GH Update Tuesday 8/30/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/30/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie is with her mom at The Floating Rib, very upset and mourning her loss while going over all of the beautiful thing she planned with her wedding to Nathan. As she gathers the pictures and memories, she lights a match. However, Felicia tells her daughter she won't let her give up. Maxie protests to her mom that she has to burn all of this stuff in order to move on, reminding her she just found out that her fiancé is still in love with his ex wife, who used him, only married him for a green card and cheated on him with another man who was a priest. Yet Felicia tells her daughter she can clearly see she still has a hold on Nathan, to which Maxie reminds her mom so does Claudette. In response to that, Felicia tells her daughter if that is true, Maxie needs to “break” what Nathan and Claudette may still have, reminding Maxie she cannot walk away from her feelings yet Maxie asks why she should be fighting. Should she not realize she is an amazing woman and that maybe Nathan should be fighting for her? Felicia then tells her daughter she thinks the best thing for Maxie to do is sort through her feelings and find out what she really wants, to which Maxie declares she knows she wants Nathan but sees that maybe his priorities are still about Claudette.

Right the, Nina is with Nathan asking her brother if he is ready to give up on Maxie or if he still has feelings for Claudette. In response to that, Nathan assesses to his sister that it sounds like she's not willing to go to bat for him with Maxie. She clarifies she is but needs for him to be honest with his feelings. He assures her he loves Maxie. Yet he still has the memories with Claudette. It's not so much what she did, but what it did to him. He assures Nina although it appears Claudette has a profound affect upon him, he's not in love with her. Yet Nina reminds her brother that he physically attacked Griffin when he discovered that he slept with Claudette many years ago. She reminds him that maybe Maxie took that to mean that he may not be over Claudette. She asks how it might have affected Maxie and how she might have justifiably interpreted his anger toward Griffin, to which Nathan admits that when he discovered Griffin with Claudette, he did not even think about that. Nina then warns her brother maybe he needs to act fast before he loses Maxie. At that point, he goes off.

When Maxie is alone at The Floating Rib, Nathan comes by to find her, protesting to her that he's been looking for her and, wants to talk and attempt to resolve things. He does admit to her, that she was correct, whether he wants to admit it or not, that he still does have feelings for Claudette. In response to that, she asks him if he's been lying to her this whole time that he loved her. Nathan protests that is not the case. He honestly thought that Claudette was out of his system. He has wondered, for a long time, if he could have done something to save their marriage, be a better husband or make Claudette love him. Hearing that, Maxie reminds him he now has the chance to find that out since Claudette is accessible to him although Nathan protests to Maxie he now knows he has no future with Claudette, realizing she never loved him and only married him for a green card

At the hospital, while Griffin gets out of the shower and ready to get dressed, Claudette suddenly appears, smiles and smirks and remembers his personal items.

At the PCPD, Ava has finally discovered where it was that she’s seen the mysterious cuff links that probably belong to the hospital murderer. She remembers not long ago sleeping with Paul, seeing him get dressed and noticing those very cuff links on his shirt sleeve. She remarks, to herself that this man is clearly a serial killer. She gets on her phone.

The lights suddenly go out all over the hospital. The staff wonder why the power is out and not coming back on as it should have come back on by now.

Elizabeth is walking down the hospital stairs when the lights go off. She then turns on her phone flashlight and continues down until someone suddenly comes up behind her and pushes her down the stairs.

While Claudette is with Griffin in the hospital locker room, they notice the lights going out. He does not want to discuss what she wants to discuss but she concludes to him that they clearly have “unfinished business” that started when he kissed her, not long ago. He continues to want her to leave him alone and leave what they had in the past, yet she reminds him he makes it clear when he looks at her, with every response he has to her, that he is not over her. Yet he shows her and reminds her the bullet that has left a permanent scar from her husband when he caught Griffin with her. Yet she can clearly see that there's a reason why he is not committed to the priesthood. The others at the perish could see what she could see. His heart is not at the church. It's with her. He informs her that she always chooses to be selfish and to lie and do what she wants without regard for who it will hurt. Hearing that, she protests he can help her be a better person. He reminds her that she needs to resolve her feelings with Nathan although she protests she has no feelings for Nathan. She only has feelings for him. Yet he demands to know why she came to town in the first place and what it is she wants with Nathan, as it's very obvious she has some unfinished issue with him, which she is not admitting to anyone. He tells her if she thinks they have a chance, she needs to be straight with him and tell him the honest answer about it is that she wants with or what she still “has on” Nathan.

In the hospital lobby, Monica calls security to warn them about the power outage as she realizes she needs to only image what they will find, given everything, when the lights come back on.

