GH Update Monday 8/1/16

General Hospital Update Monday 8/1/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Valerie and Jordan talk about finding evidence about who may have “killed” a patient after Franco entered her room and she suddenly and unexpectedly died. Curtis finds them and knows he has to get to the bottom of something. Amy the nurse makes it clear she assumes and wants the others to conclude that Franco killed the patient although Jordan tells her she cannot make these assumptions. They look for fingerprints in the report that was run. Jordan assesses that maybe Franco had a legitimate reason to be in Mrs. Prescott's room. They notice that a statue was taken from the hospital room. Amy informs Curtis she saw Franco go into the patient's room and was acting very weird and ominous. Curtis wants to know more about what Amy knows or what it could mean and wants to question her. Yet Jordan instructs him to let her take it from there. They know that both Franco and Elizabeth are gone and unaccounted for and Jordan admits that Franco has had a history of violence and got off on a technicality, as many people believe that just because they got rid of the tumor, it did not change who he is and what he's capable of. She admits she's worried that it's entirely possible that Franco could hurt Elizabeth. She realizes that maybe André should be consulted for a psyche evaluation. They turn to see André. He asks Jordan if she needs his help with anything, reminding them that he did in fact to an important and relevant psychiatric evaluation of Franco before the hospital hired him as an art therapist. Jordan asks and he replies that Franco's files are not necessary confidential. Valerie goes off to find evidence and Jordan wants André to accompany her to the art therapy room, admitting that she could sure use a professional. She sounds like she might want to be with him for “other” reasons.

Franco takes Elizabeth back to his old art gallery and present apartment after she's told him she no longer wants to have a date in a public place. She asks him just what he wants with her and why he brought her to this very symbolic and personal place for him. She admits that although she wanted to leave The Floating Rib, this place is kind of weird. He admits that he brought her here because he was hoping they could get to know each other a little better. He remembers that he promised her a drink after work and goes to find a bottle of champagne from his refrigerator. He realizes he has to go and get the glasses in the other room and remarks that he will give her a chance to call the cops, if she so chooses. Yet she does not. She asks him about all of this “stuff” when she looks all around to see the place he has been using in order to do his art work. He admits that he has not been there in a while yet has been staying there since Nina left him. He admits that he's recently been painting like a mad man and up until now, his painting has been very dark and angry and has caused concerns for many people

Nina is at the Floating Rib very emotional and shares with the bartender how she is still thinking all about what it's like to be a parent. She admits she cannot understand how or why some people are able to easily have children and take it for granted. Yet others would give anything to have this honor and privilege. Curtis finds her and asks if she and Carly are still investigating about the organ donor transplant. He admits he's a bit concerned knowing that Carly's daughter has asked her mom and she told Josslyn she's agreed, to call off the investigation. Yet Nina reveals that Carly has asked them to go ahead with it and not tell Josslyn. He admits that although he may not “prefer” to do that, he will accept any work Nina offers him as long as it pays. Yet he wonders why she is spending so much time at this place by herself and is burying herself in her work, to which she admits that she has lost a relationship.

Meanwhile, Franco is alone with Elizabeth and they talk about some inner-most feelings of his. She seems very attentive to him while they have a dinner together.

Finn returns to Roxy at his hotel room after returning from his trip. Carly welcomes him back and gives Roxy back to him. She gets a call and tells him she's sorry. She has business she must attend to. He takes Roxy animal out of her cage, kisses her, holds her and behaves just like she is the love of his life. Out of nowhere, he hears a voice of a guy remarking that it appears to be “true love”. He turns to see Jasper Jacks, Carly's estranged ex-husband and Josslyn's father. Finn remarks this is Roxy, his service animal. Carly turns to face them both, very surprised to see her ex and asks him what he is doing there. She introduces them and Finn remarks that he's gotten to know Josslyn, Carly's and her ex's mutual daughter and remarks that he and Carly have a great daughter. Carly informs her ex that Dr. Finn assisted in the investigation to find Josslyn's donor. In response to that ,her ex thanks Finn for his effort but remarks they will not be needing his help on this anymore.

