GH Update Friday 8/19/16

General Hospital Update Friday 8/19/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the PCPD, Paul takes Jordan aside and informs her that it looks as though the hospital murder investigation is at a stand still and so he needs to know if everything is being done to find the killer.

After Valerie was hit from behind and knocked out right after discovering the cufflink in the hospital lab and Curtis finds her, they brainstorm as to what it means, and specifically whom the suspicion points to. Franco appears and peeks his head in the door. He tells them, as the prime suspect, he thinks he has the right to know if they have another suspect and if they could at least inform Monica Quartermaine. Valerie assures him as soon as they know something more definite, he will know and at that point, she admits to him that they have another suspect.

Elizabeth enters with Jake, after Jason has taken their son to breakfast. The two parents talk alone and Jason asks Elizabeth how Nikolas' funeral went. She admits there was no actual funeral, given the circumstances as she admits she still cannot wrap her brain around realizing he's gone. She asks if Sam is ok, so far, with her pregnancy, to which Jason informs her she's malaria free and all is good. He also announces to Elizabeth that he and Sam are getting married. Hearing that, Elizabeth graciously offers them her blessing although she reveals she is sad. As soon as Jason is gone and she's alone, Franco finds her and informs her he has good news in finding out the police have another lead besides himself. He sees her crying and asks if she is all right, to which she replies no. She then informs him she heard that Sam is pregnant and she and Jason are getting married. She admits it's one thing to end their relationship but then, to now know that he's moving on with his life when she is not, is too much to take. He is able to console her while she admits she loved and lost Jason and he understands all too well with his same situation with Nina. He tells Elizabeth he thinks she deserves to be with someone who puts her first. He realizes although he “could” be that guy, he has to accept he will not and he encourages her to find a great person who will make her happy. She graciously tells him she appreciates that and informs him she wants him to be happy and find the right person also.

Alexis sits alone at the house watching television when Sam comes by and asks her mom if she's ok. Alexis tells her daughter she knows one thing that would help would be to hear something nice. She asks Sam to tell her about her. Sam is ready to happily announce the joyous news to her mom. However, right them she is interrupted when she suddenly has the need to throw up and rushes to the bathroom. In response to that, Alexis comments it’s kind of odd that this would happen and assumes this is “not” morning sickness. Yet Sam reveals that it is. She is pregnant. Alexis assures her daughter that that is good news. They need no longer worry about Julian and can be happy when they welcome the new baby into their family. Sam assures her mom that after all her dad has done, he does not deserve to have anything to do with the new baby. She also informs her mom that Jason proposed to her, she said yes and they plan to get married although they have not set a specific wedding date. Right then, the doorbell rings. Alexis gets the door and Diane walks in, admitting she's surprised to see Alexis dressed in “bland” clothes so unlike the lawyer everyone knows her to be. Alexis then encourages Sam to inform Diane of her good news, to which Sam then announces her pregnancy and engagement. Diane congratulates them both and concludes to them that the “timing is perfect”, reminding Sam that her mother will have more than enough free time to plan for these two very important things in Sam's life. Hearing that, Sam asks her just what she means by that, to which Alexis hesitates to reply to her daughter. Sam then asks them both to reveal what they are not saying, to which Alexis admits to her daughter that she has been suspended from practicing law for the next year. Sam knows all too well how this will devastate her mom yet Alexis assures her she will find other things to occupy her time for the next year and is very happy she will get to be a grandmother again. Right then, Sam goes out the door. Alexis angrily tells Diane; “thanks a lot” for revealing that, as she continues to isolate herself, turns on the television and sits alone. Diane then informs Alexis she's sorry for divulging this information but how long did she think she'd be able to keep the information form her daughters? Alexis asks if 24 hours was too much to ask, to which Diane reminds her that she will have to face this and confide in her friends and family, to which Alexis remarks to Diane that it must be “exhausting to be right all the time”.

Sam goes with Jason to The Metro Court and assesses how her mother has gone through terrible things with not only Julian but she now has learned she's been disbarred. Jason asks why, to which Sam replies she guesses it has something to do with her defending Carlos and allowing her father to manipulate her into helping him. She admits to Jason that she feels personally responsible realizing that she doubts her mom would have gotten as emotionally attached to Julian as she did if Julian had not gotten her mom pregnant with her all those years ago. Jason clearly does not want Sam to blame herself for that, to which she admits she does not want to regret anything and only wants to count her blessings regarding having him and Danny and their new baby in her life.

