GH Update Tuesday 8/2/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/2/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante runs after Sam and physically restrains her to prevent her from going to find Jason, protesting that he has to keep her safe. Yet she is determined to find Jason. Shortly thereafter, Jason returns and confirms he was able to land the plane. The explosion knocked him out but he's survived and come back. The others still believe he needs to get some rest. He asks where is Kevin, to which Laura replies he's still very weak yet the rest of them are ok. They further inform Jason they mistakenly thought they saw and heard a boat yet they are still stuck there. They decide to build a signal fire yet Ava asks if that is a good idea because it could lead the enemies right to them. Lulu takes her mom aside and asks what on earth could be with that woman. They both mourn the loss of Nikolas. Lulu talks about how not long ago, all she and Dante could think about was building a new life. Laura assures her daughter they all have to get through this because Spencer needs them.

Spencer is alone in his room, in the dark on the phone, indicating that he's talking to his father who is alive and well ad he’s been doing a “brilliant performance”. Right then, the attendant notices the boy talking and asks him what he has in his bed with him. Yet Spencer is able to dismiss the guy. As soon as he's alone, again he gets on the phone to talk to his dad and talks about being in show business and remarks that hopefully the two of them will be able to “take off” together.

Nina returns to her hotel room and attempts to unlock the door. A guy nearby attempts to help her. She seems receptive to Valentin, admitting to him that her “ex boyfriend” is a self-centered bastard. She seems interested in Valentin but tells him she will call it a night. He gets ready to shut the door, tells her he wishes her a pleasant evening and tells her he hopes that her ex realizes what he's lost. After closing the door, however, he opens it again and asks if she may be somehow associated with Crimson magazine. She replies yes. She's the editor in chief. He then asks if she is Nina Reeves. She confirms yes and he admits that he grew up as a connoisseur of the finer things and is interested in finding out more about her. He knows about the Quartermaines and Cassadines and she informs him Dillon works alongside her. He tells her he knows (or knew) Nikolas. She reminds him she does not know his name. He tells her his name is Theo Hart and assures her that he is not of interest. She would not want to hear anything about him, would find it very boring and it would put her to sleep. Yet she notices that he has a cut above his eye. He tells her that somebody hurt him and it sounds like what happened to him might have some significance. He indicates that he's interested in Nina. Yet she tells him she should “let him go” and remarks she's glad there are “gentlemen” in the world. Valentin kisses her and she does not stop him. At that point, they go at it and sleep together.

Spencer Cassadine is secretly on the phone in the dark.

Franco is alone with Elizabeth in his apartment. They are not only voluntarily but happily interacting. Right then, unexpectedly, Jordan come by on official police business. Franco informs the two cops that he and Elizabeth are busy. Elizabeth reminds them that Franco and all other staff have already been questioned in the mysterious murder investigation. Yet the two law enforcement officials inform them that there's been another suspicious murder which points to Franco. Elizabeth confirms that she and Franco left work at the end of their respective shifts. They went to dinner at the Floating Rib, which can be proven and corroborated by witnesses. Then they returned to this place. Yet Jordan informs them that Mrs. Prescott has died unexpectedly right after Franco was seen in her room. She was given Derisifol just like the other murder victims, which Franco has access to. Also, right after he left Mrs. Prescott's room, shortly before she suddenly died, he had a vial in his pocket of that very drug. He protests that he simply picked it up off the floor. Jordan then concludes to him if he is innocent of charges, then he should not have a problem proving that by submitting to a test. Yet he tells them he won't be part of a witch hunt and they need to get a warrant. Right then, Elizabeth takes him aside and asks why he won’t submit to a voluntary investigation in order to disprove the accusations. He replies that he has reasons. Jordan then declares that if he wants to refuse a search that is fine. However, they have enough “cause” to hold him for 24 hours. And so, she concludes, he is coming with them right now. Yet he protests that they have nothing on him and asks what type of public apology he can expect from them. He goes out the door and they walk after him.

Carly's ex husband and Josslyn's father, Jasper Jax=Jax tells Carly he knows that she is secretly investigating where Josslyn's kidney came from after lying and telling their daughter' she will respect her wishes and call off the investigation. He reminds her that he knows her. Whenever someone proves a point to her, she tells them she agrees and then goes behind their back. He further explains that Josslyn called him to inform him that her mom “agreed” with her wishes right after very adamantly protesting the reasons why she would not. They both knew it was not like her and that is why he's there, he informs Carly.

