GH Update Tuesday 8/16/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/16/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Carly calls Michael and asks him to bring Josslyn to meet with her and Nelle so that she can share something incredible with them. She informs her daughter that Nelle is her kidney donor and has saved her life. Hearing that, Josslyn is in awe and wants to know all that Nelle may have experienced, suffered and sacrificed without the kidney that Josslyn now has that has saved her life. Nelle assures her that things are ok and she has always wondered just who the recipient was who benefited from her kidney. Josslyn then asks her mom how this could suddenly happen after she's promised to call off the search. Carly then explains, and Jax corroborates that she did respect Josslyn's wishes. Yet, Carly explains, Nina Reeves had already found Nelle at that point. Hearing that, Josslyn asks if that is what Nelle was privately discussing with them when she first came to the house and demands to know why. Carly, along with Michael and Sonny assure her that they did not want to get her hopes up not having a clue whether Nelle was in fact the donor. Josslyn then angrily demands to know why they did not respect her enough to even talk to her and walks off. At that point, Nelle asks the others if it's ok with her “giving it a shot” to get through to Josslyn, to which they reply that's fine and hope she can reach Josslyn, realizing they have all failed that. Carly and Jax talk alone about their concerns that their daughter believes they do not respect her wishes. Not far away, Josslyn tells Nelle that they went behind her back yet Nelle reminds her that they wanted to make sure they had complete medical records and it's their job as parents, asking Josslyn if she realizes what could happen if she needed a transplant and nobody knew where her kidney came from. Josslyn admits that she trusts Michael unlike her parents and Nelle admits to her that she agrees that Michael is more approachable and it was he who convinced her to stay and get tested when she was about to leave and never come back. Nelle also reminds Josslyn that she's (Josslyn) very fortunate to have a family who is looking out for her, whereas, she informs Josslyn, she (herself) does not have that and always wished she had a family who loves her as much as Josslyn's family loves her.

Michael goes off with his dad, assessing he’s glad Nelle is a donor and they've gotten answers they need, as has she. He reflects about the terrible thing that happened to Nelle and asks his dad just how it is that he suddenly found out that Nelle was the donor. In response to that, Sonny confides in his son that when Jax says he has “reasons” to respect Josslyn's decision, he suspects that and believes whatever is going on with Jax does not add up.

Not far away, Carly talks to Jax and they reconcile their previous differences when Josslyn returns to them and apologizes, cries and emotionally acknowledges she knows they love her and she loves them. Nelle observes yet does not smile. Carly, Jax, Sonny and Michael all surround Nelle and assure her how grateful they are to her. She graciously affirms she only wants what is best for Josslyn. She hugs a gracious Josslyn. Jax goes off alone and gets on his phone to make a secret call informing “someone” that “Nelle will not be a threat” and her “contact with Carly” will be limited. Carly goes to see Nelle before she gets on the elevator and informs her she'd like to get to know more about her.

Tracy coldly meets with Paul Hornsby at The Metro Court. He remarks that she has avoided him for a long time and wonders why now she suddenly wants to talk to them. She replies it's their son. He reminds her that Dillon is no longer a child so what is this about? She then tells her son's father that she has concerns regarding Dillon taking some sort of “secret pill” that he would not tell her about. She took the bottle, researched and found out that it was for an STD (or STI?). Hearing that, Paul is concerned and needs to know if he might have a deadly disease or whom he might be sleeping with, to which Tracy informs Paul their son did not answer that question yet she did find out that the “disease” is treatable and he is not fatal. However, she informs Paul, she thought her son's father needed to be informed about what is going on with him. Paul protests that Tracy has kept their son away from him throughout his life and Dillon has been poisoned against him, refusing to speak to him and has shut his father out of his life. Tracy asks him why it is that his other kids are so important to him yet he never speaks of them. In response to that, Paul becomes angry and yells loud enough to be overheard.

Ava goes to find Dillon and urges him to know that if he wants Kiki, he may be able to have her. Although Kiki and Morgan have not officially broken up, she tells him ,she believes all it would take for that to happen would be himself. She reminds him that Morgan is a “destroyer” whereas he is a “healer” and she firmly asks Dillon to tell her just whom he believes is the right person for her Kiki. She protests to Dillon she can see that whenever Kiki sees him, she lights up and she sounds impassioned to Dillon, urging him to fight for her daughter. Hearing that, however, Dillon appears less than contented. He asks Ava if she is merely urging him to break up Kiki and Morgan so that she can have Morgan for herself. Ava protests that she is just acting in the best interest of her daughter yet Dillon angrily tells her she is controlling her daughter’s life, manipulating her and manipulating him and at that point, Dillon tells Ava he does not trust her and she can go to hell. He goes off and (coincidentally?) runs into Kiki.

