GH Update Thursday 7/28/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/28/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Outside the courtroom, after Julian's arraignment hearing, Sonny finds Alexis and tells her he has a concern that is not related to her psycho husband. He asks her when she was going to tell him that their daughter has had a relationship with a woman who is her professor. Alexis assesses that she found that out and it's true yet, she protests to Sonny, that the two of them (she and Sonny) are not “team mates” to each other. They both owe Kristina the courtesy of respecting her wishes. He asks her if Julian knows about his (Sonny's) daughter's life, to which Alexis replies yes and protests to Sonny that she will not put up with his controlling behavior. She admits she's had a hard day and is stressed and she informs Sonny that Kristina did inform her that she discussed it with him and realizes her dad loves her and respects her decision. He admits that he does not like what is going on with their daughter and Parker and the longer it goes on, the more she will be hurt. Alexis then agrees for the two of them to go together to talk to Kristina as her parents, knowing she needs them both.

Kristina goes to the coffee shot and Aaron is there informing her that “some woman” came by with an envelope to give to her. Kristina sees her name written on it, knows it's from Parker and suspects nothing. She explains to Aaron that it's from a “mentor” of hers. She goes off the privately read it and is devastated that Parker writes she' s very sorry to have to end it between them. She cries. Aaron hears her and asks what is wrong, to which she only tells him “it's something about school”. Yet she is not about to tell him what is really going on. He assures her everything will be ok as he takes her hand. He tells her he's sorry that “everything with school” did not work out. Yet, he admits, he cannot say he's disappointed that she will be staying in town with him. He can tell that she was “going to tell him something” although she assures him it was “nothing and not important”. He holds her and assures her he will be there for her with whatever she needs. At that point, Sonny and Alexis appear and ask Aaron if they can talk alone to their daughter. Kristina then informs her parents that Parker “left her”. She ”just bailed”. She does not have a clue how or why it happened. Alexis holds her daughter to console her. Sonny assures Kristina that they both have her back and always will. She admits that there she was with a great guy. And what does she do? Reject him by going after someone she should not be with. A woman who is married, her professor and who does not want her. Yet they both assure her things are going to be alright. They are curious, however, as to whether Kristina has “feelings” for Aaron or not or what she wants to do with him. She admits maybe she should go and have a talk with him and leaves. Alone with Alexis, Sonny admits she was really good with their daughter, to which she affirms so was he. Having no way of knowing why Parker wrote the “rejection letter” to Kristina, Sonny declares although it was “odd and unexpected”, he's glad Parker made that decision. At that point, realizing she's the reason Parker broke it off with Kristina, Alexis reveals to Sonny there's something she did not tell him. She reveals that she did, in fact, go and to talk to Parker and convinced her to break it off with Kristina, making her “responsible” for Kristina's broken heart. Yet he assures her it's no big deal. He would have done the same thing and their daughter need never know about that.

Not far away, Kristina admits to Aaron that last night she “slept with someone else”. She admits it was her professor, to which he inquires if it's the same professor who got her kicked out of school. He finds it odd knowing that the person who wrote Kristina the letter was a woman. Hearing that, he is stunned and asks her if she is gay or straight or bi or not certain. Was he nothing more than a “test” for her? She assures him she “really likes” him. Yet he tells her he needs some time to sort things out and goes off.

After Claudette has gone to visit Nathan in the apartment after Maxie is gone and has “convinced” him that she is over him and no longer needs to keep their wedding photo, he leaves a message for Maxie informing her about the exchange between them.

Athe Crimson office, Nina is able to find out that Maxie has willfully hacked into the computer system in order to set Claudette up to look like she’s failed at her job. They both know the risks this puts the entire company under and Nina asks Maxie why she'd do something like this. Maxie replies; “Because of Claudette”. She protests to Nina that this woman is up to no good and wants to take Maxie's man from her and Nina knows all too well how she hurt Nathan. Yet Nina knows that Maxie has not only pulled a stunt to hurt Claudette. She's compromised their company's security and assures Claudette that Maxie will be reprimanded. Claudette, however, tells them both they need not do that, affirming that she realizes she has “no place here” and made a mistake to want to work alongside the two of them. She indicates that although she does not plan to be working at Crimson, she does not plan to leave town. She admits she can work in fashion designing and graphics with the computer tech who helped her find out what Maxie did. Nina escorts her out the door, sounding “gracious” but making it clear she wants her out. Alone with Maxie, she admits she believes Maxie “did the right thing”. Yet she warns her that since their publisher is being convicted of murder, they could be in serious trouble and if Maxie does anything further to sabotage the magazine, Nina tells her, she will not hesitate to fire her. She affirms to Maxie, however, she knows she has to fight for the man she loves. She knows that Claudette is still after her brother, she tells Maxie and they both have to fight fire with fire. She admits if she were in Maxie's shoes, she'd have done the same thing with “the other woman”, as she reflects it's all too prevalent with “men whose minds wander”, speaking about a man who says he loves her yet gets googly eyes around a nurse whose kid needs money for art camp. Hearing that, Maxie can clearly tell that Nina is no longer talking about her and Nathan's relationship.

