GH Update Wednesday 7/27/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/27/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie and Nathan awaken together and are ready to start planning their wedding. She informs him that she only needs one thing in order to make their wedding perfect which is having Claudette gone, out of Port Charles and out of their lives for good. She admits she regrets trusting Claudette and failing to see that she used a fake name when she applied to work at Crimson. He realizes that he should not have gotten drunk and shot the other man in Claudette's life knowing she can easily use that against him and ruin his life with it. She reminds him that she has not yet heard Claudette mention that. She has observed, however, that Claudette still keeps her and Nathan's old wedding photo in her possession. He reminds Maxie that it may be easier said than done to beat her at her own game. Yet Maxie knows that she might be able to take action against Claudette by finding issues with her job performance, as she indicates Spinelli gave her a “secret weapon”. She does not share with Nathan exactly what it is as she leaves their apartment with a device in hand.

Claudette sits alone at a table at The Metro Court and pulls the old wedding photo of herself and Nathan out of her purse to view and obsess about again. She gets a call from Nina informing her that she needs to get into the Crimson Office immediately given that their publisher is now gone and the fact that they are all now subject to scrutiny. Claudette then gets ready to go.

Maxie walks into the Crimson office and overhears Nina on the phone expressing she realizes that a man is innocent until proven guilty yet she's certain that if Julian is convicted, he will never have anything more to do with Crimson and they will never have anything to do with him again. Noticing her boss is distracted, Maxie goes to a private room unseen and puts Spinelli's device to use to see if it will enable her to make Claudette disappear from their lives.

Before Claudette goes into the office to meet with Nina, she goes to see Nathan in the apartment when he's alone. She informs him that she realizes she has not been totally honest with everything to Maxie. However, she informs him, she realizes she now needs to be honest with him. In response to that, Nathan asks her with what, to which she replies “with this” as she pulls our their wedding picture, explaining to Nathan she did not realize she still had it until she suddenly found it. She informs him she later questioned herself over whether she was over him or not. She now realizes, she tells him, that she is over him. She does want closure. She admits to him that when she arrived here to work at Crimson, and with his fiance and sister, she was not certain but now she is. And so now, she tells him, she wants to “make it official” as she smashes the glass and frame and throws it in the trash. She then tells Nathan she “needs to explain this to Maxie” and expresses his fiance has been “really kind to him since she moved to Port Charles”. Claudette then walks out the door and Nathan is clearly baffled as to what she is saying without saying or what she is really up to.

 Right the, we see Julian's picture on the front page headlines and the story of his getting arraigned and arrested.

Alexis meets with Diane at the coffee shop who can clearly see that she is afraid and she admits that she does not think she can go through with what she has to do with Julian. Diane then urges her to know that she has to go through with this, reminding her that she is facing disbarment. If she shows up at the courthouse with her divorce attorney, it will send a message that she is done width this criminal for good. Yet Alexis makes it clear that she is worried, afraid of something and there is a reason that she cannot go to the courthouse, face Julian and testify against him.

Julian gets taken to the courthouse in handcuffs. Scott Baldwin is ready to represent him yet Scott remarks it appears that both of Julian's adult kids ditched him and are not there for him. They also realize that they do now know where Ava is. Sonny appears and admits it's payback time for him and he would not miss this event. He gloats and reminds Julian that he's finally going to be locked up for the rest of his life and it will make Sonny's life complete. Paul Hornsby finds them asks both men to shut up and takes Scott aside to have a private conversation before the hearing starts. Alone with Julian, Sonny continues to taunt and gloat that Julian will soon see how he has screwed himself. In the courtroom, the judge reads the charges to Julian and asks if he understands all that has been filed against him. Julian fails to answer yet the judge asks him a second time and instructs him to answer. Alexis walks in the courtroom with Diane accompanying her. He observes them and replies to the judge yes. He understands the charges. The judge asks the DA, and Paul confidently affirms that he wants Julian put away for murder, conspiracy and many other charges. The judge asks Scott if he has something to say, to which Scott affirms that many charges and unsubstantiated accusations have been hurled at his client. He then asks the court that Julian be released from custody in jail. The judge asks where Scott believes he should go, to which Scott replies Julian should be with his wife, Alexis Davis. In the courtroom, as soon as Scott Baldwin expresses that his client needs to be released and returned to his wife, Diane stands up and protests that Mr. Jerome has terrorized, threatened and endangered his estranged wife and the court needs to protect Alexis from him. At that point, Julian stands up and yells that he cannot be taken away from his wife. She needs to give him another chance. At that point, the judge demands that Scott restrain his client and if he has any more outbursts, there will be serious consequences. She then rules that bail is denied and the defendant will be retained in custody until he is taken elsewhere. Obviously Julian is upset, as is Scott, although they are not surprised. Diane assures Alexis that Julian will be locked up. Alexis faces Julian and angrily demands to know if he ever thought she'd consider taking him back or being responsible for him after what he did to her. He reminds her that he loves her and knows she still loves him. Yet she angrily tells him she does not love him and if she ever thought she did, it was all based on a lie. All she wants is to have him put away. Yet he continues to tell her that he does not believe that she no longer loves him and he makes it clear he believes they will never be rid of each other. After observing that, Scott advises Julian to realizes it's a lost cause to accept Alexis to take him back, as he further reiterates to his client, if he is not aware, of the lost cause in his defense after the evidence from his taped confession.

