GH Update Monday 7/18/16

General Hospital Update Monday 7/18/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita


While Julian is sleeping in his hospital bed, he suddenly awakens when there's a shadow of “someone” standing over his bed. He notices it's Lucas who angrily confronts his dad about what he now knows he's done. Not only did Julian get away with murdering two people, Lucas reminds him. He was ready to frame Alexis for the crime and kill her. Hearing that, Julian attempts to defend himself and protests to his son that it's not the way he assumes it is but Lucas angrily tells his father he's betrayed everyone and Lucas will never trust him again. if Julian believes that he's Lucas'' father, Lucas needs him to know that he is nothing to him. Tony Jones is his father, Lucas tells him and he does not know Julian. When Julian protests that he let Lucas into his life and loved him., Lucas angrily clarifies to him he now knows it was all fake when Julian told him he loved and wanted to be a father to him, as he reminds Julian he knows as soon as he found out his son was gay, he wanted nothing to do with him. Lucas tells him he now knows that he is not capable of loving any human being. All he intended to do was scam and use other people for his own personal interest. He knows his father would have sold him down the river and tried to kill him no different than he would anyone else who gets in his way. He tells Julian when he goes to prison, he will not visit him nor care nor cry for him. He wants nothing to do with him ever again., Right then, Olivia walks in and affirms to Julian that goes for her also. She angrily tells him she made a big mistake allowing him parental rights to Leo and it will never happen again because she'll make sure her son has nothing to do with him nor knows anything about him. He urges her not to do that but she reminds him he was going to kill his own wife and framed her for a murder he committed. He cannot be trusted. He's a worthless human being and she will never forgive or let him in her son's life now that she knows who he really is. She now knows he will sacrifice anyone in order to save himself. IN response to that, he asks her if that is the reason why she slept with him and conceived their son, to which she firmly tells him she's made peace with what she did the night in question. She now knows what she needs to do regarding him. She tells him he will be alone to rot in prison. He asks her if she believes that Sonny is any better than himself, to which she angrily tells him that Sonny is a loyal and courageous man who would lay down his life for the people he loves. Yet Julian is a despicable and dishonorable liar and coward. Nobody will be there for him and he will die alone in prison, as both she and Lucas affirm that he is dead to them. Watching them both standing over his bed, he protests that Lucas has seen him as a father to an adult and Olivia must know what kind of a father he is to Leo. Yet they both tell him that he has no capacity to love anyone on this planet and they leave. Alone, he affirms he's going to find a way out of this. He has to.

At Alexis' home, Molly and Kristina area ready to plan a family event realizing their mom is in a personal crises. She tells her daughters she appreciates what they are doing but is ready to raise objections. They protest that she needs to let them take care of her for once. She reflects to them that she can remember when Julian first got them the house and brought her inside for the first time. Not long ago, when that happened, she thought this man really loved her. Yet she now knows otherwise and cannot understand how it could be possible that she loved and believed she was loved by a man who was capable of doing the things he did to her. She gravely reflects she cannot believe this could happen. Hearing that, they both rush to comfort her. She does not want to engage in happy interactions and grimly advises her daughters to never be tempted or “taken” by anyone who promises to change who they are because people do not change. She needs them to know that one is fooling themselves and naïve to want to believe otherwise. Right then, Molly leaves Kristina alone to talk to their mom and Alexis asks her daughter if she and Aaron are now dating and if she may still have Parker on the brain. Kristina urges her mom not to worry, knowing that she is tending toward “over-protectiveness” of her. They discover a pregnancy test and wonder whose it is. Alexis admits there's a possibility that she could be pregnant

Sonny enters the Metro Court and runs into Finn who wants to talk to him about something. Sonny asks him just what it is that Finn “wants” from him. Finn admits that he knows Sonny has been investigating information about transplants for Josslyn. Sonny replies he's been looking around and has contacts but, again, he reiterates his question to Finn asking just what it is that Finn wants from him. Finn admits if Sonny has access to pharmaceutical facilities, he needs him to see if he can find drugs that may not be legal in the United States. Hearing that, Sonny informs Finn that's a risk he's not willing to take although Finn clarifies he does not seek the drugs for recreational use and he needs Sonny's help. He further tells Sonny his history with Raymond Berlin and how many people died that did not have to when the drug in question was given to them and saved their lives. There is a problem, still, with getting it through the FDA although it's needed to save his life and to prevent many other deaths that don't have to happen. Sonny sounds interested in at least listening to what Finn has to say. Yet he can somehow tell that the drug in question may be highly addictive and illegal anywhere and everywhere.