Claudette returns to Nathan at the apartment and tells him that Maxie and Nina convinced her to leave Crimson and leave town. She informs him she got a job offer in Manhattan and will be leaving Port Charles. She admits to him she loved him once. For the first time, Nathan is acting in a gracious way toward her, listening to her and appearing like maybe he does not want her to leave town after all.

Nina assures Maxie that her brother would never betray Maxie. But with Claudette in town, it's jut one more thing to complicate it for them. Maxie then determines that she has a plan. She knows she needs to trust Nathan and their relationship. She reveals she has a new plan and has to leave as she rushes out the door. At that point, Nina is baffled as to why Maxie has made this decision.

Maxie returns home and plays Nathan's phone message to her, for the first time, where he is informing her that maybe they have misjudged Claudette and urging her not to take any drastic action she might regret (unaware it's already too late for that).

At the apartment, Claudette suddenly informs Nathan that she got a call informing her that the job offer has been canceled. At that point, he goes to the door with her and leaves his phone on the table, unable to know about Maxie's incoming message to him. While on the elevator returning home, Maxie leaves the message for Nathan that she now knows she need not do anything drastic. She need not fear or suspect that Claudette or anything or anyone else can come between them. She knows they love and trust each other and that is all that matters. She declares all she wants now, is to return to the man she loves and be grateful for what they have together. Yet Nathan does not get her phone message.

While the people (Lulu, Dante, Laura, Kevin, Sam, Jason, Ava) are stuck on the beach on Cassadine Island and run into the strange woman who attempts to assure them she is harmless and can obtain medical care for Kevin, she names an address that Lulu is all too familiar with. She affirms to all the others that she is positive that that this the very address she knows Helena wants her to go to. At that point, Laura goes to make sure Kevin is awake and ok after he's been shot and his bleeding without any medical care. She encourages him to know he will be ok, to not quit or give up and to help her crack the case and use his brilliance as a doctor and have a chance to write his new book. Jason and Sam return. Ava asks if they found a way off of this rock or not, to which he found a “jet” somewhere. She asks what good that is when it's questionable whether he knows how to fly a jet. Jason replies that he “thinks he may” know how to fly a jet, to which Ava asks if they should all trust that. They realizes that they cannot wait because Kevin needs urgent care. Lulu reminds Ava she need not come with them if she does not want and can fend for herself alone. They realize, however, that the strange woman, Daphne has informed them she can find the medical care they need for Kevin. Daphne returns and assures them she's alone without anyone with her. She confirms she found antibiotics that should help with Kevin's inflection. Laura administers the drug and Dante and Jason pull Kevin up to his feet and help him walk. The others follow them. Laura thanks Daphne. Yet there is still question as to what Daphne is really all about. They later all get inside the plane yet they wonder who should fly it. Jason seems to “remember” yet they are still not completely safe or home free. Jason and Dante sit together in the cockpit ready to operate the plane and Jason gets it started and off the ground. Sam sits behind them observing. Laura sits beside Kevin and he reveals he has feelings for her as he reflects the last few years of his life he was sleepwalking. He was trying to save a marriage that was long over, burying himself in his work and he let his passions slip away. But now, she's come into his life. He sounds like he is preparing to die but she encourages him to believe he's going to make it and will have a future.

Not far away, Lulu admits to Ava that she finds it very odd that Daphne gave her the very address that Helena gave her. Ava tells her it's not so surprising and now they need not worry now that they are off that island, remarking she thought they were going to die there. While Jason and Dante have gotten the plane off the ground and are in the air, Sam asks if they know how long it's going to take. Jason then discovers they are out of fuel. They wonder how or if they can land it and know they are flying over the ocean. Laura, Lulu and Ava know that they are now losing altitude. Sam then warns them they will have to make an emergency landing. They are all worried the plane is going to crash and they are going to die.

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