GH Update Wednesday 8/3/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/3/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan takes Claudette to the hospital after she's hurt her leg tripping on her shoes the previous night. Maxie is not far away yet does not know where her fiancÚ is nor whom he is with. She is unaware of whether Nathan is alive or dead although she assures Griffin she is not worried about anything. Nathan comes out of the hospital room and Maxie rushes to hug him. Not seeing Claudette and having no clue what has just happened since she last saw Nathan, Maxie expresses she's glad her fiancÚ was nowhere near Claudette and his ex is now out of their lives. Yet he reveals to Maxie that he's aware she resorted to illegal measures in order to set Claudette up, get her fired from Crimson and run out of town. When Maxie continues to ramble and justify that she's glad Claudette is gone and knows so is he, he clarifies to her that Claudette never made it to the airport or out of town. She is still in Port Charles and he just spent the night with her, he admits to Maxie. She asks why. He admits that he took her to the airport but his car suddenly and unexpectedly died. In response to that, she finds that odd as to how that could “randomly” happen right when he's about to get his ex out of town and right in time for him to miss the celebration they were going to have together regarding Claudette out of their lives. She also finds it odd that he'd leave his phone in the apartment which he's never before done. It also seems very odd that they were not able to get any service for the vehicle in all that time, much less any way to get Claudette to the airport nor out of town. She asks him how or why it is that Claudette is still there, to which Nathan attempts to explain and tell the story of the chain of events that transpired between himself and Claudette since the previous night. Learning that Claudette is right there in the hospital after he's taken her there for her leg, she appears suspicious and untrusting of Nathan. Nathan gets called off. As soon as Claudette sees Maxie alone, she wastes no time gloating and revealing that she and Nathan spent the previous night alone together reminiscing about their relationship. In response to that, Maxie smugly tells Claudette that she can see her right through her facade and is not fooled for a moment. She knows that Nathan would never tell Claudette he wants her back and does not need proof because she trusts that he'd never cheat on her. Yet Claudette appears no less smug as she reminds Maxie that she really does not know that much about Nathan. Maxie then declares she's heard enough and asks Claudette if she ever does plan to get out of their lives.

Claudette is alone in her hospital exam room waiting and at that point, she gets on her phone and enlarges a picture of Griffin.

Franco gets taken to jail and has Scott Baldwin representing him. Although Franco jokes and makes light of what happened to him, Scott warns his son that there is nothing funny about the very serious consequences he is facing, reminding him that the cops and DA have enough evidence against him to suspect and convict him for murder Yet Franco reminds his dad that he cops cannot search or keep anything of his without a warrant although Scott clarifies to him that it's within their legal rights to do what they've already done as well as what they plan to do. He further asks his son if there's anything more that that will find and charge him with. Scott reminds his son that the cops have the legal right to the drawings he made of all of the hospital patients who died of unexplained and suspicious circumstances, because it's hospital property. Franco protests about art and how famous respected artists draw pictures of the deceased and no suspicion surrounds them. Yet Scott clarifies to him that those artists in question do not have a history of what Franco has. Franco then asks his faster whose side he's on in all of this, if he believes in his son and if he intends to represent him and get him acquitted. He admits that he was hoping at the very least that Scott would believe in him. Scott does not reply and only goes into “defense lawyer mode” with his son.

Elizabeth is back at the hospital not knowing what to think or feel or do regarding what has just happened after the last time they were together, the previous night when he was taken away. Griffin talks to her in a private room about the previous evening she spent with Franco. She tells him the story about how she willingly spent the evening with Franco, completely trusted him and then suddenly he got charged with murder. She talks to him about all of the mixed feelings she has had throughout the time she spent with Franco the previous night. She talks about wanting to trust Franco and having feelings for him yet there were all the resounding red flags to arouse suspicion that she refused to see right in front of her face. She gets a call from Scott Baldwin from Franco's holding cell. He puts Franco on and Franco asks Elizabeth if she still believes in him. Elizabeth, however, does not answer. Alone with Franco, Scott advises his son to maybe make Elizabeth Weber off limits, reminding him that she has a son with Jason Morgan. He further asks Franco what about Nina, remarking that he knows she loved Franco. Yet Franco informs his father that Nina told him there's a part of him that he cannot control. Scott is very frustrated and discouraged to hear that his son is fixated on Elizabeth.

