GH Update Thursday 8/18/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/18/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie awakens in bed with Nathan and he struggles to awaken. She informs him she had the most awesome dream involving having her wedding with the most wonderful and gorgeous man she has ever known. She was safe in knowing that Claudette has slithered out of their lives. With that, she asks Nathan if that can somehow become more than just a dream, to which he regretfully replies, as they know, Claudette has made it clear she has no plans on going anywhere. In response to that, Maxie asks why it can't happen for them. They are good people and why has this “she devil” come into their lives to make trouble? Nathan replies that Claudette only has power over them if they give it to her. She realizes she has to get going and meet with Lulu.

Nina is at The Metro Court when she runs into Claudette who makes her presence knowing. With that, she makes it clear to Claudette she is not about to give her her job back. Hearing that, Claudette smiles, appearing content, as she “assures” Nina that is not what she expects.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Griffin looks at notes he has, remembering how Claudette has threatened and antagonized him with what she knows. He replies he will not do what she wants. He runs into Finn who is in the research lab doing a secret study. He announces that he is doing scientific testing to be able to save everyone who “has this thing”. He speaks to “someone” (his deceased wife?) admitting he realizes and regrets failing being able to save her. With that, while alone and unseen, he injects his drug into his veins and remarks he realizes she likes him to be positive but if he does not think of something, he won’t have a chance to do what he wants to do. He realizes she has left him all alone with nobody except for Roxy. Yet he realizes that Hayden is also his friend. Yet he knows to “justify” himself to her that he and Hayden are “just friends”. He's startled when Valerie Spencer walks in. She reminds him that the police have authorization to make routine “sweeps” throughout the hospital lab. He leaves, goes into the hallway and lets her do her job.

Hayden is at Wyndemere, ready for Nikolas' funeral, alone in a room, realizing she is not welcome to join his family and friends in the other room, while talking alone to Curtis. She reflects he may be one of the very few friends she has. He tells her he has to leave and get to the hospital.

In the other room, the others are gathered together. Lulu and Dante both wonder why Alexis is not there. Hayden comes in and asks the others if they are hungry. Nobody welcomes her although she wants to talk to Lulu about the loss of Nikolas, to which Lulu furiously reminds her that she drove her (Lulu's) brother away. At that point, Dante and Laura encourage Lulu to go off and meet with Maxie, as Laura reminds her daughter she believes her brother would want her to get on with her life and be happy. Hayden then talks to the others about her involvement and relationship with “the late” Nikolas. She gets an incoming call from her mother. Kevin sits alone with Laura and acknowledges that she is amazing, given that on a day like this, she is actually able to show kindness to Hayden. Laura knows she has to find out the nature of Hayden's call from her mom. She walks out to overhear Hayden talking about how she believes she has the right to obtain money from Nikolas' Will. At that point, Laura angrily snatches the phone out of Hayden's hands and tells her she will not let her do this to her son after he's gone. She furiously tells Hayden she does not trust her and will not allow her to take anything from Spencer and if Hayden thinks she will get away with doing what she intends to do, she will find out how Laura is willing and able to fight for her family.

At the hospital, Curtis finds Finn and informs him that he spoke to Hayden and found out today is her husband’s funeral, adding he's been able to see that Finn and Hayden have become “besties”. In response to that, Finn wonders how he'd know and why he's interested. Curtis then asks Finn if he might have seen Officer Spencer, to which Finn replies she's in the lab.

Valerie in the lab "doing a sweep" when someone hits her from behind and knocks her out. She falls to the floor.

Alexis goes downstairs still in her robe just having gotten out of bed when Sonny appears at her door wondering why she's not up by now. She realizes for the first time that she's overslept attending her nephew's funeral. He knows she is not in a good way and hung-over and encourages her to “just breathe”. She reminds Sonny that her husband tried to kill her and her kids hate her. Sonny demands she tells him exactly what is going on with her right now, realizing there's something more than that, to which she informs him their mutual daughter blames her for the breakup with Parker. In response to that, Sonny reminds her he's seen her clash with Kristina many times yet he's never before seen her drown her sorrows in booze. He knows something is going on which she is not revealing and he demands she tells him what is going on or else he will “pry it out of her.” She tells him she's in no mood to share personal stuff with him. He asks her why she can't get to work and do the legal business she's agreed to do for his coffee shop, to which Alexis replies she cannot because she's not a lawyer anymore. She informs Sonny she’s been suspended from practicing law for another year and urges him not to tell her daughters, to which he assures her they will not hear it from him. Nina is at the door. Alexis panics and wonders what she wants. Nina replies that she thinks both of them would want to know that just last night, Julian tried to escape from jail. She explains to them that since Julian is incarcerated, she needed to have legal documents drawn up and signed by him so she could have legal rights to Crimson. Sonny is fascinated and very encouraged when Nina reveals that when she went to get Julian to sign the papers, she caught him with keys in his hand ready to get out. When he refused to sign the papers, she told him she could turn the keys over to the warden. Sonny announces he has to get going. Alone with Alexis, Nina reveals to her that during this interaction she had with Julian, he made it clear he's still in love with Alexis. Alexis asks her how that came up, to which Nina presents her theories about how Julian is a narcissist who wants to save his own skin and believes Alexis still loves him and that love conquers all.