After having fallen down the stairs, Elizabeth and finally comes to, she notices Hayden walking down from the top of the stairs toward her.

Finn returns to Monica and appears to have found a way to get the power back on. Yet they all have no clue as to how it went out in the first place.

While Elizabeth is lying on the floor after falling down the hospital stairs, Franco rushes to her and attempts to save her. Hayden mindfully observes them together.

Upstairs, Finn and André report to Monica that “someone” has tampered with the lights and security, to which Monica demands to know “who would do that?”.

When Hayden is attentively watching Franco with Elizabeth after Elizabeth has fallen down the stairs, suddenly Paul appears, notices Hayden, looks coldly at her and pulls her aside. Franco yells that they need help for Elizabeth. Paul is very “sullen” and worried about something. Hayden informs them she will run and get help. She rushes back to the hospital lobby and informs Monica and the others that Elizabeth has fallen down the stairs and needs help. Finn rushes off with her to find Elizabeth.

While Griffin is in the locker room talking to Claudette, the others find him and inform him he needs to do something about what has happened to Elizabeth. He leaves with them and Claudette goes off. Rushing down the hospital stairwell, Paul makes a call on behalf of Elizabeth and asks Franco what he saw. Franco replies that he only saw Hayden Barnes standing over Elizabeth right after the lights went out and Elizabeth had already fallen. As soon as he sees Hayden, Paul tells “Mrs. Cassadine” he has some “questions” for her. Finn, André and Griffin all rush to save Elizabeth. Franco urges them to assure him she will be alright. Yet they only assure him they will “do everything they can”.

Meanwhile, Paul takes Hayden upstairs to ask what she was doing in the hospital stairwell, when and how she saw Elizabeth and what she may know about it. She answers that she was taking the stairs because the elevator was not working and suddenly saw Elizabeth but did not see anyone else until Franco showed up. Monica then assesses and informs Paul that she knows what has happened with the lights going off and all appears to be “intentional”, to which he informs her he will notify the police. He goes off. Hayden asks Finn if Elizabeth is going to be ok, to which he admits that he'd like her to be honest and tell him what she may “know”.

When Nina is alone at the coffee shop, after Nathan has left to go and talk to Maxie, Felicia finds her and they talk about Nathan's and Maxie's current issue. Felicia expresses she wishes Nina's brother had been honest with her daughter. Nina assures Felicia that her brother is crazy about Felicia's daughter and she's certain they will work everything out. She continues to assures Felicia that her brother is a great guy and loves Maxie more than life itself. Yet Felicia reminds her that he clearly also has had feelings for Claudette and has kept the secret from Maxie. Nina admits that her brother made mistakes and is human and reminds Felicia that Maxie has made some mistakes herself, as she reiterates that Maxie and Nathan love each other, and admitting maybe she is “selfish”, but she'd really like to see it work between them because they are “good for her”.

At The Floating Rib, Maxie assesses to Nathan that she can see that he has unfinished issues and feelings for Claudette. Yet he shows her his old wedding ring that Claudette gave him long ago, explaining that he thought he'd lost it and did not care about it then suddenly discovered it in his laundry a while back. He then throws it into the trash and assures Maxie that his marriage and past feelings for Claudette are all in the past and he is now only committed to her. Maxie declares to Nathan she loves him and he affirms her loves her too. She tells him she wants to make this work as long as Claudette is out of the picture, to which Nathan assures her she is. They kiss at that point.

Felicia informs Nina she wants her daughter to commit to Nathan and hopes he can commit to her, to which Nina assures her he will. They both get texts on their phones to confirm that Maxie and Nathan have decided to work things out. Both women are happy and declare they are going to be in-laws. Claudette appears, observes their interaction and declaration and she clearly does not look happy.

Meanwhile, Ava goes to Paul's room at the Metro Court hoping to find him but notices he's not there. She enters the room and finds his tie draped over the chair. She then remembers his putting on that very tie when they slept together a while back and their conversation about how he needed to keep their “secret involvement” a secret. She remembers informing him how easily she could expose their affair as well as other secrets about him which he does not want exposed. She then realizes she should maybe find Paul's “noteworthy” cuff links, as she goes into his dresser drawers.

The doctors determine that Elizabeth is critical and there's no guarantee she will make it. Hayden urges them to assure her Elizabeth will be ok, at which point Franco stares coldly at her and tells her he knows she wants Elizabeth dead.

Ava discovers that Paul is keeping a lethal drug in his hotel room.

While Monica goes into the locker room in the dark and is unaware, we see Paul come up behind her, without her knowing, with a needle in his hand, ready to inject her with what appears to be a lethal poison.

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