Kevin is with Laura comforting her over the loss of her son when they kiss. Right then, he pulls away telling her he's “very sorry” and assumes it's necessary to assure her that it “won't happen again”. Yet, little does he know that she does not want him to be sorry and in fact, she would like it to happen again. He is surprised that not only is she not “offended”. She was encouraged, she informs him, and admits to him that she kissed him as much as he kissed her. In response to that, Kevin assesses that maybe now that she's discovered Luke is alive and she might be able to have a future with him when she previously thought she'd lost him forever, that he should not stand in the way of that. In response to that, she asks if he is “kidding” to believe that she wants him to step aside so she can be with Luke. She admits she's very surprised to hear that a shrink is failing to understand what is important to her and she clarifies to him that her future does not include Luke. He then concludes that in his own life, he was sleep-walking for so many times, staying in a marriage that was dead and not believing there were other things out there for him. Yet, he informs her, he believes that being with her woke him up to a bright new future. Hearing that, she admits to him she recalls those were the very same things that he said to her when they were on the flight back from Greece and he was on the drugs that made him forget what he said. Right then, they assess how grateful they are to be together and he asks her if she will go on a date with him. She tells him she'd like to meet him later and they plan on having dinner at the Metro Court. He goes off to get ready and they are both happy to start their lives anew.

While Claudette is alone in the hospital room with Griffin, they end up kissing. Maxie and Nathan walk in the door to see them and stare at them, shocked and stunned. Noticing they are being seen, Claudette attempts to “explain”. Yet Maxie confronts her about being a threat to her and Nathan as well as to their friend, doctor and a priest whom she has “interest” in. Nathan affirms that he does not trust Claudette and although neither of them “suspect” Griffin, they cannot help but wonder why he'd be a part of “this”. Nathan then assesses he remembers Griffin informing him he was a priest in the same part of New York where Nathan and Claudette lived when they were married. Right then, he puts two and two together to conclude that he knows Griffin is now feeling guilty every time he sees him because he “broke is vows” by sleeping with Nathan's wife. Hearing that, Maxie admits she's shocked as she assesses to Griffin that she confided in him about her personal stuff and all her secrets. Yet he kept this secret from her when it involved her fiancÚ and the threat they both live with regarding his ex wife. With that, Maxie asks him just what kind of priest he is. He then protests that he was in a very low part of his life when it happened. He later wanted to make good of his life and became committed and dedicated to practicing medicine. Hearing that, Nathan protests if he felt so guilty, why did he not admit what he did?. Griffin then protests to Nathan that it was he who abused alcohol while he was a cop and shot an unarmed man. Nathan protests he did not “intend” to shoot him any more than he “intended” to walk into his home and see his wife screwing another man. While the two men argue, Claudette demands that Nathan not direct his anger at Griffin and instead direct it toward her. She assesses to both men they can blame each other for what she realizes was her fault. Yet Nathan is infuriated to find out that Griffin “coveted” his ex wife and physically pushes him up against the wall. Maxie yells that Nathan stops this, afraid he could really go too far. He begrudgingly lets go of him but is still infuriated at what he's just found out. Inside the room, Griffin tells Claudette they cannot “continue” what she wanted to do just now, given how it has hurt and ruined too many people's lives, as they both just saw. Outside in the hallway, Maxie cannot understand why Nathan is so upset given what he's just found out. He's clearly still in love with Claudette, she assesses, otherwise he would not have been ready to kill the man his ex wife slept with.

At the PCPD, when it appears that they have no leads, Valerie walks in with Curtis to announce to the police commissioner as well as the DA that they do in fact have something they did not have before. Valerie shows them the evidence of the cufflinks. Both Jordan and Paul find that to be relevant and encourage them to go off and take it from there. At that point, Valerie and Curtis go home together and she assesses to him, with everything she went through with Dante, she is a bit “gun shy” and uncertain whether she can trust her own judgment. He asks her what about today, to which she admits, after today, she feels she can trust him with her life. She can tell he is a great cop, to which he admits he “was” yet he could not prevent standing in his own way. Yet he tells her, he knows she is “going to” make a great cop. With that, he gets ready to leave her apartment. However, she expresses she wants him to stay. They kiss again and he asks her if she is “sure” she wants to do this, to which she assures him absolutely. With that, they take off their clothes and get into her bed together.

At the station, Jordan assesses to Paul that she will put an APB out on the cufflink which, hopefully somebody will recognize. She realizes the Roman coin found on the cufflink looks familiar.

Elizabeth talks to Franco at the hospital, again, mutually comfortable sharing their personal stuff. Jake returns to his mom and clearly appreciates seeing Franco. He asks Franco if his mom has told him the “good news” that his dad and Sam are getting married. Franco replies he heard that news but kind of “misses the point' since he believes that Jake already has the world's greatest mom. He walks away. Elizabeth reveals, although she does not admit, her appreciation of having him there. Franco walks away and Jake admits he's ok with his dad marrying Sam who makes his dad happy just like Franco makes his mom happy. She looks stunned.

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