GH Update Friday 8/5/16

General Hospital Update Friday 8/5/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jason pressures Jordan to give information he wants, needs and believes he deserves on Valentin Cassadine who is still at large and dangerous. Yet she reminds him he is a civilian and only the cops have the authority to take action with that. He protest to her if she tells him what he needs to know, he will be out of her hair right away. Yet she tells him the cops need to search a lead involving Spencer Cassadine and if Jason does not get out of her way, he can spend the night in lockup for interfering in a police investigation. Yet Jason does not listen and goes off on his own.

As soon as Sonny finds out where he might be able to find Valentin, after finding out Nikolas' uncle has been secretly overhearing Spencer Cassadine's secret phone conversations with his dad and has been using the alias name Theo, Sonny goes to visit Spencer while he's in a play called Show Biz. Spencer sees Sonny and happily greets him as Sonny graciously tells the boy he wants to be there to support him in the school play he's participating in. He notices the strange man (knowing who he really is) standing beside Spencer and asks his nephew to introduce him to his “friend”. Valentin looks back at Sonny revealing he's afraid of something. Spencer replies this is his uncle Theo whom his father asked to come and get him and take him to his dad, as Spencer still suspects nothing although Sonny knows exactly who this man is. Spencer informs “Theo” that this is his deceased mom's brother, Sonny Corinthos who is a coffee importer, assuming the two men will graciously interact. Spencer informs Sonny that his dad has asked uncle Theo to take him back to Greece to be with his father. Sonny does not reveal to his nephew the “reason why” he cannot go with “uncle Theo”. He only tells Spencer that he cannot miss the big show. Spencer then goes off leaving the two men alone. At that point, Sonny reveals that he knows who is standing before him as he shows Valentin he knows he's a Cassadine and the tattoo on Valentin's arm. Valentin pulls a gun on an unarmed Sonny, who looks helpless, vulnerable and at his mercy until Jason shows up, disarms Valentin and overpowers him so he is now at the mercy of both Sonny and Jason. At that point, Sonny remarks to his former “enforcer” that it's about time he showed up. Shortly thereafter, Jordan comes and places Valentin under arrest although she confronts both Sonny and Jason for defying police instructions.

At Alexis' house, she talks to Sam about Valentin, knowing her daughter and many others have met him just recently. She informs Sam about how she heard of but never met nor wanted to meet or know about Valentin. The only Cassadine family member she cared about and wanted to know was Nikolas, she informs Sam. Sam can right then see how stressed her mom is and asks how she is holding up after the betrayal from Julian. Alexis admits to her daughter that she finally agreed to wear a wire to catch her own husband admitting that he murdered Duke as well as Carlos in order to cover it up and set her up to be charged with the murder of Carlos, while she emotionally reflects that she still cannot believe or know how she could have gone through with that. She further explains how Julian then found that out and dragged her to the docks to attempt to kill her. Hearing that, Sam firmly tells her mom that even if Julian is her bio dad, he tried to kill her mom after setting her up to take the fall for murder and has put her law license in jeopardy after he killed two people and got her involved in his big mess. She makes it clear that Julian is a lying bastard and she wants nothing to do with him and could cares less what happens to him at this point. Alexis encourages her daughter to go off and not worry about her but Sam stops to affirm to her mom that fighting Julian takes guts and she does not want her mom to give up on that.

Ava goes to visit Julian in the police interrogation room and asks her brother how,, why and what detrimental legal consequences he is now facing from trusting and confessing the wrong thing to Alexis. She tells him she hopes to get a lawyer to represent him and argue that he was entrapped and set up. He firmly tells his sister there is no point in finding a lawyer or doing anything she suggests, as they both need to realize no lawyer can help him. And so the only way out for him is to escape, he tells Ava, and he needs her to help him with that. Yet she informs her brother she does not want to be a part of that. He tells her she has to gather up a few men and have some money for him. Yet Ava protests she cannot do that. Hearing that, Julian asks his sister why she's there if she is not willing to help him, to which she informs her brother that she would not be there if Nikolas Cassadine had not saved her life by paying with his own (so she believes since she has not heard the recording of Spencer talking to his dad). She now has a new chance and has to be there for her daughter, she informs Julian. She cannot risk going to prison in order to help him with this. She leaves and wishes her brother good luck

