GH Update Thursday 8/25/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/25/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Laura and Kevin awaken in bed together in his hotel room. He still wants to make certain there are no regrets or reservations. She assures him everything is good and wonders why he'd even ask that. They talk about how they first started meeting over “business” and her asking him to crack the codes of Helena's mysterious gift for her, yet they both never thought it would end up like this. She reflects that she feels responsible for getting him shot although he assures her he chose to follow her to Greece. They both assess that they are happy with their decision. She concludes not only has he made the loss of her son bearable. He's enabled her to outsmart Helena. Helena's plan for her not only failed. The end result, she tells Kevin, is more happiness than she could ever imagine with him. He then tells her he will go downstairs and get them some breakfast. As soon as Laura is alone in the room, she comes across what appears to be something Kevin is secretly writing which she has not heard of, and it appears to be about her. She is clearly not ok with that. Shortly thereafter, he returns suspecting nothing until he notices what she's uncovered as she looks at him coldly and angrily, demanding to know what “this” is. She informs him she's just read his “story” about a woman having lost her family whom she knows is herself. She informs him that they spoke about that jokingly while on the island yet she wonders if he ever planned to tell her about that, indicating she is not ok with his doing this secretly and she feels betrayed. In response to that, he protests that when they got together to uncover Helena's secrets, it inspired him to write. He assures her he would have never written the book nor attempted to get it published without informing her and getting her approval. Yet she indicates she finds that hard to believe since she has just now found out about it by accident. She asks Kevin what their spending the night together meant to him. Was it just a “conclusion to the story”? When he does not answer, she concludes she cannot trust him. He assures her that what happened between them the previous night was not about the book. It was real. Yet she does not buy that nor want to take his word for it, refuses to talk about this when he asks, tells him good bye and walks away.

Kristina goes to find Parker who is surprised to see her and informs Parker that she got a call from her without a message. She asks Parker what she wanted to talk about. Parker then replies she must have called Kristina unknowing. With that said, Kristina walks away, assessing that she was getting her hopes up with “wishful thinking”. Yet Parker urges Kristina not to leave and informs her that she has been thinking about Kristina and is happy that she got to see her again. Parker then admits that she ended things in a way that may not have been “right” by writing her a note, as she confesses she believes Kristina deserves so much “more” than that. She then admits to Kristina she still has feelings for her, to which Kristina, once again, gets her hopes and expectations up about the two of them having a future together. However, Parker clarifies that although she still has these feelings for Kristina, they cannot be together again. It was a mistake that messed things up in both of their lives. When Kristina argues and wonders why she's suddenly concluded that, Parker informs her she is going back to her wife. Hearing that, Kristina emotionally concludes that Parker lied to her when she told her, the night they spent together, that her marriage was over, to which Parker protests that's “what she thought at the time”. Kristina reminds her she thought Parker was this wonderful person and they had this great thing together that meant something to both of them. But now she knows Parker used her just like everyone said she would. Although Parker protests that this is “complicated”, Kristina responds that is not so. It's very typical that the professor with the marital problems is bored and notices a naive and gullible student with a crush on them. They use and manipulate the student and then kick the student to the curb when they are no longer having fun with them so they can return to the spouse they never had any intention of leaving in the first place. She assesses to Parker that she is a coward and a dishonest, weak selfish person, as she declares she never wants to see Parker again, and storms off.

Alexis goes to see Jordan who has called her to meet privately in order to discuss something. Alexis wonders what she needed to talk about that could not be discussed by phone or email, to which Jordan replies by showing her the “recorded video” of Alexis' and Kristina's public confrontation. Having no clue where it would have come from (unaware of the guy recording their confrontation, with his phone, at The Metro Court), Alexis is shocked and asks where it came from, to which Jordan asks her to answer that question, demanding Alexis tells her just what she thought she was going. Alexis then admits to Jordan that last night, she and Kristina got into a heated argument and somebody was nosy enough to eavesdrop and record it. With that, she asks why it's a big deal and why it can't just be erased, reminding Jordan that someone's “observations” that she can be an “ass in public” is not that important nor cause for worry. Yet Jordan tells her it's very serious since Alexis is a key witness in the murder investigation of Julian. Her temperament and emotional stability can cast doubts upon jurors in addition to the fact that she's been disbarred regarding Julian's mess and it could ruin the credibility in her testimony against him. Jordan later asks Alexis if “that” might have been her intention all along. IN response to that, Alexis demands to know why she'd even consider such a thing. Jordan does, in fact, ask Alexis if she did, in fact, “plan” this in order to “protect” Julian. Hearing that, Alexis firmly asks her if she'd really believe that Alexis would discredit her own testimony and reminds Jordan that she (Jordan) of all people should know better than that because Jordan was on the other end of the wire when Julian found out what Alexis was doing, held a knife to her and almost killed her, no thanks to Jordan.. Jordan assures Alexis she knows what Julian put her through, yet reminds her that right before she agreed to wear that wire, she had been protecting Julian for months. And so, Jordan admits, she questions if it's possible that Alexis might still be doing so. She reminds Alexis that she married Julian knowing he was a murderer. Yet he obviously convinced her he could change for her sake and so how does she know that Julian could not convince her again? Jordan reminds Alexis she's an excellent lawyer and knows very well how to convince a jury and so maybe, after all Julian has put her through, she still does not want him convicted. She further informs Alexis she knows about her very recently going to visit Julian in his jail cell and she demands to know why she went to talk to him and what they discussed. In response to that, Alexis refuses to answer, tells Jordan it's none of her business, she does not appreciate being grilled in this manner, and she leaves telling Jordan to go to hell. As soon as Alexis leaves, Andre comes out and can see that Jordan is consumed about something on her mind, to which she admits her concerns regarding their exchange. She admits to Andre that she is upset and worried about Julian always getting away with crimes and she can't let him slip through the law again. Yet he tells her he can clearly see there is something going on with her beyond bringing Julian to justice, to which she admits to him there is “something” he should now know about her. She admits to him that she used to work undercover as a drug dealer for the DEA. She assesses to Andre she lost a lot of her life and damaged her relationship with her son because of Julian Jerome. She further reiterates how now they finally have what is needed to bring him to justice and she cannot let anything or anyone enable Julian to walk again.