While Ava, Dante, Lulu, Laura, Kevin and Sam are all stranded on the island by the ocean in Greece, they are wondering what to do. Sam is adamant about waiting to find Jason after the plane has crash-landed, they are all safe yet nobody knows if he's alive or dead. Ava admits that she realizes they owe Jason since he has saved their lives. Yet she tells Sam that it's not realistic to assume he's survived nor cost-effective to go looking for him. Yet Sam is determined to find the man she loves and not give up. Suddenly she passes out and Dante catches her to stop her fall. As soon as she comes to, she does not want to rest until she finds Jason. Yet the others urge her to rest, stay there and not go after Jason. Ava informs the others that she heard a boat out there. Laura goes to check on Kevin. For the first time, Lulu reveals to Dante that she found something “noteworthy” when they were in the house, as she shows him something that belonged to Luke and she informs her husband she saw it on a skeleton.

Jordan and André do not find anything significant in the hospital art room. However, Valerie has discovered several drawings Franco did of several people.

At the old art gallery, Franco's present apartment, he reveals to Elizabeth that he thinks about her all the time and it's beautiful. They both appear to have profound interest in engaging in a deep conversation and we see a beautiful painting of Elizabeth in a beautiful dress on canvas. She wants to hear and know all about Franco's inner-most dreams and aspirations. He tells her about when he was a kid, he wanted to escape from the darkness and find beauty. She reflects to him all about her own impassioned theories of art in her younger days and reveals to Franco, for the first time, that she once dreamed of being an artist. Yet, she admits to him, after having 3 kids, she became focused in nursing as the only way to pay the bills. She asks why he did not reveal to her that he did this beautiful painting of her, to which he replies he did not want to appear to be a stalker. Yet she is ok knowing that and remarks to him that she wants a chance to paint him.

At The Floating Rib, Nina admits to Curtis that Franco was the only man she's ever loved. Yet she is afraid that after all she's now accomplished, she does not believe that Franco could deal with that. He asks her why that is, to which she audits that there is a part of Franco that he, himself cannot trust or control. Valerie and Jordan appears and observe them talking together. They inform both Nina and Curtis that they have “concerns” regarding both Franco and Elizabeth being MIA at the present time. Realizing that Jordan's brother-in-law and former police colleague is having a private meeting with Franco's ex, they are kind of “stunned”. They leave Nina and Curtis alone and she remarks that it does not take Franco long to “move on”.

Jax overhears Carly and Finn confirming that they are going through with the investigation of Josslyn's kidney and remind them that they need to respect his daughter's wishes. Hearing that, Finn informs Carly's ex that he wants to only do what is the right thing and does not want to step on any toes. He goes off with Roxy. Alone with her ex, Carly protests that he did not have to “push so hard” as she informs him she intended to call off the search. In response to that, he asks her if she really intended to do that or if she's just telling him that, reminding her he was married to her not long ago and that is how he knows she is lying.

At the hospital, Finn returns with Roxy and finds Amy. He asks her if she could help him with something he knows she may have direct involvement with, which, he tells her, is re-establishing his lab. In response to that, she reminds him that she is not the facilities manager. He'd have to talk to Dr. Obrecht. She wants to know what he is researching anyway. He replies when he's done, she will be the first to know, as he reminds her he knows how “informed” she appears to be about everything.

While Curtis is alone at The Floating Rib, he sees André walk in. He seems confrontational and “protective” of Jordan, urging him to cut his sister-in-law some slack and realize she has a lot on her plate with TJ and all. In response to that, André angrily thanks him for his input but reminds him the last time he checked, he did not need Curtis' help with his (André's) relationship.

While Franco and Elizabeth are happily together, having dinner and talking very comfortably, they hear an unexpected knock on the door. He opens it to see Jordan and Valerie. He tells them he and Elizabeth are in the middle of dinner. Jordan then firmly tells him they have some questions for him and will get straight to the point right now.

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