GH Update Tuesday 8/9/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/9/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

A strange young woman named Nelle goes to talk to Carly after Bobbie's birthday party and declares she believes she may be (or is) Josslyn's kidney donor. Michael, Sonny and Jax all gather around to hear Carly ask her why she believes she is, to which she replies she read the information in Crimson and all the details “fit”. Right then, both Sonny and Jax ask her why she's come out of nowhere to contact Carly and came to the house uninvited and unannounced, to which she replies that she “heard” that Carly wanted to meet her. Hearing that, Carly realizes she has made herself appear to have lied when she promised she'd end the search of Josslyn's kidney. When Nelle explains that she contacted and corresponded with Crimson's editor, she was given this address. When Jax concludes that he knows Carly lied, she protests that she asked Nina to end the search but clearly it was too late to prevent this from happening. At that point, Jax tells Carly he does not buy what she's saying although Sonny reminds him he does not give orders in this house although Jax reminds them both that Josslyn is his daughter and he has rights. Michael then goes outside with Nelle and seems much calmer and more courteous to her than the others. She tells him she knows they are obviously suspicious unlike Michael, whom she asks why he's being so nice to her. He admits that he is give his mom, his dad and his mom's ex a chance to hash it out in the other room. Nelle then concludes that since she is not invited, she will leave. Yet Carly urges her not to and concludes that since she's there, she'd like to hear why she believes she's Josslyn's kidney donor. Nelle then shows them her scar and explains how she believes her kidney was removed and sold right about the time she heard that Josslyn got her transplant. She informs them she lives in Atlanta and when she read the article about Josslyn, it “spoke” to her. She further explains she took the bus and was ready to meet Josslyn's family. She informs them when she was a child, she was told she was sick and her parents arranged for her to have an operation, in which she did not have a choice. They told her the operation would make her better, however, she informs Carly and the others, it made her worse. She now realizes when she awoke, she may not have been in a real hospital nor were there real doctors doing a needed medical procedure for her. She believes her parents could have sold her kidney when she remembered having financial problems and overhearing them talking about eviction before the surgery. Right after it, they suddenly got over their financial debt. She informs them her parents have since died and she's had to be on her own. She talks about how she has worked hard and taken underpaying jobs yet wants to do good. She admits to them that when she read the article it inspired her to believe that a bad thing that happened to her could do something good for someone else. And so, she wanted to find out about that in order to put what happened behind her. They all listen attentively. Right then, Carly, Jax and Sonny all brainstorm what they are going to do about this. She is still determined to find out if this girl really is Josslyn's kidney donor. Yet both Sonny and Jax tell her it would be hard to prove even if she's not lying and maybe the best thing to do would be to give her some money for her trouble and send her away. Yet, Carly tells Nelle she wants to be able to prove whether she is Josslyn's kidney donor or not.

Sabrina goes into the hospital while on her phone happily leaving a message for Michael urging him to call her back because she has some good news regarding her baby Teddy making a full recovery. Right then, she is very surprised to see Carlos' brother, Jose wearing a white doctor's coat as he informs her he's been granted a fellowship to do research at GH. She smiles and asks why he never told her. He replies he sent her several messages asking if he could see baby Teddy but she never replied. In response to that, Sabrina admits to Jose she was stalling and that he reminds her of everything that went wrong with Carlos. He assesses that she and his brother have had a complicated history as he has also had that with Carlos and he asks Sabrina if they should not let that go, reminding her that he is the only uncle her infant son has. He talks about being able to see his nephew in recovery and saw his brother's features and smile and all the things he loved and remembers about Carlos before his brother got “hardened” and made the regretful choices he made. He assures Sabrina he is not there to judge his brother. It's only the bad choices Carlos made that he disapproves of, and how he feels he may have been a part of those bad choice and so, he tells her, he hopes he can do better for baby Teddy. She then assesses to Jose that his sudden arrival to Port Charles along with his research and fellowship and his need to see baby Teddy says a lot. He remarks that Sabrina, of all people should know that, remembering how important her nursing career was to her and how it caused her to leave her father and leave Carlos. He praises her for wanting to follow in her mother’s footsteps yet wonders how their lives would be different if she had not left Puerto Rico., Yet, he assesses, they cannot change the past and he tells her he is glad she's found a new relationship with Michael Corinthos. Sabrina stays at the hospital with time to kill while she waits for baby Teddy to get released. She notices Jose is still there. Although she “assumes” Michael will soon be there to take them home, Jose tells her he was thinking, since he's kind of hungry, maybe the two of them could go and get something to eat together in the cafeteria while they wait. He tells her if she has to leave, he'd really like her to come back and bring Teddy because he'd really like to get the know the little guy. She attentively listens while Jose talks about all the things he wants to tell Teddy about his mom when he knew her many years ago. At that point, they happily go off together on the elevator. Right then, while Sabrina's phone is off, Michael returns her message with a message.

At the Perks coffee shop, after Jason has expressed his concerns to Elizabeth about having his son around Franco as well as Elizabeth's “would-be” relationship with him, Elizabeth firmly tells him she does not think he has any room to judge her personal life when he's been gone and she remarks that maybe he needs to realize his own “uncertainty” with his relationship. She informs him, for the first time, that Sam has been taken to the hospital which Jason is unaware of. She tells him where he can find Sam and Jason goes off to the hospital.

