GH Update Thursday 8/11/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/11/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Ava is alone in her apartment, she hears someone coming and feels a need to protect herself from an intruder. Julian's “employer” comes to visit her. She asks him to get straight to the point and tell her the real reason why he's there, to which he admits he's there to discuss her brother with her.

While Julian is alone in his jail cell and hears from the guards that his “lawyer” is there to visit him, he assumes it is Scott Baldwin whom he has no faith in, realizing Scott is only “assigned” to him. Yet he is shocked and surprised to see the “lawyer” they announce is, instead, Alexis. Noticing his estranged wife, Julian informs her he realizes that she wants nothing more to do with him except to put him away in prison and he accepts that reality. Yet she tells him she now wants him to throw away all the papers that incriminate him. Hearing that, he asks if she is acting as his lawyer, to which she replies that she is there as his wife. She wants him back with her, confessing to him even though her daughters are ready to cut her off, she realizes she cannot give up on them because she still loves him. He asks her if she does not remember firmly telling him he crossed the line and there's no way to get past this. Yet she adamantly tells him they will figure this out and start over because she is committed to him. She draws closer to him to kiss him. Yet, at that point, he awakens and realizes he is only having a dream and it has not really happened.

In reality, Alexis sees Jordan at Kelly's and coldly reminds her she realizes the cops are disappointed in her. Yet it's a moot point because she might never be able to practice law again. Jordan, however, assures Alexis she does not intend to throw her under the bus, realizing Alexis wore a wire risked her own life in order to help them catch Julian. Yet Alexis reminds her that even if that is true, the bar association has relevant and pending charges against her because she represented Carlos and clearly sold her “client” down the river. In response to that, Jordan assures Alexis that she wants to put that all behind them now that Carlos is gone and out of their lives.

At the coffee shops, Kristina is with Aaron who is coldly refusing to talk to her about anything except work, reminding her that they can always work different shifts if that would be more comfortable for her. Yet she protests that she'd like to talk more about what “happened” last time they spoke. She urges him to know she did not intend to use or string him along nor deceive him with pretending to have heterosexual feelings. He listens while she explains that she has never before had sexual interest in another female and has only been interested, that way, in guys. He is still confused, however, why it is that she does have “those feelings” for Parker. Kristina admits she does not understand that herself and informs him that she went to see Parker and was ready to declare to her that she realizes they have no future together. However, although that was her intent, she noticed Parker was no longer wearing her wedding ring and then one thing led to another before she knew what was happening. She admits to Aaron, she was being selfish and not thinking and she wants to make things right with him. He then admits to her that he cannot deny how this whole thing involving their previous “would-be” relationship and her deceit and failure to admit what was going on, to him, was not “ok” for him. Yet he does not want to be the jerk to stand in the way of her figuring out who she is nor wants them not to at least be friends and cordial to one another.

Alexis goes to see Julian (in the real world and not in his dreams) and asks the guards to let her speak to her estranged husband alone. She coldly reminds him that they are done. He's betrayed her, set her up for murder charges, tried to kill her and has ruined his own life and the lives of his family. He asks why, then she is there to see him, given the only reason he can think of, would be to “gloat”. She replies she's there because she “needs something from him”. She admits that she needs him to admit to the bar association that he put her up to defending Carlos with the whole goal being to sell his hit man down the river in order to save his own hide. She informs him they both know his life is ruined. There's nothing anybody can do about that and so there's no longer any incentive for him to drag her down with him. He then reminds her he never “made” her represent Carlos nor do anything she did not want to do and she had the option to do otherwise. And so, he asks, is she asking him to lie for her?. He then assesses to her that he can do what she asks if she can do something for him which would be helping him escape. In response to that, Alexis angrily demands to know why he'd think that she'd lift a finger in order to help him or remotely consider enabling him to go free. Hearing that, Julian smugly reminds her she may not have much choice if she wants to salvage her “precious career”. Noticing she is not responding to that comment, Julian asks her what it's going to be, to which Alexis tells him to go to hell. She further tells him she wondered if there might be a shred of decency left in him but she should have known better since he set her up to be charged with murder he committed and was ready to take a knife to her throat. She rushes out the door. A guard enters, informs Julian he's overheard the conversation and hands him keys.

