GH Update Thursday 8/4/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/4/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the PCPD, everyone is waiting for the hostages to return from Greece. Sonny rushes to find out what happened and notices Jason is in handcuff and asks why. Jordan replies that he's still wanted for the murder of Nikolas. She further informs him that “some story” alleges that Nikolas is alive and well, or has been when Jason was implicated for murder and that Nikolas faked his own death. However, she asserts to Sonny, there’s no evidence that this story is true. However, Dante appears with Lulu behind him and affirms that the story is absolutely true and can be proven.

Nina wakes up in her hotel room after sleeping with the strange guy who has been listening to a recording of Spencer's phone conversation with Nikolas, unknown to her. When she awakens and wonders just what she got herself into, he reminds her they are both grown ups who are unattached and simply had some fun the previous night. She admits she does not remember his name and confirms it's Theo as she informs him she's “never done anything like this before”. He asks why a sexy and independent single woman would be able to say that, to which she informs him she was “out of commitment for a while”. He then tells her that they are two people who may be deprived of their needs who need not have strings attached.

Meanwhile, Spencer is making it clear that he's having secret phone conversations with his dad. He makes it clear that he will “make him proud”. It appears he is ready to be part of a school play and play the role of a king. He leaves his phone on the table and nobody suspects anything at that point.

At the coffee shop, Dillon admits that he is not sure what to do and if he should have a relationship with Darby, even tough they both know that they are both single and unavailable to others (namely Kiki and Morgan who have declared they have chosen each other). However, although he does not admit it, he seems to somehow know that it's just a matter of time before Kiki and Morgan break up. After it appears they have slept together, Darby informs him they both need to get tested for a disease he's never heard of called STI, which she explains the causes, symptoms, consequences of going untreated and what one does to prevent catching or spreading this disease. She informs him that going untreated could cause cancer for women and maybe he wants to get treated so that he wont' “spread it around”. Yet he clearly has something or more accurately some one, on the brain. After she leaves and he's alone, Dillon looks up the “STI” on his phone and reads medical information.

Kiki demands to know what is going on with Morgan and if he's taking his meds, making it very clear that she is not ok with his impulsive and irrational behavior and assumption that they should move in together without first asking and discussing it with her. He asks her why she does not trust him with his meds, to which she tells him she trusts h m but does not trust his disease. She reminds him he knows all too well “how he is”. Yet he protests she must realize and know his personality and how he is and that all the pills in the world will not change who he is. She asks if loving each other is really enough and if it will help them get through all the disasters of their pasts.

At that point, he asks if she regrets getting back with him, to which she replies no. However, impulsive crazy and impractical decisions are not for her she tells him. In response to that, he asks her just what happened to that girl she used to be who loved adventure and impassivity. She clarifies that she grew up and is no longer going to be part of that. When he asks if this has anything to do with Dillon, Kiki clarifies no. The problem they are having, she tells Morgan, is that he is going way too fast for her. Yet he tells her he odes not see it that way. She admits that it's the way it is. He is bi polar. She may have PTSD. They are both adults and members of the working class and no longer spoiled rich kids able to take road trips and live off of their parents' money and throw caution to the wind. She hears the baby monitor and goes upstairs yet Morgan asks her if they can talk again about this, to which she promises him yes. They will talk again. Morgan goes out the door.

While Dillon is alone at the coffee shop while researching the STI that Darby has warned him of, Morgan comes by. At that point, Dillon tells Morgan maybe he wants to be concerned about an “STI” that he may have and spread. At that point, Morgan sends Kiki an “emergency” text. She rushes to talk to him, discovers Dillon and Darby standing nearby and learns exactly who among them has slept with whom, knowing it was not herself and Dillon although Dillon has slept with Darby who has slept with Morgan who has recently slept with Kiki. Why is Dillon concerned if he has not slept with Kiki and realizes he should not expect to do so? Kiki then asks Darby if she's implying that she (Kiki) could have this disease she speaks of. At that point, Darby declares to them all that she did the responsible thing by getting herself tested and forewarning the others of what could happen to them. And so none of them should believe they are better than her. Alone with Kiki, Morgan assesses to her that he knows they have spent enough time apart and now need to start fresh. He hugs her. She does no stop him although her eyes are wide open to see Dillon who is looking intently at her and she's looking back just as intently at him.