While Sam is in her hospital bed waiting for Finn to return with the test results and blood work he ran to find out why she's been having fainting spells, he returns and has some “startling” information. He informs her she is pregnant. He shows her the test results and she looks at it in awe and concludes that she and Jason are having another baby. She admits she cannot believe it, informing Finn that the pregnancy was unexpected and is like a miracle, remembering that right after having her son Danny, she had surgery and was told she may not be able to have another baby. Finn listens attentively encouraging her to enjoy and savor every moment of this good news. She smiles and admits she cannot wait to see Jason. Shortly thereafter, Jason arrives and asks if the doctors know, from the blood work, what is wrong with her. In response to that, she answers “yes and no”. He gets into talking about his heated conversation with Elizabeth regarding Jake and Franco and right then, Sam notices that Jason's head appears unusually hot and he must be running a fever. Finn also wants to have him there for observation realizing he was just in a remote region and draws blood from Jason. Sam has still not had a chance to tell Jason he's having his baby. She follow Finn out into the hallway and he informs her he bets Jason has Malaria. He's certain it's treatable but he tells Sam very possibly she has it also. If she does, Finn informs her, that could mean complications for her pregnancy.

Hayden returns to Wyndemere after being on a long trip and is surprised to see Lulu. She asks what is going on, to which Lulu replies she has to talk to her about some tragic information regarding Nikolas. She first of all explains that when she and others went to Greece, they found out that Nikolas was not killed. He faked his own death and fled without telling anyone except for Spencer. Hearing that, Hayden assesses that was the reason why Spencer was acting so strangely. She asks Lulu just where Nikolas went and how this whole thing unfolded, to which Lulu informs her he went to London and at first managed to hook up with Ava Jerome and eventually made his way to Cassadine Island in Greece where he was murdered by his uncle Valentin Cassadine. Hayden asks if Lulu and everyone else is really sure that Nikolas is gone, to which Lulu replies that everyone knows including Spencer, who is heart-broken. Hearing that, Hayden reflects he is not the only one. Lulu leaves. When Hayden is alone in the house, mourning and remembering Nikolas, Elizabeth comes by. Hayden informs her she knows what happened to Nikolas and asks Elizabeth if she was “in on it” with him. Hearing that, Elizabeth tells her she resents that and she knows he would have never faked his own death, were it not for Hayden. She reminds Hayden, she (Hayden) was the one to send him to Greece in the first place. He was trying to get away from Hayden. IN response to that, Hayden protests that Nikolas tried to kill her although Elizabeth tells her that for what reason she will never know, Nikolas saw something in her and she betrayed him. She tricked him into marrying her in order to control ELQ. Elizabeth protests that Nikolas fell in love with her while she and Tracy were scheming against him behind his back the whole time. Hayden replies she did not have a choice, reminding her that Tracy threatened to reveal that she was Rachel Berlin if she did not help Tracy pull her stunt with Nikolas. And Nikolas, the man she loved, threatened to kill her if she exposed a secret, reminding Elizabeth it was a secret he was keeping for Elizabeth since Elizabeth had to scam Jason Morgan into marrying her by not revealing who he really was. Elizabeth tells Hayden if she did, in fact, really love Nikolas, then she blew it, emotionally reminding Hayden that he opened up his heart to her. Yet Hayden threw it all away and she tells Hayden she hopes she chokes on it and it keeps her up at night and that Hayden never stops regretting never knowing what might have been.

Dillon sits alone at the Quartermaine house with the STI pills on the coffee table. Right then, he goes to take his daily dosage with some water and Tracy comes out to see her son...... Realizing he does not want his mom to know the details about what he's doing or why, he snaps at her demanding that she respect his privacy for once. In response to that, she asks why he has just snapped at her. She realizes it's not “like” her son to be taking drugs when he does not appear to be sick and has never been a hypochondriac. When Dillon attempts to explain to his mom that he is merely “taking preventive measures” with something, Tracy instantly puts two and two together and concludes that he is afraid he caught a disease and it must have something to do with his “ secret interactions", as she asks if he's now becoming so desperate he'd sleep with anything available. In response to that, Dillon stands his firm ground to his mom in telling her his personal life is none of her business and she is not fit to judge with her own indiscretions. Right then, Lulu comes by and informs them she needs to find out if either of them might have heard from her dad. They both admit they have not when Lulu tells them the story about how she and others went to Greece, suddenly found Nikolas and reunited with him. Tracy reflects and remembers Helena's favorite hot spots and the abandoned house. Lulu informs her that they were all held hostage in the house by Nikolas' nut-job uncle Valentin. She further explains to her former step-mother and to Dillon that when she was trying to escape, she went through the basement of the old house and found a skeleton as well as an old bracelet which she shows Tracy from her camera phone, and remarks it looks just like one of Luke's possessions. Tracy tells her former step-daughter she's certain Luke is just doing what he usually does which is disappear and not answer any calls or correspondence. Yet Lulu wants to prove that the bracelet does not belong to her dad, if that is in fact the case, by doing a DNA test and she's hoping Tracy might have something of Luke's, from which she can run a DNA comparison with the bracelet, making it clear she's determined to find something of Luke's like a toothbrush or something. Yet Tracy tells her her dad took everything of his when he left and she does not have anything of his now. Dillon then suggests Luke's old baseball cap and goes to get it. Yet Tracy continues to tell Lulu there's no point in going through all of this because Luke is alive and well. She makes it clear no matter what either of them say, that she is not going to invest any more emotional energy in Luke nor assume he's dead.

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