GH Update Friday 7/29/16

General Hospital Update Friday 7/29/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Griffin reflect how odd and scary it is that there's a killer walking around the hospital whom nobody knows the identity of. He talks to her about how, sometimes people come into our lives for unknown reasons which are to save or help us yet people do not always know or understand. They talk about forgiveness and her “questions” about whether she should trust Franco or not. She admits that she may have something on her mind although she does not reveal it to Griffin yet she admits she wants to make the right decision about Franco and is, in fact, accepting his invitation to go out on a date with Franco tonight after work. Not far away, Amy the nurse talks to Valerie who is on police duty about a “suspicious” action on the part of Franco that appears as though he could be bringing a patient a flower in order to attempt to kill them in their hospital room. Valerie finds him, corners him, frisks him and pulls what appears to be a latex glove and vial out of his pocket. With that, she demands to know what he was doing in this patient's room with this in his pocket. When Franco does not answer where the latex glove and vial came from except that he found it on the floor, did not get around to disposing the items and thought maybe it's not a bad idea to remove medical waste from floors. Amy appears, overhears and observes this. She protests to Valerie that she should not trust or buy what Franco is saying and needs to test the empty vial. He leaves them alone to talk. Valerie instructs Amy to keep a close eye on the patient while she runs the items through the lab.

At the coffee shop, Jordan runs into Curtis after he's just gotten on the phone., She informs him that she took TJ with her to visit Shawn his dad, at Pentonville. She remarks that it was a good experience, given that it was the first time the three of them had a chance to spend the time together as a family, adding to him she has him to thank for that. In response to that, he tells her it really does not matter to him as he reminds her he no longer needs anything from her. At that point, she informs him that he may not needs anything from her but, she admits, she needs something form him. In response to that, he reflects that she has not forgotten his past yet is now so desperate that she would ask a favor from a known coke-head whom she has no respect for. IN response to that, she admits she may owe him an apology and she made a serious mistake with preventing TJ and Shawn from knowing they were father and son. He reminds her that his brother was a father to TJ. Yet she admits she fully claims her responsibility in the break-down of her family. She knows the lie was not protection to them. It was deception and she did it to protect herself. Yet, she admits to Curtis when she was with her son and his father today, it was so liberating and freeing for her. Curtis is not gracious when he hears her discuss that with him yet she tells him that she could see how both TJ and Shawn are very honored to have to be reunited. She realizes her son has been missing out on having a man in his life and she concludes that since Shawn is in prison, he's not going to be a strong male presence is TJ's life. However, she informs Curtis, maybe he can be. He admits he loves TJ. That young man is his heart, he declares to her. Yet, he reminds her, she has done everything she can do to prevent him and TJ from being close. He walks away and she protests that she has acknowledged that she's made that mistake. Yet he reminds her that he has asked her for a second chance and for forgiveness and she has done nothing. She confides in him that she's kept secrets from Andre and now realizes that her boyfriend, the shrink, is right that she does not let people in and builds walls. She informs Curtis she is trying to climb out of all of her problems and mistakes. TJ is her top priority. He realizes her son does not have a lot of faith in her, she tells him. But he needs a man he can trust and respect. In response to that, Curtis asks why she'd select him knowing she does not trust nor respect him. She then informs him that he is trying to reach out to him and declares to him she trusts him with her son;. At that point, Curtis declares she has that. He will be there for TJ. At that point, she admits that she has given him something very special. He has gotten his family back and that is the best he's felt in a long time.

Maxie sits alone at the apartment waiting for Nathan and failing to get a hold of him. Unknown to her, he's left the building with Claudette. She notices he left his phone on the table. She also notices, the trash basket, there's a picture of Nathan and Claudette's wedding. At that point, she wonders if Claudette was there. At that point, she calls the PCPD to find out if Nathan might have worked late. She finds out he was not scheduled there but wonders why her fiancé left his phone there while he's MIA.

Claudette's vehicle has broken down and Nathan attempts to help her get it started. Yet they are stranded and unable to get it to move. He is unable to figure out what has happened and why it's suddenly stuck. She urges him not to be discouraged because he’s been her “hero”. In response to that, he admits he does not want to be stuck there, nor a “hero” to her. He wants to be with Maxie. He finds it really odd that she's asked him to drive her home, her car so conveniently died as did her phone right in time for her to miss her flight. In response to that, she protests that he is being paranoid and asks why she'd plan this after she's just declared to him that she is over him and supports his choice to move on. At that point, she expresses she is “sorry to bother him” and walks away.

Maxie goes to the hospital in search of Nathan, runs into Amy and asks if her fiancé might possibly be there. Amy is not courteous to her but she runs into Griffin and informs him it's very odd that Nathan is suddenly gone, has not contacted her and left the apartment without his phone.. He asks her if there may be someone “threatening” Nathan, to which Maxie replies yes. She knows of a specific person who is a threat to both of them.

