GH Update Tuesday 7/26/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/26/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nina goes to find Carly at The Metro Court and shows her many responses to Josslyn's story in Crimson, from people all over the world. Carly is in awe as Nina assures her that she will get her answer and Josslyn will be protected if she needs medical care after they know the donor of her kidney. She shows her a message about someone saying they lost their young son who died from a cerebral hemorrhage whose kidney they donated, possibly to Josslyn. Yet, she reports that the boy named Oliver had type O-negative, which Carly knows could not have been the match for her daughter. She expresses to Nina, however, that even if Oliver was not Josslyn's donor, she wants to meet and thank his parents for what they did. She assesses they can rule out matches by knowing blood types and timelines for when organ transplants would have happened. Yet she knows the only way to be certain is with DNA tests. She then remarks to Nina that she finds it odd and needs to know why Nina is going all out to help her with this. Nina replies that it's mainly for business. Yet she also admits to Carly that her chance to be a mother ended very abruptly. And so maybe this is her way of being “motherly”. Carly assesses it may be called “doing the right thing”. While they talk, Josslyn comes by and Nina tells her she's happy to meet and talk to her because she's an inspiration to Nina's readers. At that point, Josslyn firmly tells her mom and Nina she knows they both mean well, but she needs them to stop looking for her donor. Carly protests that if they know where her kidney came from, it could save her life if she has any type of medical crisis. Yet Josslyn informs her mom that she does not like being made a public spectacle and having her privacy violated. Carly then assures her daughter she knows how insensitive people can be. Josslyn reminds her mom that she, not her mom, has to go to school and deal with it. She protests that her dad is ok with her calling it off. And, she warns her mom, if she does not accept her choice, Josslyn will go live with him instead and Carly will never see her again.

In Parker's hotel room at The Metro Court, Kristina confirms to her dad that she has had a romantic encounter with her female professor. Hearing that, he assures her he is ok with her choice but admits to his daughter he finds it “odd” that she would be “confused” as to whether she's sexually interested in women or not, as he informs her he's known of many gay men who have known from the start they were gay as well as women knowing they were lesbians. He listens as Kristina relives how she and Parker met. Kristina was very passionate about a class but then found herself more passionate about Parker. She protests to her dad how wonderful their chemistry was. Yet he reminds his daughter that this woman turned her in to the administration for admitting her attraction and intent. He also reminds Kristina although she may be telling him all about it and admitting it to him now, it's only after she now knows he just witnessed Kristina kissing Parker. He asks if she'd be telling him anything about this if he had not seen her kissing Parker, to which they both know the answer. Kristina then admits to her dad that maybe she should have been upfront with him and reveals to him that her mom knows about it. Hearing that, Sonny admits he's disappointed that Alexis knows yet she did not tell him. Kristina protests that she, and probably Alexis as well, were afraid of how he would take it, given he's Sonny Corinthos. He's the “real deal”. And one could see her as a mixed up kid. He asks his daughter if she was afraid he would not love her anymore, to which she admits that is correct. She was afraid of that t, reminding him he's her dad and she loves him. Yet at times he can be a little intimidating. Hearing that, Sonny assures her she mustn't be afraid to tell him anything and they can figure it out. IN response to that, she asks her dad where he wants to start, to which Sonny asks her what about Aaron. He thought they were more than friends. Kristina admits that Aaron is nice and really good looking. Yet the attraction she has for Parker is “on another level”. Sonny assesses that he does not judge his daughter's sexual orientation. Yet, he declares this Parker woman is not right for him. She's a professor and in a position of power over Kristina, making her emotionally vulnerable.

Alexis can see her daughter has not returned home nor checked in with her. She leaves a message on Kristina's voice mail reminding her that she still lives under her mom's roof and her mom has authority and the right to some answers. Right then, Alexis runs into DA Paul Hornsby who asks if she's really ready to go through with helping the authorities convict Julian, to which she firmly replies she is more than ready to put her estranged husband away. Paul warns Alexis that he thinks she should be concentrating on her own defense, regarding the bar association, as he informs her a member of the ethics committee has an issue with her conduct in choosing to represent Carlos Rivera as his defense attorney and her refusing to advise him to “take the deal”, appears suspect and as if she was not acting in her client's best interest. He urges Alexis to contact Diane and have her figure out a defense strategy because, he warns her, she is looking at disbarment. As soon as she's alone, Alexis gets on the phone to call Diane urging her to do something when she faces the threat of being charged with ethics violations. As soon as she's done leaving her message, Parker appears and faces Alexis. Alexis tells her she know there “must be a reason” for why her daughter did not return home and she's certain Parker knows that reason and may very well be the reason. She tells her they need to talk, to which Parker asks Alexis why and assures her that her daughter is “fine”. Alexis asks Parker if she was with Kristina, to which Parker blurts out to her that she and Kristina spent the night together. Hearing that, Alexis angrily tells her that she is taking advantage of a young girl who is a student. Parker protests that there was mutual consent and initiation. Yet Alexis convinces Parker to realize having a future with Kristina is not realistic for either of them and that she needs to break it off with her daughter.

