GH Update Monday 8/29/16

General Hospital Update Monday 8/29/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante gets out of bed and overhears Lulu on the phone demanding to know what may have been recovered from the explosion at Creighton Clark the last time she was there. She makes it clear she's willing to stop at nothing in order to find out anything and everything regarding the very last embryos she has a chance to have a baby from. She notices her husband overhearing her and asks how long he was standing there. She gets a visit from Robert Scorpio who assures her that her father is far from dead. She invites Robert in and asks where her father is now, to which Robert admits that Luke has no way of contacting Lulu or Tracy but wanted them to know that he had not been on Cassadine Island since the “witch breathed her last breath”. Hearing that, Lulu thanks him for being able to relieve her of worry that Luke could have been killed in the house in Greece, as she previously considered. She assesses that her dad went to some “really dark places” before he left Port Charles. He needed to get out there and discover what those things were. She admits she does not like the fact that her dad has once again disappeared but she supports what he is doing. Robert also informs Lulu that Luke wanted him to warn her about Valentin Cassadine. Hearing that, Dante assures Robert that that's no longer a concern since Valentine has been arrested and extradited back to Greece. Robert reminds him he's heard that also but Luke has concerns that Valentin is dangerous and if he ever escaped from prison, he could go after many people. Dante reminds Robert that even if Valentin could escape from maximum security, he made it clear that his main beef was with the Cassadines and not anyone who's not part of that family, as he admitted he has no issues nor even knows anything about the Spencers. Yet there may be more to that than they realize, Robert warns them. Lulu then informs Robert she needs to know what might have been “uncovered” a few years back, after the explosion at the Creighton Clark Clinic. She explains to a puzzled Robert, her concerns about whether “something” was left behind in the clinic. She then clarifies she needs to find out if there's any possibility that her embryo could have survived the explosion. She further explains to Robert all that happened the last time they were there and the fact that that once remaining embryo is (was) her last chance of getting pregnant. Therefore, no matter how much of a long shot, she has to find out if there's the slightest possibility that she could uncover the one last chance she has of having another baby. Hearing that, Robert assures Lulu and Dante that he will look into that and wants to help with that and goes off. They both express their gratitude for that.

Ava goes to The Metro Court to have a drink and runs into Hayden. She informs her, for the first time, that Elizabeth has access to the diamonds which could easily be turned over to the feds and used against Hayden. Ava reminds her that she knows the diamonds were supposed to be turned over to the government after Hayden’s father got convicted of fraud. Hayden demands to know how Elizabeth got a hold of the diamonds, to which Ava reminds her she thinks she should be less concerned with how Elizabeth obtained the diamonds than about what Elizabeth can do with them. Hearing that, Hayden asks why, if that is true, has Elizabeth not turned the diamonds over? Realizing it has not happened yet, she realizes she still has time to prevent that from happening. With that, Hayden goes off.

At the hospital, Elizabeth is on her phone to Jordan informing her she has information on Hayden Barnes. Realizing she is at work and being overheard, she realizes she may need to meet with the police commissioner in person. Finn overhears her and asks whom she might have been talking to or what about. She replies that her ex sister in law, Lulu, and her husband, Dante have moved into a new place and need her to drop off some stuff. She clearly does not want him to know what she intends to do with Hayden. They are both mindful of the murder investigation at the hospital that still has not turned up any evidence or suspects. Monica comes by and informs Finn that Obrecht came to Monica's office and demanded she fire Finn. She assures Finn that she informed Obrecht that where Finn goes on vacation, how he gets there or if he uses Sonny Corinthos' private jet is none of Obrecht's business and that Obrecht could be charged with harassment. However, Monica warns Finn, his behavior has been very secretive. He needs to realize that Obrecht has a personal vendetta against him and is very disappointed not to be able to prove that he's the hospital killer and he should beware of her and what she might be willing and capable of doing. They hear an alarm go off and there's a “code warning”

André goes to see Jordan at the station and has some information she might find helpful in finding out about the cuff links. She is curious, however, as to why he is so invested in this, to which he replies what is important to her is important to him. They arrange to meet at her place after work and he goes off. Alone, she assesses that it appears that André is a collector.

