GH Update Wednesday 8/31/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/31/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Hayden urges Franco to assure her that Elizabeth is going to be ok. Yet he tells her he knows that she wants Elizabeth dead. Overhearing that, Finn demands to know why he'd accuse Hayden of this. Hayden urges Finn not to listen to this absurdity. Yet Franco tells them both he knows that Elizabeth has something on her that could have her sent to prison and the only way for Hayden not to be threatened by that is to kill Elizabeth. He asks them both how he is “doing so far”. Hayden responds to that telling him he's just making things up yet he informs both her and Finn that Elizabeth has evidence that Hayden committed fraud and theft. He walks away and Finn assures her that he is not listening to any accusations from Franco and wants to hear from her what is going on. He assures her that he is her friend, in spite of their argument the other day, he's on her side and wants to help her. She then explains to Finn that she took the diamonds that belonged to her father after he died. She thought of selling them many times but did not because they were the only thing she had of her father after he passed. He then assesses that she wanted to keep the diamonds due to a sentimental attachment yet he demands to know how she could be that clueless and that selfish knowing what all was at stake. He admits that he realizes how Elizabeth is holding a major threat over on Hayden. He just overheard the whole thing and knows how it would absolve Hayden of going to prison if Elizabeth dies and cannot use what she has against her. Hearing that, Hayden emotionally asks Finn if he really believes that she would kill Elizabeth. In response to that, he reminds her that he just witnessed her confrontation with Elizabeth regarding Elizabeth's “threat” to have her sent to prison, her slapping and threatening Elizabeth and less than an hour later, Elizabeth falls down the stairs and Hayden is standing right over her in the stairwell. She protests that yes, she wanted to shut Elizabeth up but not by killing her. She explains to Finn that when he overheard her rushing out of the hospital in order to take action against Elizabeth, she had “another plan”. She knows that Elizabeth has covered for Nikolas and kept the secret that he tried to kill her (tried to kill Hayden) and by doing so, Elizabeth is an accomplice to attempted murder. If the cops find that out, Elizabeth is in trouble. And so her plan was to expose the fact that Elizabeth knew that.

Franco finds Griffin who assures him that Elizabeth does not have a head injury or spinal injury. Yet when Franco asks if he can assure him she will be alright, Griffin informs him she is still not out of the woods and they cannot promise anything or predict what will happen. Franco needs him to give some specific information yet he admits he has to run more tests before he can determine anything. He assures Franco that Elizabeth is under excellent care and they will do everything they can do for her.

Alexis sits alone at the bar noticing a text from Diane. She turns and is startled to see Julian, as he reminds her that she is “Mrs. Jerome”. She sees him come up to her, affirm that he's “out” and very confident he will get acquitted and get her back. He reaches for her and she demands he not touch her. However, she notices that Julian is not really there. He's only imagining this yet Tracy is there. She asks Alexis if she is “alright” to which Alexis protests she just saw Julian although Tracy assures her Julian is not anywhere nearby and is locked up in prison. However, Tracy affirms she needs to make certain that Alexis' criminal husband stays locked up, and she goes to make some calls. Alexis later sits with Tracy and admits she knows very well what her husband is capable of. Tracy also needs to know about the TMI article of her fight with her-daughter in public and reminds her that having that evidence against her when she's about to testify against her husband. Alexis asks Tracy if she thinks she is not aware of what that could mean and that she is terrified that her husband will be acquitted. Hearing that, Tracy firmly reminds Alexis that she is a lawyer who knows how to accomplish success in the courtroom and needs to pull herself together, to which Alexis tells her she sounds just like Sonny, admitting that many others who question whether she is really ready, willing and able to testify and put Julian away. Tracy assures her she knows that she can do what she needs to do.

Ava discovers that Paul is keeping a lethal poison in his hotel room. She observes a large kit where he keeps several doses and supplies

At the same time, while Monica believes she's alone in the hospital locker room, distracted and on the phone, unknown to her Paul comes up behind her with a needle ready to inject her with what looks to be the lethal substance. When she turns around, however, he knows he needs to hide his needle and keeps it out of Monica's sight when she sees him and suspects nothing. She goes off and Paul gets an incoming text from Ava warning him she “has something on him”, immediately calls her and tells her he bets it's a tape of them having sex. Yet she tells him she has something much more substantial than that, as she looks at his private kit of poison. She tells him she needs to meet him at Kelly's, to which he realizes he better now do what Ava wants.

Monica goes out into the hospital lobby where she sees Jordan and informs her that it appeared there was another “unnatural” death. Yet they later ruled as natural causes. However, the lights suddenly went out all over the hospital. Jordan informs Monica that not long ago, Elizabeth called her and was ready to come to the PCPD and meet with Jordan to give some “important information”. Yet Elizabeth never showed. Hearing that, Monica finds it very odd that Elizabeth has suddenly been hurt, and it was no accident, right when she was ready to turn evidence over to the cops. Monica informs Jordan of Elizabeth’s injury to which Jordan asks if she knows anything about how it could have happened. Monica replies she does not really know except it was very dark and Elizabeth may not have been able to see where she was going while walking down the stairs Yet Franco overhears and informs Jordan that Elizabeth was clearly pushed by someone who has motive to kill her.