Right then, Julian is in his hospital bed, noticing the court ordered subpoena sent to Alexis to testify against him and remarks: “they have gotten to Alexis” and all of the haters that have worked to drive them apart including her own daughters, yet he declares he is not giving up. He is not going to that arraignment unless he takes his wife with him, as he tears up the document. Right at that point, his “employee” enters dressed in hospital scrubs and tells “the patient” he's ready for his sponge bath. Julian however, urges him to make efforts to find out where Ava is although he cannot track her down nor find a way for Julian to contact his sister and inform her what is happening to him right now. Knowing that his arraignment is this afternoon, Julian realizes he has to find a way to stall, as he asks Holt if he has “any more of that drug”, to which he replies no. However, he can get some, to which Julian demands he needs it now as he needs to “get sick”. Holt leaves. Shortly thereafter, Paul enters and informs Julian he's there to oversee his release and personally escort him to the courtroom. Julian smirks and tells him he may think he's going to make himself look good to the media but the next time he speaks to the press it will be to apologize to Julian for this witch-hunt that will back-fire. Hearing that, Paul reminds Julian that he has his recorded confession although Julian “confidently” informs hi m that it was illegally obtained and he can file a motion. Paul is just as confident that he will bring Julian down as Julian is that he will outsmart him. Right then, Julian's employee returns, still dressed as hospital staff and announces it's “time for the patient's meds”. Paul leaves and appears to suspect nothing when they guy makes sure they are not seen by anyone from outside the window of Julian's hospital room and warns Julian this is the “last dose” he could find and so, that means Julian has to “make this one count”. Right then, unexpectedly, Nina appears, smiles and informs Julian she's glad she got to see him before they haul him off to prison. IN response to that, he comments he assumes she's come there to gloat. Noticing Holt dressed in hospital scrubs, she suspects nothing. Yet, she informs Julian, she needs him to sign a document that authorizes her full control over Crimson, in exchange for her silence about his acts of corporate sabotage. He hesitates although she reminds him she has to protect her interests in the magazine if he gets convicted. At that point, he agrees to sign. She thanks him and heads for the door but then realizes he “missed a spot” and goes back to get his signature again. Nina accidentally knocks into Holt and causes him to spill the “wonder drug” all over the floor. She remarks that it looks like that dose is history although she adds it's a “good thing we're in a hospital” where one can get more meds. Yet she wonders why Julian is suddenly so “rude and huffy” as she remarks he should not expect a visit from her when he goes to Pentonville.

In the house on Cassadine Island in Greece where Valentin is holding many people hostage, Jason and Sam awaken sitting on chairs and relive their old memories. He is still tied to the chair although she is able to get up but passes out on the floor as soon as she goes to get some water. At that point, Jason freaks. He hells for the guard to help her and wants to protect her although she urges him to know they are in this together. At that point, he's able to break out of his shackles and rushes to take action.

When all the others are sitting in the living room, after Kevin has been shot, Lulu enters, points a gun at Valentin and his men and orders them to drop their weapons or else she will use her gun and end their lives. Yet he is able to overpower and pull his gun on her as he asks her if she thinks she can kill him before he kills her mother. Shortly thereafter, Jason charges into the room with a gun in hand and helps Dante disable the guards, and they ask the others to help them tie the guards up.

When Nina is leaving the hospital, she gets an unexpected call from Carly telling her she's had a change of plans and needs her to call of the search for Josslyn's kidney. She goes to meet Carly in person to find out why and discuss it further, and informs her that she watched Julian get escorted out of the hospital and back to prison. Sonny comes by and Carly secretly reveals that Josslyn wants her privacy protected although, she reveals to him, she plans to go through with the search without her daughter knowing. Right then, not far away, Josslyn is having a private and secretive phone conversation with her dad about her having successfully convinced her mom to call of the search.

Alexis finds Kristina at the coffee shop and tells her she knows the reason her daughter did not come home last night was because she was with Parker. Hearing that, Kristina asks her mom if her dad informed her of that. Hearing that, Alexis is surprised to find out that Sonny knows. Kristina assures her mom that her dad was ok with it. She affirms to her mom that she loves both her parents and understands their concerns but confidently declares to her mom that it's “her life”. She needs to see it through with Parker and her parents have to accept her decision. Little does she know of the conversation her mom and Parker just had.

Parker is alone, writing her a letter and telling her she's sorry. She cannot go through with what they have previous planned, after the talk Parker just had with Alexis.

After Kevin has been shot, Dante and Jason lead all the others safely out of the house. They still all realize they have not accounted for the whereabouts of Valentin. Lulu admits she does not want to leave Nikolas behind after what has happened to him. Yet her mom convinces her that they need to be there for Spencer since they are now all he has. The secret book with the Cassadine Crest sits on a table as Valentin runs through the tunnels on his phone with the guards, giving orders not to let his "guests" leave alive.

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