GH Update Tuesday 7/19/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/19/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While they are trapped and held hostage in a house in Greece (Nikolas, Ava, Sam, Jason, Lulu, Dante, Laura and Kevin), the “strange man” with the Cassadine Crest tattoo reveals to Nikolas who he is. He's Mikkos's illegitimate son and Nikolas' bastard uncle Valentin Cassadine. Nikolas demands to know what he wants and why he is doing this. Valentin explains why he's there and debates with Nikolas who is not afraid to confront and antagonize him. Valentin reminds Nikolas that even if he's seen as a prince, he was also conceived something that should not have happened between his mother and Stavros. He protests that Nikolas should not have had the privilege of wealth throughout his life any more than Valentin should have, given how they were both conceived. Hearing that, Nikolas tells him he's “terribly sorry” that Valentin did not grow up with the lavish lifestyle but again, he asks him just what he wants. Valentin replies he “wants it all”. Right then, all the others listen in awe. Nikolas tells him he's not about to do that until Valentin accepts some facts. First of all, he owes Valentin nothing. If Valentin would like to share in the Cassadine fortune, Nikolas tells him, he'd be “happy to work something out”. But Valentin cannot demand that Nikolas does what he wants by threatening Nikolas' family and friends. In response to that, Valentin concludes, in that case, if Nikolas refuses to met his terms, he could always kill all of the hostages right in front of him. At that point, Valentin grabs Ava and asks Nikolas if his hesitation means that he doesn’t care about “this one”. When Nikolas does not respond, Valentin asks if he might be concerned if he takes Nikolas' mother. At that point, Nikolas angrily protests that Valentin's terms and conditions are absurd. Yet, realizing that Valentin can kill people right in front of him, Nikolas tells him he will agree to sign the papers. Hearing that, Valentin comments he always heard that Nikolas was a reasonable man. At that point, he asks Nikolas and Ava to go with him although Laura urges her son not to trust this guy. Hearing that, Valentin assesses that he will have “a little insurance policy” just in case Nikolas changes his mind and does not trust him. He takes Ava with him while the others sit in the living room wondering what will happen next. Observing and accompanying them, Ava warns Nikolas about what he is doing. Yet Valentin assures him he can still be the Cassadine prince. He just won't have the fortune that goes with it.

In the other room, Laura asks Kevin what his assessment of this whole thing is. He admits that he's concerned about the people and situation. Yet, on the bright side, he's glad they are there together and he thinks he can find a way out of this that will not involve anybody dying. Not far away, Dante and Lulu are having a similar discussion. At that point, Laura informs them she thinks she knows of a “way”.

Alexis realizes that she may very well be pregnant and asks Diane to come to the house. Before Diane knows the verdict and assumes it's very possible that Alexis could be pregnant, she comes up with all of the legal strategies involved in that. Yet Alexis affirms to her that she need not worry about that since she’s proven she is not pregnant. She admits to Diane, however, that she does have problems and concerns regarding her murderous husband trying to kill her not long ago. Diane responds to that by assessing she can clearly see that Alexis has many “feelings” about that. They both agree that Julian is vile and despicable knowing what they now know about him. Yet Diane realizes and Alexis agrees, that Julian is Alexis' husband and she has loved him. She admits that she opened her heart to this man who turned into a sociopath. She let that monster into her house and into her bed right near where her children sleep. Yet the good news is she does not love him anymore, she informs Diane. Yet Diane tells her that love is illogical and she knows what Alexis wanted as they both know that she fell in love with him, under false pretenses. Alexis makes sure that Diane knows she is not grieving or mourning the loss of him. The only thing she wants is to sit in the courtroom and see Julian getting nailed and put away for what he did.

At the Metro court, Jordan meets with André and informs him that her son just found out, for the first time, that Shawn is his biological father. She realizes it was a shock for TJ and he realizes how it's affected her since her son found out by accident and she did not inform him. She informs him that it's mind-boggling for her that Curtis has actually defended her actions involving her cheating on his brother, with Shawn Butler. Also, they are going to go and visit Shawn in Pentonville soon. Hearing that, André assesses that she has not told him anything about that. In response to that, she asks why André would require she tell him all about her business. He assesses he realizes she is not required to tell him everything but he'd like to think she would include him in the important things in her life. If she does not, he concludes to her, then it does not leave them with much in their relationship. He finds it odd to hear her say that ever since her husband has been dead, she's never met a man with whom it's gotten serious enough to warrant her discussing matters involving her son. She tells him it's the truth as she admits she's “dated” since Thomas died but has never gotten serious enough with anyone. She gets a call and tells André she has to leave and take care of police business.