Josslyn goes to find Sonny at his house and informs him she just that her father is back in town. He encourages her to go and talk to her old man and accompanies her to the Metro Court. Right then, Kristina enters, Morgan comes out and they talk alone while Sonny takes Josslyn to see her father and mother. Kristina informs her half brother that their mutual dad found out that she had an encounter with a woman. She admits that she did not intend to tell him. It happened by accident when he walked by to notice her and Parker kissing. She informs Morgan all about how things unfolded with Parker and remarks that she does appreciate that both of her parents were accepting of her sexuality. Hearing that, Morgan admits to his half sister that he is kind of envious of her. She now has the option of dating either dudes or chicks, he reminds her. Yet she clarifies to him that it is complicated as to her sexual orientation. She further informs him that right when she thought she might have a future with Parker, her former professor told her it could never happen again. He tells her he's sorry for that and asks about Aaron, to which she admits she lost him also. Now without either prospects of relationships in her life, she's alone and realizes maybe it's what she deserves. She asks Morgan how he would feel or behave if Kiki revealed to him, as she has revealed to Aaron, that she is seeing a woman. Morgan admits it would devastate him if Kiki dumped him for anyone. He asks if she really is in love with Parker. She admits that it's kind of a moot point right now. Morgan assures her she is not alone. She still has her big dysfunctional family, he tells his sister as he puts his arm around her.

At The Metro Court, Jax protests to Carly he knows that she has raised their daughter alone and love Josslyn just as much as he does. She hopes he realizes that the transplant saved Josslyn's life and so she needs to know where it comes from. He urges her to let this go and not keep a secret from their daughter. Josslyn rushes to welcome her father back. Jax then remarks to Sonny that he realizes his visit has come as a surprise to Josslyn, to which Sonny comments that it may be a surprise to Carly and to Josslyn but he (himself) is not at all surprised as to why Jax is suddenly in town. Jax then goes off to dinner with his daughter leaving Sonny and Carly alone where he asks his wife what the hell Jax is doing in town.

Alone with Sam, Jason builds a fire and she asks if he was hurt, to which he replies that nothing serious has happened. Dante gathers firewood and assures Jason he will be cleared of all charges for Nikolas' death. Knowing that Nikolas' family mourns the death that really has happened however, Ava comes by and admits she was with Nikolas and helped him, to which Sam reminds her that she “helped” Nikolas get away with framing Jason for murder. Yet Ava comments it no longer matters. She just wants to get home to her girls soon. Laura returns to Lulu and comments that if a rescue boat sees their signal fire, hopefully everyone will be ok. Lulu assures her mom they will get through this. They have to. She reveals to her mom, for the first time, when she was in the basement of the abandoned house, she came across a skeleton and right beside it she found her father's personal keepsakes. Her mother does not want to consider the possibility of Luke being dead although they realize since they have not seen or heard from Luke Spencer in a long time, they must consider the possibility. Lulu shows her mom the bracelet and earrings that look like they could be Luke's. Laura urges her daughter not to jump to conclusions, reminding her it's entirely possible that Helena took Luke's stuff a while back when he was kidnapped and planted them on the skeleton in order to confuse and cause them all to go on a wild goose chase, as they both know all too well how Helena operates. Yet Lulu asks her mom what if their theory is wrong. What if Helena finally won and her dad is dead? Jason and Dante build and replenish the fire. Laura thanks Jason for saving everyone's life and tells him she realizes he would not be there in the first place, were it not for her son. She further informs Jason she realizes Nikolas went down a very dark path the last few years of his life. Yet she just wishes that people could realize what a good man her son was throughout most of his life. They hear something and can see a light somewhere. Yet Laura is worried and doubting when she notices the bracelet that belonged to her kid's father, Luke.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows, as well as Jax knows, that she was not about to call off the search for Josslyn's kidney and has lied to her daughter. She admits to her husband she knows that but did not want Jax to call her out on that. Sonny then declares that the last thing he wants to do is agree with Jax. Yet, he warns her, they need to be mindful of the fact that Jax is onto her and he cannot be trusted.

Jax goes with his daughter to The Floating Rib and she asks why her mom had to make such a big deal out of potential complications arising form her kidney when she is totally healthy. He protests that he realizes her mom simply has concerns for her daughter's well being although he agrees that Carly was in the wrong with what she has been doing. Yet, when Josslyn gets up to go to the bathroom and Jax is alone at the table, he gets on his phone and tells his “secret contact” he has an “update”, as he reveals that he is secretly investigating and spying upon Carly regarding the kidney search and remarks that Sonny is right now a "wild card."

On the island, when Laura confirms that Nikolas is dead and so is Luke, Lulu tells her they have to get back and be there for Spencer.

After Valentin sleeps with Nina, as soon as she is asleep and unaware, he gets on his phone and hears the message Spencer left for his dad about meeting him at Camp Showbiz, which he makes a note of.

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