GH Update Monday 8/8/16

General Hospital Update Monday 8/8/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Michael and Josslyn are on the roof assembling light and candles as they get ready for their grandmother's birthday party. He can see that she may “not be alright” and asks what is on her mind. She admits that her parents are presently fighting and the reason, she informs Michael, is that their mutual mom has decided to put her search for Josslyn's kidney up on Crimson's message board. She clarifies it's not primarily her dad's concern that Carly is doing that. She has a problem with having her private life splashed all over the internet, she tells him, clarifying that if people pay attention to her, she wants it to be for something she's achieved and not for the fact she had a kidney transplant when she was a baby. She also clarifies to her brother she knows she's healthy, being active in lacrosse yet they both know that he sits behind a desk at ELQ.

Carly is on the phone trying to get a hold of Jax and leaving messages for him urging him to call her back so they can talk instead of fight. Sonny enters and asks her what is going on, to which she admits she's had quite a day and has gotten visits from two of his favorite people; first from Jax and then from Ava. As soon as he hears that Jax came to visit her, he warns her he knows her ex is probably running to have Alexis draw up papers as they speak. Yet she protests that she has reason to believe that Jax has since backed off of his threat because, she informs Sonny, she backed off first by asking Nina to call off the search for the donor. Hearing that, Sonny appears very surprised.

Morgan and Kiki are together in her apartment and they both realize that they have to take pills to prevent or hopefully control/cure STI after Darby has informed them they could be at risk for. She remarks she hopes that they won't have to worry or do this for long, confirming that he's no longer sleeping with Darby. Unexpectedly, Ava enters and rushes to hug her daughter and smiles although she indicates she is not ok with seeing Morgan with Kiki. Noticing her and realizing she just came back from a trip, Kiki and Morgan both acknowledge but do not seem to welcome her. Morgan then leaves Kiki alone to talk to her mom. At that point, Ava expresses her concerns to her daughter about her choice to be with Morgan after all that has happened and that she would prefer that Kiki instead consider seeing Dillon Quartermaine. Yet Kiki coldly reminds her mom she knows she's taken action to attempt to break up her daughter and Morgan. Ava protests that Morgan just got out of a mental hospital and got Kiki shot so she was merely protecting her daughter for good reason. She further protests that her act of going to visit Morgan and urge him to break up with Kiki before he got released from the facility, hot long ago, was merely in order to urge him to do the right thing and he made his own choice to break it off with her. Seeing that Kiki is not ok with her mom's active disapproval of her seeing Morgan, Ava continues to protest that Morgan has an unhealthy dependence upon her which is not healthy for her to be a part of and so, she urges Kiki to know that she has to take the initiative of breaking up with him. She emotionally urges Kiki to know that she is a caretaker, co-dependent and enabler of Morgan and she needs to realize that. Yet Kiki angrily tells her mom what she thinks is really going on is that Ava is “uncomfortable” with her daughter being with Morgan, given that she (Ava) has had two separate affairs with Morgan both as her mother and as her aunt, reminding Ava of the many scams, betrayals and unforgivable behaviors she's done. At that point, Kiki demands her mom gets out. Yet right at that point, Ava can see her daughter has prescription antibiotics which she can see are for genitalia. At that point, she asks Kiki if Morgan gave her an STD (or STI). When Kiki does not answer, Ava demands her daughter answer that question and asks if he may be cheating on her. If so, she urges Kiki to realize, she cannot continue to be with him. Kiki assures her mom he slept with someone else when they were not together and is no longer seeing anyone else. Yet Ava admits to her daughter she has knowledge about how diseases can spread and how Kiki has neglected to get tested and take necessary urgent action. She then yells at Kiki about her very dangerous choice of being with a manic depressive and putting herself at risk for diseases. Kiki is able to establish that she has tested negative for diseases. Yet Ava reminds her daughter they would not even have to go through this if she and Morgan would use condoms. She further tells Kiki she is getting herself in trouble being with Morgan and she needs to smarten up. With that, Ava angrily goes out the door.

Jax goes to find Bobbie at the coffee shop and informs her that her granddaughter and his daughter, Josslyn has asked Carly to call off the search for her kidney donor. He informs her that Josslyn wants her privacy protected and so she needs to make that clear to Carly. She replies to him she will agree to that under one condition which is that he attends her birthday party. Jason appears, to which Bobbie smiles, acknowledges him and includes him in her invitation to her party. When Jason observes Jax unexpectedly back in town and talking about Carly to her mother, he instantly seems to know that Jax might be making trouble for Carly. Bobbie then “distracts and diffuses” Jason by urging him to know that he's welcome at her party. He tells her he appreciates the invitation but needs to visit his son although he does intend to stop by. Bobbie encourages him to do so, assuring him that Carly would love to see him.