Tracy and Hayden go to the park while they are attempting to find the drug for Finn. Hayden's mom, Naomi, enters and meets with them. Hayden introduces her to Tracy and it appears her mom and Tracy might know each other. Hayden thanks her mom for coming and acknowledges she will owe her and explains that she and Tracy are there on behalf of a mutual friend. Naomi asks just what it is their mutual friend needs, to which they reply illegal drugs. Naomi admits she has a “bit of access” to drugs that have not yet been approved by the FDA although obtaining them may be easier said than done. Hayden tells Naomi that she needs to find them for her and Tracy's friend. Yet Naomi informs her daughter she's sorry but she cannot go and obtain drugs for strangers for unknown reasons although they clarify to her that their friend is a doctor and needs the drugs or else he will die. Tracy tells her that money is no object to which Naomi asks just who has access to unlimited money to give her if she goes through with what they want, to which Tracy replies she does, informing Naomi they will do whatever she wants in order to obtain the drug. Hayden takes Naomi aside and reveals that she now has fierce loyalty and a need to help another person. Hearing that, Naomi remarks that she hardly recognizes her daughter, seeing how profoundly she has changed. When Naomi leaves them alone to talk, Tracy remarks she never thought that Hayden's mother would be a drug dealer. After Naomi gets off her phone to her contact, she returns to them and informs them that she has questions as to whether this drug is used in medical labs. Her contact informed her the drug Finn needs is not used in any legal medical setting anywhere. She affirms that this is a highly addictive street drug just like heroine. She now knows that their friend is not dying nor in need of a drug for medical reasons. He's a junkie.

When Laura, Lulu, Dante and Kevin go to find Nikolas and the others at the house in Greece, we see that Theo has a plan. He invites several other men to enter the house, pulls guns on them and takes hostages, the first being Sam. The men instruct them all to hand over their cell phones. He takes Sam to the other room as a “shield” to prevent the others from trying to shoot them. They handcuff Jason to a chair so he cannot move and let all the hostages know that they will shoot anyone who tries to move except for Nikolas because there is something specific that they need from him. He tells Jason he wants full cooperation or else, Sam will take a bullet. Sam asks what he plans to do. The guy speaks foreign language to one of his assistants and translates to Jason and Sam that they will kill them both if they don't follow the “plan”. Alone with Lulu, Dante is ready to beat the guys at their own game but she admonishes her husband not to risk his life for that. Nikolas and Ava are in another corner, as are Laura and Kevin. Nikolas demands the guys tell them what is going on, to which the guys remarks he “thought he'd never ask”. Lulu asks Nikolas why any of them should trust or believe a word he says, given what he’s recently done. In the other corner, After the guys have handcuffed Jason to the chair so he cannot move, Sam assures him it was not his fault and how could he have known what was going to happen. He admits he thinks he's been on Cassadine Island before and has a vision of Helena. She told him he'd never know what happened to “Jake” there. He now believes what she told him was that he was going to be on this island under a controlled state of mind. He knows he has memories of being in this place. He has no conscious memory of being there with Helena but he's pretty certain that he was. Laura asks the man if he's on Helena's payroll, to which he indignantly tells her no way. He has nothing to do with Helena Cassadine. Lulu notices he has the Cassadine Crest on his tattoo and Nikolas concludes he knows who this man is. He announces that this man is his grandfather's bastard son. Mikkos disowned him. The man confirms he's correct. He is Nikolas' bastard uncle, Valentin Cassadine.

Alexis assures her two daughters she appreciates what they are trying to do but she needs time alone. They go off and she affirms she loves them both so much, assuring them, in time, she will be ok and when that happens, she wants to talks to both of them about their respective relationships. They leave and when she's alone, she faces her fate.

At the Metro Court, Sonny decides he will “only” agree to do what Finn wants because he knows that Finn has helped Carly. Yet he questions the validity of what Finn wants.

Hayden and Tracy both protest to Naomi that Finn is not a drug addict. He's sick. Yet she is he is having withdrawal symptoms. Naomi informs Hayden as much as she does not want to tell her this, Hayden needs to realize she has been had.

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