While Alexis is talking to Diane, she gets a call from Jordan who wants to see her before Julian's arraignment. She wants to go alone and informs Diane she does not need a lawyer. Diane agrees but assesses Alexis might need her best friend. She wants to go with Alexis and reminds her that there may be some ADA officials that could question whether she is really over Julian, given their history. For that reason, she may need Diane's help.

Not far away, Nina sits at a table with Curtis. He is ready to do the work she needs. She surprises him, however, by informing him she wants him to call off his search of Claudette. Hearing that, he is surprised. Yet she tells him she needs to accept her brother's wishes but wants to find out what he may have found out about illegal plastic surgery doctors. He admits that he found out some information and shows her some startling pictures of people who have been patients of these doctors. He admits that he has detected permanent disfigurement and many other serious medical consequences at the hands of the illegal and unethical plastic surgeons. He informs her that he wants to investigate these “lowlives” for her. But he does no want to stop there. He wants to bust them. He admits that he would still like an opportunity to be a cop, as he makes it clear that he's staring and “obsessing” about Jordan who is sitting not far away. In response to that, Nina asks him if he might have “feelings” for the police commissioner. He assures her he has nothing “romantic” going on with Jordan. Yet Nina asks why, if that is not going on, would Jordan hire him. He admits to her that he is single and Nina asks why it would be that an incredibly sexy man like himself would be unattached. She reflects what she remembers when she first saw him at the Halloween party and her “ex” boyfriend Franco had concerns when it appeared Curtis was hitting on her and she might have been interested in him. At that point, she admits to Curtis that she is happy to announce that she is no longer with Franco.

At the hospital, Valerie talks to Griffin and he surprises her by informing her that Julian Jerome has recovered and been released from the hospital. She is surprised but they are both “assured” that when he leaves he will go straight to prison and there's no way he will ever get acquitted. There is an air-tight case against him, she assures Griffin.

Julian is in his hospital bed, with an “employee” whom he's asked to “help” him with what he wants so that he does not have to experience the fate that everyone believes he will have to. He realizes that this guy needs to get out of there because he does not want him anywhere nearby when “this whole things goes down”. The guy leaves. Griffin enters and informs Julian he has his test results and can now make the call as to whether to sign Julian out. He looks over his chart and admits to Julian that he has healed much more quickly than expected and so, medically speaking, he has the okay to leave the hospital and attend his arraignment. He coldly assesses, however, that his father was not so lucky after Julian murdered him. Julian asks if Griffin hates him, to which Griffin affirms he does not “hate” anybody. Julian attempts to explain his “interactions” with Duke and protests that he must realize that Duke was not “innocent” in all of this. Yet before Julian can continue what he is saying, we “suddenly” hear a beeping sound and it “appears” that Julian has passed out and is going into cardiac arrest. Shortly thereafter, he comes to and Griffin assesses that he had an “event” of tachycardia that warrants further observation. Julian asks if he's had a heart attack, to which Griffin tells him that's not the case. Yet he concludes he cannot release Julian from the hospital because he is not yet out of danger.

Alexis and Diane go to meet with Jordan in her office. Diane informs the police commissioner that they will require an affidavit to absolve Alexis of any charges after she wore a wire and risked getting murdered in order to help the police do what they could not do on their own with Julian. Jordan agrees that she owes Alexis that and it will happen. However, right then, she suddenly gets a call informing her that there's a “sudden problem”. She finds out, from the hospital, that the arraignment will have to be postponed because, “apparently”, Julian has taken a turn for the worse.

While with Curtis, after hearing he's “been single”, Nina suddenly notices Valerie coming up to him and the two of them kissing and making it appear as though he is very much “attached”. She encourages them to go off alone and have fun yet she makes it very clear that she is very disappointed to find out that Curtis is taken.

Laura takes Lulu and Dante aside, along with Kevin and talks about how they can find a way out of the house, as she assesses and remembers all the entryways and passages for someone to go throughout the house. Yet she admits that it is all kind of tricky.

In the other room, Ava asks Valentin if he shoots her, what incentive will it give Nikolas to sign the agreement? Realizing that maybe nobody cares what happens to her, he replies that while she bleeds out, he can let the others know what will happen to them if Nikolas does not come through. At that point, Nikolas concludes that he cannot endanger the people he loves so he signs it, although he tells Valentin he hopes he chokes on it. Then Nikolas fights Valentin but he loses when Valentin pulls a gun on him and shoots him. Ava screams as she sees Nikolas fall out the window, onto the patio and then he falls off the ledge.

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