GH Update Wednesday 8/24/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/24/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Lulu have officially moved into their new house with numbers 1237 and are spending an intimate evening together. She admits that losing Nikolas totally crushes her. But when she looks at her husband and Rocco, she sees that life goes on. She admits she will always miss her brother but knows she has to live her life. Right then, they talk all about having another baby, whether it will be a boy or girl and what to name him or her. She gets an unexpected call from Dr. Lee. She informs them that their final attempt to have another baby has failed. Lulu cries concluding that without the last embryo they have left, they have no more chance of having another baby. She demands to know what went wrong as she realizes she was going to experience being pregnant, giving birth and their baby was going to be the final step of their healing. Dante assures her they can still have that. She reminds him they have been making so many plans, as she cries. Lulu reminds him of how they've been chasing everywhere throughout the years and risking their lives at Crichton-Clark in search of her embryos, not long ago until the lab blew up. They wonder what would have happened if that had not happened. He holds her, comforts her and talks about how they love Rocco and how there are many other kids out there for them to love.

Franco is surprised when Elizabeth comes by to visit him at his apartment. He remarks it's a “change” since it's usually him seeking her out. She admits she needs someone to talk to, to which he asks what about. She replies by showing him the diamonds which she does not know what to do about. Noticing the diamonds, he comments that it appears she's “secretly a millionaire” and asks why she did not tell him. She explains they are not hers', and goes through the whole story about the mysterious large box that was delivered to Wyndemere, Nikolas' death and all that happened, including her visit from Ava. Hearing that, Franco reminds her that Ava is not a nice person and asks Elizabeth why she'd speak to her. Elizabeth explains that Ava encouraged her to open the package. Ava further informed Elizabeth she wanted to keep Nikolas' “boot” which they found when they opened it. And it just so happened that they diamonds were hidden inside his boot. Franco assesses to Elizabeth that is so typical about Ava. She reveals to him she needs to make a decision regarding what to do with the diamonds. She explains to Franco that she heard that Raymond Berlin bought an expensive diamond necklace for his wife, illegally. Yet his wife and daughter removed the diamonds and kept them right when he got arrested and indicted for theft. The diamonds are what he owes to the government and that's why there's a very noteworthy scandal regarding locating them. She reiterates her need to have evidence need in order to be able to put Hayden away which can only be guaranteed if she can locate the diamonds. Hearing that, Franco assesses to her that he finds it odd that she'd confide in him about her dilemma of what she should do, and to share how she regrets her decision with Jason and the whole thing, as she has just confided in him. He informs her it's clear to see she has a lot of mixed feelings about whether to like him or not, and whether to trust him or not. He tells her he thinks she needs to make a decision one way or another and stick with that decision. With Franco, Elizabeth reveals to him for the first time that she was raped. She assures him it happened a long time ago. She has since recovered yet she knows it has changed her forever. He then admits that he now knows that that changes many things between them. He assesses that no matter how much she believes (and how much they both want her to believe) he's changed, there may always be a part her that believes he could hurt her. At that point, he tells her they cannot keep going back and forth with this whole thing. And so he holds the door open and announces he has to ask her to leave. Although she admits she does not want him to feel discouraged about being around her, he tells her they cannot keep this going on this way. She tells him she understands his reservations. Yet she tells him she came there to see him for a reason. She wanted to talk to him, confide in him and believed he was the only person with whom she could share this thing going on with her. She knew that there's no way he'd hurt her. She goes up closer to him and emotionally promises him she believes that he would never hurt her and they kiss. He stops and asks her if she is “sure” this is something she wants. She replies yes and they continue. Yet unexpectedly she's interrupted by her phone with a reminder she has to pick up her boys at the movies, although she assures Franco she does not want to stop what they are doing. She does however, remind him that she is a single mom with 3 boys and if they are going to “do” this, he needs to realize that that's what's her life is about. He tells her he's ok with that but suggests that maybe she finds a babysitter as she'd previously planned the last time they were together. She smiles, assesses she intends to take her time with this but promises she is going to see him again.

Hayden returns to Wyndemere with her mom. They see the large box and know that they have to urgently cover their tracks and Naomi makes it clear to her daughter that they have to find the diamonds before it's too late. Her mom is very worried to see that the diamonds, which are supposed to be found are missing. Naomi admits to Hayden she realizes her daughter had real feelings about Nikolas. Yet she reminds her they both need to be mindful of the diamonds, to which Hayden assesses Nikolas probably hid them when he was in Greece before he died and locating them at this point may be easier said than done. Hearing that, her mom concludes that is all the more reason for her to leave Port Charles and start a future elsewhere. Yet when Hayden indicates she needs to “help a friend”, her mom right away concludes she knows she's talking about that weird drug addict doctor whose life she should not get messed up in. Hayden protests that Dr. Finn has been really good to her and she believes she owes him this. Hearing that, her mom remarks how her daughter has always used bad judgment in picking men, although she realizes she did the same thing herself with Raymond Berlin. Hayden goes into the other room right and Naomi is alone and out of earshot when she gets a call from Heather Weber. She asks Heather just what she wants.

