GH Update Wednesday 8/17/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/17/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante is at work on his computer when Lulu suddenly comes by with baby items she purchased at a flea market to celebrate moving into the house. He reminds her she is not even pregnant yet. In response to that, she admits that is true. She was merely out shopping as a distraction realizing that they are running DNA tests on the bracelet she found in the tunnels at the house in Greece to find out if that was her dad.. She admits she's worried after losing Nikolas. She barely hears from her other brother, Lucky, and she's afraid her family is fading away. She's assured, however, that she has a family with him, Rocco and their new baby. He talks about all of the plans he has to build and furnish their new house for the baby. She gets an incoming call from the hospital. She answers the phone and is informed that her Malaria test came back negative. She happily announces to Dante she can now start the hormones and will be ready to carry a child.

Tracy and Laura are at the hospital waiting and concerned about the same thing. Tracy offers her condolences to Laura for the loss of Nikolas, admitting that he was a business adversary of hers' however, she assures Laura, she is there for her during this time. She also assures her that with all Luke has been trough in his life, and all he's done, there's no way he's going to end his life in some crummy corner on Cassadine Island. Laura tells Tracy she apologizes for upstaging hers' and Luke's engagement party a while back, as she realizes Tracy has been there for Luke and deserves respect. Tracy thanks her for that and admits to Laura that she realizes that is now in the past. Laura then directly asks Tracy if she is still in love with Luke. Tracy then admits that she has tried not to be. Laura reminds Tracy she was just a teenager when she married Luke. She realizes she was married to Scott Baldwin at the time but then Luke suddenly whisked her away on their adventures, time went by and they had kids. Yet she realizes how she never grew up at all because she was always the damsel in distress and Luke was always there to save her. Scott always treated her like a child. She now realizes when people treat one like a child, they start to act like one. She now realizes she has had to grow up when seeing she no longer had kids to raise nor a husband to please. The staff member comes out and announces that the test results have come in. The attendant goes over scientific findings and concludes that it's 99 percent likely that the DNA does not match. At that point, the two women rejoice knowing that Luke is not dead.

Elizabeth goes to the parking garage and gets into her vehicle while on the phone to Monica. She suspects nothing when Franco surprises her by popping up in her back seat telling her he'd like to finish their previous discussion. She runs out of her car and tells him it gives her the creeps that he's hiding in her car. He protests he cannot go to the hospital and be seen. She asks why he can't just go to her house if he wants to talk to her, to which he admits he's afraid she'd slam the door in his face. They talk in the parking garage and he reflects how he was very angry when he thought she doubted his innocence and questioned him. She admits how they have both acted crazy there for a while. He then affirms that they no longer have those issues and there's no more doubt. She wants to convince him that she has enjoyed being with him. Yet they both realize that “for a while” she has seen him as a psychopath. She admits that she remembers his past and sometimes certain things trigger memories of who he used to be. She then admits she has a problem making peace with who he used to be and what he did. He then asks her what she is saying, to which she replies she does not think they should see each other anymore. She tells him that the two of them together is not realistic and she believes they need to stop before they hurt each other. Yet he informs her the painting he did of her is how he sees her. She is beautiful in this ugly world. And, he further tells Elizabeth, she is so much more than that, he tells her. She is his angel. Whenever he's around her, he tells her, he feels hopeful and full of hope. And, he tells her, he thought she might be his salvation who could look at him and encourage him to know that there is good in him. Yet she coldly tells him she cannot be his angel. He has to find salvation for himself. He then tells her he realizes she may be right. He realizes he needs to find salvation on his own. Yet she tells him she knows he has a gift which he needs to use and encourages him to keep painting. At that point, he kisses her good bye and walks away.

Kristina is intoxicated at the coffee shop and angrily leaving a message for Parker to confront her about breaking it off with Kristina and writing the letter after Kristina’s mom persuaded her to do so. Right when she's about to say something she might regret, Molly comes up behind her, grabs the phone out of her hand, throws it off the balcony and tells her she had to do that because she can see her sister is not thinking straight. Kristina angrily tells her sister that is an expensive and valuable phone and if the screen is cracked, Molly will pay for it. Molly urges her sister to know she realizes she is upset over Parker having broken up with her. Yet Kristina asks Molly if she is aware that their mom went behind her back to have a private conversation with Parker and to persuade her to end their relationship. She admits to Molly she does not care if Alexis gets disbarred. In fact, she hopes they throw the book at her. She asks Molly if she is really “ok” with their mom selling her life as well as the two of them and everything she loves down the river for Julian to which Molly admits no she is not. She has had issues and concerns with that but that does not mean she wishes terrible things on their mom, as Molly protests to her sister their mom needs their love and support at a time like this. Kristina then angrily tells her sister that she (Molly) clearly believes she is so good and incapable of having any personal problems and she tells Molly she needs to wake up and see how shallow she is. IN response to that, Molly tells Kristina she needs to pull herself together.

