GH Update Wednesday 7/20/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/20/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dillon and Darby wake up in bed together and are happy to be together. She declares that he's proven to her that he is officially over Kiki Jerome. He admits he had a great time with her. She wastes no time admitting that she would have had a better time if she had not run into Kiki, as she reflects how Kiki is stringing Morgan along. Hearing that, Dillon suggests they talk about something else and wants to share with her his photography and concludes that maybe he's a story teller. Yet she wants to get more intimate with him. He tells her, however, that he has to get back to work. She wants to go with him. He assures her it's hard to tear himself away from her but he knows if she was with him, he'd be too distracted to work, as he kisses her and acts very “interested” in being with her.

While Kiki is working at The Metro Court, she notices that Darby has posted on social media that Dillon is finally able to see Kiki for the no good shallow slut she is.

Morgan talks to his mom who is encouraged that her son is getting his life back on track and is back with Kiki. He informs her that Kiki had a little “run-in” with Dillon after finding out he's “moved on”. Hearing that, Carly wants to hear more about Kiki having this exchange with Dillon, to which Morgan informs his mom that Dillon is now seeing Darby. He admits to his mom that he realizes that he was ready to cheat on Kiki with Darby and she-on him with Dillon, and so its kind of odd. He asks his mom if she's getting closer to finding a lead about Josslyn's kidney to which she replies that Crimson has a story out. They both sound encouraged about their lives. Morgan goes off to get to work and Carly passes Kiki and tells her she heard about the “encounter” where she noticed Dillon with another girl. Kiki assures Carly realizes that Dillon's personal life is none of her business and she's not concerned. Yet Carly makes it clear that she remembers not long ago when Kiki was seen with Dillon kissing in the park and it may mean she is not entirely over him. She further stresses to Kiki that Morgan is counting on her to be there for him and she needs to be honest with her feelings for him. When Kiki is alone, her expression reveals that she is not “complete” with her life and the choice she's made. Shortly thereafter, Morgan finds her, informs her he's taking the day off and would like to spend it with her. Yet she informs him that she needs time alone and can't do it today.

Sabrina goes to see Michael and is happy to see him. Yet he admits he has found out that she plans to move out of the Quartermaine house and find her own apartment. He asks here when she planned to tell him that. He shows her the apartment lease that she's signed and angrily asks her if she was going to disappear into the night again without telling him, just like she did with Carlos not long ago. She wants to assure him that was not her intent although she clearly evades discussing with Michael what he wants to know. She admits to him that she cannot keep taking advantage of his kindness. She tells him she has no doubt that he loves Teddy but she wants to give him his space and freedom. In response to that, he does not want space nor freedom nor wants her to move out. All that he wants is standing right before him, he tells her. He assures her he's not asking for a commitment and his only concern is to make certain that Teddy is well. But he'd like to, at least say that the two of them are dating and are happy to be together. They kiss but he gets a sudden phone message summoning him back to the ELQ office. He gets ready to leave but asks her if he may take her apartment lease to the office and put it in the shredder, to which she smiles, laughs and assures him that would be fine because she and Teddy are not going anywhere.

Alexis calls the hospital to find out the status of Julian's condition. She informs the contact she is his wife. Molly walks in, overhears and demands to know what her mom is doing. Alexis assures her daughter that she knows what she's doing and Molly need not worry. Molly goes off. As soon as Alexis is alone in the house, again, she goes and stares at hers' and Julian's wedding picture and relives his taking his marriage vows with her.

Sonny goes to the hospital and asks Felix what is going on with Julian.

When Julian is alone in his hospital room, feeling “confident” that his plan will work, he, again sees the ghost of Carlos coming to haunt him again. Although he ignores it, Carlos comes up to taunt and remind Julian that he tried to kill his own wife and will have no future locked up in prison for the rest of his life. He protests and yells at Carlos that he's not really there so he needs to disappear. Felix checks Julian's vitals. Julian then notices Sonny standing at the door coldly observing him. Felix asks Sonny not to “agitate” the patient. Sonny goes out into the hallway. Felix leaves when he's done with his work. And, once again, Carlos “appears” and remarks to Julian that he did not think he could get rid of Carlos this easily. Did he?