Shortly thereafter, Maxie and Griffin to the coffee shop together. She admits that she's a bit upset and suspicious of “something” going on right now. Yet she's not going to be needy and dependent on her man when he's gone. She admits she did do a desperate and unethical thing regarding an “issue” she has with someone she works with, although she does not go into any specific details with him about that. They get into a conversation about forgiveness as she remembers Griffin informing her that he “feels responsible” for something. She wants to know more about that. She assesses that he saves people's lives and prays and forgives everyone yet she wonders why he cannot forgive himself for his mistake which he's not telling her specific details. He admits to her that maybe he needs to “hang onto the guilt” so he does not make the same mistake again. Yet he does not tell her the exact reason why. Although she reminds him he's been a priest and doctor and has redeemed himself, he confides in her that what he did was careless dangerous and reckless. She talks about how she had a heart transplant years ago which was a second chance for her and so she understands what that is all about, as she urges him not to keep blaming himself for what “some crazy violent person with a gun” did to him. Hearing that and realizing she has no clue just whom that “violent crazy person” was nor the circumstances involved, he is clearly uncomfortable.

When Nathan is with Claudette and she “guilt trips” him about not wanting to burden him with her problems and leaving him to Maxie, she gets up to leave. As she walks away, in the dark, she trips on her spiked heels and falls over. That obligates him to “play chivalry”. She talks about how she hurt her knee many years ago when they were together He reflects how, once in their relationship when she was hurt, he was afraid he lost her and he remembers when they were in love. She admits that she made a serious mistake to have cheated on him, and lost the best thing that ever happened to her. In response to that, Nathan comments he had himself to blame. He admits he made her feel neglected, to which she agrees but assesses she did not have to invite another man into their bedroom in order to get his attention. He reflects it takes two to ruin a marriage. She confesses she was too needy and demanding. He admits that he was not there for her and made a fatal mistake by shooting a man. Yet she tells him she does not want him to blame himself. There may be someone else nearby, at which point, Nathan pulls his gun. He wants to make sure she is “safe” when she's clearly stranded and has hurt her knee from falling. While they wait inside the vehicle, he turns on the radio. And, she remembers, it just so happens they are “playing their song”. She looks adoringly into Nathan's eyes, takes his hand and he does not pull away from her.

Franco finds Elizabeth at the hospital and tells her that he has a surprise for where they go on their first date together. She asks if it's in a public place, to which he replies it's on a public street. He asks her if she' s afraid of being somewhere alone with him where they are not seen, to which she replies she simply “does not like surprises”. Franco then concludes that she clearly suspects him as being the hospital killer and so he will “put her mind at ease”.

Amy notices the patient whom Franco just went to visit passed out, crashing or ready to die. She notifies Valerie and it looks very suspicious for Franco. They declare that the patient is dead. Valerie wonders why the monitors were not on in order to alert the staff, to which Amy replies they were somehow turned off. The attending doctor informs them that there's no reason for this patient to die. She was stable. There’s no explanation. They realize that it's very possible that the “mysterious hospital killer” is the reason for this patient's death.

Franco takes Elizabeth to The Floating Rib although he admits he is not comfortable there. She asks if he does not want to be there, why are they there? He asks her why she accepted the date with him? She admits that he trapped her in the elevator not long ago and maybe she is having second thoughts about trusting him, covering for him when security was ready to arrest him, and for being with him now.

As Jordan is talking to Curtis, she gets an urgent call from the hospital and tells the contact she will be on her way immediately. Curtis tells her he wants to come with her.

Franco asks Elizabeth why, if she does not trust him, did she agree to go out with him. She replies that maybe she owes him an explanation. Right after they last spoke, she informs Franco, she ran into her ex and he gave her a big lecture about making a mistake with having Franco around her boys. At that point, remembering what a manipulative hypocrite Ric was, it made her angry and wanting to defy him. And so that was when she called Franco and agreed to go out with him. At that point, he stands up and tells her maybe this is a mistake. Yet she urges him to sit down and not leave and realize that she knows she has made some serious mistakes and is flawed and so she wants to give him the benefit of the doubt. He sounds “discouraged” and at that point she concludes to him that she does not want to sit there and listen to him whine about how lousy their date is. Instead, she suggests, they should go off together in the car and go elsewhere in order for her not to have to hear it. Yet he hesitates to put her in a position where she must trust him. Shortly thereafter, they return to his apartment. It's dark. He lights a candle. She views all the mysterious things in his apartment and has a “spooked” look on her face as he smiles in "grim satisfaction."

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