Sam and Jason wait for Sonny and Carly to meet them at The Metro Court so they can tell them the joyous news that they are getting married and she is pregnant. Sam asks if they could set aside Sept 2 at The Metro Court, to which Carly tells her absolutely. Jason however states they just want a simple wedding with family and friends and where he does not have to dress up. Sonny is ok with it being simple but Carly wants to make it very special, reminding Jason and Sam it's all about them. She notices Nelle and goes to talk to her and introduces her to Sam and Jason ready to inform them that this is the person who saved Josslyn's life with her kidney. Nelle, however, surprises Carly that she wants to keep that private and they go to the house together. Sonny stays at the table with Jason and Sam. She tells Jason she has to go off and he walks her to the elevator.

Carly returns to her house with Nelle who states the reason she does not want the public notoriety for being Josslyn's kidney donor is because she realizes she did not intend for that to happen. She assures Carly she's glad that her kidney saved Josslyn but has now come to terms with what her parents did. She states she does not want to dwell on it and she definitely does not want to be “known” for it. Carly tells her she's ok with that, knowing Josslyn feels the same way about making it public. However, she reminds Nelle, Jason is her best friend and Michael's uncle. She also admits to Nelle that when she was Nelle's age, she'd want all the attention she could find for something like that, and she remarks to Nelle that she has maturity that she (Carly) does not have. She is also in awe of everything Nelle knows and wants to implement about taking care of Avery, as Nelle reminds her she loves kids and that is why she's been a teacher's aide. Nelle gets ready to head out but gets a call from her supervisor at her other job, Mrs. O'Brien. She picks up the phone, at first happy but then hears something that “shocks” her. She then informs Carly that her funding for her job got cut off and so she now has to return to Atlanta. Carly assures her she wants her back, she will always have a job there and suspects nothing while Nelle abruptly leaves.

Back at The Metro Court, Jason informs Sonny he wants him to be his best man. Sonny agrees but also reminds Jason that Carly may not like that since she'd probably insist upon being Jason's “best person”. Jason tells Sonny he realizes that. However, as his memories have come back, he remembers how important Sonny has been to him. He also can see that Sonny and Carly seem to have finally figured out this whole marriage thing and so he wants see if Sonny might be able to give him some advice or guidance. Sonny suddenly gets a call about some “website” he needs to check out and admits to Jason he did not expect this call nor is certain what is going on. He does conclude to Jason that the answer is yes to being Jason's best man, as he encourages him to marry Sam and stay married. They both joke and Sonny tells him the only advice he can give him is to be true to himself and his family, assessing to Jason he believes Jason has done both. However, he informs him he has to go and “check on something” which he does not reveal to Jason.

While Alexis is alone in her house, noticing “publicity” coming through on her phone, Sam comes to see her mom to discuss her wedding plan. Alexis informs her daughter that will all of the commotion and publicity regarding Sam's father, she thinks it might be best that Sam and Jason have their wedding somewhere more discreet than right in town. Sam tells her mom she agrees and can easily arrange that. However, Sam informs her mom, she can clearly see that “something” is going on with her that is making her very upset and she needs her mom to tell her about that. IN response to that, Alexis assesses to her daughter that she's had a hell of a morning and no longer wants to waste her time going over this. And so, she asks Sam, if they could just please focus upon her. Sam then informs her mom that she wants her mom to be her “best girl” at Sam's wedding. Alexis smiles, hugs her daughter and happily tells her she will be her “best girl”, her “best mom”, will be honored to walk Sam down the aisle and be there for her and Jason, as she reminds Sam her father will not be there. She then informs her daughter that she has some things to do. Sam agrees to let her mom be alone but asks that she tell her, later what is “going on”, which Alexis asked they not talk about this time.

Sam returns to Jason after Sonny has left and admits that she can clearly see that “something” happened with Julian which her mom did not want to discuss with her. Yet, she assesses to him, he has his best man. She has her matron of honor. Now they need someone to perform the ceremony, to which Jason assures her he “has that covered” although he does not reveal to her exactly what his plan is.

After Sonny has gotten notification about the “public brawl” between Alexis and their mutual daughter, he immediately goes to her home demanding she tells him about this, reminding her it is his business because it involves his daughter.

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