Carly finds Dillon at The Metro Court and asks him about his “previous relationship” with Kiki and the fact that he appears to be moving on but is clearly not over Kiki. She tells him that her son is invested in Kiki and that will be complicated for him if Dillon and Kiki are not truthful about their feelings for each other.

As Kiki tells Morgan she's not sure if she wants to spend the day with him, she asks him about his “previous involvement” with Darby and the fact that it appears Darby still has him on the brain. She admits that the way they were before was so good until it all went bad. And so, she tells him, she's scared of that happening again. He asks her if she is saying that she cannot love him like she did before.

Kristina goes to see Parker who tells Kristina maybe she should not be there although when Kristina informs her she just needs closure, she invites Kristina inside her room. Kristin goes inside and tells her there are some things she has to say in order to have closure. Parker then encourages her to say what she needs to say since this is “her” closure. Kristina then informs Parker that she is now moving on and is seeing a great guy. Hearing that, Parker outwardly congratulates her but indicates she may have “concerns”. Kristina asks her if she's “disappointed” in the fact that Kristina is now having heterosexual encounters. Kristina assures her that Aaron is a great guy and she's sure if she told him she had a relationship with a woman, he'd be ok with that. Hearing that, Parker assures her that she is certain that Kristina will find out who and what is right for her in her life yet she admits to Kristina that her own “journey” was not so easy. Kristina then notices that Parker is no longer wearing her wedding ring and Parker admits her marriage is over. For good. She cries and admits that she feels so confused and like a complete failure. Kristin comforts her alone in the room.

When Dillon is alone at a table at The metro Court, right after talking to Carly, Darby finds him and publicly kisses him, encouraging him to move on with her. Carly comes by to see them together and encourages them to enjoy the rest of their day together, satisfied that her son's girlfriend is no longer available to Dillon nor he-to her... Yet is that really the way of it?

When they are together, Morgan grow “frustrated” and declares to Kiki that he does not deserve her. She deserves to be with someone who is not screwed up and stupid. Yet she demands he stops as she kisses him and assures him he is not a screw-up nor stupid and she loves him. She admits to him that she was wrong to have doubts and does not intend to stop with kissing him. They go to a hotel room and get intimate together.

While Julian is alone in his hospital room and continues to see and hear Carlos, he reminds him he is “not real”. Carlos reminds him even so, it is “real” that Julian is going to prison, as he laughs and taunts him, reminding him that Alexis got him to admit that he ordered the hit on Duke, killed Carlos as well to destroy evidence, then framed Alexis for the murder of him and tried to kill her. And Julian cannot ignore what is going to happen to him for that.

Sonny goes to The Metro Court and Carly assesses to him that she does have a need to make sure that Morgan does not get mislead or hurt by Kiki and the possibility that she may not be over Dillon. Hearing that, Sonny tells her they need to stay out of their son's business. She tells him they need not worry because Dillon has moved on.

Alone in the hotel room with Morgan, Kiki assesses to him that they've been through many things together including her almost dying. Yet she came back and she knows there is a reason and they are meant to be together. Romantic music plays as they get closer and sleep together.

Carlos' ghost informs him there is only one way out of this. He has to kill Alexis the same way he killed Carlos. When Julian does not respond to that, he hears Carlos tell him he knows that Carlos is right. Yet Julian declares that all he wants is to get back with Alexis, do it over and make it work with her because he loves her so much

Dillon is alone on his computer when he comes across a picture of Kiki and it appears clear that he's not over her.

Kristin and Parker become closer and take off their clothes.

When it appears Sabrina is happy to be with Michael and they've resolved their differences, she hears the doorbell ring. She goes to get the door and it appears Carlos is at the door, alive and well. She is startled and cannot believe what she sees.

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