Finn is alone at the hospital, talking to his deceased wife, still feeling responsible for failing to save her yet realizing that what he is doing now may be saving many lives. He leaves his recorder on the desk as he goes outside the door. Dr. Obrecht enters and is ready to secretly investigate his secrets. She informs him she knows he's involved in illegal activity which he does not want anyone to find out about because he knows the consequences. She inquires why he took a private jet fueled by Sonny Corinthos to go on his most recent trip, and goes through all of her theories regarding how she's “onto” him. He angrily replies he does not need to answer to her or to anyone, yet she reiterates it's just a matter of time before she finds out and exposes his secrets

While secretly on the phone, Naomi agrees to do what Heather wants and makes sure her daughter and nobody else is aware of the conversation.

Hayden goes to see Finn in the hospital lab, informing him her mother is in town and encouraging her to leave town and know she has nothing to keep her in Port Charles. Hearing that, he sounds very “negative” and tells her he believes her mother is right. There's nothing for her here, he states. Hearing that, Hayden remarks she finds it odd that he's suddenly so bleak and hopeless when the last time they spoke, he was very positive and encouraged. He then firmly tells her that this is not about himself. It's about her getting attached to “another man” and the consequences she cannot afford with doing that. She asks why he's talking to her this way and asks if “something happened”. He then asks if she came there hoping he'd “beg” her not to leave Port Charles, to which she tells him she did not intend to do that although she admits it would be nice if he would want her to stay. Yet he tells her she should not need any justification from a man. She needs to know he cannot be anyone's “prince” and cannot be used for her to define herself. He tells her she needs to see that she's beautiful, smart funny and her own person and be able to make her own decision about whether to stay in town if she wants or leave if she wants and not let others make the decision for her. His tone indicates that he believes she cannot or will not make her own decisions and has no integrity or substance of character, to which she angrily responds telling him she does not need anything from him. She tells him to go to hell and walks out the door. Alone, Finn appears to be agitated and furious and continues to talk to his deceased ex wife about his detrimental fears of what Obrecht is now doing.

Dr. Obrecht in her office, with ear buds listening to Finn's recorded conversation to his deceased wife. He rushes in, angrily demanding to know just how much she heard, to which she replies more than enough. He rushes out the door.

Hayden returns to Wyndemere and declares to her mom she is about to prove to all the doubters that she is more than what they believe she is.

Molly goes with Kristina to The Metro court after her sister has had a meltdown from the loss of Parker and their mom's involvement in it. They remark that Kristina's phone is gone and they don't know where to find it. Alexis enters, sees her two daughters together, as they notice her and Molly urges Kristina to know it's time to “make peace” with their mom. Alexis goes and sits at the table with her daughters. However, it's not even minutes later when a reporter approaches her and needs to know her “story” regarding the fact that she's the first and only attorney to be disbarred by the local and state bar association. Both daughters want to talk about something else yet the reporter asks Alexis why, when she's always been so unafraid to speak to the press before, is she evading and not answering the question. She then asks for the name of the young reporter, reminds him she's talking to her daughters and warning him if he violates her privacy, there will be consequences.. he leaves and instantly, both daughters want to know if it's true that their mom lost her license to practice law, to which she admits yes. Alexis emotionally apologizes to Kristina for interfering in her relationship with Parker and admits she overstepped and was wrong for that. Yet Kristina assures her mom that if she and Parker had a future together, her mom's actions would not have mattered and Parker would not have made the decision she made. Alexis then encourages Kristina to consider Aaron, assessing that he seems like a nice guy. They also discover they've found her phone which, they reveal to their mom, Molly tossed when Kristina was about to do something she now knows she would have regretted while leaving a message for Parker, while intoxicated. At that point, Kristina realizes that while her phone was out of her possession, it's possible that “maybe” Parker attempted to contact her. Hearing that, both her mom and sister urge Kristina not go get her hopes up and to realize that Parker is not making her a priority. Unknown to them, a guy is sitting behind the bar with his phone, video taping them while Kristina angrily tells her mom she has no right to judge her with her own sick relationship. At least Parker did not try to kill her, Kristina states as she talks all about her mom's sick, illegal and unethical involvement with Julian. At that point, (still unknown that they're all being seen, heard and recorded), Alexis furiously confronts her daughter in a “threatening” manner about how she has no right to talk to her mom like that. They get into physical combat and Alexis is clearly out of control causing a public scene. While being unknowingly taped, Kristina angrily demands her mom lets go of her. Alexis finally does and Kristina leaves. Alone with her mom, Molly reminds Alexis that her behavior is completely out of control and she has good reason to be concerned.

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