GH Update Friday 8/26/16

General Hospital Update Friday 8/26/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny goes to talk to Alexis at her home after finding out that her confrontation with Kristina at The Metro court has been all over the media. She tells him she does not have to answer to him and he does not intimidate her. Yet he warns her that if Julian goes free, she will have a lot to be afraid of, which he tells her could happen if she does not get her act together. Hearing that, she protests to Sonny that one act of “yellow journalism” is not going to ruin her credibility in court against Julian. He asks why she's so sure of that and asks if she is not concerned about how she may have hurt their daughter with what's been going on between them. She then explains to Sonny that somebody who knew nothing about the situation between her and Kristina apparently taped it without their knowing and blew what really happened out of proportion. The charges and “speculations” are completely not correct in what was “assumed” about her as she assures Sonny that she and Kristina simply had a heated argument and she grabbed their daughter's arm. Sonny then accepts that and confirms they have a common goal involving putting Julian away. Alexis assures him she will testify against Julian that there's no way she has any intention of getting back with Julian even if he believes that is going to happen. Hearing that, Sonny is fascinated to hear that Nina came by to inform Alexis that Julian has a “delusion” that she's still in love with him and can get her back. He makes it clear he might be able to “use” that to his advantage against Julian.

Ava goes to visit Julian while he's in jail and hears him tell her he realizes it's likely he's going to prison for life for murder. Hearing that, she remarks to him she knows her brother is no quitter. Yet Julian reminds his sister that this is the life he has to accept. Alexis wants nothing more to do with him and is prepared to put him away. His own kids won't speak to him. He knows DA Hornsby is like a hungry shark ready to put him away in order to establish himself in his career. Although she reminds him his sister is still in his corner, he reminds her he asked her to help him escape and she refused. She asks why he's so negative and sounds as though maybe she could “do something” in order to help him which he may be unaware of. When it looks like he is completely discouraged and losing hope, Ava firmly tells him her brother does not give up, he must still have some fight in him and he needs to “make Sonny's day”.

DA Paul Hornsby has agreed to meet with Tracy and Dillon at The Metro Court although he reminds her that he has a very important case on his mind involving putting Julian away, and reminds her that Dillon clearly does not want to talk to him as they see their son has not arrived. Right then, Dillon enters and angrily declares to his father he has no intention of talking, sharing or bonding with him. Hearing that, Paul protests to his son that he's making an effort, Dillon needs to know he cares about all his kids yet Dillon won't give an inch. Right then, Paul gets a call but informs his son, before he goes, that he needs to know his mother has been worried about him and he needs, at the very least, to discuss it with her. As soon as Paul gets up from the table to leave, he runs into Robert who needs to talk to him on behalf of Anna and reminds him he better take appropriate action against Julian. Hearing that, Paul assures him he knows how to do his job whether Robert believes that or not, informing him they have a taped confession of Julian admitting to his wife that he murdered Duke as well as murdered Carlos Rivera in order to shut him up about that. And so, he assures Robert, Anna need not worry.

Sonny goes to visit Julian in jail, knowing exactly how he can “toy” with his weaknesses. He tells him he wants him to plead guilty, spare Alexis the pain of having to testify against him. And in exchange for that, when he goes to prison, Sonny will “let him live”. Yet, hearing that, Julian emotionally tells him he won't be threatened by Sonny. Sonny asks him why he doesn't realize his fate, to which Julian makes it clear that Alexis will not let Sonny hurt him. She is still in love with him and will come through for him, he protests.

Ava finds Paul and asks if the DA's office could offer her brother a lighter sentence if he pleads guilty. He tells her he won't do that and has a deal for her where, when she's called to the witness stand, she helps the DA put Julian away. Hearing that, she tells him she refuses to do that to her brother. Paul tells her in that case, he can and will turn over the flash drive of her taped confession of murdering Connie Falconeri and put her away for murder. Hearing that, she walks away angry and very worried.

Sonny asks Paul for assurance that Julian will be prosecuted and convicted for his crimes. Paul is positive that no one will testify for Julian, not his children, his wife, or his sister.

Hayden and her mom are at the Metro Court Restaurant and Naomi informs her daughter she may have to find a way to pretend to have lost her credit card in order to get a free meal and that she may have financial hardship and indicates they need to get their hands on the diamonds in order to solve that problem for her. She then asks Hayden if she plans to come home with her or stay in this town off vipers. Hayden admits she could and probably will leave Port Charles soon although she clearly indicates she may have reservations about that. Right then, Naomi gets a call from Heather and knows she has to make sure nobody can overhear or know about the conversation. Heather states to Naomi she better pay up what she owes Heather or there will be consequences Naomi does not want.

