GH Update Friday 8/12/16

General Hospital Update Friday 8/12/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Finn talks alone to Jason after running the tests and confirms he has a clean bill of health. Not far away, Sam talks privately to Elizabeth admitting concerns about what Malaria could mean to her unborn child if she has it.

Finn later talks to Sam alone in the exam room and informs her he spoke to Jason a little while ago and he voiced some concerns. Sam confirms that he did not reveal to Jason that she was pregnant, to which Finn informs her he does not violate doctor/patient confidentiality although he informs her he believes she should tell him.

Jason goes to find Sam and notices her talking privately to Elizabeth. He asks what is going on, noticing that they sound a bit “intense”, to which they hesitate to answer. Yet Sam informs him they were just discussing how it would be a better for him not to leave the hospital so soon. Yet Jason knows otherwise and goes off with Sam. When he sees Elizabeth alone, he asks if she has a moment to speak to him about Franco. She does not want to discuss that, informing him that at least she and Franco have been truthful to one another, implying she may know something about Sam that Jason does not.

As soon as Jason and Sam are alone, he informs her he knows there's something she's not telling him. As soon as they get home, he asks her if she's sick and encourages her not to shut him out. She admits she realizes it's “not fair” but urges him to just give her a little time and do this her way. He then tells her he's knows she's afraid because he can feel it. Sam does not reveal to him what is on her mind.

Franco goes to the hospital and hears from Dr. Obrecht that he's been suspended from his duties at the hospital although she does not agree that the board could not recognize such artistic brilliance. She makes it clear that Monica wanted to end the funding of his art program. He protests he knows it's because of the charges, which he's been cleared of. He remarks how when he was with Elizabeth, the cops came and took him away and she could not give him the benefit of the doubt, to which Obrecht assures him she does not want to see him hurt but believes it might be for the best that he got the chance to see Elizabeth for who she really is, as she encourages him not to spend more time and energy on that “fair weather Fraulein”, and instead focus on his art with no more distractions from Elizabeth. When it appears he's discouraged, Obrecht expresses to him that she believes that he's more than just an art instructor. He's a healer and has benefited himself and others by being able to express his creative soul. Franco listens intently to that, remarking he never thought of it that way. She acts gracious to him and wishes him well in his new life away from the hospital and away from Monica, when Finn enters, and remarks that was “quite a little pep talk”. She angrily tells Finn he's a low life to be eavesdropping on others' conversations, to which Finn informs her he was just walking by and could overhear, remarking if she wants privacy, there's the stairwell. He further reminds Obrecht that Elizabeth did not throw Franco under the bus as she accuses, offered him an alibi and came through for him in the end. Hearing that, Obrecht is surprised and demands to know what Finn is talking about, to which he tells her it's true and she may confirm it if she does not believe him. He goes off and soon as Obrecht is alone, she persists in digging up dirt on Dr. Finn.

Not far away, Franco grabs his stuff and grows impatient when the elevator will not open so he can get in and get out of the hospital. Elizabeth notices him and remarks that it appears he can “talk to” the elevator but cannot talk to her, to which he replies “pretty much” and gets ready to leave. Yet she closes the door and pulls him out of the elevator demanding that he give her an explanation about what is going on with him. He replies he now knows there never was anything between them. She asks if he did not believe they had a good time when they spent the evening together, to which he angrily asks her if she had a “good time” when he got arrested, falsely accused and had his ass hauled off to jail. She replies of course not. He assesses to her he knew she was nervous and suspicious about going out with him and the cops helped her confirm her worst fear. And so, he concludes, he knows he'll never be anything more to her than this monster she sees and further declares that no matter what she says or does, he is done. He's out of her life and out of General Hospital. Right then, she reveals she has not been told, and is shocked to learn he's been suspended when he's been cleared of all charges. Yet he tells her it does not matter. All she needs to know now is she's free to roam the halls without fear of running into him. She may now go and find herself another man to fall short of her ridiculous expectations, he tells her as the elevator door closes and he pushes the button. Right then, she gets in the elevator with him, refuses to let him leave without continuing the conversation. She wants to know how and why he was suspended and urges him to know if the hospital is discriminating against him, it's not right and he can sue. Yet he asks why he'd pursue that and want to be somewhere he's not wanted. Elizabeth protests he has patients there who need him and whom he's helped and that she's seen the good work he can do there. She asks if that does not account for anything, to which he tells her no as he comments it's no big deal and asks her why she's not happy to be rid of him, declaring yet again to her they are done and it's over.

Shortly thereafter, however, after Obrecht has learned, for the first time, that Elizabeth did, in fact exonerate Franco, she assumes he is aware and back with Elizabeth when she talks to him again. She is unaware that he has never been able to find out that Elizabeth exonerated him from the charges the last time they were together. He asks and Obrecht confirms, that as much as she does not want to admit it, Elizabeth gave him an alibi which proved he could not have killed the patient when was with her.

