GH Update Tuesday 8/23/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/23/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After the “brawl” Morgan got into with the obnoxious guy at the coffee shop, he talks to Sonny who encourages his son to know that he did the right thing, reminding him he protected Kiki without losing control. Morgan needs to realize that the behavior of the guy and the situation was enough to reasonably provoke and piss anybody off. He assures Morgan he merely needs to keep doing what he is doing and continue taking his meds and he will be all right.

On the pretext of checking on Avery, Ava is upstairs in Morgan's bedroom. She finds his bottle of medication, removes the lithium pills, and replaces them with something that looks similar in order to sabotage Morgan's condition.

Downstairs, Carly asks Nelle to help her by sitting with Avery the next day. When Nelle does not respond, Carly continues to remind her that she believes Nelle is the person for the job while she talks about the “volatile” situation between herself, Sonny and Avery's mom. She assures Nelle all she needs is to provide one reference and it's a done deal. Nelle then gets the number of a supervisor in Atlanta. Carly makes the call and goes off, unaware when Ava comes down the stairs. Ava sees Nelle and asks if she can inform Mrs. Corinthos that she is leaving Avery to sleep in her own bed, affirming that she "always does what is best for her girls." She leaves and Carly returns, affirming to Nelle that everything is great and she wants to pay her well and offer her a flight home instead of taking the bus to compensate for her inconvenience, reminding Nelle she owes her for her help she's providing with Avery as well as the fact she's saved Josslyn's life with her kidney.

Morgan continues to talk to his dad at the coffee shop about his impulses and what he felt “tempted to do” regarding the guy who provoked him. Yet they both affirm that Morgan is successfully fighting his illness and Sonny continues to tell his son how proud he is of the fact that he's turned his life around. He affirms to his son that he can see that he's finding a niche for the work he's doing and the life he's leading and he remarks to his son that it's a beautiful thing. Morgan continues to talk to his dad, who understands all too well about what it means to battle the illness. He admits to his dad that he did not think about his future for a long time because he was afraid of things failing in his life. Yet, Morgan assesses that he's gotten his life back on track with his job, his freedom, his life and with getting Kiki back. Sonny then asks Morgan if he's done for the day at work. Morgan assesses that he is done and Sonny suggests they head home together.

At The Metro Court, Kevin cannot believe that Laura has never seen "Raiders of the Lost Ark." She reminds him that she was very busy when the movie came out in 1981 and then she, Luke, and her children were on the run. He asks her if a quiet dinner like this one is “not up to her taste”, but she assures him that the “adventures” she had while married to Luke are over. She would rather spend time with him and do what he likes to do. In response to that, he asks her how about going to his room for a nightcap. They both talk awkwardly about how it could be arranged or what it would mean. He explains that he's only staying at the hotel while his apartment is being renovated. She then agrees to go to his room. He eagerly asks for the check and they leave together.

Franco is alone in his apartment eating a sandwich when he gets an unexpected visit from Nina. She enters and admits to him that maybe she should have called first. Yet he reminds her that she owns this place with him. She informs him she’s there because Kiki packed her things in a box. Nina then finds a box and confirms these are her things. She takes the box and gets ready to leave yet Franco asks her why she knocked, to which she replies she no longer “lives” there. Noticing Franco is home and not at work, Nina asks him why he's there, to which he replies he got suspended from the hospital. Hearing that, she asks why, to which he replies he “does not know” and guesses it's “hospital bureaucracy”. Hearing that, she asks if he is going to “take this sitting down” if it was unprecedented. When he does not reply, she reminds him she could “help” since she is an editor of a prominent magazine. He does not reply to that and Nina notices that he is alone and making sandwiches for a meal. She can see that he's depressed and believes he's screwed everything up in his life ,expresses her concerns about his discouragement and assures him he's good at a lot of things. She informs him he knows how to reach people who are hard to reach. He asks her how things are at the job with her and Maxie, to which she replies things are good and she's proud of her accomplishments. He remarks she should be, realizing the magazine was going out of business until she revived it. She then admits to him that she met somebody not long ago; a tall dark and handsome stranger. Franco then asks if she is “sure” and not merely making that up to make him jealous. She assures him no. She was having a problem, one night with her room key. A guy helped her. She invited him into her room. He was lovely although he asked questions about Nikolas Cassadine. She suspected nothing while being too busy being “charmed and wooed”. She admits to Franco they had sex. It was incredible. Yet it turned out he was “not a stranger”. It was a mistake. And, she informs Franco, his name was Valentin Cassadine. She further informs Franco that the guy strangely left his phone in her room. She later found out he's wanted by the cops for the murder of Nikolas. She turned his phone into the PCPD and knows she's responsible for his being arrested and imprisoned for the rest of his life, yet she is not worried about that, she assures Franco. She then asks him how things are with him and Elizabeth, to which Franco informs her that he and Elizabeth do not have a future together because she informed him she does not want to take a chance on him. With that said, he asks Nina if she wants to “gloat”, to which Nina assures him absolutely not, affirming that she believes if things are meant to be, they work and if they don't, it were not meant to be.