Ava later goes to meet with Paul at the coffee shop and informs him that she got a call from the police commissioner and Jordan wanted to know what Ava might know about murder. Paul reminds her that he still has the flash drive, in his possession of her taped confession that she committed murder. He further reminds her of what she needs to do in order not to have him present it as evidence and get her locked up, to which she confidently tells Paul she refuses to testify against her brother. She further explains to Paul that she knows what he hides in his hotel room. She knows the cuff link that the cops are keeping as evidence in the hospital murder investigation belong to him. And, she adds, she knows of other very noteworthy items he keeps in his hotel room that can prove that he's a murderer. He asks how she can prove that he owns those cuff links, to which she admits the police commissioner might wonder why he has not told her where she's seen the cuff links. Even if it cannot be proven that he owns them, she knows about the poison. She also has pictures of his cuff links, which she shows him from her phone. He asks why she or anyone would assume and how it could be proven that he'd have anything to do with the hospital killings. She then informs him that although she did not find the cuff links in his room, given what she did find, who could care less about his jewelry? She pulls out the kit with his “secret”.

At the hospital, Griffin goes into the cafeteria, in the dark, opens the trash receptacle and notices a very large needle and syringe in the trash. He later finds Monica and informs her of what he found. He asks if she's gotten any news on Elizabeth, to which Monica informs him that actually she was just going to go and check on her.

Franco goes to see Elizabeth in her hospital room and she finally comes to, asks him what happened and where are her boys. He tells her she fell and was injured and the boys are with her grandma. He asks her if she remembers anything about the fall she took down the stairs, stressing to her that he saw her at the bottom of the stairs and was so afraid when the doctors could not tell him anything about what happened to her. Yet he's so grateful and needs to be assured she will be ok, he tells her. Monica and Griffin walk inside and inform Elizabeth she gave them quite a scare but they are going to make sure she is ok as they urge her to get some rest and they leave. Franco then informs Elizabeth that she fell down a large flight of stairs when she admits her memory of what happened is still kind of fuzzy. He informs her that it happened right when the lights went out. She then remembers that she took the stairs when the elevator was not working. While walking, she noticed it suddenly went dark, she pulled out her phone and she fell. She also then remembers, and informs Franco that right before she walked down the stairs, Hayden came to confront and threaten her after finding out Elizabeth had the diamonds and Hayden told her she'd go off to take action against her. He informs her that as soon as he noticed her having fallen down the stairs, he noticed Hayden standing right over her. She now declares she remembers everything and can confirm that Hayden Barnes tried to kill her.

In the hallway, when Hayden is talking to Finn and attempting to convince him that she did not push and did not intend to kill Elizabeth, Jordan finds them and informs Hayden she'd like to ask her some questions about what she may know regarding what happened to Elizabeth. Hearing that, Finn replies he can answers where Hayden was and what she was doing when Elizabeth fell down the stairs. Hayden was with him, Finn tells Jordan. Jordan leaves and Hayden asks him why he did not tell her “more” that he knows about Elizabeth, to which Finn tells Hayden it would only make her look more suspicious as he assures her he knows she did not push nor intend to kill Elizabeth.

In the lobby, Griffin proves to Monica that the syringe/needle he found in the trash was the same drug that has been used to attempt to kill patients, Derisifol. They still haven't a clue whom the hospital killer is however.

At The Floating Rib, Tracy encourages and pep talks Alexis about how one pulls oneself together after being betrayed by a low life criminal one trusts. She talks about how she trusted her son's father only to find out who he really was and became emotionally damaged thereafter. Yet she knows how one gets stronger, pulls themselves together and achieves victory and she knows Alexis will do just that. Alexis listens to that yet still sees, hears and is haunted by Julian telling her he will “win”.

Ava declares to Paul that his goose is cooked once she takes the evidence she has on him to Jordan Ashford. Hearing that and knowing she has found his lethal poison, Paul demands to know what Ava “wants”. She replies by telling him it's very simple, reminding him he's the DA. She wants him to see to it that her brother goes free.

After her pep talk with Tracy, Alexis confronts and defies her “vision” of Julian, telling him she will bury him in court and never be intimidated him again. Yet he tells her it won't happen. Once again, Tracy reminds her that she is “imagining things”, she's been drinking and needs to take a cab home. She encourages Alexis to go and take a walk and be strong and remember if she ends up a “whimpering ball”, then Julian wins. In response to that, Alexis affirms to Tracy she will not let that bastard win and is going to take him down. Tracy is very encourages as they walk out together.

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