Nathan gets to work and assesses to Dante that the PCPD is investigating the mysterious “murders” in the hospital and wonders how many more people have to die before they find out what is going on and do something about it. They change the subject and Nathan asks Dante to be his best man. Dante replies he'd be honored. Yet Nathan admits he needs a “favor” from him involving a suspicion he has about his ex wife staying in town doing suspicious behaviors.

Lulu and Maxie meet at The Metro Court. When Maxie discusses the same thing with her best friend, Lulu assures her that Nathan loves only her and she need realize Claudette could never hold a candle to her. Lulu knows that Maxie needs to talk further and they go off together driving and shopping.

Griffin finds out, to his dismay, that Claudette has a surprise for him. She informs him her “surprise” is that she just got a job at General Hospital. At the hospital, when Griffin finds out that Claudette intends to “work” at the hospital, he admits that he is willing and able to clear his conscience, now realizing he can enlighten Nathan about the shooting and help him realize what she is up to. She reminds him that he needs to heed what will happen if Nathan finds out that he was her lover. Yet he tells her he knows all too well about how she loves to play games. It's a little too coincidental that she's suddenly shown up in Port Charles and he knows she obviously has some “agenda” with Nathan. She then informs Griffin that Nathan could never “give her what she wanted”. Yet he could, she tells him, as she attempts to manipulate and persuade Griffin to believe he's the “man she wants”. He angrily tells her they cannot go back to the way things once were. It was a “test” she put him to which he failed. She then tells him he does not feel guilty about Nathan or about his broken vows. He feels guilty because he's not being true to his feelings about her. She moves closer to him, declaring that they are meant for each other.

Curtis rushes into the lab where Valerie has been working and is shocked when he sees her passed out on the floor. She comes to and realizes that right before she was knocked out, she found a mysterious cuff link in her pocket and intended to take it to the lost and found. And now, it's suddenly gone. She knows that whoever was willing to knock her out over a cufflink would be someone who needs to cover up a crime. Knowing that the cufflink appears to belong to Finn and she walked in on him and it made him very nervous, she puts two and two together. Curtis brainstorms with her although he tells her she has no proof of her theory that whoever the cufflink belongs to is a serial killer.

Finn goes to Wyndemere unexpectedly and finds Hayden. She's surprised to see him but he's there with a cactus as a gift for her and wants to offer his condolences, asking why she did not tell him about Nikolas' funeral. She asks what he'd have done if she did. He then sounds “somewhat positive” and informs her things “might be ok for a while” and maybe they could go somewhere together to celebrate. They go, together to The Metro Court and she wonders why he's suddenly in such a good mood. Did he win the lottery? He replies kind of like that. He thinks he may suddenly have a “cure” he tells her.

In the other room, Laura cries and furiously informs Kevin that that no good Hayden thought she'd let her get away with cheating her son and grandson out of their rights. She sobs and talks how she regrets abandoning her son for all those years. She was never there for him when he needed her and now it's too late to make it right, she reminds Kevin who assures her she need not blame herself and comforts her. He tells her it's totally ok to grieve although she apologizes, assesses she cannot be doing this anymore and has to pull herself together for Spencer. Kevin then encourages her to believe she's pulled herself together enough by pulling the bullet out of him and being there for everyone after she lost her son. She tells him how she appreciates his being her friend, to which he asks her if that is “all they are to each other”. At that moment, they kiss.

Sonny goes to meet with a guy at The Metro Court and asks h m what kind of “man power” he has at his disposal. The guy asks just what Sonny wants and what are the arrangements. Sonny replies it's Julian Jerome. He informs the guy that as he knows, Julian is a “coward”. However, he clearly has resources, Sonny informs him, and he does not trust the PCPD. The guy asks Sonny if he thinks Julian is going to run, to which Sonny tells him possibly and he is determined to take the law into his own hands with Julian and confirms that the guy will help him do what he needs to do.

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