Alexis is outside the American Bar Association office ready for her hearing and very worried. Diane is with her assuring her she may have a good shot of prevailing. Yet before they can finish their conversation, she is called her inside for the decision. The ABA representative sits across the table from Alexis and Diane and looks like he's ready to render a decision and not take up a lot of their time before doing so. However, Olivia rushes in and asks if she's “late”. She informs the judge as well as the others that she has not forewarned them that she would attend this hearing but wants them all to hear her out. The attorney asks her to talk. She then informs them they are being “played as fools”. She says that she was working at her hotel a while back, while having a meeting with the mayor. She had her infant son there with her and he needed her to feed him. The mayor wanted to get her in trouble for breastfeeding her kid in public. Alexis went to bat for her and made the mayor look like the worthless idiot she is. Olivia further states that Mayor Lomax wants to get Alexis in trouble and get revenge upon her for this. That is the only reason why this is happening, she declares. The judge thanks Olivia for her "input" then asks Diane to speak for her client but at that point, Alexis announces she'd like to speak on her own behalf. She tells everyone that when she was growing up, her mother was stabbed to death and there was nothing that could be done about that. She became convinced there was no justice in the world. That was why she became a lawyer. She wanted to fight for justice. She talks about how she represented Carlos Rivera because her husband asked her to. She did not personally want to help Carlos and Julian wanted her to do it in order to prevent Carlos from implicating him. She would like this panel to be able to learn from her mistakes.

While they wait for the verdict outside the office of the American Bar Association, Alexis admits to Olivia that she was ready to threaten her with court, on behalf of Julian when she wanted to keep Leo from Julian and for that, she realizes she was wrong and apologizes. Hearing that, Olivia assures her she has no ill thoughts about that realizing that she, herself, made the mistake of trusting Julian with Leo. The attorney summons Alexis and Diane back into the office to hear the decision.

Kristina furiously demands that Molly goes away, leaves her alone and tells her she wants her out of her life. At that point, she down alone, breaks down and cries. Noticing that, Molly comes to her, holds her sister in her arms and comforts her.

The ABA representative announces to Alexis that he cannot, in good conscience, allow her to practice law in the state of New York at this time. Hearing that, Diane immediately jumps up to say she will be filing a motion to reverse the disbarment of her client. The man then clarifies he is not disbarring Ms. Davis. The ABA is temporarily suspending her license for one year.

Olivia gets a call to join Dante and Lulu. She meets them at the station and is rejoicing to hear that she will have another grandchild. She then informs her son and daughter in law that while feeding Leo this morning, a premonition told her she would soon have a granddaughter. Hearing that, Dante tells his mom he does not doubt her psychic powers but asks how she could determine the gender of their child before they've even done the insemination. Yet Olivia is confident they will have a baby girl as she happily rushes out and lets them talk alone.

At the hospital, after hearing the joyous news, Tracy attempts to contact Luke by phone yet, once again, he's nowhere to be found. Laura remarks that's not unusual. Tracy asks Laura if she plans to go and find Luke, to which Laura assures Tracy she is not going to do that this time. Hearing that, Tracy finds that surprising. Laura informs her there are “people who need her”, to which Tracy asks her if she means Kevin Collins. Laura clarifies her kids need her. And yes, she admits, she does want to go and visit Kevin while he recovers. She also encourages Tracy to contact Luke, admit to her feelings for him and fight to get him back if that is what she really wants. As soon as Tracy is alone, she leaves a message for Luke informing him that it's now been confirmed that he's not dead. She urge him to call her, please.

Alexis goes with Diane to the bar and Diane wants to celebrate the fact that they have gotten much better news than they feared. Yet Alexis admits she has nothing else in her life except being a lawyer. It's who she is and all she has known since she passed the bar. She wonders what she will do, what she will tell her kids and realizes she has lost them too. She makes it clear she is distraught and at a breaking point. Diane then notices and admits to Alexis it's getting late. She has to get home and get ready to get up early the following morning to practice law. She leaves. Alexis then sends a text to Kristina asking if she's there and gets no response. She then asks the bartender to keep the tab open while she continues to drink alone.

At the coffee shop Molly calms Kristina down and assures her she believes she is a wonderful person who deserves to be happy and loved and have a great future and if Parker cannot see that, then she was not worth it. She encourages Kristina to come home with her and have some drinks and food and watch movies. They go off happy to be together. As they walk away, we see Kristina's phone on the ground with an incoming call from her mom that remains unheard and ignored.

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