GH Update Friday 7/15/16

General Hospital Update Friday 7/15/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Maxie is inside Claudette's hotel room without her knowing, looking for clues and Curtis is there with her, he needs to know what she is concerned about. If it's not insecurity about whether Nathan is over his ex, and it's not because their divorce is final, then what is it? She replies she's worried that Claudette has “something” on Nathan. Hearing that, Curtis tells her he needs further information, revealing to her that Nina originally asked him to investigate crooked doctors who perform and botch plastic surgery, just so they can make money. That was her original plan. However, in the conversation, he tells her, Nina revealed how upset and suspicious she was about Claudette's manipulation of Nina's little brother. And so, he informs Maxie, if she “knows something specific” regarding that, she needs to tell him. She does not answer and he concludes she may do what she intends to do but if she gets caught entering and snooping around, Claudette will be onto her. He wants to make sure she does not get in trouble and gives instructions as to how she needs to leave the room in order not to be seen. He leaves the room and goes out into the hallway. When Maxie is alone in Claudette's room, she continues to look around and notices Claudette keeps a framed picture of herself and Nathan when they were married. She looks angrily at the picture and affirms to Claudette that she may think anything she wants and it does not matter because Nathan does not love her.

Nathan is having lunch with Claudette at The Metro Court and they reflect on how they first met, got married, believed they were happy together and their marriage would work. And then, when he got too consumed with work and did not offer her adequate attention, she sought it elsewhere. She makes it clear that she is savoring the memories of when they were in love. He reminds her that their marriage had serious problems that resulted in his shooting her lover. She “dances around” that whole thing. Yet he tells her that he knows it's no “accident” that she suddenly showed up in Port Charles. He further tells her if she wants closure, then she needs to get over their past-tense marriage and maybe she should reveal the name of the man he shot, which he's never known to this day. She wants to get up and leave at that point. Yet he urges her to sit back down, revealing that he wants them to get along and put aside anger and bad feelings. He admits to her that, given what happened involving his catching her with another man is something he needs to accept. He assesses to her that he is moving on and ready to marry Maxie and “expresses concerns” to her that it's pretty obvious, if she plans to work at Crimson, alongside Maxie, it might be difficult for her to “hear” all about that. Maxie enters. Nathan greets her and kisses her in front of Claudette, making it clear to both of them the choice he's now made.

Kevin finds Laura when she is traveling to find Nikolas. He informs her that he found some clues about the “gift” that Helena gave her in her Will. He gives her an envelope that reveals clues to her. She assesses she came there with the sole intent of finding her son. Yet now, she sees that there is something else going on here that she needs to get to the bottom of. She notices there's a photo of the “ice princess” and tells him she thinks she knows the significance of this. She believes it's a “dare” from Helena, remembering that she married Helena's son and conceived Nikolas with him while on Cassadine Island while being classified as the Ice Princess. He asks her if she thinks there's any possibility that Nikolas might be conspiring with his grandma. She replies no way. Her son despises Helena just as much as she does. Yet Kevin warns her that she needs to know how dangerous Helena is and asks if she's sure she wants to go to Cassadine Island. Lulu and Dante enter. Lulu asks her mom why it appears she's having second thoughts about traveling with them to find Nikolas. Laura hesitates to answer after hear conversation with Kevin regarding what Helena may have in store for everyone (whether she's alive or dead).

At the house in Greece, Jason and Sam are together in one corner of the room and Ava asks just what is the status of their relationship. They do not want to answer and Jason affirms that Ava and Nikolas are not going anywhere. The mysterious man who calls himself Theo is also stranded with them in the house. Sam asks why, all of a sudden, Ava and Nikolas have this “loyalty” to each other when not long ago, she did not remember the two of them saying two words to each other. He affirms that he has private business and intends to be there for his son. He informs Sam and Jason that they now know he's alive and with that, they may return to Port Charles and do as they want. Yet what does it matter to them whether he stays where he is or not? Nikolas protests that his life is in shambles with all he's gone through in the last few years. Sam protests that she and Jason felt that way when everyone thought he died. Then he lost his memory and believed he was someone else. Ava “accidentally” reveals to them that Nikolas had an urgent need to keep the diamonds, to which Sam instantly takes note of that and demands to know “what diamonds”. Theo leaves. Yet, Jason is fascinated to find out, for the first time, that Nikolas is hiding secret diamonds. He confronts Jason telling him he won't be afraid to fight him if he thinks he's taking the diamonds from him.