At the hospital, Claudette waits for a doctor to treat her injury while in the middle of manipulating Nathan and pitting him and Maxie against each other). Griffin enters, unaware that his next patient is Claudette as she is equally unaware and surprised that he is her doctor. They instantly identify one another and indicate they will never forget one another. Yet he is “panicked” that she has not forgotten what happened between them and does not want that revealed to anyone, whereas she is clearly not afraid of that happening. She reminds him that they found each other yet he admits he is not proud of the fact that she cheated on her husband (Nathan) and he was a part of that. They each argue as to which of them seduced the other. He clearly does not want to revisit their past but she may want to. He knows that she may want to get Nathan in trouble and break up his relationship with Maxie. He also knows it's “too coincidental” that she just ran into her ex and his new fiancÚ and the man she cheated on her ex with. Yet she protests she came to Port Charles in order to apply to work at Crimson. How was she supposed to know she was going to be working with her ex's new fiancÚ? He tells her he does not trust her and also recalls that she made it clear to him that she never loved Nathan in the first place. So why now that they are divorced is she coming back to make trouble for him and his new relationship? What is her angle, he asks?

In the hospital lobby, Maxie and Nathan both declare that they need no longer distrust or question their relationship or loyalty and commitment to one another, Claudette is no longer a factor in their lives nor threat to their relationship. They recite marriage vows to one another. They talk all about how they should set up their wedding yet they both realize that Dante and Lulu have to be a part of it and without their two respective best friends, the wedding cannot happen yet. She also admits to Nathan her “concerns” about the music that Claudette informed her they shared together that he never told Maxie about. Yet they both agree that they are committed to each other and Claudette poses no threat. Claudette goes to find them happily together and declares to them she is not about to leave town.

At the station, Sonny asks Dante and Lulu if there is anything they are not telling him. They both inform him that Kevin Collins took a bullet in order to save them from a murderer. Dante clarifies to Jordan that Nikolas did not die in his home at Wyndemere. He was found and they all saw and spoke to him in Greece and he died there when the murderer who held them all hostage shot Nikolas. And so Jason Morgan needs to be absolved and acquitted of all charges. Jordan then asks just whom this murderer was., to which Dante declares his name is Valentin Cassadine, Nikolas' uncle who is still at large. Hearing that, she goes to investigate and put out an APB on Valentine.. Alone with his son and daughter-in-law, Sonny offers his condolences to Lulu for the loss of her brother, in spite of what he knows Nikolas did to Jason. Lulu then informs Sonny she has suspicion that her father died. Hearing that, Sonny informs her that he knows that Luke has a way of disappearing. They cannot assume he is dead and he promises her he will get to the bottom of this and find her dad for her.

Meanwhile, we see Nina engaging in “intimacy” with the strange man, both satisfying their needs without regard to who he may be or where he may have come from. Have we see him before? Yes. He is none other than Valentin Cassadine? Nina goes out into the hallway to talk privately with Curtis. It appears he has some envelopes and paperwork for her yet he admits that he also came by there to “check on her”, remembering the previous night she had too much at the bar, and so he wanted to make sure she did not “make any decisions she might regret”. While alone inside the hotel room, “the man” is looking at the headlines in the morning paper about a foreign criminal who is still at large, knowing it may be himself. As soon as he knows they are distracted and he is not seen, Valentin rushes out of the room and forgets to take his phone. Nina and Curtis then go inside together and Curtis discovers that “her boy” is now gone and was apparently in such a hurry, he left his phone behind. At that point, she instantly turns it on and is able to hear the recording of Spencer's voice revealing that he's talking to his dad. They hear him telling his father that his “big performance is today”. She identifies Spencer's voice yet they are very confused given that Nikolas has been declared dead for a long time. At that point, Curtis declares to Nina that as much as he hates to break this to her and “her boy”, this is crucial evidence in a murder investigation and this phone has to be turned over to the police.

At the PCPD, Jordan investigates what Jason and Dante tell her about Valentin. Yet she advises Jason to stay out of this investigation and not go chasing after this guy although he clearly does not listen to her. Curtis comes by and plays the recorded message of Spencer's voice talking to his dad, for the police commissioner and it blows all of their minds to hear that and know that this recorded message has taken place only an hour ago. They are all stunned. Nina is not far behind Curtis and informs them the phone belongs to a strange man whom she met at the Metro Court who identified himself as Theo the previous night. Hearing that, Dante declares that Theo was the alias name that Valentin used when they first met him before declaring who he really was. At that point, Sonny rushes out the door.

Spencer is ready to perform in his play. The chaperone right then informs him that he has a “visitor”. Not having a clue if it's his father or who it would be, Spencer then encourages the guy to let him in. Spencer is surprised to see Valentin, a strange man, and asks who he is and where is his father. Valentin informs Spencer he does not know him but he is Spencer's uncle Valentin and Spencer's dad has asked him to come and get him and take him back to his father on his private jet that is fueled up and ready to go. Spencer does not trust him and needs to see and ID, to which Valentin shows Spencer his tattoo of the Cassadine Crest, as he asks Spencer if he does not want to see his dad. Before anything more can happen, Sonny arrives on the scene. Spencer then greets him and introduces him to his uncle Valentin Cassadine.

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