GH Update Monday 7/25/16

General Hospital Update Monday 7/25/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kristina goes to see Parker in her hotel room and after they've spent a romantic night together, her professor reminds her that they both have to get back to their lives away from each other and this cannot last. Yet Kristina protests that they cannot end what they have At that point, they kiss. And, unknown to them, right at this point, Sonny walks through the hallway and sees the whole thing right in front of his eyes.. Yet they are both unaware as the door shuts and Kristina asks Parker if she's still mad at her. Parker assesses that Kristina attempted to negotiate a grade with sex, for which she overlooks it although she admits she is still a bit hesitant about moving forward with Kristina because of that. Parker does concede to Kristina that she does not want to end what they have had yet she urges her to know they both need to be “responsible”, reminding Kristina she (herself) is just ending a long term relationship and Kristina is just getting over a guy. Yet she makes it clear she wants to continue seeing Kristina. She tells her she has to go off and get to work yet Kristina is willing to stay alone in the hotel room the whole while Parker is gone. Parker smiles and they kiss and she goes off. Kristina then shuts the door, confident and assured that she has full privacy. Yet right then, she hears a knock on the door and opens it to see her dad. She stares at him speechlessly and stunned. She asks what he's doing there, to which Sonny replies he went to pick up Morgan's medication and take it to him at his workplace. Sonny asks his daughter what she's doing in this hotel room, to which she replies she's just visiting a friend from school who's traveling here from out of town. At that point, she clearly wants to avoid and evade the conversation and dismiss her dad. Yet he firmly tells his daughter they have to talk because he, just now, witnessed her kissing a woman and he needs to know who the woman is, to which Kristina admits it's Parker, the professor who got her suspended for making “improper advances” in exchange for a grade, as she confirms yes. The person with whom she's had this involvement is a woman. Hearing that, Sonny asks his daughter why she did not tell him. Does she not know that he's her father and loves her no matter what? She replies that she realizes, as he does also, that some things cannot be fixed. Also she knows that he encourages her to continue dating Aaron. She admits that she had to find out and is still not entirely certain if she likes Aaron and is interested in males or if she is interested in women. She admits to her dad that she cannot believe she is telling him this but this was the best night of her life. She does now want to talk more and asks her father to end this conversation although he firmly tells his daughter they are just getting started. At that point, Kristina asks her dad if he could accept having a gay daughter. Could he accept her?

Hayden's mom, Naomi stays in a hospital bed after having a panic attack. Her daughter comes to see her and demands to know what is going on and what caused her to get so freaked out in the first place, suddenly, when her mom passed out at The Metro Court (after hearing and seeing Scott, Lucy, Franco and hearing about Heather Weber) Naomi however does not answer her daughter's question and at that point, their conversation is interrupted when Elizabeth walks in. Naomi makes a special point of being very courteous and uncharacteristically gracious to Elizabeth. At that point, Hayden walks out the door angrily. Alone with Elizabeth, Naomi asks her why she and Hayden don't get along. Right then, Franco walks into the hospital room to find Elizabeth after she's just called him to agree to go out on a date with him. Naomi hears the whole conversation where Elisabeth tells him she is not ok with accepting any terms and conditions involving money that came from Heather Weber. Yet she clarifies that she would like to go out with him and is not rejecting his offer. At that point, he leaves and Elizabeth observes Naomi having another panic attack. e.

Right then, Hayden goes out into the hallways and runs into Finn asking him if he'd like to have lunch with her. In response to that, he concludes to her that she is no longer his “project”. Yet she wonders why he keeps avoiding and evading her. Yet she urges him to know that she is not giving up on finding his drug for her. He asks her why she continues to follow and stalk him to which she remarks he needs to get over himself. She's not there for that. She's there to see a patient, to which he asks just whom the patient is. She replies her mother. Hearing that, he offers his condolences and she reminds him that she's been subpoenaed and the feds might have her arrested. He asks her if she thinks she will be in the slammer after he gets back from going on the trip he's about to go off on. She asks if he really cares, to which he clarifies he believes prison is a bit extreme for her. She asks more about his need for his drug and why he is suddenly becoming such a colossal jerk. In response to that, Finn admits to Hayden that all of the work and research he's been doing has been destroyed and he knows it's been done by “someone”. He also reminds her that the drugs he needs are only a temporary cure. She asks him if he intends to give up, to which eh tells her he's just being realistic. He tells her he no longer wants her to risk her life and her freedom to get a drug and inject him in his jail cell or take any more drastic action for him.. He makes it very clear that he has some deep dark secrets which he is not revealing to her or to anyone. At the hospital, Hayden encourages Finn to go off and make his mysterious connections. He gets up to leave.