Elizabeth is alone at Wyndemere when she notices a mysterious large box put on the doorstep. She calls asking who left it there yet hears and sees nothing. She brings the large box inside and decides to leave it for Laura. Ava comes to the door and informs Elizabeth she wanted to see Laura who is now out. She admits to Elizabeth she mourns the loss of Nikolas. Hearing that, Elizabeth appreciates the visit and invites Ava to come in although she remarks she never knew that Ava and Nikolas knew each other. Ava admits they did not until they ran into each other while traveling overseas, when they got to be friends, spent time together and got held hostage in the house in Greece together until he was killed. Elizabeth admits to Ava that she always misses him and thinks about him whenever she turns around. Ava notices the mysterious large box, asks Elizabeth where it came from and encourages her to open it. Yet Elizabeth admits she does not feel right doing that. She notices that it just came from Greece, was not signed for and it looks mysterious. Ava however, tells her that whatever is in this box is not going to be any “less dangerous” if she does not open it. Yet Elizabeth realizes it was not addressed to her. Ava then encourages Elizabeth to open it as they both realize it probably has something to do with Nikolas. Elizabeth opens and takes out paper notifications that the contents in the box belong to Nikolas. She also pulls out his clothes, which Ava remembers him wearing when he was killed. Also, they notice some very “noteworthy” boots which Ava stares at. She asks Elizabeth what she plans to do with this, to which Elizabeth admits she does not know. Ava reminds her she was there when Nikolas was shot dead. Yet Elizabeth assesses this is for Laura to decide since she's the only surviving family member. Ava then admits that although this may sound “odd”, she wonders if she could have the boot and keep it, as she talks about the memories of Nikolas wearing them when he got stuck in the mud while they were on the run. Elizabeth discovers the mysterious diamonds inside the boot, which Ava says she's never seen but Elizabeth tells her she knows otherwise and is certain Ava knows about them. She concludes to Ava that it's clear this is the reason why she wanted the boot. She tells Ava she needs to turn them into the police for evidence because she knows Hayden stole them and if that happens, Hayden will go to jail. Ava however protests that there's no point in doing that, asking if it's worth it to go through with that in order to attempt to get Hayden in trouble, to which she'll probably plea bargain and not get the sentence Elizabeth wants anyway. She further asks Elizabeth if there's anything wrong with keeping the diamonds, if nothing else, for Spencer's future. Would she not want to have one good thing happening out of Nikolas' death? Hearing that, Elizabeth coldly reminds Ava it's not her decision to make. Hearing that, Ava concludes that she knows Elizabeth will do the right thing and with that, Ava walks out the door.

Laura goes with Kevin to his hotel room and they drink wine both wondering what hey should do at this point. She talks about his “living arrangements” and his “home away from home” living at the hotel. She asks him how he's enjoying his accommodations, regarding eating, having his stuff there and what is going on with him.

Sonny and Morgan return to the house and Carly introduces her son to Nelle for the first time. Morgan goes up the stairs with Nelle when they hear Avery cry. Alone with Carly, Sonny asks her if she is having Nelle “babysitting”, to which Carly informs her husband she can see that Nelle is really good with kids and he tends to agree. From the top of the stairs, Nelle overhears, listens attentively and looks lost in thought and not happy. When she returns to Sonny and Carly, they happily arrange for her to start her first day of work. She leaves and everything appears to be alright.

Morgan returns to his bedroom and opens his bottle of meds, suspecting nothing (with no clue of what Ava just did to it). While his parents are downstairs assessing that everything is going to be alright, he takes the pills, suspecting nothing, unaware of what might happen next.

Laura and Kevin play a video game on his bed, like “friends” having fun. Then they start passionately kissing. However, at that point, he suddenly stops and she needs to know why. He admits that this is “going a little too fast”, assessing this is their first date. She asks if he's afraid because of not wanting to make it appear she's “that kind of a girl” or that he's “that kind of a guy”. She assesses to him they need not worry about that since they are adults. Yet he admits to her he does not want to do anything that they could both regret. She faces him and ask if she looks, to him like she regrets being there or kissing him, to which he replies no on both counts. Yet he reminds her that it seems she hesitated when he asked her to come up to his room. She assures him they are both there and she is completely ok. With that they continue kissing.

Nina visits with Franco, alone in the apartment, thanking him for sharing peanut butter sandwiches, informing him she enjoyed their conversations, and affirming that she believes there are “better things out there for both of them”. She leaves and Elizabeth comes by, notices Nina leaving Franco's apartment. Franco notices Elizabeth in the hallway and asks what she is doing there, to which Elizabeth admits to Franco she wanted to come by and talk to him.

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