GH Update Monday 8/22/16

General Hospital Update Monday 8/22/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan is on the phone discussing business when she returns home. When she enters, she hears what appears to be dishes breaking. She instinctively assumes there's an intruder so she pulls out her gun and is surprised to see Andre. He's just gotten out of the shower and although she has no clue how he's managed to get into her apartment, that she's given him a key and that they've scheduled to spend time together, he tells her there are no worries. He has had dinner prepared for her although she questions whether he can cook and did not order take-out. She smiles and assesses it's clear she has so much yet to learn about him. She moves closer to him and they are ready to sleep together. They have their meal in bed, he notices something very worthwhile falling off the bedside table. Noticing the mysterious cuff links made out of a coin, Andre asks her about that. Jordan explains to him that Valerie discovered the cuff link when she was investigating the hospital lab before she got knocked out. He asks if she thinks that the killer attacked Valerie over the cuff link. She tells him she thinks the cuff link is a “good lead”. Yet she has a feeling that she knows whom the cuff link belongs to and the killer is right under her nose yet she cannot see it.

 Kiki goes to see Morgan at the coffee shop while he's working and he wants to make time to see her. They kiss. Right then, Ava walks by, sees them and is clearly not ok with what she is seeing. They turn to see her and Kiki firmly demands to know what her mom is doing there, reminds her that not long ago, she went out of her way to break them up. Ava wants to deny that and have her daughter believing she has not “planned” anything although Ava remembers spying upon Morgan and messing with his meds while his back pack was left unattended at the hospital, not long ago. She protests to them that she knows Kiki hesitated to inform Morgan that her mom wanted them to break up. Ava further reminds them that Morgan has ”issues” and is “afraid” of something. Yet Morgan boldly assures her he's not afraid. In fact he has some “choice words” for her right now. Right then, a “rude customer” demands that Kiki serve him. He sounds intrusive and comes on to her. She reminds him she does not know him yet he repeats more than once, continues to brag that he pulls 6 figures and makes it clear that that “entitles” him to have his way. At that point, Morgan goes to confront him and physically pushes him up against the wall.

Sonny returns home and asks Carly where his little girl is, to which his wife “happily” replies that she's with people who will care for her while they spend the evening together. She then surprises Sonny with a visitor who enters through the front door. It's Nelle ready to have dinner with them. Carly is preparing dinner and welcomes Nelle to have ice tea. She right away finds out that Nelle is taking buses and staying in a cheap motel and insists upon comping a room for her at The Metro Court although Nelle does not want to take anything she has not “earned” from Carly. Sonny attentively overhears their interaction. The childcare provider, Deirdre comes in with baby Avery and Carly happily introduces them to Nelle. She also reveals to Nelle that although she's technically Avery's stepmother, she is her mom. Sonny agrees that Carly is his daughter's mom and informs Nelle that Avery's biological mom, Ava is not a good mother or person. Hearing that, Nelle informs them how she knows all too well what happens when children have parents who are not right for them. Noticing Avery with Sonny and Carly, she assesses that Avery is a lucky girl. Right then, Carly discovers that Deirdre's backpack is open and she can see her earrings' (Carly's) inside it. At that point, Carly does not accept any “alibis” and tells Deirdre she is fired for stealing. Nelle holds baby Avery and tells Carly it's entirely possible that the earrings accidentally fell into Deirdre's bag. Yet Carly tells Nelle she cannot give her the benefit of the doubt and that means she is back to hiring another nanny.

At the coffee shop, guy confronts Morgan and makes hostile comments to him. Morgan crushes his blue tooth under his foot. At that point, they get into physical combat. Kiki observes, worried and calls Sonny to inform him that his son is in trouble and may need his help. Right then, Ava returns, demands to know what is going on and asks Kiki if she “plans to live the rest of her life like that”. Kiki demands her mom leaves and the guy also goes away. She assesses to Morgan he ”handled this really well”. Morgan then demands the guy leaves and never comes back but he tells Morgan he intends to call the cops. Shortly thereafter, they arrive and Kiki assures them everything is ok, the guy who called them was making trouble and they need not worry now that he's gone. Right then, Sonny comes by, observes the uniform officers and the “scuffle” that caused them to be called and asks if everything is ok. They both assure him that Morgan has been justifiably provoked, first by a rude customer and then by Ava. Yet he handled everything. Hearing that, Sonny commends his son and encourages him to know that he can succeed and be ok with life's realities as long as he sticks to the program with his meds and does what is needed.

