GH Update Wednesday 8/10/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/10/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the house, after Nelle has told her story to Carly, Sonny, Jax and Michael., they listen attentively and consider the possibility she is telling the truth about what happened to her regarding her suspicion that her parents sold her kidney. Yet, realizing there is still no proof that she is in fact, Josslyn's donor, Carly graciously tells her she would like to find out if she really is Josslyn's kidney donor since there is no conclusive proof. At that point, Renee asks Carly if she's implying that she is lying. She confrontationally asks why Carly assumes she is lying. Before Carly can answer that, Sonny replies the reason is because somebody else has already lied to Carly, as he urges her to understand where they are coming from with their suspicion. Renee then angrily asks them if she's ever asked for money as she firmly tells them she wanted to help their daughter yet realizes there's no point in doing this. She angrily goes out the door although Carly goes after her, urging her to come back. Both men urge Carly to let Nelle go but Carly protests that that young woman could save her daughter's life so they cannot tell her she has to dismiss her. Yet they both tell her there's really nothing anybody can do, given the situation.

Nelle goes to the coffee shop, gets on her phone and struggles to find a way out of town. It appears she is low on cash. Michael comes by and she does not want to talk to him yet he tells her he wants to make it up to her after the others made her uncomfortable. He is willing to loan her money but he gets an incoming call. He asks her if she could just give him a few minutes to make this right. If it does not work out, he'll give her the money to take the bus and drive her to the bus station, he tells her. Josslyn overhears the conversation and introduces herself to Nelle. She informs Nelle she just saw her talking alone to her family members in the living room and needs to know why and what she needed to talk to them about. In the interaction, however, they seem comfortable talking and Josslyn remarks she could see that Nelle seemed to be getting along well with Michael and shows her a way to contact him on the web. Josslyn takes a picture of Nelle. Michael returns to overhear them talking about him. Josslyn appreciates meeting Nelle and wants to know her name, as she encourages her to be “interested” in her brother. Josslyn leaves and Nelle talks to Michael alone, assuring him she realizes there 's no proof that she is in fact the donor and will pay him back what he is loaning her. Michael assures her he believes she's telling the truth and if it is true that she saved his little sister's life, they all owe her for that.

Finn goes to see Hayden at Wyndemere after hearing her “husband” has been killed and offers her his condolences. In response to that, she asks if he has not heard, and if he does not believe all of the gossip that she only married Nikolas for his money and never loved him, although he indicates he believes she is sincere with her grief. She further informs him that she just found out that Nikolas staged his own death. Yet before it happened everyone thought she murdered him. When he was found, they blamed her for Nikolas disappearing and faking his death. And now he is really dead. Finn then assesses that after the man is dead, it appears she feels nothing but joy, to which Hayden admits that a part of her is happy he's dead and hates him. Yet another part of her loves and mourns his loss and wants to throw her arms around Nikolas and tell him how much she hates him. Finn assesses he can see she does not hate Nikolas, to which she admits she cannot accept that she will never see Nikolas again as she breaks down crying and Finn comforts her. She then tells him it must make her appear to be a crazy person to switch between missing Nikolas and wanting him dead. He tells her he understands remembering his wife needing him to bring a picture of a deceased family member while she was on her death bed. He remembers he stayed at the hospital instead of coming home when he knew his wife was terminal. He believed he'd be able to save his wife from the deadly disease. But he did not save her and never got the picture for her before she died. He assesses to Hayden that he understands how a little thing like a picture can actually be something very important and he understands regrets that can stay with one until one dies. He then realizes that it's getting late and he needs to return home and feed Roxy. Yet Hayden wants him to wait and tell her about himself and if he's obtaining the medication he needs. He replies he's managed to find another 3 month supply of what he needs to be kept alive. She replies that is great and asks what happens after that. He replies he will be able to cancel his cable and no longer worry. Yet she informs Finn he saved her life so she is not going to let him give up. At that point, the two of them establish a connection when he leaves to return home.

Kiki is alone at her apartment after having had her private conversation with Ava, when Morgan returns. He gets straight to the point, asking his girlfriend if Ava's main point is to advise Kiki that Morgan is wrong for her. In response to that, Kiki admits so far, he's “batting 1000”. She admits that she is disappointed in herself because it appears she gave her mom some new “ammunition”. Morgan asks exactly which “ammunition” Ava found, to which Kiki reveals to him Ava found the medication she is taking for social disease. Hearing that, Morgan realizes that did not go well and asks Kiki how she responded, to which Kiki replies she told her mom it was none of her business, kicked her out and stood her ground with Ava. Morgan expresses he is pleased and admits to her he realizes he got a little carried away with getting them the new apartment without letting her know first Yet, he confesses to her, he was taking his medication at the time and wants to do the right thing, declaring that he wants to do it for her. With that he kisses her. They, then fall onto the bed and Morgan diligently pulls condoms out of his dresser drawer. Shortly thereafter, he gets up from Kiki's bed and gets dressed, telling her can see she probably wants him to leave but she admits she wants to be with him. She remarks it feels like a rough patch is coming to an end and that things will be good. Yet Morgan disappears, making it clear he's “on a mission”.