At the house in Greece, after Valentin confirms to everyone that he has shot and killed Nikolas,, Laura confronts him. Yet he points a gun at all of them and wanes them about what happens when they refuse to cooperate with him. At that point, a shot is fired and Kevin falls to the floor. Right then, Dante grabs a hold of Valentin and holds him in a lock grip. Ava urges him to stop and let Valentin go, protesting that Valentin is “not worth it”. She reminds him that she just watched Nikolas die and does not want Dante to die too. At that point, Dante lets go of Valentin while the other guys holds a gun on Dante. Laura attempts to help Kevin get up when he's bleeding. But right then, he passes out again and falls on the couch. Laura attempts to make sure he stays awake and demands that somebody do something to save him. Valentin reminds them all that nobody can prove that he killed Nikolas. He did not intend to kill Laura when he pulled the gun on her, as the others charge. He merely wanted to scare her but her companion, Kevin had to get in the way. Dante then offers to let Valentin take him hostage and let all the others go.

Right then, Lulu goes off alone thorough the house and walks through what appears to be a dark dungeon in the basement. Right then, she freaks when she sees a skeleton on the ground. She observes and wonders who it could be. Could it be her dad? Right then she notices a familiar earring and bracelet. At that point, she's certain it's her father. Luke has been killed remembering he's been gone and out of communication for so long.

Franco goes to visit his incarcerated mother, Heather Weber at the institution. She asks if he wants more money, to which he clarifies no. He's there to return her money, he tells her, explaining that Elizabeth does not want to take money that came from Heather in order to send her kids to summer camp. He clarifies to his mom that Elizabeth did, however, agree to go out with him, revealing that perhaps that's the reason he came to see her. Hearing that Heather is surprised to hear her son indicating that he might be asking for her approval with his seeing Elizabeth, to which she asks why. Franco replies he knows his mom has serious issues when he was seeing Carly as well as when he was with Nina. She asks why it matters to him what she thinks about his seeing Elizabeth when she has no control over his personal life, to which he tells her he needs to know that she won't be taking drastic action, busting out of the institution or stabbing anyone Heather then indicates to her son that she might be ok with his seeing Elizabeth, to which he asks his mom why it is that she “feels differently” about Elizabeth than she did with the other women in his life.

When Naomi talks to Elizabeth alone in the hospital room, she admits that she had “concerns” when she witnessed Franco asking her out. She admits she's heard that Franco is a serial killer, to which Elizabeth assures her that Franco has made many positive changes, reformed himself and is no longer the person he once was. Yet Naomi reveals to her that Franco is a family member to Elizabeth. Elizabeth then informs Naomi (assuming she does not know) about the fact everyone has just found out for the first time that Heather Weber is Franco's mother, further affirming to Naomi that Heather is criminally dangerous and presently locked up. She knows she is not related to Heather Weber and so she could not be a family member to Franco. She tells Naomi she will draw up her discharge papers and they need not worry. Naomi wastes no time rushing out of the hospital unseen and reveals she has some urgent unfinished business to attend to.

Heather reminds Franco that Elizabeth is Jeff Weber's daughter. He asks what that has to do with his dating Elizabeth, to which Heather reminds her of her involvement with Jeff and her son Stephen Lars, which makes it “ok” with her for her son to be seeing Elizabeth, for some reason. Heather does not want him to return the money she is offering him and tells him if he does not intend to spend it on Elizabeth, he can use it for his art supplies.

When Dante offers to let Valentin hold him hostage while the others go, Valentin tells him that that is not cost-effective. He needs a more manageable solution like, for example, killing all of them. They all look at him appearing scared they will die. Laura tends to Kevin urging him to stay with her. Dante reminds Valentin that he know it is in his interest to run. Ava tells him Dante is right. He will be in serious trouble if he does not leave. Yet Valentin makes it clear he does not trust what any of them say.

As Lulu walks through the basement/ dungeon and stands beside a skeleton, she hears footsteps. A guy walks by and does not see or hear her when she picks up a weapon, knocks him out and he falls to the floor. She then wonder what her dad would want her to do as she goes through the guy's things, takes his gun and attempts to see if she can find something to use against Valentin. She walks off ready to return to the to the other hostages while the guy remains passed out on the basement floor.

At the institution, Heather gets another visit. It's Naomi. Heather asks her if she is there to “make another deposit” revealing that Naomi is paying Heather off to do something. Yet Naomi tells her she' s there for another reason. She firmly tells Heather better not allow Franco to see Elizabeth. Heather better call it off. Or else, Naomi warns her, she will make Heather's life even more miserable than it already is.

At the hospital, Hayden returns to her mother's room to see Elizabeth and Franco there yet her mom has suddenly disappeared. She demands to know why or how her mother was able to leave the hospital without her knowing. Elizabeth replies that she authorized for Naomi to leave and she remarks to Hayden that it turns out she and Naomi have a lot in common.

After Kevin has been shot and is bleeding, Valentin assesses to Laura that he had a “plan” for Nikolas. Yet he did not know that any of the others were even there. He concludes he'd like to let them go and be able to trust that each and every one of them keep their mouth shut. Yet, he admits, he has no such trust. So he asks, which one of them wants to die first? Lulu suddenly appears with a gun, pulls it on Valentin and demand he drop his gun or he dies.

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