After Carly has fired Deirdre and Deirdre runs out of the house crying, Ava enters, observes that and asks Carly what she did to cause Ava's daughter's nanny to cry. Carly coldly informs her she's fired a thief who attempted to steal her jewelry. Ava goes upstairs to get baby Avery and take her home. Alone with Nelle, Carly informs her that she and Sonny have had enough conflicts with Ava, as she just saw, yet they are making efforts to co-exist, for Avery's sake. Nelle asks her if she's made peace with Ava, to which Carly admits that she will always know that Ava Jerome cannot be trusted.

As soon as Ava is upstairs, she goes into the bedroom and notices a picture of Kiki and Morgan and she declares she will not let Sonny and Carly's unstable son ruin her daughter's future. She knows that nothing and nobody can prevent her daughter and their son from being together so she knows she has to take drastic action.

Downstairs, Carly assesses to Nelle that she now has nobody to take care of Avery except for the body guards. Right then, however, she asks Nelle if she’d be willing to accept the job as nanny for baby Avery.

At Wyndemere, Laura gets ready to meet Kevin at The Metro Court when Elizabeth comes to see her, worried about how she's coping with the loss of her son. Laura assures Elizabeth she need not worry about her and shares that she is about to spend some time with Kevin. Laura also informs Elizabeth that Spencer informed his grandmother that he wanted to attend boarding school in France. Assuming that Nikolas is gone, they both find it odd that Spencer discussed that with his dad before Nikolas' death and he still wants to do that. Laura asks Elizabeth whether she “thinks she should send Spencer to school out of the country”. Right then, Hayden enters, overhears the conversation and firmly responds by stating: “over my dead body”. Elizabeth argues with that yet Laura assesses that she has to take some things into consideration. Spencer wants to attend this school. One thing she knows is there is very tight security which is needed, given they do not know what kind of a threat Valentin might still be to them. Hearing that, Hayden remarks that it might keep Spencer “physically” safe but it will damage him to be taken away from the only home he's ever known which is right there. She tells them that she knows it did not benefit her to be taken away from her father during childhood. Her parents had the same “good intentions” in protecting her from their issues so they packed and sent her away and she has never since forgiven them for that. Right then, Hayden's mom, Naomi enters. Her daughter suggests they grab dinner together, remarking that she “does not feel welcome in her own home”. She leaves and Laura stays behind to talk to Elizabeth about all she's feeling regarding the loss of her son. Elizabeth tells Laura that she knows Nikolas would not want his mom to stop living, would not want her to feel guilty about moving on and would encourage her to get out there, enjoy her life and date. She assures Laura she believes she believes that Dr. Collins is a great person for Laura to be seeing.

At The Metro Court, Lucy notices Kevin in the elevator and rushes to hug him. Yet she can see she s hurting him shortly after he's been shot. She remarks to him she can see that he's dressed up and headed out to have a date with Laura. She goes with him into the restaurant and wants to “be a part of the process” of his uncertainty regarding his first date since they've been divorced. He indicates that he wants to be alone and it's none of Lucy's business. Right then, however, she notices Laura has sent him a text that she is running late due to some “family business”. Lucy continues to assess that Kevin is taking the time to dress and prepare for something he clearly deems as very important. He then assesses to her that he can see she appears to be planning something with someone. She then admits she is, in fact, planning and evening with Scott. He admits to Lucy that he is ok with the fact that she is moving on but he has concerns about her seeing Scott because he never thought Scott was “worthy” of her. After Kevin waits alone, finally Laura arrives. Yet they see that Lucy is still watching over them and ordering something for them.

Not far away, Hayden sits with Naomi who warns her daughter she had her lawyers go over Nikolas' finances and saw the news is “not good”. She urges Hayden to go back with her to the city. Although Hayden protests to her mom that is the “last thing” she wants to do, Naomi tells her she needs to know the “last thing” she should be doing is staying in Port Charles with Elizabeth Weber nearby. She urges Hayden to end this horrible chapter in her life and end living in Port Charles for good.

Alone at Wyndemere, Elizabeth looks at a picture of Nikolas and admits to her deceased friend that although she knows he wants them all to get on with their lives, it's so hard to live without him as she admits she misses him. Right then, she goes out the door but is shocked and stunned to see a large box at the door that has been shipped which she makes a note of, knowing it has something to do with something she needs to find out about.

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