Jasper Jacks=Jax goes to talk to Carly at the house and she protests that she is not about to do anything to hurt their daughter nor go behind Josslyn's back in the kidney donor search. She promises that he has her word that neither she nor Nina intend to pursue this any further. Yet Jax makes it clear to her that he's “onto” her and that only he has Josslyn's best interests at heart. She protests that throughout their daughter's life, wherever either of them have gone or what they've done in their lives, they've always been able to work things out. Yet he makes it clear he does not trust Carly and reveals that he is willing to take her to family court, reminding her that Josslyn is now old enough to speak and have some say in whom she lives with. He leaves after suddenly firmly declaring to Carly that he will see her in family court. Hearing that, she's shocked and surprised that Jax would suddenly do that. Ava walks in, knowing what has just happened and remarks knowing that Carly's ex wants to take her to family court, she hopes that Sonny can use something against him. She tells Carly she knows what is going on and how it is that Carly needs someone to “help” her and may be desperate enough to accept the help of anyone including herself. Carly does not want to listen to Ava but realizes that Ava has a need, which is to see baby Avery and at that point, she does not try to prevent Ava from doing that. She overhears Ava, on the baby monitor, talking to baby Avery. She listens intently to Ava telling her infant daughter how she loves and would do anything for her and is ready to redeem and reform herself and be the mom her baby daughter needs, stressing she cannot let anything or anybody keep them apart. Carly emotionally stares at the picture of herself and her daughter and may be considering that she and Ava have one thing in common, after all. When Ava comes down the stairs after her visit with her baby, Carly coldly reminds her where the door is and that she is not welcome. Yet in response to that, Ava informs Carly she can easily find her ex, Jasper Jacks as well as all the dirt he must have on her in order to take her daughter from her, if Carly wants to continue to give her a hard time about her (Ava's) daughter.

Nina and Curtis sit outside the coffee shop. He wants to assure her that she need not give up and become desperate just because she is alone and single and needs to know there are good men out there and possibly one who will value and give her the love and commitment she deserves. He also makes it clear to her that he has been investigating and has come up with a list of possible donors of Josslyn's kidney. He shows her a specific name from the list whom he is certain is the donor. Right the, however, Nina gets an unexpected incoming call from Carly, urging her to call of the search. She finds that odd.

When Julian sits alone in lockup without anyone to help him, Alexis sits alone at her house reading she charges on papers that could get her disbarred for failing to uphold the law which she's taken an oath to do. Suddenly she hears someone outside the door and sees it's Jax. She rushes into his arms expressing how happy she is to see him. He admits that he has some legal matters he may need her to represent him with, involving a custody battle with Carly for Josslyn. Hearing that, she informs him she'd like to help him but admits that she may not be able to so as she reveals to him that in another week she may never be able to practice law again. She cries as he holds her in his arms and encourages her not to give up and to know that she is a wonderful lawyer, mother, warrior and friend. And so whatever happens at the upcoming hearing, Jax tells her, she is still all of those things and so much more. He leaves and she cries, alone in the house.

Sam goes to see Julian in the interrogation room and makes it clear that she is done with him forever. He emotionally protests and pleads that his daughter listen to his side although Sam angrily asks what “side” regarding how he committed murder, got away with it, framed her mother, ruined her life and tried to kill her. She affirms that if he ever comes near her mother again, she will kill him herself. He urges Sam to please not say that and realize he is her father yet she clarifies he is not. He is merely the man her mother married under false pretenses, she tells him, and he is absolutely nothing to her. She tells him he needs to know, as everyone else does, that he's going away for murder. She will not visit him and if he writes to her, she will not respond. He asks if he will ever see her again, to which she affirms he will see her in court when she testifies against him and watches him get put away. He asks if she is unaware that he's Danny grandfather, to which she tells him he is nothing to her son and she will make sure he never sees Danny again. Yet he asks her what if Danny needs a bone marrow transplant again, to which Sam is then shocked as she remembers how she and Danny were at the desperate mercy of her bio dad in order to save her son's life, a few years back, when he could have died without bone marrow they could not find anywhere else. Remembering hers' and Danny's “dependence” on Julian not long ago, in order to save her son's life, at first she panics and angrily reminds him that it's just like him to threaten and hold that over on her. She then recalls and informs Julian she has just now found out that Jason is the perfect donor for Danny if anything ever happens to him again and so she does not need Julian for that or anything else. She declares to Julian he has just now threatened her son's life and confidently tells him he no longer holds her son's life in his hands. She is now holding all the cards. She gets up to leave but she suddenly collapses and passes out. At that point, Julian calls to his daughter and is worried and mindful that she needs help.

Alone with Jason after Jordan has taken action against Valentin, Sonny remarks to him that maybe he (Jason) has a future in law enforcement although they both know that Jordan does not care for either of them. Sonny admits he is not certain how he will explain the situation regarding Valentin or what has happened to Nikolas, to Spencer when he returns and asks about that. He asks if Jason can possibly call Carly. Jason goes off. Spencer comes back to his uncle Sonny and asks if he has not heard his standing ovation. Sonny congratulates Spencer but informs him they have to go off together when Spencer raises objections that he has to go off, instead with “Theo”. In response to that, Sonny tells Spencer that he needs to know that “Theo” is gone now, although Spencer protests to his uncle Sonny that he has a secret plan with his father, informing him for the first time that his father is alive and was ready to send for him. Realizing it's true that Nikolas is in fact alive and Spencer is very emotional and missing his dad, Sonny takes his nephew into his arms not knowing what to say or do regarding all of this.

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