After Elizabeth terminates her phone conversation with Franco while talking to Griffin at the hospital, Nathan finds and questions them both regarding what they know about the time frame of all that happened since the most recent patient died and about Franco's whereabouts in all of this. Nathan also learns that Maxie spent some time with Griffin the previous night and makes note of that. Elizabeth admits that she realized that Amy informed them that the deceased patient's monitors were off when Franco left. Yet she now also remembers that the monitor were turned back on later. There's no way Franco could have turned them back on since he was with her. She tells both Nathan and Griffin that she can prove that with a security camera and it could acquit Franco of the suspicion of murder of the patient, which they could not previously clear him of. Hearing that, Elizabeth makes it very clear she is very happy.

At the coffee shop, Kiki expresses to Morgan that she wonders why Franco did not come home the previous night. Yet he does not care and makes it clear he does not want to “lose” her again. Lucy Coe finds them and confirms (unknown to Kiki) that Morgan has planned a surprise. She then announces that she's just gotten into real estate and Morgan has asked her and she's found a place him and Kiki to move into, which Kiki is clearly unaware of. Lucy then confirms she can have them sign the lease so they can move in right away. Kiki, however, looks at them and does not seem contented about that. Lucy continues to ramble on about all of the great amenities in the new place, all the value and great things they can do with their new home. She urges them to know all they need to do is sign and she can have them moved in right away. Kiki interrupts and asks Morgan to talk in private and demands to know why he spoke to a realtor, found a place for them and drew up paperwork without even letting her know. Lucy overhears and urges them to take their time and decide. She notices Dillon who is also looking and overhearing and asks Kiki and Morgan if they plan to move in together. Lucy continues to do the sales pitch with him and Kiki takes Morgan aside, firmly telling him they have to go and discuss this whole thing in private before going any further. He protests he does not get why she's upset. They love each other. They finally found the apartment of their dreams. They have lived together before, he reminds her. Yet she asks why he just does not get that they cannot be rushing into this, reminding him that it's “not normal” for someone to jump into this the way he is without discussing it with her after making all these assumptions and plans after spending just one night together. In response to that, he asks if she is implying that he's lost it and is off his meds, and he angrily demands to know why it is whenever he has plans or does anything impulsive, she always assumes he's off his meds and is losing it. Yet she continues to say to him he needs to “listen to himself” and she remarks he sounds just like he is having a manic episode.

After Dillon gets done talking to Lucy and observes what he's seen, he runs into Valerie. They talk and he admits he's not certain where he is with past, present or future relationships with women in his life.

Nathan confirms to Elizabeth and to Griffin that if they can prove that Franco has an alibi for suspicion about turning off patient's monitors or turning them back on, the cops cannot arrest him and he's pretty much in the clear at this point. At that point, Elizabeth smiles and makes it clear she's happy for personal reasons. Noticing that, Griffin asks if she is “really happy” that she can now trust Franco.

Scott gets off the phone and goes to find Franco in the jail to inform him he just found out that Franco could not have turned off the hospital monitors and is now free to go.

Claudette confirms to Maxie that no matter what she says, she (Claudette) and Nathan had a “real marriage”. They have a history with a long play list of songs they shared together. Maxie then tells Claudette she is onto her and if she's really been injured, she needs to get in a wheelchair and go back to her room. They get into a physical struggle and argue and Nathan finds the two of them together and demands to know what is going on. Maxie replies she was just about to call Claudette a cab and rebook her flight and because her knee was hurting, she wanted her to get in a wheelchair so she' s not in pain waking. Nathan then tells Maxie he will take care of all of this as he wheels Claudette back to her hospital room. She then “graciously” apologizes to him if she “offended” Maxie. She again wants to appear hurt, although she had no trouble walking nor limped when she went to confront and gloat to Maxie. When Nathan returns to Maxie, she declares that Claudette “set her up and she fell for it”. She further declares to her fiancÚ that Claudette clearly wants them to distrust and turn upon each other and she is done playing Claudette’s game. In response to that, Nathan tells her good. So is he. In awe to see him as he is to see her, clearly revealing that they “know” each other... Maxie and Nathan declare that since they are both done with their respective pasts and are solid in their relationship, they should get married.

Scott Baldwin then goes to find Lucy Coe at the coffee shop and happily informs her he was successful in getting his son acquitted from murder charges which previously seemed hopeless. He wants to celebrate with her. They decide instead of having caffeine beverages together, they should go and get some liquor as they go off together.

Franco goes back to the hospital and runs into a much relieved and joyous Elizabeth. After confirming that he’s innocent of all charges and assured she can now trust him, she is delighted to see him. However, he assesses that she made no efforts to contact or help or defend him, wanted to wash her hands of him all this while nor so much as given him the benefit of the doubt. She would not even talk to him when he called her from jail not long ago. And so, he concludes, it's obvious to see that she distrusts him. So for that reason, he concludes, he now knows he has to leave her alone and give up completely on her. He angrily walks away and she seems very disappointed that this has happened.

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