Kristina talks to her mom about her past, present and future with Parker as well as with Aaron. She is able to tell that it was a little more than coincidental that Parker suddenly wrote her a “good bye” letter right after she spoke to Alexis. She concludes that it was her mom who persuaded Parker to dump her. Hearing that, Alexis admits to her daughter she's right. She did have that conversation with Parker because she was concerned about Kristina's well being. However, she reminds her daughter, parker made her own decision. In response to that, Kristina angrily asks her mom how she can trust her and demands to know why she wanted Parker to dump her. Alexis informs her daughter that Parker is just recently divorcing and admitted to her that she could not envision having a future with Kristina. Hearing that, Kristina concludes to her mom that because her own life and her marriage is falling apart, she wants to feel superior and be able to control her. She declares to her mom even if Parker was using her and never cared about her from the start, Parker was nowhere near as bad as Julian. Alexis hears, does not dispute that and appears distraught. Yet she protests to her daughter that she knows she was wrong to have interfered as she did but Kristina needs to realize that she is investing emotional energy in someone who is not emotionally available for her. Even if Kristina sees value in the relationship, Parker is not there and is not fighting for Kristina. And so, she firmly tells Kristina, she needs to accept that there is no future with parker and she must now do what her mom is now having to do which is moving the hell on. She further tells Kristina she does not want her daughter to be like her and wants her to make better choices. Kristina then assesses all her mom has been through with Julian and facing disbarment and indicates her mom needs to experience the consequences of her choices.

When Julian is alone in his cell after the guard has given him a key to unlock it and break free, he struggles attempting to unlock the bar and falls to the floor. Right then, he notices someone with spiked heels stepping on his hand. He looks upward to see Nina. She greets him and smugly asks if he's “looking for something”. Noticing what he's doing, she reminds he she could help him but admits to she does not want to do that, knowing how it would disappoint his wife and Anna Devane and many other people if they could not bring him to justice. And so, she concludes she thinks it's better that he stay right where he is where he will be put away in prison for the rest of his life. She informs him that she needs him to sign papers and if he does, she won't tell anyone what she just saw. If he does not, however, she can take these keys to the jail warden and the commissioner. Yet Julian refuses to sign the papers she wants and protests he intends to beat the charges and return to his wife and be the husband she deserves. In response to that, Nina remarks she has enough experience with mental illness to detect he's delusional to think he has any chance of being acquitted or his marriage salvaged. She reminds him he tried to murder Alexis and needs to see how there's no way she'd ever overlook that. Yet he protests he knows Alexis loves him and love conquers all. Hearing that, Nina admits that is true and that she may not know about love since it's never worked for her. But she does know that real love is based on trust. One trusts their partner, has their back and puts their partner first. She assesses to Julian she can see he only loves himself and concludes that is exactly why he's in there.

As soon as Finn goes out into the hallway, Obrecht finds him and tells him she knows he's keeping secrets about where he really went and what he really did when he traveled most recently. In response to that, he informs her she's violating his privacy and he could file a grievance with the board, to which she tells him maybe he could but that would raise more suspicion for him. He wonders what her problem has been with him since he first came there. She reminds him that patients suddenly started dying all over the hospital right about the time he came there, when it never happened before. Hearing that, he suggests maybe she is suspecting him in order to divert attention from the fact that she may be the killer. He reveals to Obrecht he knows about her history and that she's already been arrested for attempted murder and suggests maybe there is no serial killer walking the hospital halls. There's only her. She got kicked out of being chief of staff and now she wants revenge. He smugly tells her he knows how bitter and unhappy she is. She has no friends. Nobody respects her. In the hospital they talk about her behind her back and then they demode her. She's got motive to go off the deep end Hearing that, she protests she would never endanger an innocent patient yet Finn smiles and tells her he wouldn't put anything past her.

Lulu goes with Dante to the police station and tells her husband she wants to talk to Valentin in the interrogation room in order to get some answers and some closure. He insists he goes with her into the room. Valentin asks them why they want to see him. She confronts him for murdering her brother and tells him she knows she has an angle. Now that Spencer has no legal guardian, she informs him, if he thinks for a moment, he will have any power over her nephew, he's got another thing coming. Lulu also recalls and wants to find out from Valentin about a woman named Daphne who clearly knows him and know Helena. She then shows him the bracelet and asks about the skeleton she found in the basement. Valentin evades the question yet Dante gets straight to the point and demands to know if he killed Lulu's father, Luke Spencer. Valentin replies that he really has no clue about the skeleton or the bracelet. He knows nothing about her father. All he knows about is his issues with his own family. The Cassadines have betrayed and cheated him. He admits to Lulu that perhaps if he met Luke Spencer, he'd praise him for defying them. He just wishes he could say the same about Luke's ex wife and daughter, he tells her. She reiterates she knows he killed her brother, to which Valentin reminds her it will be hard to prove. Dante then reminds Valentin he will be extradited back to Greece and charged with murder. They leave and as soon as Valentin is alone in the interrogation room, Nina comes to see him and asks if he is in fact a murderer. He replies he's a “realist”. She asks him if he slept with her in order to cover something up, to which he replies he slept with her because she is beautiful, she's charming he liked her. He slept with her because he was staying 3 door down and when he saw her, he did not want to go back to his room. He slept with her because he trusted his instincts, he tells her, to which she responds she bets he regrets it now, when she informs him she turned him in. She gave the cops his phone with the message to Spencer. Yet he is not angry at her, nor seems surprised nor does he question his instincts or putting his faith in her, he tells her. Nina listens to him in awe not believing what she is hearing.

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