While Kiki is with Morgan, she runs into Darby with Dillon. She makes it clear that she is not ok with the fact that Dillon has moved on. Darby reveals to Dillon that she realized that Morgan was merely using her to cheat on Kiki. Yet he wants to know more about her. When Kiki is with Morgan, she makes it clear that she is lost in thought and is clearly fixated on noticing Dillon with someone else. Morgan goes off to get to work. Dillon goes to stand beside Kiki when she's getting some more lattes. And she asks him if he's “really on a date” with Darby, revealing that she sees Morgan's “former partner” as a slutty train-wreck. She protests how Darby used and exploited Morgan and she does not want to see Dillon falling for the same thing. Hearing that, he asks Kiki why, after making the choice to be with Morgan instead of him, would she have concerns for whom he is seeing or have so much anger toward Darby? She replies she would hate to see any friend of hers' getting exploited. Yet, she concludes he may “never mind”. It is very clear, no matter what she says, that she is fixated on the thought of Dillon being with someone else.

Curtis goes to talk to Griffin at the hospital. He reminds him he has not seen him since the Nurse's Ball but he did recently have a conversation about him, with his good friend, Valerie Spencer. He reminds him that he has some “questions” at the very least about the fact that Griffin doubles as a doctor and a priest and reminds him he's never seen a priest with a second job. Griffin replies he's taken a leave of absence from the priesthood. Curtis makes it clear he finds that “very fishy” as he informs Griffin he remembers the perish priest who used to visit him and his family and he knows that priests take the oath for life. He remembers they always say that does not change until God takes them home meaning until they die. And, for that reason, he wonders why it is that Griffin has either made an “exception” before he dies....or else he may have had some other type of “premonition” regarding his death.

When Claudette notices Nathan with Maxie, she affirms to them she believes that the inverse has brought them together, as she smiles and “acts gracious” to both of them. She talks about how she is looking forward to, and is very excited about working with Maxie. Maxie then informs Claudette that she was previously scheduled for a meeting but it has now gotten canceled. And so, she tells Claudette, she intends to spend the rest of the evening alone with Nathan. Claudette gets on the elevator and when they are alone, he asks Maxie if she did, in fact, enter Claudette's room. Maxie replies yes as she affirms that all of her suspicions were proven true.

In Greece, Jason urges Nikolas to come back to Port Charles, if nothing else, to return to face the people who may be mourning his death, so they can know he's alive and well. Yet Nikolas refuses. Alone with Ava, they discuss the matter and she admits to him that she believes Jason may be right. She does not believe he is a criminal. He's just a man who has made some bad choices, which she believes he can turn around. And so he needs to return home, and redeem himself, if nothing else, at the very least for his little boy, she tells him. Hearing that, Sam approaches her cousin and admits she never thought she'd say that Ava is right about something but she believes that is the case now, affirming that Nikolas can and should redeem himself. Lulu rushes in, hugs and intermittently wants to fight her brother. Laura is not far behind, observing and looking at her son adoringly and emotionally, revealing how happy they are to see that he is alive and well, in spite of any other issues. Dante finds Jason and assures him the charges are obviously dropped since he could not have murdered Nikolas, given what is right in front of them. Laura angrily lectures her son about how he really crossed the line and there is no excuse or justification for his actions. Yet she hugs him, concludes that she loves and is willing to forgive him and is happy and eternally grateful that he is alive.

When Claudette returns to her room, she concludes that it's “official”. Maxie is going to be a problem. And so, she affirms “that bitch has got to go”.

Maxie says the exact same words to Nathan as she informs him when she went into Claudette's room, Curtis Ashford was also there. She found out that Nina hired him to investigate Claudette. Hearing that, Nathan is worried to see that Curtis is also involved and could find out his big secret. And that, he reminds her, could cause him to lose his police badge. Hearing that and realizing that Curtis has police contacts, she asks if maybe the could persuade Nina to persuade Curtis to “back off” on the investigation of Claudette.

While talking to Griffin at the hospital, Curtis continues to grill him about what his actual motives were about leaving the priesthood. If it was not because he wanted to have relations with women, then what was it? Griffin continues to evade the conversation yet Curtis makes it very clear that he suspects him and knows there is something “not right” about him and his situation.

While Kiki sits at the table with Morgan after discovering Darby with Dillon, he senses that she may be very “preoccupied” about something.

Dillon and Darby go off together and he asks what the odds are about her suddenly running into her ex boyfriend. Noticing that he is clearly “not there” (and has Kiki on the brain), she angrily tells him she is canceling their plans to spend time together today. She has already “been there, done that” and is not going to “go back there again”, she tells him.

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