Inside the Crimson office, Nina informs Curtis that she'd like him to find her a baby, for which she will reward him with very generous pay incentive. He asks why she believes she has to take drastic action, to which Nina informs him not long ago, she drugged a woman who was giving birth and kidnapped her baby. And that was Ava Jerome. He asks her if she's ever considered a lawyer or adoption agency which she can pay for, to which Nina tells him she knows that nobody would ever let her “legally” adopt a child. Yet, she cries and tells him although nobody realizes this, she knows she is meant to be a mother. She wants that more than anything and urges Curtis to help her “find” a baby. She talks about how he can “arrange” for her to make sure that her name is on a baby's birth certificate and other such “details” involved in her plan. Curtis assesses to Nina that he realizes she has this need and would like to help her but there are limitations, where that goes. At that point, he declares he will not let her get a baby on the black market and promises Nina he will find a way for her.

Morgan goes to have a therapy and medication assessment session with André. He informs his shrink that they have now found the perfect combination of meds that work for everything he needs. When André asks if things are working out with Kiki, remembering the last time they spoke, Morgan told him he could not perform while taking the drugs, Morgan assures him things are great between him and Kiki although “some things” want to come between them. In response to that, André asks just what or whom he is talking about, to which Morgan replies there's “this guy” who wants to get in the way of his relationship with Kiki. Also, he informs André, Kiki's mom is a concern. André wants to talk further to Morgan about just what his concerns are regarding his future with Kiki. He also admits to his shrink that he is concerned that maybe Kiki believes what her mom and Dillon want her to believe that he is completely out of control. He admits he's afraid of being institutionalized again, to which André admits to him he cannot promise it will never happen again given the unpredictable situation. Morgan then admits to his shrink his insecurity and fear of losing Kiki, to which André assures him he can achieve what he wants and be ok.

Meanwhile, Dillon and Kiki meet “by chance” in the parking garage and get into changing a tire together. They relive how he encouraged her to get out of the house and no longer be afraid, not long ago, over a flat tire, after Morgan got her shot and Dillon appeared to be her “hero”. While together, they are happy. Kiki reveals she is a lot more comfortable around Dillon than she is with Morgan although neither declares nor admits it. In the conversation, he admits to her that he had a “conversation” with her mom which Ava initiated. He informs her Ava wanted him to be with Kiki and to realize she should not be with Morgan. Before they can continue that conversation, however, Kiki gets a call from Morgan. Se asks how his therapy session went. Dillon overhears and Kiki confirms to him that she and Morgan are committed. Dillon tells her he's ok with that and that is why he told her mom to go to hell.

Right the, while Morgan is in the hospital in the hallway after his session with André and has refilled his meds, Ava hides and spies upon him unseen. We clearly observe, as Ava observes Morgan setting down his backpack with his meds. And obviously, this is the “perfect opportunity” for Ava to do what she wants to do in order to “accomplish” what she wants.

Jason proposes to Sam. He informs her he wants her to be his wife and asks if she is ready to spend the rest of her life with him. She happily replies yes. She admits to him that she was afraid that they would never be able to get back what they had given they've already been legally married yet have had to recently “divorced”. In response to that, he assures her that that is crazy and he will marry her as many times ass it takes in order to convince her that he is committed to her for life. She then asks Jason if perhaps he is proposing to her because she’s now pregnant, to which he admits that is a “consideration” but not the only reason. He wants to be there for her and face whatever life has for them together. She admits she's feels guilty having no clue that she could have gotten pregnant and worries what will happen if this baby is not ok. Jason urges her not to think of that. Sam gets an incoming call from the hospital. She gets on the phone and confirms, with Finn that her baby is going to be ok and does not have Malaria. Hearing that, Sam and Jason rejoice and she assesses this is a miracle. Jason then asks her if she could promise him something asks what that would be, to which Jason tells her she needs to stop “protecting” him. He tells her he promises to tell her the truth about everything and they both agree to “do it right this time”.

Tracy then assesses to Paul he is right that she knows nothing about his daughter Susan. She has not seen Susan since she was a little girl and it's not her place to judge. Yet, Tracy tells Paul, she thinks they should both discuss Dillon. Paul, assesses to Tracy that Dillon is a young man and things happen. She tells him that she would like to have a conversation arranged between the three of them and asks Paul if he will be a part of that. He replies of course and affirms to Tracy there is nothing he would not do for his children.

While Kiki is with Dillon in the parking garage, assuring him she is happy and committed to Morgan, he tells her that is all that matters.

Right when Ava notices Morgan's backpack unattended in the hallways, unknown to him, she removes his meds and rushes out unseen before he returns. Later, Morgan returns, grabs his backpack and departs, suspecting nothing.

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