GH Update Friday 7/22/16

General Hospital Update Friday 7/22/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan and Kiki awaken in bed together. He seems really happy to be with her and informs her that he feels like things are falling into place. She remarks she's happy f r him and he responds telling her he's happy for “them”. She informs him she has to get ready for work. He, however, expresses he has a better idea. She reminds him he needs to get ready for work also. He wants to post pictures of them as a couple on social media although she tells him she does not think they are ready. She admits that possibly her mother will have things to say when she sees it and Kiki admits she will have things to say to her mother. He agrees to respect her wishes and assesses he can see maybe she believes he's taking things too fast. She tells him all is ok, assures him there's “no rush” and gets ready to head off to work.

Sonny goes to find Finn at The Metro Court and wants to make sure that he is ready to do what Sonny needs him to do in order to get Julian out of the hospital so he can attend his arraignment hearing and get sentenced once and for all. Finn promises Sonny he will do everything in his power to make sure that Julian Jerome has to answer to the charges and gets brought to justice. However, he assesses to Sonny, he cannot do anything to jeopardize any patient's health, including Julian, as he reminds him he took an “oath” when he got his license to practice medicine.

Not far away, Dillon goes to have breakfast with his mom. She admits to him that she wonder what his ulterior motives are for wanting to see her. Tracy admits to her son that she realizes he is a young man and has conquests and she was wondering when she’d have the chance to meet the young woman with whom Dillon spends his time. She notices Finn and has to leave the table, however. She approaches him and demands to know why he's avoiding her, not returning her calls and needs to know what is going on. He assures her she need not worry about him because his situation has been handled. Hearing that, she assures him that is good as she reminds him that they need to do their re-match at backgammon. He assures her they will interact again but he goes off.

Kiki enters to start work waiting tables when she sees Dillon alone at a table. When he notices her, he expresses to her that “this is weird” and he can go elsewhere. Yet she tells him that they need not feel awkward when they run into each other. Shortly thereafter, she waits on another table of rowdy intoxicated young male customers who inform her they are celebrating a birthday party as they make sexual innuendos at her. Dillon attentively observes, overhears and it's obvious he cannot ignore what is happening there. At that point, he goes over and asks if he can see their IDs. He asks just whose birthday it was, and finds out they were all lying in order to harass Kiki. She returns to the table and watches as Dillon confidently dismisses them and tells them they better get out and stop harassing Kiki. Tracy sits nearby and observes her son as she can clearly see how attentive he is to Kiki. Shortly thereafter, Kiki is happily engaging with Dillon, so appreciative that he finally got rid of those guys who were bothering her. He assesses that he needs to get back to his breakfast with his mom.

He returns to the table where Tracy tells her son it's pretty obvious what has been on his mind for a long time. She's right in front of them. Hearing that, Dillon attempts to assure his mom that he and Kiki are “just friends”. Yet Tracy laughs and affirms to her son she knows that “friendship” will never be enough for him with that girl.

While on break, Kiki calls Morgan, realizing she has to “fulfill her obligation” yet her mind is clearly on Dillon and he-on her.

Julian is still in his hospital bed when Griffin delivers to him a clean bill of health along with the court summons to his arraignment hearing. IN response to that, Julian reminds his doctor that he knows Griffin is a priest and must believe that God wants him to respect the lives of all human beings.

While at Cassadine Island in Greece, Lulu, Dante, Laura and Kevin are all awaiting finding out what has happened between Nikolas and Valentin although none of them have a clue what happened. Kevin assesses to Laura that he knows how Valentin is operating, by using and controlling each one of them. He urges her not to worry what happened to Nikolas and let Lulu do what she wants to do in order to slip away. Not far away, Lulu and Dante brainstorm as to which one of them should leave first. He wants her to escape first yet she is worried about leaving him. She thinks about how one goes through the passageway through the house where one in order to escape and they both know they need to create a distraction somehow, the next time they see Valentin and his men.

