GH Update Thursday 7/21/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/21/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Scott Baldwin meets with Lucy at The Metro Court. She arrives and asks him what he wants. She knows he “wants something” and tells him she wishes he'd cut the crap when he attempts to tell her otherwise. She asks him to tell her what he expects her to do for him and how much she will regret it. He protests he just wanted to have lunch with his ex wife and admits he's only looking for an honest job. She asks why or how he'd think alongside her at Cocoa cosmetics, as she reminds him whenever they’ve worked together in the past, it's ended in disaster. And so, she tells him, the answer is no. He protests that it's hard to be a lawyer in private practice although she reminds him that clients like Ava Jerome must keep him busy and paid. He continues to protest that he is her daughter's father and she cannot leave him flapping in the wind. She then informs him that she has no money to give him because she's completely broke. She informs him that she invested with Raymond Berlin and got wiped out. Hayden's mom, Naomi finds them and asks if she can “help” Lucy. Lucy angrily replies she could start by giving her back the millions of money that her husband stole from her and many others. Naomi replies that for starters she is no longer married to Raymond, is not responsible for this and has no access to money. Yet they both want her to answer more questions and stop evading. She protests if she access to the money that her hubby took, would she be “slumming here”? She affirms she is guilty of nothing and asks them both to go and harass someone else.

At the hospital, Franco finds Elizabeth and they both wonder about the anonymous killer who is still “at large” at the hospital, after hours. He brings her an envelope and remarks he's “bearing gifts”. She opens it to see a check for $6,000 written from him to her. She tells him she is not in the habit of accepting large amounts of money from anyone. He protests to her that he is her friend and it's for Jake to go to summer camp. He reminds her that she has always told him he needs to check with her before doing something for Jake. And so, he informs her, this is him checking with her first. She asks where on earth he'd get that kind of money, to which he replies from his mother. As soon as she hears it's from Heather, she refuses to take it. He asks her what she wants him to do with the check, to which she replies she does not know and suggests he give it to charity. He suggests he spends it on their first date. In response to that, she tells him she needs more time yet she indicates that she is “comfortable” interacting with Franco. Ric Lansing enters the hospital, observing them together, watching them very attentively and making it clear he's not happy with Elizabeth moving on. Especially with the man he sees her with. She sees him and asks if she can “help him with something” inquiring if he's sick. He replies he is there for Sonny. Yet he asks her if she might want to have coffee with him, to which Elizabeth replies no. He then inquires why it is that she won't give him the time of day yet interacts with Franco.

Sonny sits with Carly and they discuss his need to find a way to make sure the hospital lets Julian attend his arraignment hearing and her need to find Josslyn's kidney donor. She gets a text message and he gets up to go to the hospital to take care of his business.

Franco goes to The Metro Court to find his dad, Lucy and Naomi. At that point, Naomi tells them all she will call security and have them removed. They are not afraid. When Franco overhears that both his father and Lucy are having financial issues, he indicates that maybe he could “help them”, to which his dad demands to know with what. He replies that his mother has money. When Scott informs his son that he will not take money from Heather, we see what appears to be Naomi “remembering something” At that point, her vision is fuzzy when she hears what the three of them are talking about, and from hearing about Lucy, Scott Baldwin, and Heather, she passes out. Carly demands to know what the 3 of them have done to “that woman”. Lucy protests this woman entered this restaurant and has been very rude to them. Franco says nothing when Scott informs Carly that the three of them intend to order a large and expensive meal. They go off and

Carly meets with a young lady named Wendy who informs her she believes she is Josslyn's kidney donor. Carly asks Wendy how that worked as she invites her to sit and talk. Wendy admits to Carly that she was a struggling student who desperately needed money. She realized she could live with one kidney and was able to sell it by finding out from a friend of a friend of a friend, telling Carly a “vague” story. Carly graciously asks her if she can show her papers, at which point, for the first time, Wendy seems discontented, discouraged and probably afraid of something. She protests that she's suffered many medical consequences from losing her kidney. This prompts Carly to want to give her money but tells her she needs her to answer all her questions before she does so. She asks Wendy if she has allergies, to which Wendy happily replies no. Carly then asks her blood type, to which Wendy replies she's a type AB. In response to that, Carly instantly concludes that she could not be Josslyn's kidney donor because Josslyn is a type B. At that point, Wendy realizes she's “failed her scam” and urges Carly not to call the cops. Carly tells her she won't but she better get out of Carly's restaurant and never come back. Wendy promptly leaves.