At the Quartermaine house, Sam calls and leaves a message for Finn asking for the test results and urging him to return her call as soon as possible., Elizabeth enters and informs her she was just dropping Jake off. Sam is obviously hesitant to share with anyone, including Jason, that she's pregnant. Yet Elizabeth is aware that Sam was admitted to the hospital not long and inquires if she is ok. Realizing a nurse might have “insights” on what she needs to know, Sam asks Elizabeth what it could mean if “one” has Malaria, sharing with her that Jason does, although no further information. Elizabeth replies that Malaria is treatable, not life threatening nor a big deal, medically, unless one is pregnant, it could endanger the baby. Sam then admits to Elizabeth the reason why she's been fainting and why she needs “answers” from Finn is to find out if she may have Malaria, because she's pregnant. She also admits after hearing the only way Malaria can be passed on is during pregnancy in utero, as Elizabeth just told her, not knowing if she has it, yet knowing she's pregnant, she is not ready to tell Jason she's pregnant at this point. She urges Elizabeth not to tell Jason, to which Elizabeth assures her that as her attending nurse, she is bound by confidentiality so she won't tell him if Sam asks. However, Elizabeth admonishes Sam that she needs to tell Jason herself, ASAP. After Sam admits to Elizabeth that she is worried about what it could mean to be pregnant and not knowing if she could have, or be spreading Malaria to her unborn child, nor when or if to tell Jason, Elizabeth suggests maybe she contact her mom. Sam replies she could not do that given all the stress and crises her mom is going through right now. Elizabeth then concludes to Sam that she can help her with that and be her friend, reminding Sam that she fells indebted to her for keeping her from Jason and realizes Sam may soon be Jake's stepmother.

Kevin is in his hospital bed and Laura is nearby. He is obviously restless and wants to get out yet she assures him he will be fine if he rests and listens to the doctors. She also remembers what he said to her while they flew back (i.e., telling her that throughout the last year of his life, he has had nothing in his life except his work and a failed marriage. Yet Laura has brought meaning into his life). She asks him about that and is clearly very disappointed when Kevin replies he “does not remember” what he told her in that conversation.

Lucy rushes into the hospital demanding she get to see Kevin although a nurse adamantly informs her that Kevin can only have limited visitors. Yet she protests she was married to several doctors on staff and hosts the nurse's ball so she will see Kevin no matter what the hospital staff say, even though the nurse informs Lucy she won't hesitate to call security. While Kevin is with Laura in his hospital room (after the big “disappointment” Laura has experienced), Lucy rushes in to see him. Laura leaves them alone to talk and Lucy emotionally admits to her ex that she realizes she screwed up and he has good reason to be done with her. Yet, she reminds him, he will still always be her best friend and her “doc”. Hearing that, Kevin tells her he agrees that they both need to get over their anger and resume their “friendship”. She admits that she realizes he appears to have “moved on”. In response to that, Kevin asks her what she means, to which Lucy tells him she can clearly see Laura is “crushing” on him.

While Laura is out in the hallway, she finds Ava who sounds courteous and supportive to her about the death of Nikolas. Ava assures Laura she knows Laura's son was a good man and his mom should always be proud of him. At that Laura thanks her, they hug and it appears Laura and Ava do not dislike each other at this point. She then goes back to Kevin's room.

While Lucy discusses with Kevin the “potential” for him to “fall in love” with Laura, he assures her he and Laura are not “in love”. Laura appears at the door and clearly overhears that and clearly concludes that maybe Kevin is not over Lucy.

When Jordan is outside of Kelly's, Andre comes to see her and she admits to him that she'd like to surprise him by bringing him breakfast because she does not like the way they, last “left” things. Also, she reminds him, she remembers all the times he brought her breakfast at her job. He is happy to hear that and suggests they go and get breakfast together somewhere and spend time together. They sit outside and she suggests the both make promises to make things better. He tells her he will work on not rushing things. She tells him she will work on letting her guard down. She moves closer to him and admits that she wants him to be more than just a fling for her and she's in this for the long haul. She then takes a key out of her purse which surprises Andre and he asks what that was. She replies it's a key to her place. They joke about his he can use it for “emergencies and stuff” and she tells him she hopes this gesture means something to him. She then asks if he has a key to give her to his place. He then replies that might be kind of a “big step”, which he may not be ready for and asks her to just “hold on” informing her “they will talk”.

While Kristina is at the coffee shop, working alongside Aaron after they've resolved their issues, Alexis comes by to see her daughter and wants to know how things are going. Kristina knows her mom is in trouble and very upset yet Alexis wants to put that aside and be a mom to her daughter. She asks Kristina how it went with Parker and assures her daughter that Parker did the right thing to save her a world of hurt in the long run and Kristina needs to realize how fortunate she is that she does not have any “open doors” in her life to cost her in the end. Hearing that and seeing how emotionally grave her mom appears, Kristina asks her mom just what, specifically she is talking about (realizing it may not be concerns for Kristina's verdict with Parker).

Ava returns home and thinks about Nikolas. Yet she has a plan and leaves to take care of something.

Laura returns to Kevin with the results of the Malaria test and they are both happy to know neither of them have any signs of the disease.

Julian takes the key the guard gave him and attempts to unlock his jail cell from the outside by struggling to get his hand around the bars from the inside. Yet, he fails and falls to the floor. Someone wearing spiked heels walk in and steps on his hand.

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