Franco goes to visit his mother, Heather Weber in her facility and Heather reveals to her son that Jack Weber has “everything to do” with Hayden's mother. When he asks why, Heather reminds her son that Jeff Weber just happens to be her ex husband and the father of Franco's half brother, Steven Lars. Yet Franco reminds her he still has not heard her “secret” about Jeff Weber. He assesses that Naomi has stopped giving Heather the payments she needed months ago, to which Heather reminds her son she has to find a way to “motivate” Naomi to make the payments. Hearing that, Franco suggests to his mom that maybe there's a way for him to help with that, as he assesses to Heather he can see she may have her issues with Jeff divorcing her and marrying Elizabeth's mother. He further asks if maybe his mom stalked Jeff, to which Heather does not want to admit to that. Yet she does inform her son she did find out that Jeff was “dating someone” and keeping it a secret, reminding her son he knows how she feels about secrets. She further informs Franco that she found out that Jeff was sleeping with a married woman who was Naomi Berlin. She then informs Franco she went through a trash can, found a pregnancy test that was positive, confirming that Naomi was pregnant by Jeff Weber. Hearing that, Franco asks if that means that Naomi is Elizabeth’s mother. Heather does not answer that question but informs him there are 3 Weber girls, the 3rd one of which Jeff does not even know about. She further informs her son that she confronted Naomi about her knowing that Naomi was cheating on her rich husband, Raymond, with Jeff. Naomi then agreed to Heather's terns by never seeing Jeff again, she explains. Franco concludes that means that Heather blackmailed Naomi for millions of dollars. At that point, he concludes he has to go and inform Elizabeth what he's just found out. She urges her son not to do that yet he firmly reminds his mom that he does not want to keep any secrets from Elizabeth and wants to build a relationship upon trust. When he leaves, Heather urges her son not to leave her or betray her after all she's done for him. Yet he ignores that and goes off.

At the hospital, another patient has suddenly died. André goes with Monica, Finn and Elizabeth to assess the situation and concludes there is no logical explanation for this sudden death. Monica then concludes they need to find medical evidence and also contact the police. She then faces André who was the last person there and the only “suspect” and he asks her if she believes he could have killed this patient. Paul Hornsby enters and informs André he'd like him to “stay” there. André asks if he's being detained, to which he tells Paul he needs a lawyer and needs to contact Jordan. Finn comes by and encourages André not to be intimidated and call a lawyer.

Hayden rushes to the hospital and furiously confronts Elizabeth informing her she knows she is holding the diamonds and tells her she demands them back. Yet Elizabeth is not afraid of anything, realizing she has the upper hand. Hayden tells Elizabeth she knows she set this whole thing up and is responsible for Nikolas' death. She tells Elizabeth she sees her for the pathetic liar she is. Yet Elizabeth tells Hayden she knows what she is afraid of and that the diamonds could have Hayden locked up with her dad. Hayden furiously hauls off and slaps Elizabeth. Elizabeth is not afraid, however, as she attempts to gets on the elevator to go to the PCPD. Not far away, Finn watches the interaction and stares at them shocked. After Elizabeth walks away, he goes to ask Hayden why she's so angry, to which Hayden reminds him the last time they spoke, he told her they have no friendship so he better leave her alone.

The elevator does not open and Elizabeth notices the Paul and asks him if he has a moment. Yet he's busy and encourages her to go to the PCPD and talk to Jordan. At that point, Elizabeth takes the hospital stairs.

Finn inquires why Hayden is so stressed and worried and where she is suddenly going. She replies she needs to make sure Elizabeth Weber keeps her mouth shut.

At the PCPD, Ava remembers Paul threatening to turn over the flash drive that proves she killed Connie Falconeri if she refuses to testify against Julian. When Jordan approaches her and asks if she might know something about a cuff link, given that Ava has a gallery and knows about art and possibly whether it was sold or purchased in the collectors' market and made into jewelry. She ass Ava if she could shed some insight and asks her to look at the picture and tell Jordan if it looks familiar at all. Ava looks at it and replies that yes, it does look familiar to her. Ava “informs” Jordan she's pretty certain she can locate and identify that cuff links. They must belong to a rich man who likes to show off his power, Ava declares. She further informs Jordan she thinks she knows exactly where she's seen these particular cuff links. While they both attentively observe the cuff link design, Ava declares she thinks she knows exactly where she's seen them and who it is who wears and owns them. As soon as Ava is alone, she remembers when she last had sex with Paul and he was getting dressed and she distinctly remembers the cuff links on his shirt cuffs.

Paul is then alone in his office realizing that Elizabeth, as well as others have seen the cuff links which he knows the cops have as evidence in the hospital murder investigation.

Elizabeth walks down the stairs when the lights go off. Upstairs in the hallway, Monica is finally able to confirm that the most recent death of a hospital was accidental so everybody is “off the hook” in the murder investigation. Yet they wonder why there's suddenly been a power outage.

As Elizabeth walks down the hospital stairs in the dark and attempts to access her phone in order to see where she is going, “somebody” suddenly pushes her and she falls down the stairs.

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