Ava returns to her apartment and notices a big mess and can see someone has been there. Assuming there's been a break-in, she picks up a vase and gets ready to defend herself. However, she notices Scott Baldwin rushing out of the bedroom, naked, with Lucy Coe accompanying him. He protests to her that he and Lucy have a lot of history together and got nostalgic., They explain that they “had a little vodka”. Ava demands to know how her paintings and possessions got knocked around. She makes a comment about Lucy being a low life, to which Lucy argues back that she and Scott are struggling and Ava has no honor or integrity, protesting that she and Scott had a little fun and informs Ava they are “going somewhere”. However, Ava asserts to them both they are not going anywhere as she demands further explanation, informing them that while the two of them were having fun and messing around in her home, she spent the last few weeks in danger. She also informs Scott that his “lovely ex wife” could have been killed. Hearing that, Scott demands to know if Laura is ok, to which Ava confirms she is. Yet she informs Lucy that her beloved ex was shot. Hearing that, Lucy is shocked and needs to make sure her “doc” is ok. She leaves. Alone with Ava, Scott gets dressed and remarks how angry she appears. She asks if he thinks she's “jealous” that he slept with Lucy. He replies that out of respect, they did not use her bed. She then admits that she missed Scott while he was gone. When he does not accept that as “graciously” as she wants, she angrily tells him she'd never fall for somebody as self-absorbed as himself. Hearing that, he asks why she'd believe he's self-absorbed, asking her if she has any friends. In response to that, Ava admits she did make a friend and got close to someone whom she saw as a kindred spirit. Hearing that, he asks just whom this “great guy” would be. In response to that, Ava cries and admits he is now dead. He asks how this guy died, if she killed him and if this guy has a name. She tells Scott of course she did not kill him. Some maniac did. The guy's name is Nikolas Cassadine. Scott finds that odd remembering that everyone thought Nikolas died. She then tells the story and shares with Scott all that happened and he wants to make sure she is ok before he leaves. Yet she angrily tells him he needs to go away and not call or write and realize she only has one interest which is her daughters. Scott leaves. When Ava is alone in her apartment, she gets an unexpected (and not friendly) visit from Morgan. He informs her that Kiki told him all about the secret conversation about him behind his back and her plan to get Kiki to listen to her as failed. Ava confidently tells him she would have said the same thing if he was in the room as she has legitimate concern about what can happen to her daughter if she's with him now that she's found out Kiki is at risk for an STD. Yet Morgan firmly tells Ava she is not going to stand in the way of him and Kiki having a future together because he's going to marry Kiki and there’s nothing she can do about that. While Kiki is alone and unaware of what is going on, Ava asks Morgan if they have set a date, to which he smugly replies not yet but reminds Ava that it will happen and he's not at all intimidated by her or anything she can do. He tells her she is invited to the wedding and can attend or not. He could care less. She then asks if he wants anyone to know about his history with her after he was with her daughter. Morgan replies he really could care less what she thinks or does or what anyone else thinks or does because he and Kiki will always be together. Morgan leaves and she closes the door. When Ava is alone, she makes it clear she's not going to accept that.

Alone at the house, Carly urges both Sonny and Jax to realize that if Nelle can help them with the mystery, they can offer her some financial compensation. Yet they both remind her that Josslyn does not want that. After Michael has called and told them he “needs a few minutes”, Carly becomes very impatient waiting for her son to return the call and tell them what happened to the girl who may be Josslyn's donor, protesting her daughter's life depends on that. Josslyn returns, overhears the three of them talking about her and asks what is going on with this “covert” conversation which they are not sharing with her. Jax goes off with his daughter and both Sonny and Carly roll their eyes to see Jax playing the hero with Josslyn. Alone with Carly, Sonny assesses that they need to beat Jax at his own game and suggests, again, that maybe it would not be a bad idea to back off, since they really know nothing about this girl and even if she's telling the truth, there may be no way to prove whether she's Josslyn's donor.

Michael assesses to Nelle he realizes nobody can prove whether she is Josslyn's donor yet he does not accuse her of lying about anything. She assesses she realizes he has no way of knowing if she is not lying. He tells her he would just like her to stay around long enough to be able to do a test so they can all find out and wouldn’t she like to at least find that out?

Shortly thereafter, Josslyn and her dad go to the coffee shop and she informs him about her “interaction” with her “new friend”, indicating that Nelle seemed a lot more comfortable around both her and Michael than she was around her 3 parental figures.

When Sonny and Carly are alone talking, Nelle and Michael return. Carly graciously welcomes Nelle back and apologizes for how things went. Nelle assures her it's ok, informs her she spoke to Josslyn and things are ok. And so it is agreed that she will stay and do the test. IN response to that, Carly reveals she is delighted

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