At the hospital, Finn finds Elizabeth working at the desk and they both comment how their ER is a ghost town, realizing that nobody wants to get sued for wrongful death in case their patient gets murdered there. He remarks that he suspects Franco and maybe the police should make their arrest of him. Yet she informs him she “know” Franco is not a murderer, to which Finn asks why she “assumes” and gives him the benefit of the doubt. Yet Elizabeth informs him the night of the murder, Franco was with her and not at the scene of the crime.

When Sam is in a hospital bed, after passing out for the final time, while talking to Julian in the interrogation room, Franco goes to see her. She is clearly not ok with his being in her hospital room yet he clarifies he's there for only one reason which is to get her to persuade Jason to go and visit Jake. She asks why he'd be concerned about that, inquiring if it might be that Elizabeth wants to give her that message. Franco then leaves and Sam asks Elizabeth if she could make sure that Franco never enters her (Sam's) hospital room again. Elizabeth agrees to respect Sam's wishes and Sam realizing that Elizabeth is mourning the loss of Nikolas yet assures her that they have reason to all have closure from the loss. Finn enters and introduces himself to Sam as her new doctor. When she sees him, she is stunned and cannot believe her eyes noticing how much he looks exactly like her deceased significant other, Dr. Silas Clay. He then asks her about her chronic dizziness that has caused her to faint a few times in Greece and then once when she returned home. He asks exactly when and where in Greece it started happening. When she replies where she was, he informs her that there are rare diseases that happen in that region that are not found elsewhere. Yet he assures her there are ways to treat what she may have. He runs some tests and shortly thereafter returns with some “unexpected” findings.

Jason goes to meet with Jake and assures his son everything is going to be ok although Jake makes it clear to his dad he was afraid he might lose him and remarks that he has been talking to, and keeping in close contact with Franco about many things. Hearing that Jake hangs out with Franco and that Franco sometimes comes to see Elizabeth as well as him, Jason obviously has concerns he intends to address with Elizabeth.

Franco finds Elizabeth at the hospital. She is happy to see him but reminds him the last time they spoke, he angrily concluded that he no longer wants to talk to her given that she suspected him and always questions whether she can trust him. She is clearly disappointed when he affirms her that he still intends for them no longer to speak and simply wanted to give her the portrait he drew for her to keep in her possession and asks her to give Jake his regards.

Carly invites all of her kids to join her and Sonny for Bobbie's birthday party yet Sonny is not comfortable to see that Jax is also invited. Carly takes her daughter's father aside and informs him that she just called Nina and asked her to call off the search for Josslyn's kidney and it's all over. Yet he indicates he finds that hard to believe. Michael notices a strange young woman at the door and asks how he can help her. She replies she's there to see Carly Corinthos. He asks her name and if she might be there to interview for the nanny position. Yet when she does not answer and Michael hears his mom asking him to get inside and join the party, he has her wait alone in a room. Inside the room, Carly acknowledges and speaks to everyone about her mom. The strange young woman overhears as Carly talks about Bobbie having had tough times and challenges in her life that did not make Bobbie bitter, acknowledging that Bobbie is kind, generous and patient to everyone she meets. Carly further admits to her mom there was a time she was not kind to her mom and she now regrets that, and she announces she is very grateful to have her mother in her life. Right when the party is over, however, Michael informs his mom there's a “guest” outside waiting to speak to her. Carly goes out to see the young woman who informs Carly she needs to talk to her because she thinks she could be Josslyn's kidney donor. Carly Sonny and Michael all stunned and speechless to hear that.,

Elizabeth returns to her son and Jason talking at the coffee shop and Jake goes to get a cookie,, leaving his two parents to talk alone. She assesses to Jason she's glad the charges have been dropped against him for the murder of Nikolas. He tells her he's sorry about Nikolas. He also remarks that he's happy that Jake is doing better. However, he indicates he “hopes he's gotten it wrong” when he heard Jake inform him that Franco has been visiting them both. Elizabeth confirms he did not get that wrong. Franco has in fact come to visit their son and she, herself has been on a few dates with Franco.

Franco is alone with just the picture of Daisy the dog he first got for Jake and then brought home to Nina, with neither plan working for him. He speaks to Daisy apologizing for letting Nina give her to the Quartermaines. He assesses that all he does is screw up by pushing all people away. He knows he just did it again with a “gesture” that pushed Elizabeth away. He realizes that he might have been guilty of a murder like this one, at the hospital, years ago. Yet now, he realizes, all he wants to do is help people and won't give up on Jake.

After Elizabeth admits to Jason that she has gone on a date with Franco and sees him as a friend, he makes it clear he's not ok with that. When she clarifies to him that she has no obligation to answer to him about her personal life, he reminds her that it is his business who she brings near their son. She then clarifies to Jason if he has suspicions about her dating Franco, it won't happen again. They only had one date and won't have a future together. And so, she declares to him, the subject is closed. Yet Jason firmly tells her it's not closed when that man is around his son. Elizabeth then firmly tells Jason that he has no right to be lecturing her when he goes off to a foreign country without telling anyone. She also knows that Sam is presently in the hospital and that she may be a very high priority in Jason's life, more so than Jake.

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