reveals he wishes she would not leave. Right then they stare at each other and kiss.

At the house, Carly announces to Nelle that her mom offered her services, assuming that Nelle will be happy that she will have the opportunity to return to Atlanta and finish her schooling and get a job where people will welcome her with open arms. Yet Nelle indicates she does not have any opportunities of anything right now.

Sonny returns to Carly and Nelle leaves. He finds out that Bobbie is going to be watching Avery instead of Nelle. She admits that she feels really bad about sending Nelle back to Atlanta when she does not have a job there, realizing Nelle saved Josslyn's life. Yet Sonny affirms to his wife she is not responsible for Nelle's life. He goes up to see Avery. When Carly is alone, she calls Nelle and informs her she'd “like to talk to her” about her job hunt, and she informs Nelle she has a few ideas.

Michael sits alone with Sabrina and tells her the past issues they had do not matter anymore and do not have to get in the way of them and the trust and the future they could have together. Yet, he assures her, he is ready to make the effort if she is. She confirms she is and they kiss.

Franco returns to Elizabeth and asks if she really does not want to tell her boys what happened. Yet she tells them she does not want them to worry and also wants Franco not to worry and to get some rest. He sits beside her and assures her he will sleep like a baby in the chair beside her. She is clearly happy to be with him.

Hayden is alone with Finn, kissing and happily together, suspecting nothing, when suddenly Jordan and an officer come and arrest her for the attempted murder of Elizabeth Webber.

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