Hayden goes to find Finn at his hotel room after her mom has “proven” that he is an illegal drug user and addict and his story about needing a medical drug to save his life which the FDA has not yet approved, was all a lie. She asks him point blank if he' s lied to her and is using illegal drugs, to which he does not answer the question and reminds her that he never asked her or Tracy or anyone to get involved in his “issues”. She protests she wanted to help him. He reminds her he never asked her to do that yet she reminds him she still wants to redeem herself because of what her father did. She wants to know if she has honored and trusted an honorable doctor or if he's lying and not really an honorable human being, after all. He reflects to her about all of the people who fail people. He promises her he will never lie to anyone and asks her how that is for his faith in humanity. She replies it's “getting better”. Sonny comes to see Finn and Hayden leaves so they can talk alone. Sonny tells Finn he thinks he knows he's keeping secrets. Finn tells him if he intends to “investigate” in order to get him in trouble, by the time he's done, he (Finn) will be dead. Sonny, however, assures Finn he won't do that and intends to help him after Finn has made efforts to help Carly, under the condition that Finn helps him with something.

When Sabrina is alone in the Quartermaine house, after deciding not to move and to keep herself and baby Teddy in Michael's life, she hears an unexpected knock on the door. She goes to get the door and is surprised to see a man who looks just like Carlos (played by the same actor) with his hair slicked back. She lets him in. As soon as Michael sees him, he's ready to throw him out of the house and in jail. Yet Sabrina assures Michael he need not worry. This is Carlos' brother, Jose, who now calls himself Joe. Michael is shocked to see how this man looks exactly like his evil brother. She introduces him as Dr. Joseph Rivera and he shows Michael his ID, informing him he's a pediatric surgeon. Michael asks Dr. Rivera just what he is doing in Port Charles. He explains that he and Carlos have not seen each other for many years, since they were teenagers. Michael asks why that was, to which he admits that he and his brother were very different people. Sabrina explains to Michael that many years ago, when she was a teenager, she made the mistake of dating Carlos. Joe admits to Michael that he was unaware of when and how his brother “went bad” because he was away in med school and doing “honorable things” and he realizes he intended but failed to help his brother until it was too late. And that is the reason why, now, he is back in town. He graciously informs them that he would like to be there for Teddy and for his mom yet realizes he may not be “welcome” as he gets up to leave. Sabrina, however, assures Joe she is grateful for his courtesy and will consider letting him see his nephew. Michael encourages Joe to give Sabrina some time to come around.

At The Metro Court, Franco sits with Scott and Lucy and his dad demands to know why he would spend the money on Elizabeth Weber's kid doing finger painting. He also reminds Franco how it will not go well with Jason when he finds that out. At that point, he needs to know how or why Franco would consider that in the first place.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Ric he has a lot of gall getting into her business. He tells her she can't blame him for having concerns when he sees her with a convicted killer and psychopath. Yet she protests that Franco is getting his life back on track and has done good things for this hospital as well as becoming a friend to her and her kids. Hearing that, Ric protests that he is concerned about having that man around her kids. She reminds Ric that he scammed her and played a sick little game not long ago. She informs him that Franco did things, long ago, which he was not responsible for because he was sick. She asks Ric what his excuse was.

Naomi gets taken to the hospital and “somebody” identifies her as Mrs. Dreyfus. Elizabeth tends to her and she informs Elizabeth she's heard of her family, acts very gracious to her and makes it clear that she wants her daughter out of the conversation. Naomi's breathing is labored and they wonder if she' shaving another panic attack. She wants to talk to Elizabeth alone and indicates she knew Elizabeth's father.

Sonny informs Finn that he can help him by taking over Julian's Jerome's medial case. Finn asks Sonny just exactly what he expects him to do regarding Julian. Sonny smiles, smirks and replies to Finn he can “take care of” Julian. Hearing that, Finn protests to Sonny he is not a hit man or murderer. Sonny tells him he realizes and is not making accusations of that but knows Finn is a doctor and all he asks is that Finn finds a way for Julian to have a “speedy recovery," further explaining to Finn if he comes through with that, he will make sure Finn covered and has all the monetary incentive and immunity from legal consequences. He asks Finn if they have a deal. Hearing that, Finn asks Sonny what if Julian really “is sick”. Sonny assures him he's not asking him to do anything illegal or difficult, realizing that Finn is a miracle worker. All he asks is that Finn makes sure that Julian is cleared to be released from the hospital when it's needed.

Sonny returns to Carly at The Metro Court. She informs him that she detected that Wendy is a scam artist. Yet she's not worried. She realizes she is in this for the long haul and has to do this for Josslyn. He assures her they will do it together.

Elizabeth helps Naomi when it appears she has had another “episode”. She thanks Elizabeth and as soon as she's alone with her daughter, Hayden accuses her of faking her attack. Her mom continues to urge that her daughter “stop fighting with that girl”, indicating that she is very disappointed in Hayden.

Franco is at The Metro Court restaurant with Scott and Lucy. Scott urges him not to get himself invested in Elizabeth and risk the consequences. Franco gets an incoming call from Elizabeth informing him that she would like to take him up on his offer and have dinner together. Ric is right beside her while she makes the call to Franco accepting the date.

Naomi remains in her hospital bed and although her daughter wants to help her, she reveals that her daughter has two fathers who do not care about her mother. There's the “father Hayden knows” and the “father she does not know” We then see Hayden rush out into hospital hallway and search through her purse, while she notices Elizabeth not far away and they glare coldly at each other.

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