GH Update Monday 8/15/16

General Hospital Update Monday 8/15/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jason tells Sam he can see she is afraid of something. He can feel it. He knows she's putting off telling him something and urges her to tell him what is going on. She admits he's right. She is afraid. She knows she should not be. She should be excited and grateful and happy, she tells him. He reminds her he cannot do anything unless she tells him what is going on. At that point, she reveals to him that she is pregnant. Hearing that, Jason is in awe. Sam explains that Finn did the blood work when she needed to find out why she was fainting. She reminds him that she never thought she could have another baby. She also realizes she has not planned this, has been drinking and not assuming there's any way this could be possible. Jason does not seem worried but she reminds him that it's possible she could have Malaria, in which case, the baby could have it too. She cries as she lists to Jason all the possibilities of risks for things that could happen to the baby if she does in fact have Malaria while pregnant. He tells her that all he wants to do is make sure she knows that he loves her and he will be there for her. He holds her in his arms and comforts her. They sit on the couch and she explains that when she talked to Finn, she did not worry about anything regarding herself or her future. Then, when she heard she could be pregnant and then realized it's possible she has Malaria, she went from being ecstatically happy to being panicked and terrified. She admits to Jason she did not tell him because she believed she was protecting him. Then she remembered doing the same thing, years ago, when she was pregnant with Danny and remembers how it cost them and their lives were permanently changed after that. Yet, Jason assures her, it won't happen this time as he promises to be there for her. She informs him that she discussed the matter privately with Elizabeth who told her she should be honest with Jason and Sam admits to him that Elizabeth was right. She informs Jason she is scared and does not know why it's so hard for her to face things. He suggests maybe it's because they lost each other not long ago and she's afraid of it happening again. She protests that she knows he had to do what he had to do when they were last together before he “disappeared” yet Jason tells her he regrets the choices that kept them apart. He would do things differently now. He then declares to Sam he wants her to be his life and asks her to marry him.

Carly goes to see Nina at the Crimson office. Nina is worried that Carly might not approve of what she is doing. given that Josslyn asked them all to back off and not pursue the need to find her kidney donor. Yet, given that they have a very likely prospect, and that means that she will know and hopefully be able to protect her daughter, Carly is happy. She assures Nina all is well and she has done the right thing. Curtis returns and Carly goes out the door to let him talk to Nina alone. She asks if he's finished his investigation of the crooked plastic surgeons. He appears to have founded out what she needs and admits he has also helped her and Carly investigate Josslyn's kidney donor against Josslyn's wishes and he is not entirely ok about that.. Nina assures him he needn't worry yet she admits to him that maybe she has been living vicariously through Carly with all of this. She sees how passionate loyal Carly is to her kids and envisions herself as a mom. Curtis tells Nina he's glad to see that but expresses discontentment about “something” and gets ready to leave, although Nina urges him to wait and not rush off. She informs him she has another job for him, for which she will give him a lot of money, a bonus and an expense account. He responds telling her that sounds like a generous offer but he asks just what exactly she wants him to do at this point. Nina replies that she wants him to find her a baby.

At the hospital, Sonny talks to Jax and to Nelle after she's agreed to be tested in order to find out if she is, in fact Josslyn's kidney donor., Monica comes out and gets ready to test her. Alone with Jax, Sonny inquires why Jax appears so uneasy about Nelle getting tested and finding out if she is Josslyn's donor. Carly enters and informs Jax that if Nelle is in fact the donor of their daughter’s kidney, they will have to tell Josslyn and protests to him he needs to know that their daughter will realize that this is important, Hearing that, Jax clarifies that may only be a possibility “if” Nelle is Josslyn's donor. Nelle returns after doing the testing. Carly graciously thanks her for that. Nelle assures her she's doing it for her own reasons because she needs to know the answer. Carly warmly invites her to talk about her upbringings, regarding growing up in Atlanta, being an orphan without siblings and the fact that Nelle loves kids and wants to be a teacher, while both Sonny and Jax are nearby witnessing and observing everything. Monica returns and informs them that the only way to find the answer, for certain, is to do a biopsy, which, she explains, is a very risky procedure as it is. And, she further reminds them, for anyone with only one kidney, it's an even greater risk which she would not advise, in the interest of Nelle's health and safety. She leaves and at that point, all the three of them conclude that they cannot expect Nelle to go through with that. Yet Sonny announces that he did some checking and it appears that very likely Nelle is in fact Josslyn's donor. Jax argues and reminds Sonny he is not Josslyn's father but Carly wants to find out what her husband just found out. Sonny tells the story about how everything “fits in” given the time frame of when Josslyn had the surgery and everything involved and so, he concludes, they more than likely already have the answer without having to do the high risk procedure. Carly hugs him and indicates she sees Sonny as the hero. Yet Jax is clearly discontented.