After Kevin has been shot, Dante, Laura, Lulu and Ava all help him get to a place on a beach. He tells Laura they all need to go on without him as they all realize it's just a matter of time before Valentin finds them. Knowing they are far away from any doctors, Laura asks him if he might have a clue what is needed for his gunshot wound. He asks her to show him a mirror where he notices and determines that the bullet has to be taken out. Dante finds a knife in his pocket and they all try to sterilize the wound. Kevin hands Laura the knife, asks her if she can do this, declaring to her that he trusts her. She attempts to do what is needed and Dante holds Kevin back while he is in terrible pain without anesthesia. He tells her and Lulu what they need to do in order to cut the wound and cut away form the veins. She does it and urges him to hold very still. She manages to remove the bullet while Kevin is still losing blood and wounded but awake and not badly injured. Ava asks Dante if they can get out of there soon, reminding him they are all sitting ducks for Valentin. He reminds her they have to wait for Jason and Sam to return. Yet she tells him she wishes they could have taken the guards' phones. If she could have just called her brother, she informs Dante, maybe Julian could have called in some favors. At that point, Dante assesses that Ava may not be aware and informs her for the first time that Julian has just gotten arrested for murder and is in serious trouble. Ava then reflects about the loss of Nikolas and informs Dante and Lulu that she knows Nikolas got into trouble and she first met up with him when they ran each other when they were flying overseas. She tells them about Nikolas using the name Niles Carradine. She sounds sincere as she informs Lulu she got to know and developed a friendship with Lulu's brother, cares about him and misses him. While she notices Laura with Kevin, she admits to her that she and Nikolas met under unorthodox circumstances, yet she was happy she got to know Laura's son and misses him. Laura thanks her and remarks she believes her son would still be alive if he had not come to this island as it appears everybody who comes here is cursed. Lulu remembers noticing the decomposed skeleton with Luke's keepsakes, in the tunnels of the house. At that point, they all hear what appears to be “someone coming”.

Dante pulls out his gun and instructs all the others to hide while he “scopes it out”. They notice a woman who appears innocent, speaks with an accent, informs them she lives there on the island. Yet Ava warns Dante and Lulu not to trust this young woman and bets she's working for the people who want to kill them. The native woman who gives her name as Daphne, then notices Kevin has been shot and tells them she wants to help them, assuring them she can go and get her first-aid kit although Ava urges the others not to trust her and realize she’s probably going to return to Valentin and bring him back to have them all killed. Yet she protests that she lives on a street nearby that Lulu is very familiar with. Lulu is shocked when she hears the address and recognizes as the return address on an empty envelope Helena sent her and concludes that Helena wanted her go there.

When Maxie is alone at the private computer outside Nina's office, she realize that the “microchip” Spinelli gave her in order to rid their lives of Claudette, it could corrupt a lot of files. Nina will kill her. And now is not the item for that to happen right when their publisher is being arraigned and arrested, she reflects.

When Claudette goes to Crimson, Maxie and Nina are able to “see” that she has ruined all of her graphics that they need her to perform for them. Nina asks Maxie to talk privately in the office and informs her that they have good reason to believe that Claudette has faked her “skill” with graphic design. She now realizes, for the first time, that if that woman could fake her identity and deceive Nathan, she obviously falsified her qualifications for the job which she was hired for in the first place. Yet right when they are ready to fire Claudette, it seems Claudette has brought a computer technician to find out just what happened and prove that she did not make the fatal error she's accused of. Observing that, Maxie protests to Nina that she “does not understand”. Yet Claudette informs them she knows exactly what to do when issues like that happen. She indicates that she can see that someone has hacked into her email. She informs them that the “really cool thing” about what the computer guy can do is trace untraceable items. At that point, Nina is able to see that Maxie has attempted to hack Claudette's computer in order to set her up.

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