Ava is alone in a private bedroom reliving what appears to be Valentin shooting and killing Nikolas. Valentin enters the room and she angrily asks him why he let her live, given what he did to Nikolas. He admits she's a beautiful woman and he did not have any personal vendetta toward her. She reminds him that she has done similar things in her own family as he and Nikolas have in theirs'. She informs Valentin she believes that he has gone to a lot of trouble to make himself king of the castle, and she inquires to him what is a king without a queen. She appears like she wants to seduce and distract Valentin when he asks her if she has a weapon, to which she encourages him to “frisk” her. She then gets him to lie in the bed with her and distracts him long enough to hit him over the head with a book, hurts him and she's then able to escape and run down the stairs. Downstairs, everyone hears them. Ava rushes down the stairs, yelling that he needs to keep his filthy hands off of her. Yet she sees that the guard is still there pulling his gun on the other hostages and not allowing anyone to go anywhere. Laura goes to her and demands to know where her son is. Ava then informs her she's terribly sorry to have to tell her that Nikolas is dead. Laura hysterically expresses that cannot be. She demands to know how it happened, to which Ava informs her that Nikolas tried to save her when Valentin took her hostage, they got into a brawl, Valentin shot Nikolas and pushed him off the balcony. Laura cries and sobs uncontrollably while Kevin holds her and promises they will get through this. Suddenly, Valentin comes down and pulls a gun on Ava, ready to kill her after reminding her he was ready to reconsider but now it's going to happen.

Lulu goes alone into the basement and panics when it appears she cannot find her way out the house. She sees a skeleton on the ground and freaks.

Laura yells at Valentin about what he's done to her son. He assesses that he's now shown them all what happens when they do not cooperate with them. And so, he's going to let any or all of them join Nikolas. With that, he shoots Kevin and he falls to the floor.

Kristina awakens with Parker and her former professor asks her how her “first experience” with a woman is. Kristina admits she thinks she finally sees the difference between having sex and making love. Kristina has breakfast with Parker at her hotel room. She admits that she is still a bit confused as to whether she's primarily attracted to women or to men. Yet she assesses that she would rather just be able to enjoy this beautiful moment. Parker admits she agrees it was beautiful. However, very soon she informs her, she will have to get back to her life as she reminds Kristina she cannot take her with her. Kristina seems to want to have a future with Parker and is not worried but Parker lets her know things are very complicated. She is much older than Kristina and is getting a divorce and they can't pretend that things are ok or uncomplicated and there are many things they both need to figure out. She reminds Kristina that she's kept their relationship a secret from many people, including her boyfriend and her dad. She knows that Kristina is hiding by concluding that Parker is the only woman she’s been attracted to. With that, Parker informs her, she can see that Kristina does not need to ask herself the question of whether she's really gay. Kristina responds by telling her she does not want to create any “labels” nor question what she is feelings. Yet Parker realizes she is avoiding something.

Sonny goes to find Aaron and asks if Kristina is around. Aaron admits he has not seen her but is certain she's not far away. Sonny actually clarifies that he'd like to talk to him alone, man to man. Aaron then responds that he would be happy to discuss and answer any questions which Kristina's father would like. Sonny assesses that Aaron appears very polite and like he knows how to say the right things. He further informs Aaron that he comes across as sincere and not phony. Aaron assures Sonny that he realizes he is protective of his daughter and he wants to be honest, upfront and respectful to Kristina. He further informs Sonny he realizes he is not perfect and does not want to mislead her and hopes she will do the same for him. Morgan appears. Aaron leaves him alone to talk to his dad and Morgan happily announces to Sonny that he and Kiki are back together and nothing is going to come between them again. Hearing that, Sonny tells his son he's happy to hear that.

At the hospital, Griffin remembers his interactions with Finn where it's obvious Finn is keeping secrets, is not well and may be illegally using drugs, among other things. He can also see that Finn appears to be looking for information he may not have authorization to, regarding Julian. Finn concludes to Griffin that he has nothing to confess and he walks away.

In his hospital room, Julian talks alone to his “contact” and tells him he may need more help, and also needs more “time” since his sister is away and he cannot reach her. Julian realizes he can only fool the doctors for so long.

Shortly thereafter Griffin goes in to check on Julian and Finn is not far behind him, as they both concur that Julian is ready to be discharged from the hospital and off to his arraignment hearing. Finn leaves the room informing Griffin he will let him tend to his patient. Alone with his doctor, Julian informs Griffin he still has health concerns and still needs medical care although Griffin remarks that perhaps Julian is merely having “anxiety” about going to prison for the rest of his life for murder.

As soon as Finn returns to his hotel room, he calls Sonny to inform him he's officially given Julian Jerome a clean bill of health. Sonny is delighted to hear that as he walks though the hotel hallway

When it appears to Kristina that Parker wants nothing to do with her, Kristina goes out the door of the hotel room. although Parker urges her not to. Once again, they kiss, with the door wide open. And unknown to both of them, Sonny comes by and sees them in the act.

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