Sabrina is with Michael when Carlos' brother, Jose comes by. He reveals to Michael, for the first time, that he gave Sabrina and Teddy a ride from the hospital. Alone with Sabrina, Michael asks why she kept this secret from him. She does not know how to respond to that. Jose returns and asks the two of them if “everything is ok”. Michael gets a call from his mom. Carly asks her son if he could please go to pick Josslyn up from her camp and bring her to the hospital. Michael asks his mom if everything is ok, to which she assures him yes but needs his help He promptly goes off. Alone with Sabrina, Jose asks her why she is shutting him down. He urges her to know that he is family to her and to Teddy but also warns her that she needs to be completely honest to Michael about everything given he can see that Michael has “expectations”.. He assures a “somewhat doubting and confused” Sabrina that he wants to be there for her and for Teddy and wants her to trust him.

At the hospital, while they wait for Michael, Nelle returns and protests to the others she plans to have the biopsy even if they are not asking her to do so. Carly then informs her that it appears Sonny has obtained all the proof they need that she is more than likely Josslyn's kidney donor and the biopsy is not necessary. And now, Carly reveals to her, she would like for Josslyn to know that Nelle is, in fact, her donor. Hearing that, Nelle asks if she's sure about that, to which Carly and Sonny both assure her everything will be ok. Michael and Josslyn appear. Josslyn can overhear the conversation and they both demand to know what is going on. Nelle also needs to know why they have suddenly appeared and what has gone on without her knowing. Josslyn then urges her mom to tell her what the “secret” is. In response to that, Carly smiles and informs her daughter that Nelle is her kidney donor. She has saved Josslyn's life, Carly tells her daughter.

At The Metro Court, Morgan gets on the elevator. Dillon also gets on at the same time. He informs him that he is staying at The Metro Court and will be seeing a lot more of Morgan and Kiki. He confrontationally asks Morgan why it is so much of a “threat” to him that Dillon will be seeing more of Morgan's girlfriend.

Kiki is waitressing when Ava comes to talk to her daughter. Kiki firmly and coldly informs her mom that Morgan informed her that her mom came and talked to him before he got released form Freeman to urge him to break up with her daughter. She firmly informs her Ava that she is with Moran and her mom has no say in that. Ava then asks her daughter if she really wants to commit to Morgan given all of his problems and all she will have to deal with. Ava then informs her daughter that only days ago, Morgan came by to knock on her door and was very hostile and confrontational to her. Hearing that, Kiki remarks she “wonders why”, to which Ava urges her daughter to know that Morgan only wants what is right for him and has no regard for Kiki's best interests. IN response to that, Kiki reminds her mom she is no position to judge Morgan after all the crap she has pulled. Ava gets an incoming call. Kiki goes off and at that point, both Dillon and Morgan get off the elevator and enter the restaurant. Morgan is holding flowers to give to Kiki. When she overhears Dillon talking “cozily” with another woman, she mindfully listens and silently indicates she is not ok with that. She meets up with Morgan and tells him the flowers are beautiful. She goes to put them in water and realizes she needs to “ignore” Dillon although it may be easier said than done. He exhibits similar difficulty ignoring her also. Ava attentively watches the two “suitors” with her daughter. At that point, Kiki and Dillon knock into each other and the flowers and water fall on the floor and Dillon has cut his finger. He realizes he has to get going because he can hardly work for a fashion magazine looking like this. He goes off. Morgan helps Kiki pick up the broken vase and flowers and she remarks to him that she “did not see this coming”. Ava mindfully watches the interaction as Dillon has gone off, then approaches her daughter and Morgan and reminds Moran that during their “little visit” last night, he needs to informs Kiki that he “left something out”. She goes off and Kiki asks Morgan just what her mom means by that. Morgan replies, urging her not to “freak out”, that he informed Ava that he and Kiki plan to get married. As soon as she hears that, she clearly needs to clarify that he does not have the mistaken idea that that could actually happen. In response to that, Morgan assures Kiki he loves her very much and wants to commit but he knows they are not ready for marriage, assuring her he merely told Ava that in order to drive her crazy., to which she agrees with him that Ava drives them crazy so why not? He later talks to her about all of the “ideas” he has about the coffee shop, sponsoring local events, having activities, etc. He talks excessively and rapidly about countless things and is “all over the place”, to which Kiki indicates she is “concerned” by listening to him talk. He can see that right away as she admits that he may be having another manic episode. Yet she assures him all is well, as she gets back to work.

At the Crimson office, while Nina is talking to Curtis, not far away Ava walks into the office and notices Dillon changing his shirt. He acknowledges her and assumes she's there to see Nina on behalf of her brother. Yet Ava clarifies to him she is not there for that. She's there to see him. She clearly has a “mission” involving her daughter as she informs Dillon she has seen what has happened between him and Kiki earlier. She assures him that even if Kiki is “with Morgan” at this point, she can clearly see Dillon and her daughter have a connection. Although Dillon wants to dismiss that conversation, reminds Ava that her daughter has chosen Morgan and his only option at this point is to accept that and back off, she assures him that she is certain that he and Kiki have a future regardless.

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