Laura notices an incoming call from Kevin on her phone and wonders what to do as she “relives” what they have recently been through. She remembers sleeping with him, believing everything was great between them and she had no reservations about being with him. Then, she suddenly discovers that Kevin has been writing a book without her knowing, which has cast suspicion on whether she can trust him. Right then, before she can decide whether to answer his call, she hears a knock on the door. She opens it and is surprised to see Robert Scorpio. He greets her, smiles and remarks it's “been a long time” since they last spoke and informs her that the reason he's traveled all this way is because Luke asked him to send her a “warning”. She asks about what, to which Robert replies Valentin Cassadine. In response to that, she informs Robert he's “too late” with that, informing him that Valentin has been arrested and extradited to Greece. Yet Robert informs her that Luke is not convinced that can happen so easily. He tells her that after losing her son, her grandson could be in danger and so he tells her he thinks she should increase security for Spencer. He leaves offering to help with anything she needs.

At the hospital, while Kevin is alone in his office sending Laura unanswered texts telling her he'd like another chance, Franco is talking to Elizabeth while waiting for an appointment he has to discuss his reinstatement. He also wants to know about their up and coming date which she agreed to have with him when she can make arrangements. She admits she has Hayden and the diamonds still on her mind. Although she evades his question, she does admit that their “date” has been on her mind and she'd like to see him again. They wonder where they go, what she wears and she reminds him that since he is no longer earning a paycheck, maybe she could take him out although he refuses to let her pick up the check. Right then, Kevin comes out to inform Franco he's ready for him. While they are alone in Kevin's office, he tells Franco that from a “psychological standpoint”, he sees no reason why Franco cannot get his job back. Yet he reminds him it's up to the hospital board that is headed by Monica. Franco then asks the shrink if he thinks that his dating Elizabeth would help his case, to which Kevin coldly replies he could consult Nurse Weber as a “character witness” on Franco's behalf. Franco then asks if Kevin might know of any inexpensive or fun places for his next date with Elizabeth, remarking he can see the shrink may or may not date or have a sex life after Lucy. Kevin admits to him he's the “last person” to be giving anyone any romantic advice.

As soon as they are done and Franco has left, Kevin goes out to ask Elizabeth to dispense a patient's meds. She wants to talk to him about Franco, to which he informs her he believes Franco should be able to get his job back, and also remarks he may be “worthy of a date”. Hearing that, Elizabeth makes it clear she's fascinated and asks Kevin what his assessment is of that, to which he replies he can clearly see Franco is quite taken with her and it's mutual. She admits Franco has been a good friend to her. She also realizes she may want to have a confidential discussion with Dr. Collins as she recalls having a dilemma on her hands with what to do with the diamonds. She states to Kevin she wants to honor Nikolas' memory yet doesn't know if she'd be “doing something” for him or just in order to make herself feel better. In response to that, Kevin does not ask her to go into any details and simply concludes she should trust her instincts and know she can do the right thing for Nikolas.

At Wyndemere, Laura gets ready to pack Spencer off to go to boarding school far away. Hayden walks in, notices that and tells her she does not think that will benefit Spencer. Laura tells her she thinks he will adjust and more importantly, it will keep him safe from Valentin Cassadine. Shortly thereafter, Kevin comes by and urges her to hear him out. Yet she is in the process of shipping Spencer off and cannot talk. He is clearly incomplete, wants to see her again and does not like the way they left things.

Naomi rushes to meet Heather at her facility and urges her to know she “needs more time” to obtain the money Heather needs. Yet Heather knows she can easily expose Naomi for what she knows about her if she does not pay what she owes her and which Heather needs in order to provide for her son. She tells Naomi she better pay up “or else”. Franco walks in and asks his mom “or else what?” When Naomi leaves, Franco remarks he knows he's seen her and declares he knows she's Hayden's mom. He also finds it very odd that Heather tells him she does not know Hayden. He then. informs his mom he would like a favor from her regarding a date he's having with Elizabeth. His informs her his funds are a little low so he's wondering if Heather could give him any of her “mystery money”. She informs her son that she has limited funds and limited resources due to Naomi's failure to pay what she owes her and the fact that Heather is stuck in this place. Hearing that, Franco tells his mom she an rely on him to go and collect the necessary funds from Naomi himself. She then reveals to her son the secret she knows about Naomi and her little brat with Jeff Webber.

Ava goes to the Metro Court and wants to drink off a stressful day when she runs into Hayden whom she knows is Nikolas' widow. Hayden listens attentively when Ava informs her she was right with Nikolas when his psychotic uncle murdered him. When Hayden asks if he suffered, Ava thinks he didn't experience any more pain than when he was married to her. For Nikolas' sake, Ava warns her that Elizabeth is determined to turn her over to the feds. And she might be able to successfully do that because she now has access to the diamonds. At that point, for the first time Hayden is worried.

Elizabeth calls the commissioner telling her she'd like to turn over evidence she has on Hayden Barnes.

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